tagNovels and NovellasCaribbean Cruise Ch. 08

Caribbean Cruise Ch. 08


Warning: This story is largely incest-orientated. If this genre is offensive to you, I strongly recommend that you do not continue any further. Please ensure that you have read the previous chapters of Caribbean Cruise before beginning this story, as this is a continuation of those postings. Thank-you, and I hope you enjoy!


The sun was setting in the far west, and the Collins family was stretched out across a number of plastic deck chairs around a large table covered with drinks. Rick Chaplain was over by the bar, fixing himself a mixed drink of bourbon and cola before walking back around to join the rest of the clan.

Everyone was as naked as the day they were born, and were completely comfortable with this... and considering all they had gone through with each other, that was completely understandable, at least to Rick himself.

He took a long gulp of his drink and walked over to where Connie was stretched out. She smiled up at him from where she lay, and reached up alluringly with her right hand for Rick. He took hold of that hand and kissed it tenderly, then leaned down to kiss her passionately on the mouth. Connie took heart in this, and returned the pash just as ferociously as Rick was kissing her.

At last, though, Rick pulled away, and took another deep drink of his bourbon mixer before putting it down on a nearby tabletop. When he turned back to Connie again, she was giving him a broad, salacious smile and had her legs spread wide apart, her pussy stretched wide open and exposed for him to see.

"Well, isn't that a sight to behold..." the broad-shouldered, stocky Rick Chaplain breathed in honest admiration, staring hungrily at the young woman's spread-open cunt. He could see right into her pussy, as the outer lips were wide open and her pink bits were exposed. She was quite wet between her legs, and obviously so – Connie was turned on by the fixated attention, and couldn't stop squirming about under his intense gaze.

The rest of the Collins clan just continued to drink their alcoholic beverages and chat amongst themselves, while Connie reached down with her left hand to run a couple of fingers through her moist, wet flaps, and then let one of them slide deep into her throbbing cunt. She moaned softly when her clitoris was stimulated, as Rick just watched on now, smiling ever so slightly as she continued to play with herself for their shared pleasure.

He reached down at last to take hold of his slowly inflating prick, and started to tug himself off as Connie slipped a second finger into her vagina. It was incredibly arousing to watch a young, barely-legal teen slut like Connie deprave herself by masturbating in front of her entire family, as a man she'd only just started having sex with watched on and played with himself as well.

It made Rick tingle all over with desire, but it was the anticipation of what was going to come that made it all the sweeter...

"Are you ready, baby?" Connie whispered, taking the cum-slick fingers out of her cunt and raising them up to her lips. She took them into her mouth and sucked the sweet juices down her throat, then took them back out again and grinned broadly.

Rick didn't need any more prompting. He raced forward to join Connie on her deck chair. She had to scoot up a little bit to give Rick enough room on the seat, but was more than happy to do so.

Moving in to kiss Connie again on the mouth – this time with a little more soft, thoughtful tenderness than the fiery passion that they shared previously – Rick took hold of both of the sexy blonde's small, cone-shaped tits and squeezed them tightly.

Roughing kneading her boobs in his grasp, Rick kept on kissing the youngest Collins woman on the lips, but this time the hunger and desire was back. Their tongues slid around in each other's mouths, as the burning need they shared for each other grew stronger. Rick flicked Connie's budding nipples with the thumbs and forefingers of both his hands, and smiled in their kiss when she moaned with lust up into his mouth.

He then moved his right hand down towards her moist, dripping twat, as she thrust her pelvis up into his right leg with the passionate, mindless hunger of a sex-crazed fiend... soon enough, his thigh was soaked with her juices.

As Rick moved his attentions away from kissing her and began to travel further south, licking and sucking a path up over the rise of her right breast to take Connie's hard, budding nipple into his mouth, he stroked a couple of fingers tenderly over her throbbing clit. Connie let out a loud gasp as her body trembled in pleasure, then groaned in ecstacy as two fingers slid slowly inside of her.

Sucking back on Connie Collin's tit with ravenous passion, Rick slowly thrust his two probing digits in and out of the youthful teen's tight twat until she was bucking and thrashing about on the deck chair. Soon enough, her cunt was dripping with the juices of her arousal, and she was thrusting her pelvis up against his inquisitive fingers with violent abandon.

Then he moved on to the other boob, taking the budding nipple into his mouth and lightly nibbling on the erect nubbin of hard, taut flesh. Connie gasped in estactic rapture, and Rick at last pulled his slick fingers out of her vagina. He took his mouth off her breast for just a moment, to suck both of his own fingers back and taste Connie's sweet pussy-juices. After savouring the delicious flavours of her moist, wet snatch, Rick continued his travels further down over her stomach.

For a few long moments, he darted his tongue quickly in and out of Connie's tight little belly-button, causing her to moan softly in pleasure as Rick tasted her lint. Then he moved on again, heading south. It was quite obvious now where Rick was heading for, and she could hardly wait to feel his tongue and mouth working on her womanhood.

Pulling her pelvis up into his face now, Rick went to work in hungry, passion-filled earnest. He parted Connie's outer pussy-lips with a couple of fingers of his right hand, and then slid his tongue as far as he could into the tight, wet folds of her twat. She moaned softly in pleasure as Rick drank back on her cum-juices. Then, suddenly and without any forewarning, Rick jammed two fingers right up into Connie's cunt, driving the digits right up into her as far as he could get them. With his thumb, he managed to stimulate the hard, budding lump of flesh in the crevice above her open pussy, making the youngest Collins woman grunt and groan out loud as waves of orgasmic pleasure rose up inside her tingling body.

Rivers of tasty jizz were running out of Connie's moist snatch, and Rick was trying his very hardest to lap up as much of the delicious bodily fluids as she could. At the same time, his two fingers were begin pistoned in and out of her tight, gripping pussy, and Rick continued to rub at her swelling clit with desperate intensity. Soon enough, Connie was squirming about on her back on the deck chair, her eyes clenched shut and her mouth hanging agape. Her face was flushed with passion, and her body tensed and thrashed about while Rick continued to slam his fingers into her, and slide his tongue around the outer edges of her dripping smoo.

Rick couldn't hold himself back. He knew he had to take the young teen right then and there, or he would lose what little self-control that he still possessed and just shoot off all over the place. The sad fact was that his testes ached with built-up cum, and his rigid cock throbbed with desire that had not yet been quenched. Rick hardly cared that it was also something Connie desperately wanted - to get fucked senseless by his straining, rock-hard prick til she begged for mercy.

He was far beyond any charitable considerations now; there was only Rick and his aching arousal to contend with. Connie was a willing participant in the event, but hardly someone to be concerned for by this point in time.

Quickly enough, he was standing upright over the top of Constance Collins and pulling her bodily up so that her pelvis was right in line with Rick's throbbing dong. She was bent over further on the back of her head and shoulders, in a somewhat uncomfortable position no doubt, but Connie didn't utter a word of complaint. She too was swept up in the burning desires of her libido - she was just as desperate as Rick himself to feel the man's prick driving deep into her depths, battering her womb with his shaft until he erupted deep inside her hugging warmth. When Rick moved in on her, and the bulbous head of his penis touched the outer lips of her vulva for the first time, Connie almost fainted from the sheer thrill of the moment.

Then Rick bent down, guiding his rigid prick into Connie's box from just over her, and he was fully inside her all in one savage thrust. She let out a loud gasp of surprise, then groaned softly in pleasure as Rick corkscrewed his dick-shaft round inside her dripping snatch, stirring the honey-pot and making her moan his name.

By this time, they were the undivided centre of attention for the entire Collins clan. They all gathered around Connie's deck chair, watching on with rising interest and desire as Rick fucked the sexy young blonde right in front of the rest of her family. Everyone continued to drink and talk to one another, trying to act as though there weren't two young people having sex on a plastic fold-out deck chair right in front of them; but the general mood of the group was becoming decided more strained, more sexually-charged, as their passionate, natural desires for each other drew stronger.

When at last Rick pulled his cum-soaked prick out of Connie's gaping, moist pussy-hole, he felt some cool, feminine fingers wrap around his shaft, then felt someone's wet, sucking mouth clamp down on the swelling head of his cock. Looking down at Billie as she licked and sucked her daughter's juices from the end his full, hard prick, Rick smiled broadly to himself and wondered just how he'd gotten so lucky. Over Connie's right shoulder, Ashley and Kim were licking and touching each other in a very intimate, inappropriate fashion for a couple of sisters, and Andy their father was watching on with a broad smile on his face, absently rubbing his hardening penis as the two girls dropped down on their hands and knees in front of him to get into a 69er position.

The sounds of moans and groans from the other Collins' brought Connie herself out of her orgasm-induced daze, and she looked down between her own legs to see her mother Billie deep-throating Rick's cock with crazed abadon. Smiling slightly and shrugging his shoulders helplessly, Rick reached over and started playing with Connie's pussy again as Billie continued to gulp back his prick. There was little else he was able to do for her, with Billie in the road and selfishly sucking back the young stud's dick without a single care in the world.

With a broad, lavacious smile, Rick slipped all four of his fingers deep into the tight, confining slit between Connie's legs, making her grunt out loud in animalistic lust as she was filled up again in her hugging cunt. Then he rubbed at her hooded clit teasingly, making it firm and rigid as he finger-banged Connie with vigourous intensity. She was soon thrusting her pelvis up against Rick's hand with brutal, relentless force, her eyes squeezed tightly shut and her mouth hanging slightly agape.

Billie at last let the full length of Rick's firm, rock-hard cock slide out of her mouth, and took a deep, cleansing breath for the first time in a long while. Then she looked up at him and, with a devilish smile and a cute little wink, moved forward again... but this time to run her tongue around his bulging, cum-bloated scrotum sacs.

Rick groaned in delight at the sensations he was feeling. He looked over at Ash and Kim, and saw that they were in a heated three-way pash with their father Andrew. First they kissed each other, then one of them would kiss their Dad on the lips - then they would all kiss in one swirling tangle of tongues and open mouths. They were all naked and their bodies pressed up against one another. Hands were running freely all over bare arses and smooth, exposed chests. Rick watched on with a slight smile, as Billie at last took his right nut-sac into her mouth to suck on, and Connie came hard all over his probing, thrusting fingers.

He needed to fuck someone again, and the burning lust that was building up inside was not something Rick was prepared to fight against. The young stud looked down at Billie and grinned with honest desire, then reached down to gently cup her face in his right hand. Billie stopped slobbering over his balls and pulled back away from the younger man's penis, leaving a trail of saliva hanging away from his fleshy nuts all the way to her full, pouty lower lip. She had gotten the hint, and was ready and willing enough to come through for him.

"Do you want to fuck my tight, wet pussy? It's wet for you, you know..." she moaned seductively.

"That's just what I like to hear, baby..." he moaned.

Connie looked on with a smile on her face as Rick pulled her mother up onto her feet on the deck, and kissed her ravenously on the lips. He grabbed both of the older woman's full, firm breasts in his hands and squeezed them with his fingers, kneading the flesh and tweaking the sensitive nipples until she moaned out aloud in pleasure. The youngest Collins daughter was not a jealous girl, and was happy enough to share so long as she too had her fun.

Billie herself couldn't get enough of the young man's body pressed up against her own; she took hold of his hardness, and tugged him off as Rick squeezed roughly at her bosoms and forced his tongue down her throat. She was dripping wet – when he put his hand on her pussy mound and tried to slip a couple of fingers inside her snatch, they went right in and she let out a deep grunt.

Rick worked his fingers quickly in and out of her slick tightness, knowing full well that the myriad of sensations coursing through her would only add to the mop of moisture that was her cunt-hole right at that point in time. Billie was aroused almost to the point of losing reason, but he wanted her to fall completely over the edge, so that there was nothing else on this planet that mattered but his cock inside her...

It was the ultimate aphrodesiac for him, knowing that his actions were driving another human being to such incredible heights of sexual ecstasy.

Pulling his cum-slick fingers out of her vagina at last, Rick moved in and shoved his cock right into Billie's pussy in one fluid motion. He was still standing, as too was the wife of Andrew Collins; Rick was almost nose to nose with Billie, but he made no move to take a seat or halt his own actions, but simply worked his penis in and out of her hugging snatch with forward motions of his pelvis.

Soon enough, Billie herself was moving her body in smooth, skilful rhythm with his own, and they were working up a nice healthy sweat together as their well-toned forms make rhythmic, animalistic movements together in their fucking motions.

Grunting and moaning in pleasure, Billie reached down after a while to diddle her budding clit with her right hand, and Rick smiled at her slightly when she did this. She had to be one of the most amorous, openly sexual women he had ever met before, and Rick loved her sheer passion for life, for fucking, and for her family.

"Can you bend my left leg up a little, and hold me steady in that position for a little bit?" she asked Rick after another minute or so in this standing position. Ever the gentleman, he agreed readily and did as he was bidden, and they both noticed with the next few penetrating strokes into her that they were deeper, more fulfilling thrusts.

Both Rick and Billie were grunting and groaning with lustrous pleasures, their slick nude bodies heaving with the strain of their vicious coupling. He threw Billie's left leg up over his shoulder after a short while, and that made Rick's driving thrusts slide even deeper into her cunt.

As he leaned in to rub at her hard, swollen clit while he fucked her, Rick kissed Billie tenderly on the mouth, then turned his head slightly to the side to look over at Connie. The youngest Collins daughter smiled back with sensuous desire reflecting in her eyes, then pulled the three fingers slowly out of her snatch and raised the digits up to suck them back into her mouth.

Billie her mother moaned as she too watched her daughter drink back on her own cum, and Rick could feel her tight, constrictive pussy clench down on his prick, squeezing it rhythmically in an attempt to milk an orgasm out of him.

Deciding to see if Connie wanted a little bit more of his cock, Rick slid slowly out of Billie's vadge, and moved around on the deck of the ship til his prick was bouncing back and forward sticking straight up in the air. It was still completely erect and slick with girl-cum, and without any need for prompting, she crawled over across the short gap between them, then leaned down with her mouth wide open to take his dick slowly into her mouth.

Connie slowly swallowed the full length of Rick's hardness, letting his cock fill her mouth and throat, with her eyes bulging wide open due to the strain of taking such a difficult load. Rick's full, bloated ball-sacs were each squeezed and slowly tweaked in turn by Connie as she bobbed her head up and down on his cock, letting her saliva dribble all over his genitalia without much regard to her own decency.

The more wicked and depraved her actions with Rick, the more Connie Collins was turned on. She loved it all the more that she could taste her very own mother's pussy-sauce on Rick's cock... very depraved, and hugely arousing because of it.

"Shit Connie, you really know how to suck me off babe..." Rick moaned with joy, then he eased his head back and stretched out across the hard deck floor, allowing himself to get as comfortable as possible in this position so that Connie could really get into her oral ministrations.

Connie slipped her mouth off my cock and took hold of the hard prick, pushing it back out of the road so she could lean in and lick hungrily at each one of Rick's scrotum-sacs in turn. Spitting a large glob of saliva in against the wrinkled flesh of his left nut, Connie slipped a hand in to rub at the sensitive balls, then moved a probing, teasing digit around to play with Rick's puckered butt-hole just a little bit.

When she pushed that finger very gently into the man's tight anus, Rick cried out as his body was inundated with sensations, heaving up and thrusting his pelvis out hard against the invasive digit. His cock was rigid and steel-hard, and soon after Connie had slowly eased the forefinger in and out of his asshole, Rick was panting for a vicious fuck.

Billie moved in to join her daughter Connie, and between the two of them, they shared Rick's cock. The two Collins women sucked him off with relentless intensity, each one working their heads up and down on his full length til Rick could feel himself slowly building to that final, blinding release.

When his cock slipped out of Billie's mouth one time, Connie moved in quickly to kiss her mother hungrily on the mouth, and before long they were pashing away on their own, their tongues sliding in and out of each other's mouths with little regard for anyone or anything else. Rick quickly siezed hold of his own prick and started to wank himself off while he watched the Mom and her daughter kissing. He could feel his own arousal build up... and a low, agonized moan slipped out from between Rick's lips as he stroked himself off with vigorous intensity.

"Fuckin' hell, that is so hot you two... I love it!"

With that, Rick scurried up onto his feet and moved around til he was behind Connie, pulling her butt around until it was sticking straight up into the air right in front of him. He spread her legs apart and reached down to stroke the wet, crinkled outer lips of Connie's pussy, thrusting a finger up inside her and making the young slut moan out aloud in pleasure. Rick thrust the finger quicky in and out of her cunt, then pulled it right back out and stuck it into his mouth to suck on it. Once he had sucked back the girl-cum off his own digit, Rick shoved his prick viciously right up inside her cunny, filling her up to the brink without a moment's hesitation.

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