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Caribbean Cruise


I would like to thank Wolf Vixen for her help in catching my errors and making this story easier to read. Some of you will like it, but more will probably hate it because of the ending. So sit back with a beverage and get ready to be amused, angered and probably relieved this didn't happen to you.

We had just dropped off our kids at my parent's house and were now heading towards the Canaveral Sea Shore port on the East coast of Florida. You see for Christmas last year, her parents had given us a gift of a seven-day Caribbean cruise and we had scheduled it for the first week of May. I was sipping on a cup of coffee when my wife Ann spoke up breaking the ice.

"Well Tim, how long have you been screwing Kathy?" she asked.

"Started just after I found out about you and Roger," I replied still keeping my eyes on the road.

"I figured you must have found out because you haven't touched me or made any advances towards me in the last couple of months," she said with an edge in her voice.

"What's the point? You'd probably just turn me down like always and if you did decide to grace me with your body, I probably wouldn't have been able to perform anyway thinking about getting Roger's seconds."

"You never got Roger's seconds," she snapped back.

"Well it doesn't make any difference because I'm getting all I can handle now anyway," I said with a stupid smirk on my face. "I thought about bowing out and giving up my ticket so you and Roger could sail off into the sunset, but thought, screw you. I earned this trip as much as you," I replied now getting a little angry.

"You couldn't have done that anyway. Since 9-11, it takes a couple of weeks to switch tickets and besides, I broke it off with Roger over two months ago," she told me.

"Is that supposed to make a difference to me?" I asked.

"Just thought you'd like to know Tim."

"Ann, I want to know nothing about you and your fuck buddy Roger or anyone else. I don't give a shit what or with whom you do anything with any more. I'm going to have seven days of rest and relaxation with or without you," I told her.

"No problem, I'll make sure to stay out of your way," she said now looking out the side window.

How did we get to this point in our marriage? I think we kind of got into a rut with work, the kids and took each other for granted. We were more concerned about surviving the day-to-day grind that we lost track of each other. I made more than a few stupid statements and did something really dumb, but Ann was the first one who took it to the next level. I followed her example, but I guess two wrongs don't make a right and now we're at the point of calling it quits.


There are two things you just don't tell a wife, girl friend or any woman on the planet. Number one, "that she's lost her shape and isn't as sexy as she once was." Second, "that she couldn't pickup any man she tried to."

Ann gave birth to our three kids in a matter of five years. All the baby weight didn't completely go away and she was carrying about forty-five to fifty extra pounds. Don't get me wrong, I still loved her to death, but I guess I wasn't as supportive as I should have been and some times I nagged her about her weight. Hell I'd gained about ten to twelve pounds myself since we got married, but Ann never said a thing.

Things started going sour just after the first of the year. We were going to go to dinner with a group of business associates and friends. Ann was having trouble getting into one of her dresses and yelled at me to give her a hand.

"Tim help me zip up the back will you?" she asked.

With some difficulty I finally got the zipper all the way up, but the dress was way too tight. It didn't say it looked painted on, but you could see every wrinkle if you know what I mean.

"If you lost a few pounds it would fit a lot better," was my first stupid statement of the evening as Ann now glared at me. "Don't give me that look, I didn't tell you to gain all that weight over the holidays," I came back with. Stupid statement number two went over like a lead balloon.

"Maybe I should just stay home so you won't be embarrassed to be seen with me," Ann replied.

"I'm just kidding babes. You look great," I said unsuccessfully trying to get out of this one.

"Let's just go and get this over with," she said grabbing her purse and walking out the door.

Dinner was a huge disaster. Ann ate very little and drank way too much. After the meal the band started playing and all she wanted to do was dance. I danced a few slow songs, but with two left feet, I soon hit my limit but not Ann. She was going strong all night and must have spent a good two hours on the floor. My only problem with the whole situation was that she was getting hammered and strange guys were putting their hands all over her body. Finally I'd had enough and pulled her back to the table.

"You need to sit down for awhile and ease up on the drinks," I told her. When a young guy walked over and asked her to dance she said yes and I said no way.

"You've danced enough for tonight," I told her as a few people looked on.

"Oh I'm sorry Tim, am I embarrassing you?" she said more than a little too loudly. "I guess that since you think I look like a fat cow everyone else does too. Well I've been told tonight that I look pretty good for a woman who's had three kids even if you don't think so. So, if I want to dance God damn it I'm going to dance," she yelled out.

"Ann sit down, you're making a fool of yourself," I said grabbing her by the arm.

Well, when she spun around to get away my hand slipped off her arm and onto the top of her dress. When she tried to pull away, it ripped. Let me rephrase that, it split almost down to her navel as I hung on to it.

I was embarrassed but she was mortified. It was bad enough that her dress had ripped, but Ann wasn't wearing a bra and now her breasts were both out there for the world to see. She screamed and tried to cover herself as I took my jacket off and threw it over her shoulders. She bolted for the ladies room with her best friend Pam in hot pursuit, as I stood there in shock with a stunned look on my face. I picked up her purse and the rest of our items from the table and headed out towards the ladies room.

She was in there for about fifteen minutes before finally coming out. Her eyes were red, her make up was a mess and steam was coming out of her ears.

"If you didn't want me to come tonight, you should have just said so. I'll never forgive you for what you did to me out there tonight," she now yelled at me.

"Ann you were drunk and letting everyone feel you up on the dance floor. I didn't embarrass you, Ann you embarrassed yourself. Act your age for Christ's sakes," I yelled back at her.

"What's that suppose to mean?"

Now came the last stupid statement of the night, but it was a dozy. "Ann you're a middle aged wife acting like a twenty year old tramp. Those guys tonight didn't want you, only what they could get off of you."

"In other words, you think I'm too fat and ugly for any man to want me; is that what you're saying Tim? Well fuck you. I know a dozen men who find me attractive and would love a roll in the sack with me," she now spit at me.

"In your dreams," I said and soon as it came out of my mouth I knew I'd made a huge mistake.

Ann slapped me across the face. "You asshole, at least now I know how you really feel about me Tim," Ann said in almost a dead calm voice. "Pam, will you give me a ride home? I wouldn't want my fat ass to sweat up his precious leather car seat," she said as she walked away.

"Ann," I called out but she wasn't listening to me anymore. Can you say stupid? Because that's how I now felt right now. I tried to apologies and get Ann to come with me but she wouldn't answer me any longer. "I think I'll let her calm down before I make her any madder," I thought to myself.

Ann left with Roger and Pam but she never came home that night. The kids and I had just come home from church when we found Ann upstairs moving all her stuff into the spare room.

"Where were you last night?" I asked.

"What do you care?" was her reply as she continued working. Without even looking at me she said, "If you must know, I spent the night at Pam and Rogers," as she continued hanging her clothes in the closet.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Since I'm such an embarrassment to you, I'm moving in here. I wouldn't want you getting sick and throwing up looking at me naked coming out of the shower now would I," she told me.

"Ann you're talking like a crazy woman," I said grabbing her arm.

"Get your hands off me!" she yelled as she pulled her arm back. "So now you think I'm crazy too. A fat, ugly, crazy bitch; you sure married a winner didn't you?"

There was no use arguing with her when she got in one of her moods, so I just went downstairs and piddled around in my workshop trying to stay away from her.

"Let her get it out of her system," I thought but it had now gone way beyond just a simple argument.

Dinner Sunday night was quiet to say the least. I tried to complement her on it but she just glared at me. After the dishes were done, Ann went upstairs and shut her door. I knocked a couple of times but got no response. About 10:00 I went up to my bedroom and slept alone for the second time in twelve years.

Cards, e-mails, phone calls did nothing to put her in a better mood. She would prepare dinner for the three of us and shortly there after she headed out to the gym for the next three hours. That's the way my life went for the next two weeks. We never kissed or even talked to one another except when it was absolutely necessary. Our sex life wasn't the greatest before but now it was non-existent.

"Do you want to fuck your whore?" she asked a week later.

I thought she was coming out of it but I was wrong. We did it in the dark and there was literally no kissing as she barely moved beneath me as I tried to get her off.

"What the hell was that?" I asked.

"I don't want you going around telling everyone that I cut you off from sex. I'm just fulfilling my wifely duties," she told me. "So if you're done, I need to wash up before I go to the gym," Ann said as she got up and went into the bathroom.

I sat on the bed and waited for her to come out. When she did I guess I kind of shocked her. "Why are you still doing here?" she asked. "You got what you wanted," she spit at me.

"When are you moving back into our bedroom? I miss you."

"For what Tim? I cook the meals, I keep the house clean, you always have laundered shirts, hell I even let you use my fat body; what more do you want?" she said looking at me with distain.

"I want my loving wife back," I told her.

"Good luck with that," she replied. "So if you don't mind, I'm meeting Pam at the gym and I don't want to be late," she said still holding the towel around her. I sucked it up and left the room shutting the door behind me.

"That didn't go well," I said to myself as I went down stairs to get with the kids. At eleven, nine and eight, they had their own agenda and I wasn't into the video games so I just watched them. Ann came downstairs in her sweats, took one look at me and left. That's the way it went for the next two weeks.

I tried to break the ice by helping more around the house and doing things for her. I cooked dinner a couple of times a week and even started doing the laundry once awhile. You know what semen and pussy juice looks like on the crotch of a pair of black panties? Not good, especially if it's not your semen. I must have starred at them for ten minutes before putting them in my pocket as I heard my wife walking around. I grabbed a zip lock bag from the kitchen and went into my bedroom. Once in the bag I put them in my night table. "At least I know why she's not horny any more," I said to myself.

I followed her to the gym Wednesday night and waited outside. When Ann and Pam got out they drove over to her and Roger's house. Two hours later Ann came out. I beat her home by five minutes and was in my bedroom when she came upstairs.

"Have fun at the gym?" I asked when she passed by my room.

"What do you care?" came a sarcastic reply.

"Just wondering," I told her as I watched her disappear into her room. I could hear the shower running as I snuck into her room. Looking through her sweats I found her panties. "Shit," I said dropping them and making my way back to my room. "I guess I have my answer," I said sitting on my bed with my head in my hands.


Kathy was cute, single and we'd worked together for the last eight years. She was a good friend and I needed an ear so we started having lunch together almost every day.

"I can't believe Ann's cheating on you?" she said one day. "I know marriages get stale at times but cheating isn't the answer.

I'd told her about the night of the dinner and she told me I'd screwed up big time, but that didn't excuse Ann from cheating.

"She won't even talk to me about it and right now I'm too angry to even bring it up," I told her. "I think if she came back with one of her cute replies, I'd smack the shit out of her," I said clenching my fists.

"Don't get mad, get even," she said twirling her glass of ice tea. "See how she'd like it if you went out and got a little strange stuff on the side," she told me.

"Yeah right. I'm not about to go bar hopping and pick up someone to have sex with. With my luck, I'd get a STD and then I'd really be screwed," I told her.

"How about if I knew someone you could do it with and you wouldn't have to worry about her having any diseases?" she asked me.

"I don't know Kathy. I'm just not sure. How well do you know this girl and why would she want to do me anyway?"

"I know this girl very well and she hasn't been to bed with anyone in months and is horny as hell right now," she said grabbing my hands.

"You?" I said sitting there dumb founded.

"Who do you think? I live about five minutes away from here and if we worked it right, you could come back from lunch with one hell of a smile on your face," she now said sipping her tea.

"Let me think about it," I told her. And I did.

Dinner was quiet as usual. I saw Ann walk upstairs and followed her. "You want to have some fun tonight?" I asked with a smile on my face hoping she'd stay in tonight.

"With who?" she shot back.

"Fuck you Ann," I said walking out of her doorway and into my bedroom. She must have followed me because as I banged around a couple of drawers on my dresser I saw her.

"Tim I..." is all I let her get out of her mouth, when I went over to the door and shut it in her face. "Bitch," I said under my breath.

I don't think Ann went out because I heard her in her bedroom throwing things around for the next couple of hours. I went down stairs and told the kids it was time for bed and after complaining they did what I'd asked. I thought I'd heard sobs coming from her room but never took the time to confirm it.

Thursday I opened a new chapter in my life. I brought Kathy a Starbucks coffee and said I'd be happy to have lunch with her, with a wink. So at 11:45 we headed out to her place. The first time it was hurried at best. No oral, just ripping each other's clothes off and trying to fuck each other to death. Friday was a lot better and by the end of following week we were into the groove.

She was kind of a big woman at 5'8" and wasn't thin at 165 pounds. She had nice breasts and tiny nipples that I tried to lengthen by sucking and pulling on them every day. Her pussy wasn't shaved but trimmed close and loved to have me lick her to her first orgasm. Some times we'd take turns pleasing one another for the entire forty-five minutes and other times we'd just fuck. Her pussy was tighter than Ann's but anal wasn't even on the table.

"What are we doing Kathy?" I asked one day as we cleaned up getting ready to go back to work.

"You're getting a little revenge and I'm getting all the sex I need. You can't imagine how much better I'm sleeping at night now," she said with a laugh.

"But where we going with this?"

"No where. You have a wife and kids I wanted some no strings sex. Don't get me wrong, you're a great guy, but I'm not looking for anything permanent, I still want to travel the world before I settle down. So let's just enjoy the moment and go from there."

And we did about four days a week.


"I bought a few things for the cruise," my wife told me as I looked at the calendar. "If you've forgotten it's only two weeks away and your parents are watching the kids."

Things were better around the house as I now didn't care anything about what Ann was doing. I was getting more sex than I'd ever gotten in my life and even Ann was now nice to me. "I have the best of both worlds," I thought to myself.

Ann tried to get friendly one night after dinner but I told her I wasn't interested. She just gave me the look as I walked away from her. For the last month or so she wasn't the bitch she'd been before and was home from the gym earlier than she'd been before. She wasn't spending the night in her room any longer but now sat with the kids in the living room playing video games.

I picked up my tux at the cleaners and started laying out my clothes for the cruise. I hadn't booked any excursions and thought I'd just wing it this time. I made sure I had the tickets, passports and everything else Saturday as I brought my big suitcase down stairs. Ann already had her two in the living room.

"Give me my ticket and passport," she said opening her purse. "I'll take care of my own stuff if you don't mind," she said as I handed them to her. "Did you go to the bank and get any money for yourself?"

"I'll stop at the ATM after we drop off the kids. I'll get us a couple hundred dollars," I told her.

"Don't worry about me, I've got my own money," she replied.

"This is not going to be a pleasant trip," I said to myself.


When we arrived at the port we checked in our suitcases and took care of all the paper work. When they wanted a picture of us both getting on the boat, she just told them she wasn't interest and walked away. We check in and went to our room. Thank God it had two queen size beds, but it did have a beautiful balcony. We'd never had a balcony before and I went out on it to see what I could see.

Ann was locking up her purse and jewelry in the safe as we got the notice for the fire drill. We grabbed our life jackets and headed out. Boring and hot is all I can say for the drill. Twenty minutes later we were heading back down to our room. Her suitcases were waiting for us and I was going to help her with them when she stopped me.

"Don't bother, I can manage. I wouldn't want to put you out in any way," she told me.

She put her stuff away and grabbed an outfit and went into the bathroom. She came out dressed in a nice top and shorts. She'd lost weight. Ann had dropped all the weight she'd been caring around for the last couple of years.

"See you at dinner she told me walking out the door," leaving me standing there.

I was going to say something but thought she already had an attitude and it was only the first day, why ruin the week. I walked around the ship and checked in with the kids letting them know we'd arrived. When it got almost time for dinner I went back to the room to change, Ann was no where to be found. I changed and walked down to our assigned dining room.

We were assigned to a large table with a couple of couples our age and three single people; one guy and two women who were traveling all together. I looked at my watch and around the dining room for Ann as I ordered a bottle of wine. When I saw Ann walk in my mouth dropped. She was drop dead gorgeous. The sleeveless sundress fit her to a tee. Her hair was done up and she walked with all the confidence of a model on the runway. Everyone noticed her as she made her way to our table.

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