tagMatureCaretakers - Eight O'Clock

Caretakers - Eight O'Clock


Eight o'clock took forever to arrive.

It had been a long time since Stacey had been nervous about having anyone, male or female, over to her apartment. She liked sex and she's had plenty of "company" over the years. She pulled her car into the drive and wondered briefly if that made her jaded.

As she waited for Mark to pull in behind her, she marveled at the butterflies that fluttered in her stomach for the first time in years. They mixed together with her lust as if she was a high school prom queen and she shuddered a little from the thrill of it. She had almost forgotten how exciting sex could be – aside from the purely physical pleasures.

She saw his car round the corner and slid from the driver's seat, her butterflies now doing a synchronized hula dance. She took a deep breath and consciously smoothed her expression, replacing it with as much calm as she could muster. She wanted to show him all of the pent up desire she had for him, but with Mark she wasn't sure that would be the right approach. It was one of the things she found so exciting about him; most people were so predictable and he was anything but.

She got another taste of just how unpredictable he could be when Mark slid into her arms as easily as she had slid out of her car. She had waited for him to be worried about the neighbors; to hustle her into the house as quickly as possible. She had even thought she might have to spend some time calming his nerves once inside. Instead, his path was direct from his car to hers as if nothing else mattered.

As his arms went around her, Stacey had the sudden sense that this was going to be something other than just a quick fling after work. This was going to be something special. Mark fit against her body as perfectly as if a sculptor had molded them together. His mouth closed on hers familiarly, as if they had done this a hundred times. There was no exploring of styles or figuring out what the other liked. Instead, it was as if only time had separated two long-lost lovers from their knowledge of one another. His mouth tasted like the mint gum he was always chewing and his tongue slid into her mouth as naturally as a husband coming home from work.

He finally pulled away from her with a low growl and Stacey actually staggered from the head rush. She thought maybe he had taken all of the oxygen with him because she couldn't seem to catch her breath. He caught her around the waist and pulled her to him so she could feel that he had been affected as passionately as she had.

"Take me inside."

His voice was only a whisper against her ear, but she had to close her eyes as the lust in those few words blew through her with a shudder. She pressed herself harder against him in a motion that was completely involuntary and felt him respond. The ease with which they could arouse one another was almost frightening, and Stacey was overcome with the sudden realization she was being swept away by this man in a way she never had been before.

For the first time, it was she who hesitated. Mark sensed the change immediately and drew back.

"Are you okay? Did I do something?" Again, Stacey saw that same uncertainty he had shown her in the elevator, and she shook her head, smiling.

"I'm fine. I just wanted to look at you."

It wasn't really a lie, and taking her own step back, Stacey was able for the first time to blatantly admire the body she had wanted for months. Mark was a stunning man, no matter how old he was. Doctors, nurses and patients of all ages admired him whenever he walked by. Stacey knew he had even been propositioned by several of them, female and male. His easy-going smile, gentle nature and natural charisma combined with his slender, work-hardened physique to make an irresistible package.

And he's here with me. Stacey could only smile and marvel at how lucky she was as she held his hands and thought about all the things she would like to do to that luscious form and wondered where she would start when she got his clothes off.

"If you keep looking at me like that, we're not going to make it upstairs." Mark's voice was already beginning to develop the horse tone that signaled his growing need and Stacey smiled again. Taking his hand, she led him indoors and up the two flight of stairs to the loft she rented.

Closing the door behind them, Mark stopped her before she could head for the back of the left where her bedroom was.

"Come here."

He turned her so that her back was to him and wrapped his arms around her and rested his head against her hair.

"God you smell just like I thought you would."

His voice was shaking and he turned her back to face him again. His expression was a mixture of that already-familiar hunger and a kind of bashful chagrin.

"Stacey, doing this...well... it's been a really long time since I..."

Stacey took pity on him and pressed her lips to his briefly. "Whatever happens, it's okay. I want you."

With a groan Mark grabbed her hand and led her to the bedroom alcove. With gentleness she had never experienced before during any of her sexual encounters, he began to undress her and she closed her eyes. She had undressed men before and she loved the experience. She had undressed for men, and she loved that too. However, never before had she stood completely passive while a man undressed her and the light touches as her clothing slid to the floor inflamed her until she was dizzy again.

When she was naked in front of him, Mark stood back and looked at her as she had him. His eyes were slightly glazed and his breath was already coming in quick gasps. He did nothing but study her, yet the sight so obviously turned him on that Stacey felt herself growing wet in response.

What is it about t his man that just his look can do this to me?

She reached for him and they met again for one of those so-familiar kisses and his fingertips slid over her back and nails lightly grazed her skin until she was making sounds against his mouth that she was sure she had never uttered before. She was dimly aware that she was pressing into him as if she could climb through his clothes, but she couldn't seem to stop kissing him long enough to get his clothes off him.

Finally it was Mark who pulled away and Stacey immediately began to fumble for the buttons on his shirt. Her hands were shaking and she wondered if this was what being on drugs felt like. If that was the case, she suddenly understood why so many of their patients were high all the time. Her mind felt distant from her body and she couldn't seem to keep a thought in her head past the need to have Mark buried inside her.

Mark tried to help her with his clothing, but they seemed to only get in each other's way. Both of them fumbled for buttons with hands that shook so badly they couldn't get them unfastened. With a growl of frustration, Mark finally pulled the offending top over his head in one movement, together with his t-shirt.

His pants were more problematic. He had grown so hard that his zipper refused to slide over his cock. It took two readjustments before he could find a position that allowed him to get his belt undone and the zipper pulled down. This didn't completely alleviate their problems however.

Stacey was stunned to discover that Mark was so long that being erect meant that he was now caught in the leg of his own jeans. As they struggled to free him, he looked at her and they both began to laugh.

"This is turning into a comedy of errors." Mark was still chuckling, and the ease in tension finally allowed him to maneuver himself out of his pants and drop them unceremoniously on the floor.

Stacey smiled at him in true delight. Personally she loved to laugh during sex. Afterwards she always got the giggles something horrible. Men she had known in the past had tended to get upset about this. They always took the whole thing so seriously. This was the first time she's ever met a man who understood and accepted how silly the whole thing could really be.

Their laughter had taken the edge off their urgency without dampening their lust in the slightest. Kissing him again, Stacey could feel Mark pressed against her, and she wondered again at the size of him. She was reminded again of the proverbial prom queen as she wondered exactly how she was going to handle him. She had been with big men before, but Mark was a little alarming. She thought professional porn stars might have found him alarming.

You're gonna put what, where?

As the thought flashed through her mind Stacey began to laugh again. Mark pulled back with a questioning look but Stacey couldn't get past her own case of the giggles to explain her train of thought. All she could do was point downwards.

"You're freaking huge," was all she could get out.

His growl now was all in fun as he grabbed her up, still giggling like an idiot, and tossed her onto the bed. Before she knew what he was planning, her hips were in his hands, and his mouth was between her legs.

It was an oddity of Stacey's nature that she had never really enjoyed oral sex. What turned her on was whatever turned her partner on, and few men in her experience, actually enjoyed giving oral sex. The fact that they were going through the motions showed, and because of it she had never yet had an orgasm unless it involved fingers or cock.

With Mark, there was no question that he enjoyed her. All trace of laughter vanished from them both as she watched him close his eyes and slide his tongue between her nether lips to find her clitoris. The sensations began to sweep over her immediately and she closed her eyes, listening to him groan as his lips found her and his tongue began to stroke her gently.

Unlike some men – or some women for that matter - Mark wasn't content to simply concentrate on one spot until she made the right noises and he could stop. He buried his tongue inside her, nibbled gently on her labia, and stroked her clit in every way imaginable. Stacey rose closer and closer to her orgasm, but each time he would back off until she stepped back from that magic edge, and then he would begin again.

How long he continued to enjoy her she wasn't sure. Time became meaningless under his tongue. She worried vaguely about waking her housemates and promptly forgot when Mark slid his fingers inside her and caressed her G-spot while his mouth continued its magic dance.

This time he let her come, and her screams echoed back to her from the loft ceiling. She clawed his forearms and her hips ground into his face uncontrollably. Mark took it in calmly and continued his assault on her pussy. His finger fucked her ferociously and his gently stroking tongue was replaced with a lash across her clit that she thought might drive her mad.

Whether she came multiple times or simply one unbelievably long orgasm she had no idea. All she knew was that when she finally could think again her throat was slightly sore and she felt like every muscle in her body had melted. Mark rose from between her legs, wiping her juice from his mouth and crawled towards her.

She kissed her flavor from his mouth and it was delicious. She licked her own juices from his tongue and reached her tongue inside his mouth, looking for more. He allowed her the search for only a few moments before pulling back to look into her eyes.

"You taste so good." His voice was so deep now it was almost like she was feeling vibrations instead of hearing words.

"Now it's my turn." Stacey was pretty sure he wouldn't last once she had him in her mouth, but his obvious lust for oral sex had made her want to taste him as well and she reached for him impatiently.

"Not yet." He backed away from her hands and ran his fingers inside her again. When he gripped himself in his other hand, she realized that he almost couldn't touch his finger around each side, and his hands covered only about half the length of his cock. A renewed shudder of desire and fear swept through her as she felt him rest the head of his cock against her opening. She honestly wasn't sure she was going to be able to do this.

When he eased himself into her, she gasped. He had to stop almost immediately, and she could feel him struggling to control the urge to drive himself home. If had however, he would have hurt her, he was simply too big, and so he fought for control until he could ease himself out, and then slide in further.

He took it slow and Stacey was grateful. She liked rough sex at time, but this would have been beyond rough. Still, his gentleness made her fear of his size vanish as the renewed waves of desire swept over her again. Shifting her hips, she wrapped her arms and legs around him and began to meet his thrusts. His head dropped downward and his eye closed as he gasped as she rocked in time with his motions.

"Oh god you're so hot. You have no idea what you do to me. I feel like my dick is going to explode."

The last words were torn out of him and for the first time he began to thrust into her roughly. She was ready now, and she moved with him as easily as their mouths had moved together before. She felt him strike against her cervix, and the combination of pain and pleasure overlapped and she screamed for him again.

She was afraid he might stop for a moment, but he was beyond that. Instead, he began a series of long, deep thrusts that brought her almost instantly to orgasm a second time. The size of him, the feel of him inside her was even more incredible than she had imagined. Just as his body had fit against her perfectly, his cock was perfectly shaped to stroke every delicious nerve inside her until her mind grew numb with the exhilaration.

He did stop then. He was still controlling himself better than she would have believed possible considering what he has said about how long it had been. He tried to talk, but his breath was still coming is gasps and instead he grabbed her hips and rolled her over onto her hands and knees and slid himself inside her again.

This time his size did hurt her, and as she squeaked in protest he immediately eased up and began to take shorter stokes. Immediately the sensations changed as he began to stimulate a whole new set of nerves. Somehow he touched her so deeply that it began to feel as if he were not only fucking her, but stroking her clit from the inside simultaneously. It was almost too much.

The pleasure took on a feel that Stacey could only think of as "sharp." It cut into her with an intensity that was almost painful.

Instinctively she began to move away, but Mark refused to let her move and instead began to increase his shallow, maddening tempo. Despite the unfamiliar sensations, Stacey found herself moving with him again in an odd mix of excitement and panic. Surely this was too much? This level of intensity had to be dangerous, no one could withstand the level of pressure building within her and Stacey became completely convinced that when she came this time she would literally lose her mind from the pleasure. Still, she couldn't move away, she couldn't stop her moans of desire to protest.

Her orgasm ripped through her like a hunting knife dipped in honey. The sweetness of it was so sharp she went momentarily blind. As her muscles tightened around Mark's cock, still buried in her as far as he could go, stars erupted behind her eyes and the world became a dazzling array of colors. The pleasure washed over her, not like a wave as before, but like a tsunami. She thought she might drown in it. She couldn't catch her breath through the sounds of ecstasy and her muscles would no longer obey her. The orgasm seemed to continue forever and she thought in the back of her mind that maybe universes were created from moments like this.

Finally, she mind began to disconnect from her body and even the tidal wave of elation could no longer sustain her. She felt Mark's hand catch her as she toppled forward, her arms and knees no longer strong enough to hold her.

He chucked in that self-satisfied way that men have when they know they have pleased their woman and gently rolled her back over onto her back. She opened her eyes and looked up at him, unable to believe that he hadn't come yet.

"How?" was all she could utter past her panting. She struggled to re-learn how to inhale.

"I'm not ready for it to be over yet." He smiled at her, still looking please with himself.

Stacey looked at him, still glowing from her own orgasm, and decided something needed to be done about that look. Rolling towards him suddenly she was delighted to see she had caught him off guard. It was about time she surprised him! She grasped the base of him and slowly drew her tongue around the head of his cock.

"I believe you made a request earlier this morning?"

Without giving him a chance to respond, Stacey took as much of him in her mouth as she could handle. She knew that, with his size, this was going to be the most difficult blowjob she'd ever given. She probably wasn't even going to be able to make him come if he hadn't already, but she wanted to give him back some of the pleasure he had given her.

She heard him groan and trailing her gaze up his torso she saw him close his eyes and saw his head fall back. She felt his hand on the back of her head as he ever-so-gently slid himself further into her throat for a brief moment. She forced herself to relax and allowed him to rock himself against her mouth, trusting him not to force more on her than she could take. She watched as he opened his eye again and looked down at her.

"Oh my god Stacey, you have no idea how incredible that feels." His voice was shaking again. "You have the most perfect mouth."

His look of self-confidence had been replaced by the same primitive hunger she had seen in the elevator, and she responded instinctively, trying to take him further into her mouth. She tasted herself again, this time combined with the taste of his skin, and she had never before savored a delicacy so sweet. She watched him as he watched her, and she could feel her desire growing again. No matter how well fucked she might be, that level of desire in a man called to her and her libido answered.

She hummed happily around the cock in her mouth and ran her tongue over him without ceasing the movement of her head and she smiled as his eyes closed again. With another groan, the hand on her hair grew more insistent and she felt his hips begin to move.

He was fighting not to gag her now, but she forced herself to remain calm. She stopped moving her head and simply held him in her mouth, letting him take what he needed. He slid in and out of her throat and the noises he was making were half pleasure and half pained-need. With a final thrust, he stopped, holding himself in her mouth and she could feel his hand clenching and unclenching in her hair.

She moved back and looked at him. "Do you want to come in my mouth?"

She wanted him to, mainly because she saw how much he wanted to. She wanted to feel him shudder against her, to taste him completely. Still, she was concerned about his size and whether or not she could hold him when he finally gave up control.

Mark shook his head. "Lay back down."

His thrusts inside her were harder now, more jagged. Stacey knew he was teetering on the edge and her need for him rushed forth once again.

"Come with me." She whispered to him and she felt another rush of pleasure hurtling towards him.

Still he held back, sliding into her as she clenched around him and cried out her fulfillment yet again. Finally, when she relaxed, he pulled free from her and wrapped her hand around him.

"Finish me." She could barely hear him. His voice shook so hard that the words were almost unrecognizable.

"I can't get pregnant" She whispered back, and guided him back inside her.

He was too far gone to protest. Stacey realized instantly that he had offered to let her jack him off because, even this close to orgasm, he'd been worried about hurting her. When he slammed into her, all control was gone. Now there was only lust and need and fucking.

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