tagNovels and NovellasCaribbean Contract Ch. 07-09

Caribbean Contract Ch. 07-09


Chapter 7

Jessica was deeply sleeping, dried tears upon her face. The night was warm and humid, a stark contrast to the dream Jess found herself in...

Jessica could not see an inch in front of her face. The room was dark and very cold, an uncomfortable cold. She was standing, completely nude, her legs spread with her ankles held in place. Her wrists bound together, were stretched high above her head.

Jess cried out, "Help! Someone please help me!"

An all too familiar voice whispered in her ear, "There is no need to scream or try to fight us, we are in full control."

"Us?" Jessica asked, her voice filled with fear.

"Yes, others have joined me this evening. We have a fantasy of our own to play out."

Jessica tried to wiggle herself free, but her body could not move. A chill ran up her spine as a stream of liquid ran down her back. The smell of baby oil filled the air. Jess felt two hands cup her breast. Her nipples were fully erect from the cold temperature in the room. Fingers started rolling and tugging at her stiff peaks, causing a painful sensation in her nipples. Just when Jessica thought she couldn't take anymore, each nipple was taken into a warm mouth. Jess let out a small moan as each breast was being licked and sucked.

Jessica tensed as she felt a hand between her legs. First taking long strokes to rub atop her skin, and then stopping with one finger above her clit. Jess leaned her head back as her clit was being rubbed slowly with a firm circular movement. The warmth on her breast along with the stimulation on her clit caused her to relax and enjoy the moment. Jess's breathing and arousal deepened as the finger slid between her lower lips and up inside her. A third mouth was now upon her clit, tongue flicking and lips sucking, as the finger slipped in and out of her wet hole.

"You like it, don't you Jess?" the voice whispered from behind her.

"Yes," was all Jessica could manage in her heavy breathing.

"Good, now it's my turn! I won't hurt you, if you stay relaxed."

Jessica felt his body as he pressed against her backside, she could feel his warm breath upon her neck. She tried to relax as she felt the tip of his penis slide between her cheeks, but her muscles clenched.

"Please, No!" Jessica cried out.

The two mouths on her breast sucked harder, the mouth on her clit was gone, the finger inside her slipped out and the thick head of a penis plunged inside her. As the thick, hard penis plunged deep inside her, she felt the other cock pushing slowly into her ass. Jessica was surprised, she felt no pain. She also noticed she felt no pleasure; all she could feel was cold again. All Jess could do was stand there frozen as her body was being sucked and fucked, as if she was nothing but a play toy.

The moans in the room echoed inside Jessica's head. Slowly, she regained sensation in her body. First, she felt the warmth on her breast, her nipples tingling with pleasure. Next, she felt the thick penis as it pounded deep inside her walls. Slowly she started to feel the cock sliding quickly in and out of her ass, the pain as it stretched her and slammed deep inside her. A few painful thrusts deep inside her and both cocks stopped deeply buried inside her. The loud moans in the room, from in front and behind her, were deafening.

Jessica shot straight up in bed, not sure what had awakened her. Wide eyed, she stared into the darkness, trying to distinguish between reality and dream. As her eyes adjusted, she glanced at the clock that showed 3:00. Jess felt deeply disturbed by her dream, she sat in bed trying to make sense of it all. Why was she having these dreams? She did not accept the idea of some "island spirits", maybe it had something to do with her feelings for Stan and how she knew in her mind that she should not get involved with another business client.

Jessica abandoned the idea of getting any more sleep, so she went into her bathroom and turned on the shower. She figured, if she went into work early, she could download all of the pictures into her computer, and get a lot of work done. Alone!

Jessica arrived at her new office at five o'clock in the morning and began to set up her computer. She closed the door, removed the memory card from her camera and dove into her work. About two hours later, the door to the office next to hers slammed and she could hear Stan or rather JP, she really needed to call him JP at work, talking to someone on the phone. He did not sound like he was in a good mood this morning. Jess went back to her work, if she had her way, she would stay hidden in her office all day.

Jessica looked at the time on her computer, 8:30, surprised that no one had been looking for her. The offices were quiet, strangely quiet. Jess exited her office for a quick trip to the restroom. She looked in the mirror, dark circles under her bloodshot eyes, and was glad no one was looking for her. Jess finished up and headed back to her office.

Just as Jessica rounded the corner, she saw JP, Tondra and Marcus in the hallway.

"Where were you?" JP snapped.

Jessica, taken aback, replied, "I was in the restroom." "Miss Saunders," Tondra said in a calm voice, shooting a harsh look at JP, "We have searched all over for you for half an hour. When you did not show up for work, we checked your cabana and all over."

Jess laughed, "I have been in my office working since five o'clock, and I just now came out for a little break."

Tondra looked at Jess and could tell something was wrong. "Miss Jessica, you are not sleeping. Your eyes also show fear. What has happened?"

"Happened," Jessica stuttered, "Nothing happened, I just could not sleep, so I decided to get some work done."

Tondra gave her a look of disbelief. "If you want to talk, you can call me anytime day or night."

"Thank you, Tondra, but I really am fine."

JP turned to Tondra, "Please schedule Jess a massage for after lunch, she will have the afternoon off."

Jessica was too tired to argue, plus if she worked steady until lunch, she would still be on schedule. "Yes, a massage sounds lovely; I have never had one before, Thank you." Jess flashed a sweet smile at JP, and then turned to go into her office.

Stan followed Jess into her office. "Tell me what is going on. Why didn't you sleep well last night?"

Jessica sighed, "I just had a weird dream, it's nothing really, and I just could not get back to sleep."

"Jess, I know when you are hiding something, but I also know that when you are ready, you will tell me."

"Really JP, it was just a bad dream."

"Jess, I have to fly over to St Thomas this afternoon. I will be back tomorrow in time for the resort's welcome reception. If you need anything, please call Tondra."

"I will, don't worry, everything is fine."

Jessica returned to her computer, sorting pictures for the website. Tondra had called to inform her that her massage was scheduled at 12:30 in the resort spa. Jess shut down her computer and grabbed her camera. The guests had started to arrive and she wanted to get some more photos. Jessica decided to grab a sandwich at the poolside bar and eat by the pool before her appointment. The resort looked much different today, guests were arriving by shuttles and trying to take in all the resort's sites. She glanced over at the Falls Café, which was full of people and decided the sandwich was looking even better.

Jessica ordered her sandwich and sat at a shaded table eating and watching the tourists. She was looking forward to her massage, never having a professional full-body massage before. Her friends always told her how wonderful they were and how relaxed they made them feel. Jessica became flush, as she recalled a friend's story of an erotic massage; she certainly doubted that was what JP had in mind. Jessica looked at her watch, if she hurried; she could drop off her camera and freshen up before her appointment.

Chapter 8

Jessica arrived at the spa ten minutes early. The receptionist, Danika, poured her a glass of wine to enjoy while she waited. Jess had almost finished her drink when an older lady and a man exited a small room. The woman had a beaming smile on her face as she hugged the man with her.

"Oh thank you, Steven, that was the best massage I have ever had, I will be back again tomorrow before the reception party!" The woman winked and headed out the door.

"See you then," Steven winked and smiled back.

Jessica looked at Steven, she felt as if she had seen him before. Steven had a broad chest and muscular arms. He was wearing black slacks and a form fitting black t-shirt, tucked in. Not the kind of man Jess would describe as handsome, but there was something familiar about Steven.

"Miss Saunders, I will be with you in a moment, let me get the room ready." Steven smiled and refreshed her glass of wine.

Jessica sipped her wine, trying to relax. A few moments later Steven returned and led her back to a room. The room was dimly lit with candles and smelled of herbs. A soft music filled the air with sounds of waves and steel drums.

"Miss Saunders, Have you ever had a massage before?"

"No, this is my first time, and please call me Jessica."

"Ok Jessica, I am going to give you a few minutes to undress. There is a sheet on the table for you to cover yourself. I will be right outside, just let me know when you are ready."

Steven closed the door and Jessica took a look around the room and started removing her clothing. She was not sure whether to remove her thong or not. She decided to leave it on. Jess folded her clothes neatly and placed them on a chair in the corner. The cloth on the table was warm against her skin, as was the sheet she draped across her body.

"Steven, I have a question..."

"Yes, Jessica, what is it?"

"Do I lay on my back or my stomach?"

Steven laughed softly, "Let's start with you on your stomach."

Steven could hear her shuffle on the table; he took a deep breath to relax. He had performed massages for years, but for personal reasons, he was looking forward to this one. He sensed the strong feelings that his brother had for Jessica, and this was just the opportunity to start getting revenge on JP. Steven heard a soft "I'm ready" through the door, then eased it open.

Jessica lay on the table, covered with the sheet. She glanced over her shoulder as Steven entered the room. As he locked the door and walked slowly toward the table, Jess felt her heart pound in her chest. She was both nervous and excited about this new experience.

"Jessica, I am going to fold the sheet down over your body to your waist. I will explain everything I am doing; if you feel uncomfortable, at any time, please let me know."

"Thank you," Jessica whispered.

"I am going to start with your shoulders and back. Just continue to take deep breaths and relax. Empty your mind and listen to the sounds of the waves."

Jessica slowly started to relax, breathing deeply. The aroma in the air was oddly familiar. For some reason, it reminded her of college, but she could not recall why. Steven's large, strong hands worked the sore muscles of her shoulders. Jessica was definitely starting to relax. His hands slid lower to her back, his palms pressing in firm outward strokes from her spine.

"Mmmmm," a small sound of delight escaped Jess' lips.

Steven smiled, "That's it Jessica, let yourself enjoy."

Jessica was surprised with how quickly the tension was leaving her body. She continued to breathe deeply, letting her mind clear. Steven was massaging her lower back and hips, and although this was her first massage, she thought he was great.

"Jessica, I am going to work on your legs now. I will be starting at your feet and will slowly work my way up."

"Uh huh," was all she could say.

Steven slowly folded the sheet, as he uncovered her long slender legs. Jessica lay motionless on the massage table, the white sheet covering only her butt. As Steven massaged her foot, he could see the tiny pink thong she was wearing. He could certainly understand what his brother saw in this woman, if nothing less than a body that a man could certainly enjoy. But for today, he would keep his urges in check. The video of this massage would be enough to strike jealousy in JP, and not jeopardize Jessica's trust.

Steven slowly worked his way up Jessica's legs. Jess, tensed slightly as his hands rubbed her upper thighs; she felt a tingle between her legs. She felt her face flush as she noticed her arousal. She wondered how a massage could not be considered erotic.

"Jessica, do you want me to massage the area of your body that's under the sheet?"

Jessica was not sure how she should answer, was this normal with a massage? "Um, I guess," Jessica said shyly.

"Jessica, I will not touch you anywhere that you are uncomfortable with. I need a yes or no answer, before I proceed."

"Yes," Jessica whispered,

Steven smiled an evil grin, as he removed the last portion of the sheet covering her body. He could smell her arousal. His cock stirred in his slacks. He breathed a deep breath in, slowly exhaled and began to rub her beautiful, firm backside. After a few minutes and several improper thoughts, Steven slowly placed the sheet across Jessica's back.

"Jessica, roll over for me," Steven softly whispered near her ear.

Jessica did as she was asked. Steven made sure the sheet covered her breast. Jessica paid no attention to her lower body being exposed. Her eyes remained closed. She felt strange. The wine, the herbs, or the massage was leaving her feeling quite intoxicated and aroused.

"Jessica, before I begin..."

His words drifted into her mind, her eyes fluttered open and closed.

"Yes," she whispered.

Steven removed the sheet. Jessica felt the stiffness in her nipples increase. Steven watched her breast heave with each deep breath she took. His hands were massaging her thighs. Her lower lips were swollen around the thin pink strip of fabric, glistening from her delightful secretions. A soft growl rumbled in his throat, his cock fully erect straining against his pants. His hands eased over her hips, stopping just below her breast.

"Yes, what Jessica? Yes you want me to massage your breast? Is that what you want?"

"Yes," Jessica whispered, "I want..."

Jessica took a sharp breath as Steven's palms grazed across her stiff nipples before starting to massage her breast. Jessica's mind was foggy, but she was more relaxed than she had been in a long time. She imagined that if a lump of clay could feel the sculptor's hands; this would be what it would feel. A small giggle escaped her lips.

"I guess that would make me, putty in your hands," Jess laughed.

Steven looked at her questioningly, "What?"

"Nothing!" Jess laughed. She wondered what had come over her.

Steven continued the massage, working down her arms and finishing at her hands. He placed the sheet back on her body and adjusted his pants. He would have to take care of the tension building in his own body very soon.

"Jessica, I am going to let you relax for about twenty minutes before you get dressed. I will open a window to let in some fresh air."

"Mmmm," Jessica moaned sleepily.

Chapter 9

Steven escorted Jessica to her cabana, trying to be discrete, down a path rarely traveled. He was practically carrying her; she was still drowsy and relaxed. When they reached her cabana, he propped her against the wall and unlocked the door with his master key. Her eyes fluttered as he placed her upon the bed and took one final look at her sensuous body, before heading to his room.

Steven arrived back to his room, locked the door and placed the tape into the VHS player. He sat down on his bed unzipped his slacks and started to watch as Jessica undressed for her massage. His cock grew rigid as she eased her pants down and stepped out of them. She removed her blouse and unhooked her bra. He could almost feel her stiff nipples against his palms as he started stroking his throbbing cock.

"I could have taken you, right there in your cabana," Steven said to the video image of Jessica," showed you how a real man feels inside that tight, wet, hot pussy of yours."

Steven pressed the pause button on the video player. The image on the screen showed Jessica's swollen lips around her little pink thong. Grabbing a bottle of massage oil, Steven dripped some oil on his shaft and started sliding his clenched fist feverishly around his cock. Each time he squeezed the sensitive head of his cock, his balls would tighten.

"One day, you will feel this cock pounding deep inside those swollen lips, screaming out MY name."

One last tight squeeze and Steven shot his cum onto the television screen. His thick white release landing on the frozen video image of Jessica's slit. Steven laughed an evil laugh as he glared at the television screen.

"I will have my share of the inheritance and I will have my revenge!"

Jessica slept soundly upon her bed in her cabana. In her dream, she was being led into a bright room. The room had a circle of chairs with a small rocking device on the floor in the center of the circle. As she neared the device, she noticed a dildo attached to the rocker. A blindfold was placed over her eyes and she was eased down upon the dildo. Jessica winced as the thick head spread her apart and the force on her shoulders pushed her body down upon the hard shaft. Small clamps were pinching her nipples tightly as a voice growled in her ear.

"Do as you are told and you will feel pleasure, disobey orders and you will experience extreme pain."

Jessica sat frozen as she heard voices all around her. She was afraid to move or even scream. Her nipples ached from the tight clamps and her inner walls were straining from the thick shaft inside her.

"You may begin rocking your hips," a voice said sternly.

Jessica did not move. Silence filled the air. In a sudden motion, her body tensed as a jolt of electricity shot through her breast. Jessica screamed out in pain. Evil laughter filled the air, tears filled Jess's eyes.

"You will do as you are told!"

Jessica felt a pair of hands upon her hips rocking her body back and forth upon the device. A small vibration started massaging her clit. Jessica rocked a little faster, the vibration increased. She could feel the dildo sliding inside her as her body relaxed and she became aroused. The faster she rocked, the wetter her pussy became, the vibration on her clit intensified and she became lost in her desire for pleasure. Jessica blocked out everything around her, riding the device, lifting her hips and pounding the dildo deep inside her. Her body tingled, the pressure on her nipples was now adding to her arousal as the wires tugged against the clips. Jessica started to moan, she no longer suppressed her emotions.

"Oh YES!" she screamed out as she started to grind the hard shaft deep inside, "Harder," she moaned.

Jessica felt hands pushing down on her shoulders, forcing her body tightly down on the device. Her hips rocked violently back and forth causing the head of the dildo to rub forcefully deep inside her. Her climax was building rapidly, her body started to shudder. Just as her release approached, Jessica started to be sprayed from all sides. The figures all around her were moaning loudly as they released their hot cum all over her. Her head shot back as a warm glob hit her eye and a wet stream shot into her mouth. Several more figures were shooting their cum in her mouth as she started to swallow quickly in an effort to breathe.

"You did well," the voice growled in her ear, "you may rest for a while."

Jessica slept soundly through the night, a deep sleep that was uninterrupted by any further visits.

(To be continued)

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