tagNovels and NovellasCaribbean Cruise Ch. 09

Caribbean Cruise Ch. 09


As the first to awaken aboard the luxury yacht out in the middle of the deep blue sea, Rick Chaplain decided to get a bit of fresh air up on the deck, and sat out in the open on one of the numerous plastic recliners with an orange juice to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere, and the tranquil peace of it all.

He knew he had a lot to think about, but for that short moment in time at least, none of his troubles seemed all that dire and he was able to take a much-needed break for himself. A bit of a breather, for a personal recharge.

By the time Billie emerged from below, Rick was feeling pretty good in himself and was ready for the company. "Oh, you're up here huh? Not interrupting am I?"

"No no, Mrs Collins, glad someone else is up by now," he replied with a welcoming smile, throwing his legs off the recliner and onto the deck as he got up to greet the sexy mature woman. Billie grinned back at the younger man, as she swayed her hips back and forth on her walk across the deck to him. She wrapped her arms comfortably around his neck and fell into him in a warm, loving embrace, feeling quite at ease in the arms of the gorgeous stud, the man who had given her so much pleasure and awakened all the hidden, taboo desires in her family.

Pressing her full, luscious breasts into his chest, Billie looked up into Rick's warm, loving young face, and leaned up on her tippy-toes to give him a soft fleeting kiss on the lips, flickering her tongue ever so briefly into his mouth for just a moment. Then, she pulled back, turned around on the balls of her feet, and skipped away back downstairs with a cute little girlish squeal. The sound of her giggling from below soon wafted up from the opening, and Rick, now enamored and tingling all over with his arousal, moved for the hatch leading back below deck.

He moved through the cabin rooms one at a time after Billie, and at last found her on Kim's bed with her elder step-daughter, the two women with their cute butts pointed back his way and looking over their shoulders at him with big, wide sexy grins on their faces. Oh, Rick was quite pleased with the two of them! They wanted him at that moment, just as much as he wanted the two of them -- and that was perfect for all.

The young man moved quickly over to the bed with his eyes set firmly on Kim, first off, shedding his boxer shorts and nightshirt as he went. It was hard enough to keep balance with all those items of clothing being yanked down and off his body, but somehow he managed it without tripping up and falling in a tangled heap.

Then, with a firm handhold on the woman's hips, Rick bent down behind Kim and buried his face willingly in between the cheeks of her ass, to lick sensuously at the pouting outer lips of her pussy, all the way up to her puckered little asshole and back again. He jammed his mouth up against her cunt and flicked his tongue in between the fleshy folds, then swirled it around and sucked on those sensitive flaps, drinking back the pre-cum that had gathered there.

Kim moaned in appreciative delight and thrust her backside hard up against his earnest face. Billie, watching on with a light smirk on her face, couldn't help but laugh at this. "I think someone likes the way our young stud operates..." she cooed, as the older woman reached over to gently caress the side of Kimberley's face.

Kim turned her head to look at her step-mom and the two women smiled at one another, then they leaned over together in mutual affection and kissed very tenderly, on the mouth. The kiss soon turned into a passionate tongue-duel, as they were swept up in the lustful emotions of the moment and lost themselves in one another. Rick, taking a moment to breathe in more deeply and have a rest from his determined oral ministrations, watched the women kissing and found it all too much to bear. He moved up alongside them both, and began to stroke and caress both sexy ladies' naked, heaving bodies.

"Ohh, it looks like Ricky feels a bit left out! We can't have that now, can we!" Kim cried out, and literally threw herself on top of the hunky man. She kissed him hard on the lips and licked and sucked at her own cum-juices which were running down the corners of Rick's mouth, and almost completely covered his chin. She was like a ravenous beast, and Rick found all of her focus was fixed upon him.

She kissed, sucked, and nibbled her way down his body, until she was eye-level with his straining, inflated cock. Kim slowly licked her way up the underside of the half-limp member, then opened her mouth over its tip and sucked it down her throat, bobbing her head slowly up and down on the dick-shaft til it got harder and more rigid inside her mouth.

Saliva poured out of the corners of her mouth, and dribbled down onto his cock and balls when Kim pulled his dick completely out to take in a few deep sucking breaths. But it made it all the easier, when she started to wank him off with a firm grip from her right hand. Kim moved down to lick at Rick's full, swollen balls, and suck first one and then the other into her mouth for a few long moments at a time.

Billie kissed Rick hard on the mouth, thrusting her tongue down into his throat and swirling it around his teeth and tongue, as she jammed her full luscious breasts up against his chest. She reached down with one hand and ran her fingers through Kim's thick jet-black hair, urging her on with her oral services of their man-toy's tool-shaft with soft moans and gentle force.

When at last she pulled back from him just a little, Rick said with a slightly breathless voice, "Kim you better stop what you're doing for a moment, or else I'm gonna lose it and cum! Oh shit, you're so fuckin' good with that skilled mouth of yours!"

The eldest Collins daughter did at last stop sucking, and raised her head up away from Rick's groin with a sheepish little grin on her face. "Sorry for getting carried away there a bit, but I just love a good firm, hard cock in my mouth. Especially when it belongs to a fucking hunk who I care about so much!" she said.

Rick grinned from ear to ear, and Kim wiggled her way back up to join him on the other side of Billie, and kissed him only fleetingly on the corner of his mouth. Then, she and Billie both began to slide their hands slowly and teasingly all over his body, and over one another's, illicit little jolts of ecstasy from each other as they worked slowly back up to a leveled sense of pleasure.

The man was ready and raring to go again, after a short while. Rick felt as though he wasn't on the precipice anymore and that was a good thing, so he took hold of Kim's firm round butt and pulled her on top of him, carefully taking hold of his cock-shaft and, with her help, guiding it to her wet, open and welcoming slit.

They both left out satisfied moans as the head of his prick split open the outer folds of the vagina, then the full swollen shaft itself sank into her moist depths. Kimberley pushed herself completely down upon Rick's torso, and the rigid tool went all the way up into her vagina, hitting the back wall of her cervix with its full thrust.

The two of them work themselves into a smooth rhythm, and Rick made sure to squeeze her buttocks and knead them hard, then slide a couple of probing fingers up between the fleshy cheeks to tease and caress her crinkled little anus. This really got the woman's juices flowing, getting royally fucked and having her ass played with. Kim gasped and cried out, her pussy clenching as she came just a bit in a mini-orgasm.

Billie grabbed both of Kim's full tits in her hands, and squeezed them hard, mashed them together and jamming her face into the valley of boob-flesh to lick and suck at her chest. She pulled her face out of the tit-crush at last, and sucked on each one of Kim's nipples, one at a time. Billie had both tips hard and rigid, so she returned to lapping at the valley of her step-daughter's chest cannons, and moved up at last to kiss her yet again on her slightly open, sagging mouth. Kim was in such utter bliss, that it took her a few long moments to realize her step-mom was pashing her on the lips and respond to the kiss herself.

Rick continued to fuck the sexy babe like crazy, driving in and out of her gripping cunt-hole with all his pelvic strength. Kim's fingernails raked his bare chest over, then she dug into his flesh when finally he hit that magical g-spot and transported her to a new dimension of sexual pleasure. Her body jerked and spasmed in constant, unending orgasm.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, OH FUCKING HELL YES!!!" Kimberley Collins screamed out at the top of her lungs. Billie pulled back from her and slapped the younger woman hard across the left side of her face, then across the right with the palm of her hand, leaving red hand-prints on her cheeks but also, surprisingly perhaps, sending fresh invigorating jolts of joyous ecstasy through her tingling body. She knew that a little pain stimulation, at this point when she was being carried away on waves of orgasmic bliss, might just be the catalyst Kim needed.

It was, and she trembled and shook for the final time, then when it was all over she had gone slack and slumped down across the top of Rick's prone body. He felt as though his cock had been squeezed through a vice-grinder, and slowly, almost painfully, felt it slip out of Kim's pussy and slap across his inner right thigh.

"Jeez, that was intense..." he breathed softly, looking across at Billie with a sort of crooked half-smile on his face. Billie nodded and smirked back, shaking her head from side to side. It had been one of the most erotic sights she had ever seen, and Kim sure had fucked like a stallion. She was a real wild child, and her Indian heritage must add a new layer of sensuous, earthly desire to her that she herself might not have even realized.

"Well baby, have you got any more left in the tank for me?" she asked in a soft, sensuous voice, reaching over to stroke the tips of her fingers along Rick's smooth, muscular chest.

If he was being honest about it, Rick didn't know if he had anything else to give to the cock-craving older woman, but Billie wasn't going to accept that and, frankly, neither could his own pride. He reached out for her and Billie moved willingly on top of him, kissing Rick's neck and then his chin, before landing a few sloppy smooches on his mouth as she reached down with both hands between them to cup his swelling groin.

"Ohhh, it feels like someone's ready to play again," the sexy babe whispered, and Rick groaned as Billie squeezed the rigid shaft of his cock and maneuvered it toward the dripping slit between her thighs. Mr Andrew Collins' gorgeous wife was, without doubt, one of the most sensuous MILF-types Rick could have possibly imagined.

As Rick felt his prick sliding into the warm, tight depths of Billie's snatch, he let out a low sigh and reached up to grab hold of her firm, ponderous tits, squeezing and caressing the boob-flesh in both hands as she slowly bounced her body up and down on his. Kim, not to be forgotten and more than happy to appease the man who had given her so much, moved over to pash him on the lips, rubbing hands all over his chest as Rick continued to fuck her the older woman's dripping cunt.

Billie's pussy-juices poured down out of her full, stretched cunt-hole, leaking down onto Rick's groin and running in along his inner thighs as the horny, cock-crazed woman rubbed her clit and tweaked her own nipples one at a time with her other hand. Rick grabbed Billie's full meaty ass and squeezed hard, if but to hang onto her as she slammed her pelvis relentlessly down on him, over and over and over again.

"Oh fuck me, fuck me. Jesus fucking christ you bastard, GIVE IT TO ME YEAH FUCKING HELL -- JESUS CCCHHHHHRRISSTTTTT!!!" Billie screamed out loud, shuddering in primal orgasm as Rick slammed his hips up to meet every thrust, burying himself balls-deep inside her so that, when he felt his own release nearing, he was giving it to her with everything he had in him.

"AHH YEAH BITCH, TAKE MY FUCKIN' COCK!! YEAH, CHRIST, FUCK-YEH!" huffed the young man, his face turning beet-red from the exertions as he worked his prick in and out of her at a blur. Billie grabbed hold of a thick handful of Rick's hair, at the back of his head, and yanked his face up to meet hers in a quick soul-kiss as they fucked, and he breathed then, "Oh jeez, Billie I'm gonna cum soon!"

"OK... ok babe, I want you to cum in me. Cum inside me, you fuckin' stud. Do it!" the woman said, and Rick, almost over the edge of his own pleasurable release and not really caring, was able to let go completely and let the tension building up inside him out at last. It all flowed out in a torrential gush, and his cum-heavy balls churned and spewed out their hot, gooey fluid, shooting semen deep into Billie's fertile womb.

His buttocks strained against the exertion, and Rick held himself tight against her as he shot out streams of thick cum up Billie's cunt, all the while shaking and shuddering from the effort, and toll it claimed on his own body. At last he sighed, falling back in a sweaty heap beside Kim on the bed. Billie rolled off him and onto the other side of the mattress, and together they each caught their breath, and savored the moment and the enjoyable morning they had all spent as a passionate threesome.

From the doorway, there came the sound of slow clapping and Rick, exhausted though despite himself curious at the sound, managed to raise his head up to see who was there. It was Andy, with a big grin on his face, standing there at the open door applauding them.

"Damn it, Rick, that was one hell of a fuck-session you put on there! I came in to watch near the end of it, the noise alone would have woken the dead, but I'm somewhat disappointed not to have been here right from the very start," the older man said with a laugh and shake of the head. "God, for the good ole' days again..."

"Oh baby, you're just as good as young Ricky," Billie said with a warm smile as she stroked her pussy with one hand, and ran the fingertips of the other over her sweat-covered tits, which were still heaving as she struggled to catch her breath after the intense fucking. "We've got the best of both worlds, us Collins ladies -- youth and intensity, experience and emotional attachment."

Andrew nodded in solemn agreement, then said, "Rick, when you've got a moment, maybe perhaps after a bite to eat or something, Connie was wanting to see you. She's with Ashley in my cabin -- the girls were kind enough to give me an early-morning double-blowjob, just before I came to find you lot!"

"Ok -- do you have any idea what she wants?"

This made the Collins' leader laugh, and he said, "I think my little baby wants the both of us to work her over, something savage. She's a real dynamo, that sexy Constance. We sure did raise one firecracker of a sex-fiend, didn't we Billie my darling?"

"Yes, she sure does take after her parents," Billie agreed with a cute little giggle, scooping up a big dollop of Rick's cum on two fingers and sucking them both back into her mouth, tasting the man-jizz and savoring the flavor a little before swallowing it all down.

At that, they all laughed, and Rick hurried to pick up his clothes and follow the other man back out into the hall. With more cute giggling and girlish squeals, Billie and Kim were soon wrestling each other across the bed, getting into head-locks and pin-moves as they rubbed their naked bodies together, squeezed each other in the most sensuous places, licked and nibbled and teased to exquisite limits.

Until at last, when Rick looked back from further down the hall, they had their faces buried in each others' pussies and were licking and sucking away like mad. They sure didn't make'em more horny, or sex-crazed, then the Collins clan. It hadn't really taken much to turn the entire family into ravenous fiends for cock and cunt, and to get them sampling each others' willing bodies, despite the taboo of it. Rick still marveled at that.

But he wasn't about to wish for anything different. No, this was by far the best vacation trip ever, and it was the biggest shame that the dream would soon be coming to an end.


Connie Collins was, like her older sisters Kim and Ash, determined to forgo wearing any clothing for the duration of their holiday. They were on the Caribbean seas and far from any other boats, or settlements, so what was the harm in being nude anyhow? It wasn't like they had much to hide from each other now, or there was any shame or sexual hang-ups to hinder things.

She thought the whole turn of events was positively wonderful, and treated it somewhat like a game, an exciting arousing splendid game, that just meant that now she could get sexual relief from any one of her family or the hunky boy-toy Ash had brought along on the trip.

When she had learned her father was sick and would pass away soon, Connie hadn't known how to take it, so she had done what she always did when emotional turmoils threw her for a loop, and that was bury the disturbing issue deep down inside and just carry on with things like normal -- or, in this latest instance, like the 'special' kind of normal, with all this family group-sex and promiscuous, taboo group fucking going on.

But that was not the way Connie wanted it to be, not with Andrew only having a short time on this Earth, and she wanted to be closer to Rick as well, more involved with the man she could see having so much more involvement in her life and the lives of the other Collins women.

So she waited, as Andy and Rick came into the master cabin together to see her at last. Connie felt a little awkward standing by the bed before the two older men, who both looked back at her with slightly demure, submissive expressions. They were waiting for her to speak, to take the lead in the conversation, and right at that moment all the words she had lined up to say fled from her mind.

"Umph, ah... look, ah-this is a very hard time, and-ah, I'm having a bit of difficulty, -uh..." Connie tried her best to carry on past that point, but again she stuttered over her words and got confused. Andrew couldn't help but step forward, tears in his eyes, and put a forefinger gently to her trembling lips to stop the words.

"Honey, don't, please don't say anymore. I know all of the things you feel, the things you want to say and find so hard, so please I don't want you to go through all this just to speak a few words I already know in my heart," the man said, the tears falling down both cheeks as he held her tight against him. "Now, just be with me for a little while, we're both here now and that's all that matters. Let's enjoy this time together, and savor it, ok?"

Rick didn't know what to think at this point. He knew that Andrew wanted him to join him in going to see Connie, and supposedly that's what the young woman wanted as well -- but all this personal talk, this honest Collins stuff, made him feel a little out of place. Though he was becoming more a part of the clan with each passing day, he still knew he was an outsider and, perhaps, would always be that strange eloper no matter what else happened in the future.

He just decided to stay, to move over to a corner and give them that bit of space but not to hide or slink away.

Andy kissed away the tears that Connie was shedding, and the youngest daughter smiled with a bit of embarrassment and wiped at her own father's tears, then kissed a couple of them away, making him in turn grin back down at her. They were soon laughing together, the honest joy of close family who knew they loved each other more than words could ever say, and knew the other loved them just as strong.

They hugged tight together, then Connie's hands were soon squeezing Andrew's butt-cheeks through his boxer shorts, and his hands slid lower down his daughter's waist, to slide over her own exposed ass-cheeks to cup her own buttocks in his strong hands. He squeezed them together then roughly pulled the cheeks wide apart, mashed them together again and yanked them apart.

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