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Caribbean Cruise Ch. 07


Caribbean Cruise Ch. 07

Warning: This story is largely incest-orientated. If this genre is offensive to you, I strongly recommend that you do not continue any further. Please ensure that you have read the previous chapters of Caribbean Cruise before beginning this story, as this is a continuation of those postings. Thank-you, and I hope you enjoy!


Night had fallen on the fourth day of the Caribbean cruise, and now, finally, all the women had come to know that Rick and Andrew had been 'spreading their oats', to coin a phrase...

But Kim and Ashley were yet to learn that the other two Collins women, Connie and Billie, had been seduced into the mix, and were open to the idea of some 'family' group sex.

Rick had been immediately dispatched down below-deck to fetch them, as soon as he was able to stand after cumming so hard inside Billie before, slowly climbing down the staircase into the hallway that stretched out below.

He could hear laughter and giggling coming from one of the rooms near the end of the hall, from inside Kimberley's room, and realised that both women must have gone in there.

So that's where he headed to first... standing by the wooden door, Rick could hear someone moaning quietly in pleasure from within the cabin, and his cock stiffened inside his loose board-shorts, despite the fact that he'd just screwed a hot babe and had his balls completely drained only a few minutes earlier.

He knocked lightly on the doorframe. There was a shuffling sound coming from the room beyond, as though weight was being shifted around on the bed, and then Rick heard "Who is it?" called out, in a sweet, feminine voice.

"It's me, Rick – can I come in?" he said back, through the door.

"Sure darlin'! You can cum in either one of us anytime!" the sexy voice cooed back. He heard hysterical laughter rippling out of the cabin, and couldn't help but smile at the play on words. He sure as hell felt like slipping a piece of dick-meat into one, or both, of the two sexy ladies...

When he finally opened the door and stepped into the cabin, Rick's lust for Kimberley and Ashley skyrocketed.

They were both on the big bed near the middle of Kim's cabin, completely naked, and Kim had Ash's legs spread wide apart. As Rick walked in, Kimberley smiled and gave him a cute little wink, then went back down to move between Ashley's thighs, where the back handle of a big, fat bright green dildo was sticking out of the middle Collins child's wet cunt.

As he watched on, Kim stuck her tongue out and ran it down over Ash's smooth, flat stomach, towards the slick, gaping pussy between her legs. Then, at the same time, she reached out to grasp hold of the handle of the dildo, and began twisting and turning it, working the plastic phallus deeper into Ashley's twat and making all the effort she could to stimulate her sister's G-spot.

Soon enough, Ash was gasping and thrashing about on the bed, her eyes bulging and her mouth hanging open as the climactic pleasure swept through her. Rick slowly moved over to the two women, bending down towards Kim first. He stuck his tongue out and Kim greedily sucked it back into her mouth, as he reached down to slide a finger right up into her soaking wet smoo.

After sliding his tongue out of Kim's mouth and replacing it with his fingers, letting her suck off her own girl-cum from out of her own pussy and swallow it all down her throat, Rick stepped around the side of the bed until he was closer to Ashley, then leaned down to give her a deep, tonguing kiss on the lips.

He lay down beside Ashley, keeping his head up as far as he could so he could see what Kim was doing with the dildo... Rick's cock was beginning to strain uncomfortably against his pants, so he tugged the front strap down over his prick, freeing it. Ash immediately reached out with her right hand to grasp hold of it, and started to work her fist up and down on his dick-shaft.

"I have something to tell the two of you..." Rick said in a soft, level voice, as Kim at last pulled the slick, slimy dildo out of her sister's snatch and licked lovingly at the bright-coloured penis' 'head'.

"Oh? Well, please don't let us stop you," Ashley said with a hearty chuckle, as she rolled over on the bed so that she was more or less straddling Rick, her pussy sliding up and down his right leg as she moved about.

Trying not to find the sensations of Ash's bare naked cunt rubbing up against his skin all that distracting, Rick reached out to squeeze and cup the young woman's smooth, tight ass. He smiled down at her as she scuttled up over Rick's body, and soon enough they were both kissing passionately.

Ash's hands slid up and down over Rick's chest, and before long she was rubbing his nipples lightly, sliding her tongue all over his smooth, shaven chest – causing his skin to pucker up in gooseflesh, and a tingling sensation was sent coursing through his entire body.

So, he tried his best to explain what had happened up on the deck of the ship earlier in the afternoon with Kim and Ashley as they manoeuvred themselves around the place, trying to get into the most ideal positions for the fun that they all knew was destined to follow...

When he was done, both Kim and Ash were silent, just staring back at him for the longest time. Then Ashley let out a huff of laughter, turned to Kim, and shook her head from side to side in incredulous disbelief.

"I had a feeling Billie was a slut, but that's surprising... now she's in on the fun, too! I can't wait to taste her big, fat pussy!" Ash cooed.

Kimberley smiled back at her younger sister, and then said, "Well, I can't wait to get my tongue into Connie's twat, damnit! Oh shit, I'm so horny just thinking about it!"

"Oh yeah? Let me taste!" With that, Ash reached down with her right hand and jammed a couple of fingers straight into the raven-haired beauty's smooth, glistening snatch.

Working the digits around inside her sister's hugging tightness for a few long moments, until Kim couldn't help but let out a low moan of pleasure, Ashley at last pulled her fingers out of the other woman's cunt-hole and sucked each one of them back into her mouth in turn.

Rick gasped out loud in his own pleasure, reaching down almost without thinking to take hold of his own prick, and start to stroke it slowly up and down in his tight grasp.

Soon enough, Ash and Kim were pashing each other as intensely as he had ever seen anybody kissing someone else, and Rick was taken aback by their passion – it was almost as if they had been lovers for a very long time, not the incest novices and (as far as he knew, anyway) newly inducted bisexuals.

He had to move around til he was slightly behind Kimberley, his cock sliding up and down her right leg as she moved.

Rick was hardly in any position to complain – he was more than happy with the view of Kim's dripping wet vadge he was afforded, staring fixedly at her snatch nestled snugly between her thighs.

Rick reached out, after a short while of voyeuristic observation, to slide a couple of the fingers from his right hand slowly up and down Kimberley's right thigh, marvelling at the feel of her smooth, naturally-bronzed skin. Soon enough, she had slid back down towards Rick on the bed, looking back over her right shoulder at him with a twisted, decidedly devilish smile quirking her lips.

"Fuck me, baby – fuck me as hard and as deep as you can, I need it so much!" Kim cried out.

More than happy to oblige a 'lovely lady', Rick moved slowly up on the bed behind Kimberley, and pushed the tip of his cock in against her cunt from behind. He grunted slightly from the exertion, but worked his dick slowly around the lips of her pussy, then sunk it slowly into her hugging warmth, feeling the velvety grasp of Kim's tight young cunt around his straining prick.

Sinking slowly into her vadge until he was buried at last inside her all the way, Rick leaned over her and reached around to grab hold of both her breasts, squeezing and cupping Kim's big, firm round tits as he pounded into her from behind. Soon enough, she was grunting and groaning in pleasure, but Rick did not ease up on the vigorous cunt pounding he was going her from the back.

Kim's tits kept on swinging backwards and forwards, and he kept on squeezing the hard flesh, kneading it with his fingers, and made her nipples hard with stimulation. He just couldn't stop fucking her and playing with her breasts, even if Rick had had a mind to... which he sure as hell didn't!

Leaning down til her face was right in between her younger sibling's thighs, Kim started to lick and suck at Ashley's dripping wet vagina as she got fucked from behind – her head kept on jerking up and down as Rick reamed her hard, but she was willing to make the effort and try her very best to get her sister stimulated.

Before long, Ash too was gasping and moaning out loud in rapturous joy, dripping her juices all over the bed and Kim's face.

"Fuckin hell, I love your tight pussy!" Rick groaned pleasurably, reaching back with one hand to slap Kim hard across her butt as he pounded into her. He used his other hand to help prop himself up behind her, steadying himself by resting his hand on her right hip. Kim continued to run her tongue through her sister's crinkled pussy with her tongue, making sure to take the time out to lap at Ash's swollen clit while she was there.

Rick had not expected to walk in on something like this, or be drawn into a threesome with the two older Collins sisters, so he was a little quicker than he would have regularly been in coming to his climax. But Kim didn't seem to mind all that much.

She raised her head up from between Ashley's legs and glanced over her shoulder at her lover, giving Rick the benefit of one of her sexy, radiant smiles. His spirits soared.

"Are you ready, darling?" Kimberley asked him. Rick smiled at her, the woman that he loved so very dearly, and nodded his head. His brow was covered in sweat and the liquid was stinging his eyes terribly, but there was no way in this world he was going to break away from Kim's warm, encouraging gaze.

"Oh yeah..." he croaked out. The waves of orgasmic pleasure were washing over him, and Rick knew that he was about to cum hard. He grunted out, as his throbbing penis shot ropes of thick, gooey semen straight into the very depths of Kimberley Collins' pussy.

He filled her womb and vagina up to the brink with jism, and rolled away from her onto his back once the last load had blasted out of his balls.

Rick was spent, his nut-sacs completely drained of baby-batter, but that didn't stop Ashley from scurrying over on the bed to start licking and sucking up as much of the combined juices around his cock and balls as she could get at. Ash desperately opened her mouth up and let the first few inches of slide in, then sucked back on the dick with a ravenous hunger.

Her eyes burned with a lust Rick almost found frightening, as she seemed to be intent on sucking his cock right up into her mouth, literally!

He shuddered with pleasure as the tip of her tongue slid up and down the underside of his cock-head, hitting the most sensitive spots and making Rick's dick jerk and throb with arousal. Her saliva dribbled down over the full, rigid length of Rick Chaplain's prick, as Ashley stared up into his eyes from her position down in his lap, nothing but warm, tender love now burning in her eyes for him... he didn't know how he could be so lucky!

Looking over at Kim, he smiled, and reached out to cup one of her full, luscious breasts. The elder Collins sibling grinned back, and slid over on top of the bedspread, so she could feed Rick one of her big fat tits.

"Oh shit yeah... I'm a tit-man through and through!" he said with a laugh, then sucked back on Kimberley's rock-hard nipple, biting it lightly as he swirled his tongue around the rigid, blood-gorged nubbin.

Kim sighed contentedly. He couldn't see her very well, since her huge right boob was squarely shoved in his face, but Rick could feel her jerking and thrashing about the place, and could imagine that she was playing with herself quite intensely indeed. God, Kim was such a sexy babe!

Ashley was not about to let her older sister get all the attention. She quickly moved her attentions a little further downwards, licking and sucking her way around each one of Rick's two hairy, wrinkled nut-sacs, taking first the right one and then the left one to suck back into her mouth.

Rick moaned out loud with rapturous pleasure, writhing around on the bed as Ash's intensity increased.

She was determined to make sure her lover screamed with ecstasy!

Rick himself wondered if he could even manage a croak, once all was said and done – these two she-devils seemed hell-bent on fucking him to death!

# #

Day 5 of their Caribbean cruise around the isles; now it was almost time to make their leisurely turn back towards the main island, and towards their airplane flight back to the Keyes... and back to civilization.

There were two more days of the voyage left until they had to be back at their point of departure, the island of Martinique. But Rick wasn't really thinking about that as he slowly emerged from his deep, peaceful slumber – he knew now that EVERYONE had to sit down now, and there had to be a frank, open, honest discussion between them all, to put aside all the secrecy and lies and come out with the open, honest truth.

From there, everyone could move forward and things could progress on somehow, some way, from there...

Rick rose up out of the tangled, sweat-stained bed and looked around. There was nobody else in the cabin with him. He glanced around the floor near the bed and quickly came across his board-shorts, so put them on and pulled them up to his waist to cover his nakedness. Then, Rick moved out of the cabin and down the hallway towards the stairs leading up to the deck above.

As Rick's head and shoulders popped up over the precipice and he was able to look out onto the deck before him, the young man saw that the entire Collins family was gathered out on all the deck chairs nearby... and they were all completely naked!

He smiled broadly when he saw this, pulling himself up the rest of the way onto the deck, and walked slowly over to the group, shaking his head in amazement.

"Well then, isn't that quite a pleasant sight!" he said, shaking hands heartily with Andy Collins as he joined up with the others. "I bet you couldn't be happier with all of this, Andy!"

"You're right on, Rick, this is a great development for the entire family." The mid-aged Collins patriarch grinned back at his young friend, and slapped him warmly on the back. "Come, sit down, I was just about to tell the others why I finally acted at last upon all this pent-up desire..."

Rick sat down on the chair with Billie, who moved her legs to one side slightly to give him the space he needed to sit down. Right in front of her husband, as he smiled slightly and watched on, Rick placed his right hand gently on her bare, sleek left leg and slowly slid it up and down...

"Okay, well the only two people who know this besides myself, as far as I am aware of, are Rick and your mother Billie, so this is for you three girls... I have an inoperable brain tumour." Rick waited for the gasps and the tears, the words of disbelief, denial, support and sympathy, and as he knew and expected, they all came. The three daughters of Andrew Collins, the three women who loved and cherished him more than they could any other man, were totally and absolutely devastated by the news. And their raw, unbridled emotion took a toll, in turn, on Billie, Andy and Rick.

But from somewhere deep inside himself, Andy seemed to be able to garner the strength he needed to continue to speak; to get out everything that had to be said before he was choked up completely with emotion.

"So, with this knowledge going into this very special, fantastic holiday voyage across much of the Caribbean, I made it a matter of pride to go into this with my head held high and a big smile on my face – I want my last months on this Earth to be happy, joyous ones, and I want to go out of here without one single regret weighing me down." Andrew smiled, and waved his hand to Rick. "That was why I was so easy for Rick to draw into all this sexy goings-on – I had wanted to fuck you three gorgeous women so very much, for so long."

Rick saw that all three of Andrew's daughters gushed with shy, emotional pride at their father's kind, honest words, and he did not feel an ounce of jealousy. The older man was going to die soon enough, anyway, plus this was HIS family, so of course there was always going to be some closer relationships between them all that Rick would not ever be a part of – and to him, that was completely understandable and acceptable.

"Hey, what about me, stud?" Billie asked her husband with a wiry smile, reaching over to squeeze Andrew's hardened cock with her right hand.

"Well you're just a given, darling..." Andy replied with a broad grin of his own, leaning over to meet Billie in a short, tonguing kiss on the lips.

Rick stood up and went over to join Kim, who turned to give him a deep, probing kiss on the mouth, then began to lick and kiss a path all over his face. As she worked her way along the left side of his face and down the side of his neck, Rick looked over Kimberley's shoulder and gave the rest of the Collins clan a broad, loving grin.

It was good that there was no more pretence between them; that the family lust and longing was now out in the open, not some continued shameful secret. Andrew was now running his hands over his wife Billie's large, luscious breasts, as their daughter Connie moved over to join them both. Rick watched as young Constance kissed her father passionately on the mouth, and then moved over to join him in squeezing and caressing her mother's tits.

It was a very hot sight to see, and Rick felt the thick length of his cock straining up against the material of his boxers. Kim reached down with her right hand to cup his hardness through the silky fabric, and made the younger man moan in rapturous appreciation at her ministrations.

Suddenly, Ashley was beside Rick, pressing herself in against her boyfriend's side and sliding her tongue teasingly into his ear just a little bit. Rick turned to look at her, giving Ash a little peck on the lips. "Thank-you for letting me back into your life," she whispered to him, tears billowing up in her big, doe-like eyes. There was true emotion in her words, and it almost brought Rick himself undone.

"Thank-you for coming back," he replied, then leaned in and kissed her again on the mouth, hard and with real passionate desire. Kim dropped down onto her knees on the deck in front of her younger sibling and her new lover, and pulled Rick's shorts down around his ankles. With that, she took the head of his schlong into her mouth and sucked back on it softly. Rick moaned out loud in pleasure, leaning back and closing his eyes. The utterly heaven he was feeling as Kim licked and sucked at his mushroom-shaped dick-head was wondrous. He wished the feeling would never end.

"Do you like that, huh baby? My older sister Kim's being a nasty little whore for you, gulping back on your cock right there in front of all of us," Ashley breathed huskily, leaning in close and running her hands up and down over Rick's chest, then around his back. Sighing in content, Rick at last opened his eyes and looked down at Kim, to see her staring right back up at him with a mischievous glimmer in her eyes.

She opened her mouth up wide and let the rest of his hardness slide into her mouth – there was a slight pause, when she gagged just a little around the full length of his prick being jammed down her throat, but Kim gulped back enough spit and opened her throat up enough to take it all. Rick hit the back of her throat, and groaned out loud with the sheer ecstasy of it all.

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