Caribbean Cute


"You drive me fucking crazy Violet." With that Malcolm grabbed her ass with both hands and stood up, taking the few steps to his bed. Placing her on the bed, he flipped her over onto her hands and knees and began to fuck her roughly. He spanked her more, leaving handprints on her ass.


Violet screamed as she came. She was loud as she panted and thrust back hard. "Fuck me harder." She had no idea where this was coming from, but right now she needed it harder. Malcolm obeyed and grabbed her hips, thrusting back and forth until he erupted inside her. He pulled out and thrust four fingers inside her pussy, massaging her g-spot.

"Malcolm no. I'm too sensitive. No." He didn't listen as he held her tight and rubbed. Her g-spot began to swell and he knew she was close again. He pushed up hard, almost lifting her off the bed and suddenly she began to gush. It was only a bit, but he felt it squirt on his hand. Violet was thrashing around and the moment she was done gushing, she curled into a ball and passed out. Malcolm grinned as he picked her up and placed her under the covers.

Malcolm tossed and turned, unable to sleep. He had seen her in the airport before the flight had left and had heard her explain why she was alone. He had seen her sitting alone the whole flight and was embarrassed when she had to explain why she had transferred from the couples only resort to this one. Malcolm knew she had self-esteem issues and wanted to show her how damn sexy she was. He didn't expect to have feelings for her and he had to remind himself what awaited him at home. He finally fell asleep.

Violet and Malcolm faced each other as they ate breakfast. She was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and he was wearing the same. As she finished her normal breakfast, she waited for him to answer the question she had asked.

"I'm going into Montego Bay to do some sightseeing. You don't have to come, but I'm doing both regular sightseeing plus some activities of my own. You might not feel comfortable with what I'm going to be doing."

"What does that mean?" Violet stared at Malcolm. The two of them had met four days ago and had spent their days sun tanning next to each other and had spent their evenings fucking like bunnies.

"I have a brother who lives in Montego Bay who I have not seen in twenty years. He lives in an area of town that isn't very safe and considering you're white it's probably not best that you come with me."

At that moment Violet realized how different the two of them were. Up until that point she hadn't really seen him as being black. He was Malcolm, but she realized that he was right and it was best she either do the organized sightseeing or just stay at the resort.

"I'll do the sightseeing with you in the morning and then come back in the afternoon."

Malcolm nodded and a little while later they were on a bus to tour some of the outdoor markets. They climbed up the Dunn's River falls and giggled as Violet almost fell three times, each time Malcolm being right there to catch her. At lunchtime, they said goodbye and Violet got back on the tour bus while Malcolm made his way to his brothers.

Violet sat by the pool alone, finishing her fifth book. She ate dinner alone and then decided to check out the bar on site. She had a few drinks and when a younger guy, who was probably a lawyer or accountant, asked her to dance she said yes. He was nice and polite and offered to buy her another drink. They made their way to the bar and Violet looked up and saw Malcolm. He didn't look angry, but he didn't look too happy either. Violet thanked Chris for the dance and made her way over to Malcolm.

"Hi." Violet barely got the words out of her mouth when he grabbed her and kissed her hard. He picked her up and carried her to a secluded area. Pushing her against the wall, he slid his hands over her breasts, pinching them hard. Violet moaned and gasped as she wrapped her legs around his hips. He slid his hands under her dress and spanked her butt hard three times on each cheek. He then dipped his fingers into her pussy as his thumb pressed on her clit.

Violet looked into his eyes and saw pure lust. He needed her right now and she needed him. He held her tight to his body, his fingers continuing to wiggle against her sex. He walked on to the sandy beach and sat himself down in the sand. He held her by her blonde hair while his other hand unzipped his shorts. He thrust inside her and made her bounce on his cock. He couldn't hear her moans since he was grunting so loudly. Malcolm finally came inside her and held her tight.

"Back to your room. Now." Violet nodded and stood up, her legs shaking a bit. Malcolm grabbed her hand and they walked in silence towards her hotel room. She could feel her panties get wet from his cum and the moment they were inside her room he was all over her. They fucked all night, sometimes hard, sometimes slow. When he wasn't hard he just made her cum over and over again until he was. By the time the sun rose, he had cum four times and for being almost forty that was a big feat. They had fallen asleep making love, he on his back while she rode him. She had leaned over to nibble his neck and they slowly fell asleep, still rocking against each other.


Violet opened her eyes and tried to remember which room she was in. She looked out the window and seeing the mountains knew she was in her own room. Malcolm was gone and she was lying naked on the cool sheets. She could smell his semen and her juices and as she sat up she winced. Her legs hurt, so did her arms. She got up to go to the bathroom and saw bite marks all over her breasts and hips. She rinsed her face and began to recall the night before. She giggled as she remembered how she got the bite mark on her hip and realized that the soreness between her legs was from Malcolm sucking on her clit until she passed out. She grabbed her robe and as she walked towards her balcony she saw a note on the dresser.


I've left early, but wanted to tell you so you didn't worry. I have a confession to make. I saw you at the airport and realized that someone had hurt you badly. I wanted you to feel good about yourself and prove to you that you are sexy, smart, and gorgeous. I didn't expect to have feelings for you.


Violet read the note over a few times, sank down in the chair, and cried. She did feel good about herself. She did have more confidence. She had sat at the pool all week in a bikini for goodness sake. She cried for a bit and then realized that she didn't know his last name, or what he did for a living, or anything. She got up and decided to change her routine a bit for her second to last day at the resort. She had pancakes instead of her veggie omelet and sat by the ocean instead of the pool. After dinner she showered and then read the last of her book on her balcony.

The sun rose and she woke up. This was her last day at the resort and she lay in bed before getting dressed and having breakfast. She sat at the beach for the second day in a row and enjoyed her last lunch and dinner. She realized she had probably gained ten pounds on the trip, but she didn't care. Just before removing her bikini so she could shower, she looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She was very cute. She wouldn't say gorgeous, but she was pretty and cute. She showered and after packing, she brought her luggage to the main foyer and had dinner alone. After dinner, she got on the bus and before long was on the plane back home. The flight landed at 2am and she knew she'd have to find her luggage and then get a taxi home. She hoped that Jeremy had moved out all his things from her apartment and prayed that he hadn't been an asshole and taken any of her personal items. The plane landed and after going through customs, she stepped out into the cool fall air. She was smart enough to change into jeans and a t-shirt before leaving the resort and had a light jacket at the top of her bag to put on.

"Want a lift?" Violet knew that voice and spun around. Malcolm was standing in front of her and her mind was racing. She realized that when he said he had seen her at the airport he meant the one in Seattle. He was dressed in a suit and tie and she couldn't help but picture him in his black swim trunks.

"What the hell?" Violet could only stare.

"I'm an idiot. I'm going to drive you home and then tomorrow we're going out for dinner. I shouldn't have left early. I got scared and freaked out." Malcolm was biting his lip nervously. Violet laughed.

"You always this cocky?'


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