tagLoving WivesCaribbean Awakening

Caribbean Awakening

byI.M. Writer©


This is my first effort at writing. It was an easy task as most of the story is true. Constructive criticism and comments are welcome.

I couldn't believe my luck. I had finally convinced my wife to leave the responsibilities behind and take a well deserved vacation. Just the two of us this time. We were heading for an adults only resort in Jamaica and I was excited. The resort was noted for luxury, dining and its au natural areas. Beth was smiling as we descended into Montego Bay. She was aware of the resort , but it was not her first choice. She loves the beach and the pampering, but she is not as thrilled with the exhibition as I am.

Life has changed for us since we were married 16 years ago. Beth has chosen to stay at home and that to has become a challenge with the three children and civic responsibilities in our small community. Beth loves it all and is devoted to our family. My internal medicine practice is rewarding and demanding.

As with most couples, the responsibility has made spontaneity almost nonexistent. When we were dating and first married, the sex was frequent and exciting. We used to think of ways to stimulate and surprise each other. We loved the outdoors and making love in the mountains or on the lake was common.

Beth had once taken me out of town to an open house and surprised me in the upstairs bedroom by showing me that she wasn't wearing panties under her skirt. We had sex while the builder was greeting people downstairs. Intimacy has become much less common and almost scripted. We share time together only after all other responsibilities are satisfied.

I had encouraged her to consider a trip for the two of us. She wasn't sure when or how we could get away. Finally I had arranged a babysitter and chosen a week without conflict. It was ready to be booked and I presented it to her for final approval. She reluctantly agreed after I reviewed all the reasons that we needed to get away.

Beth and I met while I was in residency. She worked in the laboratory and we spent many evenings and nights together examining blood, urine and sputum. Still love managed to blossom and we were soon an item. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She and I are the same height at 5'10". She is well muscled and has a figure to die for. Her dark hair and blue eyes are mesmerizing. Her most outstanding attribute however is her mind. She is brilliant, creative and uses it to advantage. I was soon head over heals in love and lust with her. I could not believe my luck that she was interested in me.

After our arrival in Montego Bay, we made our way through the airport and survived the trip to the resort. We checked in, showered and made our way to dinner. After a sumptuous dinner and bottle of wine we walked back to the room and fell fast asleep.

I awoke the following morning and worried that our first evening at the resort might mean that we had really lost the spark. Where could we find it if we couldn't find it here? Beth awoke in a great mood. She slept in the nude on vacation. She gave me a kiss and went to the bathroom.

I watched as she brushed her teeth and her hair. She has a small but perfectly muscled bottom. Her legs are defined and taut. Her breasts are perfectly sized…larger than most and slightly dependent. I love the way they sway when she walks or brushes her teeth. She smiled at me not knowing what I was thinking and slipped on a modest two piece suit before we left for the morning.

After a quick breakfast, I led her to the beach via the pool. Not wanting to go too fast I decided that I should start on the "prude" side of the resort. We were disappointed that the pool was small and crowded so early and that all the chairs were occupied or saved. We continued to the beach and relaxed in the sun.

After a few hours, we walked to a small hut that served light meals and drinks. As we sat down, a gentleman, who had just left the bar, said hello and asked if we were enjoying ourselves. I was certain that he was employed by the resort, but Matt was just being friendly. We told him that we had just arrived and he joined us and began explaining the resorts features and activities.

Matt was about 10 years older than me. He was fit, tan and around six feet tall. It was obvious that Matt felt at ease with strangers as we talked about the resort and the weather. He asked if we had been to the nude side yet and went on to say that the resort was fantastic, but it was the nude side that made it a fantastic resort. He said his wife was there now and invited us to stop and visit with them later. After some more small talk, he excused himself and left for the pool.

We got up to leave and Beth announced that she was ready to visit the nude side of the resort. I smiled and explained to her that when on the nude side, one had to be nude.

"Wasn't that why you brought me here," she asked with a big grin?"

"That was one of my reasons," I laughed.

We strolled to the pool. Matt was certainly right about this one. The pool was an immense freeform structure with a large shaded swim up bar at one end. Several people were there but it was by no means crowded. Beth kicked off her flip flops and asked if I was ready. I nodded.

"Who's first," she asked?

I hesitated and looked around. It was obvious that everyone was watching the new couple.

Waiting no longer she said, "I guess it's up to me," and unsnapped her top.

She then turned her back to me and removed her top. She gave me an encouraging smile, slipped off her bottoms and jumped into the pool. I removed my trunks and followed.

I was enjoying my wife nude in the pool while others were watching. Beth then announced that she was thirsty and we made our way to the bar. I sipped my drink on the barstool, but Beth remained in the pool up to her shoulders. By the second drink she was next to me on her barstool. After several more, she became quite animated and was very much enjoying herself.

We spied Matt and a lady on the far side of the pool and decided to join them. We sat next to them and soon began chatting with Matt and his wife Eileen. Eileen was older in appearance but was a very lovely lady. She was slim, fit and tan. After an hour of drinks and conversation, we excused ourselves to go to the room for a nap.

We made it to the room just in time to attack each other. I was hard and she was wet. Very wet. Afterward we dosed off and awoke in time for a late dinner. We showered dressed and made our way out for the evening.

Beth looked fantastic as we enjoyed dinner and we talked of the day and our new friends. Afterward we strolled along the beach hand in hand. We finally made our way to a lush and secluded garden area that abutted a golf course. We made our way to a bench overlooking a green and watched the sunset. Beth kissed me on the cheek and thanked me for insisting on this trip. She had forgotten how nice our time together could be. She said she had a wonderful day and was looking forward to an exciting week together.

Beth then slipped out from under my arm and knelt in front of me. We both looked around and though it was not yet dark, saw that nobody was nearby. She lowered my slacks, looked into my eyes and reached for my erection. She slid it into her mouth. Beth was firm and fast. I lasted longer than I did that afternoon, but not by much. I came into her mouth as she moaned and fondled my balls.

She lingered for a long while before sitting next to me. I searched under her dress and found that she had neglected to wear her panties tonight. She was very wet and climaxed quickly as I gently massaged her clitoris. I muffled her moans and squeals with a long wet kiss. After adjusting ourselves we sat next to each other until we could no longer stay awake and then we walked to the room..

The following morning I worried that she might be embarrassed by her actions the day before and might not want to return to the same pool. She came out of the bathroom and we applied sunscreen to each other. As I donned my trunks, she slipped on her cover up and announced that she was ready.

I looked at her in shock as she frowned and said, "there is no reason to put on a suit that will come off in five minutes is there."

My concerns were definitely unfounded.

After arriving at the pool, she was nude and in the water in seconds. I was stunned but followed. After swimming we sat in some chairs and enjoyed the sun. As we talked, Beth commented that the nude side wasn't anything like she had thought. She expected men to stare and ogle her, but what she found were friendly and well adjusted people who just happen to be naked.

A volleyball game was forming and they were looking for players. Beth refused but encouraged me to play. What I thought would last a short while continued for over two hours. I kept watching my nude wife enjoying the sun and watching the activities.

After a while she walked to the bar for a drink. I would have never dreamed of seeing my wife walking through a crowd of people in the nude. What a difference a few days can make. Contrary to her observation however, there were many eyes following her as she made her way to and from the bar.

As she made her way back she saw Matt and sat down beside him. They talked for over an hour. She was actively participating although at times she almost seemed to blush.

As I watched them talk a pang of jealousy hit me although I noticed that I was now sporting an erection. It made it difficult to play volleyball, but the pool gave me an excellent vantage point to watch my wife. After the game broke up Beth looked at me as if I should join them. I decided to stay in the pool and after a little while she joined me and discovered my predicament. We decided to head to the room for a nap.

After my shower, we got into bed with Beth sliding next to me and placing her leg over mine. She was caressing my chest and nibbling at my ear. It was obvious that she didn't want to sleep. She found my erection.

"So you enjoyed the game this morning did you," she asked.

I smiled sheepishly.

"Was it the game or something else dear? You seemed to enjoy watching me more than the game. Was that what gave you the boner hun? Would you like to talk about it a little? I can't help you with it if you don't tell me about it."

I couldn't believe this was happening. My wife was never one to share fantasies or initiate experimentation, but she was taking control of this encounter. She was slowly rubbing her dangling breasts across my bare chest and asking direct and pointed questions. She was straddling my knee and rhythmically massaging herself but she showed no signs of pleasure as she looked into my eyes and into my deepest secrets.

"So are you a voyeur" she asked.

I smiled and said "it was fun to watch."

She wrinkled her nose and very firmly said, "that isn't what I asked. Do you get more enjoyment from watching or participating?"

"I enjoy both," I repeated.

She nearly cut me off.

"Would you rather make love to me or watch me enjoy the company of another?"

This was my first hint that tonight was different. Suddenly my penis became engorged. I lay before her stunned and quiet.

"You want to come to a resort and enjoy the nudity. You don't really enjoy exposing yourself, and you get most excited when I'm exposed. You swear you aren't interested in other women. I think I know what you want but you have to admit to me. You have to admit it to yourself," she continued.

"Remember that time that I went topless in Mexico? It was so intense that we had go back to the room to relieve you so that you didn't embarrass yourself with an erection at the pool. I notice that you like it when other men talk to me when I'm naked. You loved it when I went for the drinks today didn't you?" Beth was in my face and pressing against me as she spoke.

She then slowly ran her body up mine, got right in my face and asked, "If you get off watching me exposed in front of others maybe you want to watch me with others. Are you a voyeur?"

I was getting very excited. She was rubbing her bare body against mine, taking care not to stimulate my genitals. She was taking control and she was asking me to answer questions to which I knew the answers but was afraid to answer. I looked into her eyes and felt her breast and the warmth of her crotch on my knee.

"Yes," I replied

"Yes what," she asked?

"Yes, it would excite me," I said.

She rose and placed her breasts in front of me and placed my hands over her chest.

"Would you like to see another man do this to me?"

I hesitated and she brought a breast to my mouth and I gently sucked in a nipple. It became hard instantly. She moaned and pulled my head tightly to her chest.

"Would it give you pleasure to watch another man do this to me," she continued?

"Very much so," I replied.

"Would you really enjoy watching another man caress and fondle me? Could you really enjoy that," she asked?

"I would love to try," I said.

"How far would you want this to go," she asked?

"I'm not sure. It would depend on the circumstances," I nervously answered

"What circumstances," she asked?

She was now rubbing her chest and groin more firmly into me and I could sense that she was concentrating on her clitoris. She wasn't groaning but she was ending her questions with audible sighs.

"Who and where? It would also depend on you and how far you want to go with this," I answered somewhat distracted by her movement.

"My dear husband! We are here because you want to be here. I am perfectly happy being your wife and never having another partner for the rest of my life. Remember our vows? However, if you would get pleasure from watching me with another, I will try to understand. This is something that you want to do and that is why we are here and that is why I have been lounging in the nude at the pool while others stare at me. I need to know what you want to do how far you want to take this."

I sensed that our conversation was about over and I wanted desperately for it to continue. It was like an erotic confession.

"I'm not sure how to answer so that I don't offend you. I don't want to suggest something that would upset you," I answered.

"I appreciate an honest answer," she said smiling down at me.

She gave a pensive look and paused.

"Would you like me to do this to another," she asked as she leaned forward and gave me a sultry, wet kiss that lingered.

She was pressing her chest into mine and rubbing the back of my head with her hand and my leg with her vulva.

When she stopped and looked at me with a questioning smile, I said, "yes, that would make me very excited."

"Are you finding this exciting too," I asked

She looked at my shoulder, still smiling and I could feel her heat added to mine. She grabbed my very erect penis and firmly but slowly began stroking.

She looked into my eyes and said, "yes."

I kissed her again. When she broke it off she was pulling my penis upward firmly before slowly releasing.

She looked at my penis and then looked back into my eyes and asked, "would you want to watch me do this to another man?"

"Oh God Yes," I blurted!

She continued to stroke me.

"What if he wanted to cum in my hand," she cooed?

"That would be very exciting," I moaned.

"Would you really do that for me," I asked pleadingly?

She smiled and kept stroking ever so slowly and firmly. I felt myself getting close to cumming in her hand. She sensed this and released her grip slightly.

"What if another man wanted more than my hand? What if he wanted something like this?"

She bent down and engulfed my cock with her mouth in a single motion. She moved up and down a few times before returning to meet my eyes and slowly stroke me.

"Would that be OK," she asked in a sultry voice while staring into my eyes?

"Oh God yes," I said feeling a rush of excitement.

How could she know that I had thought about this image many times while we had sex? I was breathing much faster and harder now.

"Calm down sweetheart," she whispered.

"You need to slow down so that you can finish this conversation with a clear head." She was almost laughing as she finished the statement all the while looking into my eyes and stroking me.

"What if he wanted to finish in my mouth? Would you want him to cum in my mouth honey?" She squeezed my cock a little more firmly for emphasis.

"I would love to see and hear that," I said. "Oh God, I am so close!" .

She kept smiling and controlling the pace. She was nodding her head with each stroke and watching my expression very closely.

"What if I get so excited that I want more? What if I want him inside of me? What if I am so wet that I can't stand it anymore and I do this?"

She raised her hips and straddled me. She rose up just enough to switch hands and slowly guide my cock into her and lower herself until I felt the heat of her labia at the base of my cock. She was as wet as I have ever felt. She slowly glided up and down my engorged penis. Her breasts were swaying and she gave me a wet kiss. I was barely able to keep from exploding.

She asked again, "what if I want to do this? Could you enjoy this? Could you really enjoy me giving myself to another man like this?"

She was in another place now. She held her head down as she methodically ground her hips and pubis into me. I felt the swell rising and I knew I was no longer in control. With the thought of my wife pleasuring herself on another man and the thought of my wife enjoying the same fantasy while she continued to mount me, I began to orgasm. I couldn't stop it. I began fucking her and as I grabbed her ass and added my own efforts, I heard her breathing change to an intense staccato pant. She was beginning to climax.

"Oh my God," I mumbled! I came so hard I thought I would pass out. She was right with me and became almost possessed. She began moaning and almost crying.

Afterward we lay there quietly her head buried in my chest. I was still erect and she was moving ever so slightly. We were both thinking and wondering what the other thought.

"Well, could you," she asked without looking up, but giving me a little more intense rock with her pelvis. I pushed back and together we restarted the act.

I held her tightly and closed my eyes and said, "Yes!" She groaned and we both climaxed again thinking about the same thing.

We awoke early in the evening. Hazy from our nap, we smiled and kissed. In the shower we washed each other and readied for dinner and an evening in the Caribbean. I kissed her deeply and looked into eyes.

"I enjoyed this afternoon. Thank you for that," I said.

She smiled and hugged me back. "I think I should be thanking you Mister," she said.

I confessed that I have had this fantasy for as long as I could remember. She smiled and shook her head. "You used to be so protective and sometimes you were even jealous. How can that be?"

"I'm not sure Beth, but it's all I can think about sometimes. It always involves you. I'm always involved and seem to have some measure of control. It would break my heart if you were unfaithful. Do you have any fantasies that you want to share?"

She wrinkled her nose and said, "let's save that for another vacation dear. I am having enough trouble prying yours out, but I think I am enjoying it as much as I enjoy my own."

"What brought this lovable new beast out of you today," I asked?

"Well I have been trying to understand your excitement at watching others see me in the nude. I took a stab at the root cause dear. Did I get close," she asked

"Bulls eye," I said!

"I thought so. I could feel you respond when I kept upping the ante," she beamed

"Why did you pick today to test your theory," I asked?

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