tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCareful What You Wish For

Careful What You Wish For


I was a petite 115 pound 31 year old women and had risen quite high on the ladder of corporate success. I was married to a 47 year old man who had risen to even further heights and was one of the foremost authorities on Wall Street's financial market. Needless to say, we were extremely wealthy.

We had no children and own a $2.5 million dollar secluded home in Northern New Jersey on 4 acres while the train ride commute to Wall Street was short and simple. Parked in our four car garage was each of our own Mercedes. His being the black CL600 Coupe for $160,000 and mine was the more "modest" red SL550 Roadster for just over a hundred grand. The covered maroon Z06 Corvette was for our fun time.

My duties as a high ranking corporate executive required my utmost attention to details and the assignment of duties and work assignments to the 87 people under me in my department. My daily routine was to work at an upmost professional level at all times. I portended great class and I must carry myself in a manner that commanded great respect and honor.

However, with this position carried a burden. I knew at times I had come across as a commanding bitch, a dictator that required things done her way. After all, it was the very things that were done my way that had allowed my progression in the world.

I had always sensed a side of me that longed for a release, a balance of power that kept me well grounded. I felt this need to keep my head below the clouds as to not get to full of myself. Without this, I knew I would lose myself in my own conceit. My arrogance would swell inside me and my ability to effectively govern would be diminished. I had seen it and I despised those who had succumbed to it.

This week, my husband would be in Europe and again, I would reach out to those who at times, have provided me that very balance. The three men that had come to know me very well, and the treatment they knew I so desperately need. My husband was a good loving man and as a lover, he was more than adequate. But there were moments in my life that adequate just wouldn't be enough.

During the day, I had texted one of them a short simple text. The only information they needed to know and the rest would fall into place. The text read: Husband away through Friday.

I returned home that evening to a large quite empty house. I entered the side door and had 15 seconds to punch in the alarm code before a swarm of cops showed up in my circular driveway and surrounded the place; a small benefit of being wealthy.

I shut the door behind me and took in a deep breathe while flicking on the light switch. The long oversized kitchen filled with light and I was again reminded of the silliness of such a glorious place to cook considering we ordered out our dinner every night.

I draped my suit jacket over the back of a chair and thumbed through the mail I picked out of the mailbox. As usual, it was all junk mail and I tossed it down on the kitchen table in disgI glanced up at the clock realizing it was another long day as the clock hand just passed 9PM.

I slowly walked through the wide open entrance hallway under the huge hanging chandelier and made my way to the steps. I always loved the feeling of the Saxony carpet below my feet as I sauntered up the staircase.

Turning the corner, I entered through the double glass doors to my oversized bedroom and looked over at the double king bed made so perfectly as if ready for a photo shoot for a magazine. I walked into the spacious bathroom and stepped in front of the laundry slot. I bent over and began to slide my panty hose down each leg. I opened the slot and slid them in. Down to the laundry room they would go for the maid service to wash tomorrow morning.

I lifted over my shoulders the suit blouse, reached behind my back and unclipped my bra. My breasts escaped from their captivity and felt great to be free. I tossed both garments into the shoot. Down to my panties, I turned and walked over towards my dresser and slid open my lingerie draw.

Mindful to what I anticipate would happen tonight; I pulled out the red full length gown and slid it over my head. I took the breasts cups of the gown and position my tits comfortably inside them. I turned to the mirror and looked upon myself. I knew I look great and a tingle began to form inside my panties.

I looked down at another drawer and slid it open. Reaching in, I pulled out the thick glass candle and a lighter and looked at them and smirked. I slowly walked to the window and reached for the slot and slid it up. With the other hand, I placed the candle in the window. The simple flicking of the lighter set a chill up my spine that shot right to my clitoris. I felt myself getting wetter beneath me.

The candle lit and the small dim flame grew bigger and now shined brightly into the night. I peeked into the darkness through the window but could not see past the glare of the candle. I turned and walked to the switch on the wall and turned off the light. The flame cast a flickering image of my shadow on the walls.

Walking to get into the bed, the flickering glow of the candle against the night sky excited me. I was getting very turned on for what I hope was coming.

I lied in bed awake and anxious like a kid leaving in the morning for vacation. My chest rose and fell with every breath as I lay on my back gently running my fingers over my gown and erect nipples. My panties were very wet and I was so ready.

After a while, I became settled in and comfortable but remained very excited. That was when I heard the quiet creek of one of the steps of the stairway, as if someone were stepping up them in a desperate attempt at not being heard. I knew they were here. I could sense it and the excitement in me built to a crescendo. My breathing became more of a pant and my nipples got rock hard. I could feel the throbbing build in my clitoris as my panties were now soaked. I closed my eyes and waited.

I was so grateful they had seen the candle. The signal in my window that tonight I needed my balance. Tonight, I needed to be grounded and have my insolence and vanity taken from me.

That was when I suddenly felt the huge hand cup over my mouth and another huge hand grab the hair on the back of my head.

"Don't scream Bitch!!!" The deep voice growled at me. He then looked over to one of the other dark silhouettes in my room, "Shut the window!" he exclaimed. "We're gonna get this bitch screaming tonight!!"

Obediently, one of the others walked over and before he slammed the window shut, removed the candle and placed it on the dresser. Through the perfect light of the candle, I could see that all three men were here.

The other two rushed over to me and suddenly, I had six hands all over my body ripping and tearing at my nightgown.

"Get this off you fucking CUNT!" one barked.

I could feel the fabric tear from by body as my shoulders fell to the floor with my feet still on the bed. They were frantic as they ripped it from me. At one point, the fabric around my tits wouldn't rip and I was being dragged around the room until it finally gave way and my breasts fell out.

Now lying on the Saxony carpet, they reached down and grabbed hard at my body. My hips were quickly lifted into the air as they tore off my panties. Once torn from my body, I fell back to the floor as the scent from my pussy filled the air.

In my mind, I remembered the agreement with my intruders of my safe word. It was a word that if I ever called out, would immediately and swiftly end my But it was nowhere in my words as I most desperately needed their abuse.

I called out loud to them "No, please don't hurt me, pleeease!!!" As long as I keep my safe word deep inside me, I could beg and plead all I wanted to no avail.

I suddenly felt the swat of a huge forehand smack across my face, "Shut the fuck up bitch!!" I was momentarily stunned.

With every stitch of my gown torn to shreds and barely hanging on to my frame, I was lifted onto my feet and thrown hard against the bedroom door. They spun me around violently, grabbed my hands and pulled them behind my back. I could instantly feel the rope pulled around both wrists as they tied my hands together behind me. Then I heard the words that sent an exciting chill through every nerve ending of my body.

"Throw the noose over the door"!

In an instant, they turned me back around facing them and pressed my body against the door. I could feel the soft fabric of the thick rope tossed over my head. They quickly pulled it and snuggled it around my neck. Without knowing, I let out a deep moan.


With my hands tied behind me, I was utterly helpless against these three strong powerful, muscular men. They had taken control of me and they were ready to give me the brutal night I needed so very much.

Pressed against the door, two of them lowered their heads and began biting and sucking at my tits. They were rough and nasty and the pain as one of them clamped hard on my nipple with his teeth shot right down into my cunt.

As they sucked and bit, the third man dropped to his knees and when I looked down, I saw he held the other end of the rope in his powerful grip. He pulled my left leg over his right shoulder and pushed my left leg out. I came almost instantly as he pressed his hot tongue up against my swollen clit.

As that climax began to flow through me, he pulled on the rope and it tightened around my neck. I could barely breathe and I wheezed loudly through the small opening left in my throat as I came so intensely.

They continued with this for what felt like hours as I came numerous times while my cunt was being eaten so hard and rough. The men at my tits were more like they were eating my breasts rather than pleasuring them. Their teeth bit down so hard all over them just shy of breaking the skin. My nipples were turning to rubber from the delicious abuse.

When they finally stopped and let go of the noose, I fell to the floor like a collapsing deck of cards. Panting and moaning, I knew this was only the beginning and that these brutes were just getting started.

I looked up from the floor and saw them standing over me. They were pulling open the belts and dropping their pants. At the same time, the three pulled their shirts over the heads and I could make out their bulging chests and shoulders from the flickering frame. I wanted so badly for them to ravish me completely, to be totally dehumanized with exhaustive depravity.

"I'm gonna fuck this shit out of this little fucking cunt!" one said out load. I always loved when they spoke of me in the third person like I wasn't even in the room. That always would made me feel so worthless and filthy, just what I needed!

Just then, one fell to his knees and looked upon me. He pushed his way between my legs and onto my back. With my hands still tied behind me, he opened my legs with his powerful thighs and fell on top of me. Within seconds, his thick member pushed open my hole and I was instantly filled with his massiveness. In a moment, he was pounding at my poor little pussy like a jack hammer. But it was his words that sent me over the edge.

"Take it you fucking whore, take this cock you cunt!"


I was then quickly silenced by the feel of his massive fist punch me square in the jaw. Stunned, my eyes opened wide and I took in a huge gasp. They had hit me before, but this one was close. It sent a shockwave through my entire body.

"That's right you fucking cunt, Ill fuck you and beat you at the same time!"

Somehow, I regained my composure despite his incessant pounding at my pussy and felt the brutality wash over me like a warm blanket. I thought briefly to myself, 'how did he know just how hard to punch me'.

My cheek was sore and I could feel it bruise and swell. For a brief second, I thought of the bruise and how could I hide it, but as his hand grabbed my hair and pulled back my head, it quickly eroded into powerful ecstasy. I started coming again!

As my climax showered over me, one of the others dropped down to his knees in front of my arched head and slid off the noose that was still wrapped loosely around my neck. My head fell gently back to the floor and he shifted close to my face so that his hard cock was draping over my left eye down the side of my nose. He had the longest cock of the three men but not as thick. With the pounding of my cunt by one, the man over my face grabbed his cock and started smacking my face with it. How perfectly demoralizing it was to be beaten by a man's cock.

He grabbed his meat at the base and slapped me hard in the face over and over again. One after another, his cock would land hard in different places along my tiny face. I was completely taken by this and with it came another orgasm deep from my battered pussy!! I screamed by head off with this one louder than I had ever cum before.


My hands beneath me fought to come loose but there was no way of breaking free. The one fucking me lifted his arms from the sides of me and got himself into a seated position while still inside my pussy. With his free hands, he viciously grabbed my red teeth marked tits and as if using them like handles, started pulling my body in towards his thrusting hips. It was all I could do from exploding in intense pleasure as my tits burned. His hands were so rough and squeezed so hard, I thought my breasts would pop like a balloon being squeezed until they would burst. All along, my face continued to be beaten by the long cock of another.

Suddenly, the man slid his cock out from my cunt. I could tell that my hole had been stretched so much, it did not fully close.

"Roll this bitch over, lets get some of that tight little ass of hers!!" he yelled out.


But before I could get out another sound, they had flipped me like a pancake onto my stomach. I was nothing in their hands as flipping me was so smooth effortless.

They fixed my tied hands centered low on my back and the man who was fucking me now straddled my upper thighs. I could feel his cock resting on my ass and could get a sense of how deep it would go. He started pulling at the rope on my hands and I could suddenly feel them fall free at my sides. The release felt could on my wrists as the rope was digging into the skin, but I did love that feeling of being tied and helpless. That feeling instantly returned when the other two men each grabbed a wrist and pulled it above my head on the floor. They each held my wrist down so I could not move my arms.

"Slide that cock into her ass man!! Do it, split this cunt bitch in half"!

My heart was racing and pounding in my chest. I knew the thickness of this man and how it was going to burn like fire when he slides that hunk of meat into my tight little brown hole.

He grabbed the base of his cock and pressed the head against my anus and without any regard whatsoever, slid it into my ass. I screamed out in excruciating pain.


The only help was the fact that some of my pussy juices were still on his cock but it was not enough. I screamed bloody murder. I tried to escape but it was useless. I thought for a moment of my safe word and that I could yell it out. But I didn't. I focused on my need to be ferociously violated by these animals and the pain started to give way to pleasure.

After a few minutes of fire, my ass stretched and his cock began sliding in and out of my ass easily. I could hear him begin to moan himself as he was taking full pleasure in my pain. The other two held my wrists down and I was being pounded in the ass. His cock was so thick, I believe he was the thickest of them all.

He then grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my face up from the floor again arching my back. He lowered and placed his mouth right up to my ear and growled into it.

"Like it in the ass bitch? Huh, you fucking filthy cunt?"

"Fuck this whore! Rip that ass until it bleeds!! YEEAAAAHHH!!!!" yelled another.

One of the other men put there face right in front of mine and while I was being ass raped, spit directly into my face. He then took his right hand and slapped me hard across the cheek.

"You're a worthless cunt!!" Say it bitch, tell me you're a worthless cunt or Ill beat you to death!!" He screamed into my face. "Say it!!"

"NOO, Please, I don't....."

Another slap across my face causes my cheek to burn red. With my body bouncing up and down from the pounding in my ass, I tried to mumble the words....


"SAY IT BITCH!" he raised his hand but only threatened to smack me.

"IM A WORTHLESS CUNT" I yelled out with every ounce of strength I could muster.

Just as the words were said, the man pounding my ass grabbed my waste, and without pulling out of me, rolled onto his back. With his cock still in my ass, I was now laying on top of him facing the ceiling.

"Fill this cunt with cock guys!!!" he called to the others.

One of the other men feverishly dropped between my legs as if there were a long line and he needed to get there first. He spread his legs and lifted to position himself directly in front of my cunt hole. He grabbed his cock with his hand and pushed it into my waiting hole. My head snapped back as a rush of pleasure wafted over me. I was so full, as they both pushed in as far as possible bottoming out there massive appendages and held them there. I felt as if their cocks will protrude from my mouth they were so deep.

My moan was long, deep, and guttural.


They each began to pump in and out of me. Within a few seconds, my next orgasm started to rise up like a roller coaster heading towards its apex. The man in my pussy grabbed hold of my soar aching tits and started to roughly massage at them. They were beat red, and the dozen or so teeth marks had raised into welts.

With my head back, the third man quickly knelt in front of my face. He was right in front of me with his cock and slapped at my face with it.

"Were gonna fill you up Bitch!!!" he barked at me. "Open up you filthy whore!"

He took hold of his cock and pushed it against my lips. I was forced to open my mouth or his cock would rip my lips apart. Once inside my mouth, he immediately pushed his cock into my throat and I instantly gagged!

"Yeah bitch...TAKE IT!!!" he yelled out.

He pulled it out of my throat and I gasped hard for air. The other two were picking up their pace fucking my ass and cunt faster and harder. He pushed his cock into my throat again and began pumping. I now realized all my holes were now filled and I was where I needed to be. The feeling of worthlessness and humility finally took over and I was that filthy worthless piece of shit I so needed to be to balance me.

Each one pumped at me each at their own pace providing the sensation that each of my holes were getting their own fucking instead of one massive attack. They were really going at me now and with each minute, wave after wave after wave of orgasms ran all over my body like a massive army of millions of ants each finding a nerve ending and stimulating it. I was gone, wasted, in a world of total ecstasy and pleasure. Each one was using my holes for their own selfish personal gratification. I did not want this to end. I wanted to die tonight knowing nothing else but this moment. I wanted them to fuck me to death! I wanted them to continue fucking my dead lifeless body!

The man fucking my ass started to moan loudly into my ear. I could tell he was getting close to climaxing and I could actually feel the throbbing of his cock deep in my ass. His moans increased in intensity until he was finally moaning loudly. I could feel his juices filling my ass and squirting onto the floor beneath me with every thrust.

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