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Caribbean Cruise Ch. 03


Warning: Please ensure that you have read the previous chapters of Caribbean Cruise before beginning this story, as this is a continuation of those postings. Thank-you, and I hope you enjoy!


Day 2 of the Caribbean vacation started out normally enough, but Rick Chaplain could not help but look at his girlfriend Ashley with a little less love and a little more hostility now that he knew about her relationship with Keith Stevens. It was probably a little hypocritical for him to be angry at his lover for straying, considering the fact that not 24 hours beforehand he had fallen into the arms of her very own sister Kimberley, but Rick still felt quite hurt and betrayed by Ash's actions regardless, and felt that she had much more to explain than he did.

He did not want to bring to light what he knew about the illicit affair, at least not until he had actually caught them in the act and knew for certain exactly what was going on, so Rick had decided to keep as far away from Ashley as he possibly could for the rest of the day. That proved to be easier than he had expected, as Ash and Keith seemed to be happy enough to hang out together out on the deck of the catamaran, a bit forward from the others, to soak up some sunrays together.

Rick wanted to say or do something right there and then – it grinded on his nerves to imagine another man with his girlfriend, the woman he'd loved, had thought was so totally and utterly perfect for him...

However, Rick held himself in check, knowing that his suspicions might actually prove flawless, and that Kim's belief that her husband was cheating on her with her younger sister might just have been nothing more than her imagination. He did not want to be made a fool, or be embarrassed and humiliated if he was wrong in his suspicions. But something gnawed away relentlessly at his gut, and Rick knew, deep down inside, that his most dreaded fears about Ashley's fidelity were probably true...

In the early afternoon, another long swim was on the agenda, but this time everyone went out but Rick, Billie and Connie. Billie stayed out on the back deck of the huge yacht, soaking up the rays in her super-sexy swimsuit, while Connie told the both of us that she was going down to her cabin below-deck to read a book, which left Rick all alone with his girlfriend's gorgeous step-mom.

They made idle conversation about mutual interests and about the holiday so far for about ten minutes, then fell into an uncomfortable silence for the longest time. Rick could not get it out of his head how attractive Billie was in her sleek little bikini suit, but then he knew that he was just fancying a bit of pussy he probably wouldn't ever be able to get, and he had already strayed once already so far on this vacation with Kimberley... once was more than enough!

Deciding after a while that it was perhaps better if he just got himself out of there and went downstairs to his own cabin to rest up for a while himself, Rick excused himself politely from Billie's company and made his way downstairs to the rooms below, squeezing his way down the constrictive hallway to his own room, which he shared on the voyage with Ashley.

Swinging the door open, Rick hurried into his bedroom and shut it behind him, then flopped down onto the bed, immediately surrendering to the sheer exhaustion that consumed him once his head struck the pillow. He was soon fast asleep on his bed, dropping off into a deep and dreamless slumber where the sheer nothingness of rest was a welcome change from the chaotic, confusing thoughts and emotions of everyday living...

# #

It seemed like only a few brief moments had passed when Rick slowly began to regain consciousness again. He felt something cold and moist sliding up and down on his cock, and looked down into his own lap to see Ashley taking his straining dick-meat into her mouth, sliding her tongue around it and slurping all around its bulging, veiny length. Her tongue flickered around its head and thrust into its tiny little pee-slit, as she sucked back on her lover's long, thick phallus with all of her might. Rick was soon seeing stars, as his mind exploded with bright, exquisite pleasure. Ash had a real knack for sucking dick...

He was quite aroused already from his earlier encounter with Ashley's stepmother, Billie, and had even had a half-remembered dream about her just before while he slept that hung around the outer recesses of Rick's memory, right there in front of him and yet just out of reach. Rick Chaplain knew that the woman who was sucking on his cock was not the same one he had met and fallen in love with, that this Ashley was far different than the one he knew and cherished, but still, a blowjob was a blowjob, and he still had to think about how best to proceed with things... he couldn't afford even just one mistake.

Ash bobbed her head rhythmically up and down on his prick, taking as much of his straining mass of turgid flesh into her mouth with each downward gulp as she could, while she continued to run her tongue all around his penis and carried on sucking back all the juices down her throat while she still had the chance. Her eyes bulged open with the effort, and she strained to breathe through her mouth, but somehow, Ashley dealt with her problems and found some way to manage regardless of the obstacles.

She looked up at her boyfriend while his cock slid in and out of her mouth, with her golden hair falling back away from her face in such a sexy, seductive manner, and he reached out with his right hand and took hold of a thick handful of her hair, to help guide her sucking motions on his prick as she went down on him. Rick groaned out loud when Ash deep-throated his dick, finally managing to get his entire prick to slide down into her mouth all the way.

Her nose was buried in his pubic hair and the bulbous, mushroom-shaped head of my cock hit the back of Ashley's throat, almost making her gag on him. Rick felt a wave of intense pleasure course through his entire body as the tremendous sensations he was feeling washed through his system. He shuddered all over with the sheer intensity of the moment.

Rick could feel his ball-sacs filling up with his churning, gurgling cum, and let out a long sigh as his pre-cum started to really flow. He was in an entirely different world now, feeling the waves of pleasure coursing through him as Ashley did her thing, sucking and licking away at his dong with relentless gusto.

He really drilled her open mouth with his dick as the need to cum started to get too much to take, and, before too long, he was jetting straight down Ash's throat, blasting loads of jizz right on down into her stomach without a care in the world for anything but his own personal enjoyment... because Ash was a cum-hungry slut and she was the one who'd instigated the blowjob in the first place.

Ash let out a long groan from deep down inside as she gulped back the last of her boyfriend's spunky discharge, then licked her lips appreciatively, letting out a long, contented sigh as the globs of semen slid down her throat and into her gullet. Rick moaned and dropped back onto the pillows, out of breath. He was quite appreciative of his woman's skills when it came to giving head, but he still despised her deep down for how she had gone behind his back with Keith. No matter what, the thought of Ashley behind with Keith was an irreconcilable hurt in Rick Chaplain's mind, and no amount of logic or reason was going to be able to change that...

He didn't know that his thoughts were showing in his face as clearly as they were, but when Ashley looked up into his eyes, she recoiled almost immediately as though she had been physically slapped.

"Rick, honey... what's the matter? What's wrong, darling?" she asked her boyfriend, and Rick, in turn, had to fight real hard against the overwhelming feeling he suddenly had to slam his fist into Ash's cheating face.

"What's the matter? Nothing... nothing's wrong at all, babe. Everything couldn't be better," Rick lied, smiling a false smile which he felt burned through the very fibre of his being, trying to keep up the deceptive charade that was tearing him up inside to maintain.

"Oh, okay... that's good then," Ash replied, though Rick could tell by the slightly puzzled look on her face and by the brief look of suspicion in her eyes that she was starting to wonder just what was going on, exactly. Rick wanted to get out of there, immediately... he knew exactly where he wanted to be, and quickly pulled himself up out of bed. Reaching over for his discarded board-shorts, Rick put these back on and pulled them up over his naked torso, then turned to give Ash a light peck on the cheek. He quickly turned away and headed for the door.

"I feel like going out on the deck again, to freshen up a bit and catch my breath," he told his girlfriend, trying to give her a wane smile of loving approval but finding the effort dying out before it reached even a brief smirk. Ash noticed that it had dies out, too, and she winced visibly. "I'll be back in a minute, okay? Please, hold that sexy thought and I'll be right back to you..."

Rick walked quickly out of the room and climbed up the staircase out onto the deck. The cooling afternoon winds sweeping in from further out to sea washed over young Chaplain, and he looked around, suddenly noticing that he was alone out on the deck and that everyone else seemed to have cleared out. He could hear the skipper and their deckhand up on the bridge, chatting away quietly, and nothing else.

Looking out towards the western horizon, Rick could see quite a thick collection of storm clouds gathering high above the water, and a few mighty thunderbolts rent the afternoon's sky, lighting up the far distance.

"Quite a lights show out there, don't you think?" Andrew Collins asked softly, making Rick jump with fright and almost giving the young man a heart attack, the older man's approach had been so quiet and his presence by his side so stunning. Andrew smiled at Rick for the briefest moment, then added, "What, you didn't think I had it in me to move around quietly and without drawing attention, even with all the training and experience I had in the SEALs, just because I'm getting on in years? Bah, you're stupider than I thought when I first met you, I you think that, young man..."

Rick bit back his tongue and said nothing. The patriarch of the Collins clan had certainly proven that he still had a bit of skill left in him, despite his age and medical condition, and he was beginning to really come to respect the old warhorse. There was a rugged toughness that Rick couldn't help but find admirable in Andy... something about him that wouldn't let any force, be it man or nature, take him down without a fight, without a noble, valiant struggle to the last.

"Rick, there was something I wanted to talk to you about, something that I wanted to get straightened out as soon as possible, for all our sakes," the veteran Spec Ops man said softly, as they both looked out at the storm building up in the distance. "It's about Keith..."

Rick felt his stomach lurching at the very thought of that bastard sonofabitch, Keith Stevens, who had betrayed his trust by going around his back and sleeping with his girlfriend, Ashley. "What about Keith, Mr Collins?"

"He's nothing but trouble for Kimberley and the rest of the family, Rick," Andrew said with bitter determination, his eyes alight with passionate rage. "I don't like that sleaze-ball, and he sure as hell doesn't like me. He's scum, Rick, and wants to get at my money when I pass on. That's what it's all about with Kim, not love but money... the only person in our family that he might sincerely care for, I'm sorry to tell you this, might just be your own girlfriend, Ashley."

"I know about him and Ashley, sir," Rick replied, looking over at the older man for a brief moment before turning his attention back out to the slowly churning ocean out to port. "Kimberley told me yesterday, when we swimming out to that island together... she doesn't seem to love Keith, but somehow will not desert him."

"And you? Do you truly love my daughter, Ashley? Or perhaps your heart grows to love another... like Kimberley, maybe?" Andrew inquired, his lips upturned in a perpetual smirk.

Rick could hardly believe the perception of this old war-dog, and he grinned broadly. "Well, there's just no point in hiding anything from you now is there?" he asked, grinning sheepishly at the other man. He shook his head. "Yes, Kim and I have been getting closer than we should, but nothing's going to happen to jeopardise her marriage with Keith. She seems to be clinging onto it just as desperately as Keith himself is... though I'm sure she's doing so out of hopes for them both to come to terms and begin to love each other again."

Andrew looked at the younger man, and Rick could almost sense his mind ticking over as the ex-frogman sized him up. Finally, he spoke. "Look, Rick, I want you to be the head of the family once I pass away, not Keith. I know you're dating Ashley now and that's fine, you're not even engaged to her so what I'm asking is pretty extreme... but there's something about you that I know is good for the Collins family, something that Keith lacks," Andy told him bluntly. "Look, I didn't really want to bring anybody else into this whole mess of ours, but Billie found some information on my tumour from the doc and, logically, came to some conclusions..."

Suddenly, Rick could see, standing away a bit off to the side, that Billie Collins was standing there silently, in the shadows of a overhanging canopy, obscured for the most part in shadow. Rick gave her a slight smile of comfort, then turned to look at Andrew, who was staring across the deck at his wife with a sad, longing expression in his eyes.

"Look, Rick, I don't really want to die, I don't think anybody ever truly does no matter what they say or think, but I am going to and I'm made peace with that fact. Now, please, help me make the others understand, okay? I just want to have them all move on with their lives once I'm gone, and be happy with what they make for themselves... is that too much to ask for?" the older man enquired. With that, he turned his head away from Rick, and the young football jock had the wherewithal not to comment on the fact that Andy was crying silently, his face behind buffeted by the cooling wind that was beginning to pick up in strength, as the storm on the horizon approached.

"No sir, that isn't too much to ask at all," he replied. "I think your daughters will all be fine, in the end, because each one is strong and resilient in her own special way. They will deal with their loss, and they'll all be fine, trust me on this!"

"And Billie? I don't think she will be alright, Rick, not like the girls, who will get over this because they each have their own lives and their own passions..." Andrew said, letting out a long sigh of concern. "With Billie, her love has been for me and nothing else, for as long as I've known her... I want her to be okay, Rick, but I do not know how to make her accept this without showing her that love with another is still possible once I'm gone."

Rick heard what the father of his girlfriend Ashley was saying, but it didn't quite click as to what he was actually SAYING until a few long moments after the words had been spoken. "Huh? 'Love with another is still possible'? What do you mean by that, Mr Collins?"

"I want you to make love with my wife, Rick," Andrew Collins said bluntly, just coming straight out with the proposal without any preliminaries or a single hesitant not in his voice. "I want you to show her that there are other people besides me out there in the big wide world... then we could probably both do her together." The shock that Rick felt deep down inside showed clearly across his face, because Andy let out a loud huff of laughter and slapped the younger man across the back. "What, you didn't know the two of us were into swapping partners and swinger orgies? Well, its not like we advertise the fact or anything, but we are..."

All the saliva seemed to dry up in Rick's mouth, and when he tried to speak nothing more than a croak was all that came out. He let out a long sigh, his face turning beet-red as he struggled to deal with what he had just been told, then turned to look at Billie again, who had in the meantime made her way slowly over to her husband's side. She was still dressed in that skimpy swimsuit Rick had seen her in earlier, the one that accentuated all of her ample physical attributes while concealing enough to be considered 'decent' at the same time. Her hardened nipples were showing through the thin fabric of the togs, and Rick immediately started sprouting a hard-on he tried his best to conceal.

"Don't you want to be with me, Rick?" Billie asked in her soft, sensuous voice, leaning up to kiss her husband lightly on his right cheek. "Don't you want to make love with me as Andrew watches, stroking his cock? And don't you want to take me up my pussy or my asshole as my stud-hubby takes my other hole? It'll be SOOOO hot, baby, I promise you it'll be something you'll NEVER forget!"

For the longest time, Rick stared at the couple as they stood in front of him, with Andrew holding his wife close against his side with his arm and with Billie pressing her large round breasts in against him with a smile on her lips. Then, he leaned back against the metal railing and let out a long, protracted sigh. "Billie, Andrew... are you both sure about this? I mean, really sure? I am meant to be dating your daughter, after all, Andrew..."

Billie let out a laugh and moved away from her husband, stepping forward until she was standing right in front of Rick. Her lips were quirked up at the corners, and her eyes sparkled with hidden mirth. "Come on, Rick, be a man now..." she cooed seductively, reaching out to take his hand in hers and guiding it up to her right tit. She let out a low moan of pleasure as Rick instinctively let his hand slide over her boob, squeezing and massaging it lightly in his grasp and flicking the nipple til she was trembling just slightly. "Take me, you young buck, and make me yours... I need some good, hard love, Rick, right now. So, will you be there for me, darling? Please, I need this!"

Rick could hardly believe that this was happening, so he found himself saying the words before he quite realised he was talking. "Umph, yeah sure..."

With that, she leaned forward til her face was right in front of Rick's, and her lips touched his in an electric kiss. Billie opened her mouth and her tongue shot straight out, pressing up against Rick's clenched lips, and then she slid it right on into his mouth and kissed him with passionate vigour. Her probing tongue snaked around inside his mouth, and she twirled it around Rick's own tongue with passionate intensity.

Feeling his lust being swept away from him, Rick suddenly snapped inside and reached out to grab Billie roughly in his arms, seizing hold of each one of her firm round butt-cheeks in his hands and pulling her in against him. His cock slammed in against Billie's pussy through the thin material of her swim-trunks, making Rick groan audibly in pleasure.

Slowly, he started to rub his thick, bulging schlong up and down the length of her slit, through the thin material of her swimmers and the silky fabric of his own boxer shorts, causing rippling waves of ecstasy to course through both Rick himself and Billie, who was soon gasping and shuddering against the torturous onslaught.

Andrew smiled softly and moved in behind his wife, reaching out with both hands to squeeze and cup her full, straining breasts through her swimsuit, tweaking her hardened nipples and making her gasp out loud with pleasure as Rick pushed himself in against her love-gash. The older man leaned in and kissed his way down the left side of his woman's neck, running hips lips and tongue along the smooth, puckered skin of Billie's neck as she let out a low moan and trembled in rapturous pleasure.

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