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Caribbean Encounter

byI.M. Writer©

This is a sequel to Caribbean Awakening and it is primarily about wife sharing as well. I sincerely thank those of you that offered words of encouragement and constructive criticism. Your comments are appreciated.


I awoke late the next morning to find Beth in the shower. She was getting out as I entered the bathroom and greeted me with a tentative look in her eyes. She looked even more beautiful now than before.

"Did you get off last night as much as I did," I asked with a grin?

She let out a sigh of relief and said, "Oh God yes! I was so turned on that I worried that I upset you."

"You were fantastic Beth, but I'll bet that Alan had a better time than either of us," I said

"I really doubt it," she said as she turned her head a little and winked at me.

We went to the pool after breakfast. I wasn't sure how to react when we saw Matt and Eileen. They waved us over. I looked at Beth and caught her blushing intensely when she made eye contact with our friends.

"How did you two sleep last night," asked Eileen?

"We did just fine," I answered.

Beth was still blushing and looked nervously my way as I answered.

"Eileen and I enjoyed the evening immensely," Matt said with a beaming smile.

"It was better than we could have imagined," Eileen added while patting Beth on the knee. "It was so much better than our first time. Thank you for allowing us to be there."

Beth looked like a deer in the headlights. She was obviously uncomfortable with such an intimate conversation so soon after last night.

I apologized and said "Beth and I haven't discussed the details of last night yet."

Matt looked at us for a long while and then with a serious look he said, "you two need to talk about this soon. Last night was a sudden change in your relationship. You both wanted the events to happen, and I'll bet that you both are still tremendously excited about it. You need to let each other know how you feel."

I interrupted and said, "we have talked about it Matt. Just not enough that we feel comfortable talking about it with others yet."

"Oh," Matt said with a frown. "I was hoping that Eileen and I could help you overcome some of the awkward emotions that can arise after a evening like we all shared."

"Is Alan staying at the resort," Beth finally mustered the courage to ask?

Matt smiled. "No Beth, Alan was a guest of ours yesterday. He lives nearby but he will not be visiting the rest of the week."

I wasn't sure if Beth was disappointed or relieved as she looked away at the horizon. Matt finally broke the silence and asked if we had enjoyed the evening's adventures. We both nodded and I said that it was almost overwhelming. Slowly we began to talk about what had happened and how we felt about it. I told them how I had felt uncomfortable directing their actions early on. I also admitted that I enjoyed it when things began to happen spontaneously.

Beth listened carefully and said that it was helpful to have me as an icebreaker. She knew that I was OK with what was happening since I was asking her to go further. She added that she just lost control after awhile and forgot that they had an audience. After they had finished she felt a small burst of humiliation that didn't subside until we returned to the room.

I then brought up that I felt that Matt had changed during the course of the evening. Gone was our friend and confidant. A much more aggressive and uncaring person had evolved.

Matt had listened and nodded understanding. He smiled and reached for our hands before speaking. "We all changed roles last night guys. After we had learned of your fantasies and desires, Eileen and I planned last night's adventure."

Over the next half hour we heard how he had taken everything in to consideration. My need for control and to share Beth with another. He also realized that I wanted Beth to enjoy herself and even take control back. He considered Beth's need for coercion. He was delighted when Beth responded so very well and lost herself completely in passion.

Matt admitted that Eileen had recommended Alan. She had known him for some time and felt that he best met our requirements, physically and otherwise. Eileen added that Alan had asked to see Beth again before we left the island. Beth looked up at her and smiled.

"I was so scared that I would run into him sometime this week," Beth blurted out with a sigh of relief. She then grinned and added, "he was quite the gentleman Eileen."

Matt looked at me and asked if I had any feelings of jealousy. I admitted that I did but that I found it intensely exciting. He was relieved and said that if I didn't admit I was at least a little jealous, I was either lying or not in love with my wife.

Matt then posed the big question. "Was once enough or do you wish to continue?"

Beth and I looked at each other in astonishment. We had not considered that yet.

Matt sensed our unease. "Some couples can have this adventure and that is enough forever. Others will repeat it rarely and only as circumstances permit. Others, once introduced, can't hardly wait until the next encounter. It's up to the two of you to decide."

"Well, it's not something we can do at home," Beth thought out loud.

I agreed and admitted that had we not been on vacation, last night would have never happened.

"Can you imagine if our friends and family knew about last night," Beth asked with a wide-eyed grin?

There was an awkward pause in the conversation.

"Will Alan be coming back to the resort this week," Beth finally asked?

Matt got very serious and sat forward as he spoke. "Beth, I know that you would feel more comfortable with Alan or someone else that you had previously been intimate with, but that would not be in your best interest. I would advise against asking Alan to join the two of you for the immediate future. It would be very easy for you to become enamored with Alan or any other sexual partner. That is something you want to avoid. Eileen and I have learned this the hard way."

We saw Eileen nod and look at Matt after this statement. Girls are taught at an early age that sex and love are bonded together. Where the body goes, so goes the heart. The comfort that you would feel for Alan could result in what you feared most, a rift in your marriage. As difficult as it sounds, the best way to continue is to meet and enjoy strangers in a safe environment.

Beth appeared stunned. How would she ever repeat last night. It took every ounce of courage and determination to bring herself to meet and undress in front of a perfect stranger. Beth and I held hands and listened as Matt and Eileen told us of their first adventures.

Beth was the first to ask the obvious question. "What should we do next?

Matt smiled at us and suggested that we accompany them to a club that they often visit.

"A Jamaican swingers club," I frowned?

I had heard enough about Jamaica that I was reluctant to leave the resort. Poverty and endemic diseases were rampant in Jamaica. Sexually transmitted diseases were common, especially the deadly HIV and Hepatitis.

Matt smiled and assured me that they would never visit just any old Jamaican club. "There is widespread poverty in Jamaica Steve, however there is also phenomenal wealth here. Investment bankers and their institutions are common here for many reasons. Jamaica is considered a tax haven for investors. Off shore accounts are common for those with legal problems at home. All in all it provides for an interesting mix of characters."

"Many Americans, Europeans and even some from Latin America find themselves assigned or retired to Jamaica for a while. These people are away from home and eventually, as with you, they want to enjoy themselves. A few finer clubs have emerged to cater to this crowd. That is what I am talking about."

"I can assure you that no one in this group is willing to take a chance on the diseases that you have mentioned. As you know, these diseases are common in the islands. These clubs are open only to discerning people by invitation only. Any locals that are invited or employed by the clubs are subjected to rigorous and regular examinations. As much as you can relax and be at ease anywhere, you can at these places." Matt sat back and took a drink as he watched our faces for reaction.

"What kind of clubs are you talking about," Beth asked "What kind of things could we expect?"

"Several different clubs are available Beth," Matt explained. "There is a swingers club much like you would find at home. Another caters to the islands gay crowd. Our favorite is The Encounter."

"The Encounter is a club that defies simple description. It is certainly a place where people go to engage in sex with others, or to watch others have sex, or to have sex with your partner while others watch you. In that sense it is a swingers club. It also has a number of theme rooms and it can accommodate just about any fantasy that has ever been enjoyed. The club employs individuals to assist in the theme rooms."

Beth and I were in shock. We had never heard of such a place and we weren't sure that it would be legal.

Matt grinned and anticipated our reaction. "When a group of affluent individuals decide to enjoy themselves in a country with such abject poverty, who do you suspect would object? The local constabulary and judicial system are compensated very well to insure that the premises are safe and private. Otherwise they are very happy to leave them alone."

Beth was becoming very interested in this conversation and that made me even more excited.

"What kind of theme rooms are there," she asked?

"There are many that you will find interesting," Eileen interrupted. She explained that on main floor was a large lounge surrounded by an open central area and several rooms. Some rooms were private and small. Others were quite large. Some had windows for observation.

As Eileen continued her description, I noticed that Beth was hanging on every word.

"Upstairs are the theme areas. There are areas for those who enjoy bondage. Another area is for those who enjoy submission and slavery. One area is specifically designed for interracial play. It's called the jungle room and has a zebra over the entrance. There are areas made to look like schools and hospitals. There is even a strip club for those who want to show off a little."

"How many are there," Beth asked.

"Depends on the night and the season. High season like this usually brings in 100 or 150," Matt said.

I was amazed. "There are that many investment bankers in Jamaica," I asked?

Matt smiled and assured me that The Encounter was well known throughout the Caribbean.

"People fly in from near and far to experience the encounter," he said with a grin.

"What does it cost," I asked?

Matt smiled and informed me that when you come as a guest of a member, only a nominal fee is needed to cover food drinks and essentials. He assured me that this would not be a problem.

"Would you consider bringing us," Beth asked?

Matt and Eileen looked at each other and laughed. Eileen said that she had already called to tell them that we would be arriving that night. I took a deep breath and looked at Beth. She was shaking her head in disbelief.

"How did you know that we would agree to come," she asked?

"Just had a hunch," Matt giggled. "Let's plan on going early so that you can get a tour before the rest of the crowd gets there. We'll leave just after dinner. I'll have a car waiting at 7:00pm."

I left to use the restroom and Matt followed.

"You OK with this," he asked?

"I think so Matt. I'm not sure what we are getting into really. We are trusting your judgment." I was looking carefully into his eyes as I spoke.

"You know you can always leave if you get uncomfortable," Matt added.

I smiled at the reassurance. Matt reached into his trunks and pulled out a plastic bag.

"Here," he said. "I know you are the doctor but I think you will appreciate this tonight."

I looked at the bag and immediately recognized the contents.

"Viagra? I really don't need this Matt. To be honest, lately I have had trouble trying to hide my erection. With everything that's happened I don't think I'll need these."

Matt looked at me and shook his head. "You will appreciate the effects later. Steve, you will see a lot of new and exciting things tonight. Beth will too and she will want for you to enjoy them with her. It will be erotic. It will also be stressful at times. It will be more fun if you can get it up several times tonight. You want to quit because you are sore, not because you have erectile dysfunction. Take it from a friend Steve,...it's safe and you will thank me later."

"I know it's safe Matt. I prescribe it every day. I just didn't think I would need it for awhile."

He smiled and recommended that I take it just after dinner. We finished our business and rejoined the ladies. Matt and Eileen soon left to do some shopping and left Beth and me to ourselves.

"Can you believe this has happened so quickly," I asked? "When we got here I got off watching remove your suit in public. Now I have hardly noticed that you have been nude the entire morning."

"What do you think about tonight," Beth asked? I could tell that she was worried about my response.

"Sounds like an adventure," I grinned.

"Are you sure about this," she asked in a serious tone?

"After last night I feel closer to you than ever. If we don't like it we can come home," I said with certainty. I was certain that Beth wanted to visit the club. I felt she was giving me a chance to reconsider.

We spent the entire afternoon at the pool except for a short walk along the beach.

"What part of the club do you want to try," she asked.

"I'm not sure. Guess we'll have to try them all," I said teasingly.

"Any part catch your fancy," I asked.

"It all sounds naughty," Beth grinned.

We showered and prepared for dinner. I enjoyed watching Beth as she got ready. I imagined Alan at her breasts and wondered who would be there tonight. When it was time to dress, Beth put on a strapless dress that stopped about four inches below her labia. Her vulva was in plainly visible as I bent over to grab my shoes. She slipped on a pair of sandals and announced that she was ready.

I had mixed emotions. I never thought I would see the day that she would beat me getting ready. Then again she only had a dress and sandals on.

"Packing light tonight," I said with a smile.

"Eileen old me to take only what was necessary because it will be less to keep track of later," she admitted with an intense blush.

"Eileen will be very proud of you tonight," I grinned.

We met with Matt and Eileen for dinner. Matt stared at Beth for a lingering moment.

"Do I look alright," she asked.

"You will be the belle of the ball my dear," Matt said reassuringly.

After dinner we made our way to the car and Matt drove us into the mountains. After about 30 minutes we approached what appeared to be a large stone building. It looked much like a clubhouse for a country club. We were escorted to the door by our hosts and greeted by our first names. Upon entering it appeared to be an empty lounge. We were given a drink and then followed Matt and Eileen for the tour.

We spent little time on the main floor. A large dance floor had a large ottoman in the center. The dance floor was surrounded by several doors. They looked like bathrooms until I realized that there were at least ten of them. Some had windows and some of these had cushioned benches in front of them. We looked into a couple of the rooms.

Matt showed ushered us into a group room. A large king bed was in the center and four smaller beds were along the walls. The nightstand was full of condoms and lubricant. The windows had blinds and these were controlled from the inside. Matt explained that a group would use this room. He explained that if the door was open, newcomers were free to join. He showed us a couple's room that was much smaller and had a twin bed. A large window allowed an excellent view to those wanting to observe. Only a sheer curtain was available to close if some privacy were desired. He smiled and suggested that we should try this room at sometime in the evening. "We all enjoy putting on a little show don't we."

He had us stand inside the room and turned on the light. After shutting the door we looked out the window and realized that we couldn't see out. I walked outside and looked in and Beth was clearly visible. Matt explained that it was a nonthreatening way to expose yourself. I decided to remember that room.

We ascended to the second floor on a steep circular staircase. Matt followed us with a broad smile on his face. I smiled too when I remembered the way Beth was dressed and the view with which she was treating him.

We entered the dungeon and met up with Eileen. She was talking with a couple. Several restraint devices were in view. I grinned at Beth and she rolled her eyes at me and smiled. Around the corner was an area devoted to slavery. A podium was in a corner with a post in the center. Manacles were attached to the post. I wasn't certain if it was for punishment or pleasure. We walked through a room with a jungle motif as well as another with a desert décor. Next to this was an area made up convincingly like a jail. There were cells and a group dining area except that the tables had chains and padded tops. On one wall was a cobweb of chains with other chains and cuffs attached to them.

This was certainly an unusual club. We were greeted by an attractive dark skinned lady who spoke with a lovely Jamaican accent. She was dressed in a navy business suit and high heels. She invited us to join her. Matt explained that she would explain the rules of the club. We were taken to a small office and offered drinks. As she left to get them I looked at Beth and noticed she was flushed.

"Are you OK," I asked?

"Yeah, just in a whirl," she sighed.

I noticed her dress had inched up a little in her distraction. I gently felt under her short dress and found a very excited girl. I looked at my fingers and saw the evidence of her excitement.

"Well can you blame me," Beth blurted out squirming in her seat when she realized what I was doing? "Didn't that stuff get you excited?" She was blushing deeply.

Before I could reply, our host returned with the drinks and joined us. She got a full view of Beth's excitement. She looked at Beth and smiled demurely.

She said that she was sure that we would have a wonderfully erotic visit at The Encounter tonight. She had just reviewed the guest list and recognized some of her favorites that were going to be there tonight.

She reviewed the rules of The Encounter. Many we expected. No means no. If someone requested that you use safe sex practices, you must oblige. Rudeness, lack of respect and violence were prohibited. Others we had not thought about. She advised that we were guests of the club and that we were invited to make application to join if we desired. She added solemnly that it was a very selective club and warned us not to expect automatic acceptance. Otherwise we would not be welcome unless we came as guests of a member. No photography is allowed except by the clubs official photographer. She assured us that all photos would be kept in the clubs archives and never shared or published. She went on to advise us that we were not to mention anyone or any activities seen here. She sternly warned us that discretion is mandatory. Any breach of this would be result in lifetime banishment from the club. She then excused herself and wished us a wonderful evening.

Beth and I returned to the main floor and wandered through the large dance area. We sipped our drinks and searched for our hosts. More and more people were arriving. It was as diverse a group as I had ever seen. Young and old. Subtle and extravagant. Dark and light. Tall and short. Fat and thin. Ugly and drop dead gorgeous.. You could find just about anything you wanted. Beth was scanning the crowd too. We chatted with several of the members. We exchanged first names only and spoke in general terms. Everyone was friendly. We had several drinks and enjoyed listening to the conversations. It seemed just like a normal social event except we knew better.

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