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Caretakers of What?


Published @ 8/25/2013

Caretakers of What?

Case in point;

Would you agree that animals, from the simplest to the apex predators have self-genetic limitations against hoarding/greed.

This limitation is good for the others species and other predators and the for the chance to compete as well as the overall environmental nexus.

A pride of lions will only kill when they are hungry, as they will stop killing after they are fed.

Yes they all have ability to continue killing and hoarding but they don't.

The same is true with Orcas, wolves,

Bears deer, worms, birds and so on.

Whatever discards is left over, benefits the less apex animals as environmental continuity continue.

Even squirrels may appear to hoard/greed food but lack the ability to actually find what they try and hoard/greed as this too benefits the planet environment.

An illusive acquaintance of this writer had a recent in depth conversation where the illusive acquaintance spoke of owning one of their house in Nantucket having three swimming pools, ten bedrooms and thirteen bathrooms with a helicopter port and landing strip for small aircraft.

In the same conversation the illusive acquaintance mentioned other personal address in key-west, South Padre Island, Seattle, Jamaica, Cancun and other various exotic address, not to mention a jet prop private jet, 42foot motor home costing over four hundred thousands and several luxury cars.

One could argue the need for the illusive acquaintance in hoarding as this person and his wife can only live in one house at a time.

Another argument is that this illusive acquaintance acquired all this wealth & property and should be able to enjoy it as he sees fit, right?

This would depend on whom you ask, don't you think.

Most clearly, we should be more cognitive than a squirrel or a worm that does, in-fact benefits the planet & Environmental issues with day to day & long term behaviors.

The notion that human personal hoarding /greed is set aside to those who could, does it matter if they really should.

Stewardship is not a right; it's a privilege as if we lose what we have, then we have no one else or nothing to blame when its gone but ourselves.

There is a saying that goes" never eat where you defecate" and as most humans & non-humans abide by that nocturne, it make one to wonder, are humans really stewards of this planet environment.

Let's begin analyzing historical recent human behavior;

Every sector, every continent, of our human and non-human society has been infected with ideals and values, not of their own. Their intellectuals will say, we have made mankind better, more advanced, but have they. Look at what they have done on a global scale. Colonial infestation mentality has diseased and anguished this entire planet. They have killed tens of millions and infected many more with their twisted fantasies. History records that every where they go, death and pestilence follows.

Wide scale killing of whales, over fishing, indiscriminate killing of animals for sport, globally depleting of food & mineral supplies, fracking, the indenturing of others for personal gain. Lynching, murder, raping of the young, institutional racism, disease, cultural disfranchises, liberty and land disfranchises, when people are deprived of land, they are robbed of their basic liberties. Pollution and the degradation of natural resources,

Trashing of the oceans, seas, every land mass, lakes and fresh water systems, the pollution of ground water, air quality, strip mining, cutting timber, oil spills, the pollution and formation of space junk. Burying nuclear waste & Co2 gases, starving millions, ethnic cleansing, and global warming. Genetically enhanced germinal viruses, the irradiation and the altered behavior of pollinator, such as bees, plants and animals, cancer and aids.

The historical genocide that has plagued this planet has taken centuries, with always the same intent, greed and the need to oppress others different from themselves. No amount of intellectual, justification of what they have done can correct what has in fact, been done. Other scientist will agree that they are polluting the very same space they are attempting to explore. With limited knowledge of propulsion systems such as ion, and nuclear, they have already left trials of toxic debris through out this solar system.

Are we to live to feed & breed, thieve, heave to perpetrate more little ones just like ourselves as redundancy has sometimes-grave consequences.

In summary;

people attempt to exploit, steal, connive, and conquer. It is in their true nature, they are hard wired to be, poison, and they can't help it. Never have so few done so much evil to so many. The truth is what it is, no matter whom it offends.

Written by,

Everett C Borders Ph.D.

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