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Caribbean Fantasy Cruise



I felt giddy, like a wide-eyed girl walking through the gates of Disneyland as Tony and I walked up the colorful embarkation gangway to board the massive cruise ship. Party music filled the air, interrupted by occasional blasts of the ship's fog-horn, as if showing off its colossal presence to the other ships at the pier. Size matters with cruise ships. It also matters with what I was prepared to get a lot of during the next six days cruising around the Caribbean: the undivided attention of Tony's massive dick. I have been preparing for this sea-bound vacation for six months, ready to mesmerize him with an unrelenting amorous assault that would surpass his greatest fantasies.

Tony and I met in college. Our mutual passion for one another was instantaneous and insatiable. We married just weeks after graduation and couldn't keep our hands off each other the first two years of marriage. We were both also fortunate to be employed quickly. I work for a small creative design company, while Tony stepped onto the fast-track management path of a large downtown company. Life was awesome. Over the last three years our passion has faded. Tony's work demands his attention like a mistress attempting to steal my husband. I booked this cruise six months ago to steal him back. Every day since booking the rendezvous, I have fantasized and planned for the ways I can seduce him back to our original passion. The best thing about the trip was my seduction would go unrivaled by the mistress of his work. The laptop was not invited, leaving his lap free for my imagination. His cell phone will be off, useless at sea with no reception. I will be turned on with more reception and apps than he can shake his dick at. His constant work preoccupation with proposals and performance will take on whole new meaning over the next six days and beyond.

We followed the crowd up the gangplank and onto the ship. Smiling members of the crew welcomed us enthusiastically. The ship's photographer was busy, snapping photos to capture how pale and tightly-wound guests are as they come on board. He asked me to stand in front of Tony for the photo. Tony put his hands on my shoulders. I put my hands behind my back, and secretly took hold of his dick as if it was a large rope. "Smile!" the photographer said. Tony's eyes were wide with surprise. Click. "Perfect," the photographer said. We were directed to our cabin and encouraged to join the bon voyage party poolside.

"Get used to that," I said with a wink and a smile as we moved toward our mid-ship balcony cabin. "There's no telling what surprises this next week will hold." I knew that would be true for Tony; I had no way of knowing how true it would become for me. We slipped the key card into the door and walked in to our home away from home for the next week. "Oh yes!" I said, having looked forward to this moment for so long. The room was better than I had imagined. Our luggage had already been delivered. We decided we didn't need a lot for a cruise, so we packed all of our clothes and necessities into one medium-sized suitcase. Tony had no idea I had packed the second small suitcase with new lingerie and items to fulfill every sexual fantasy I could imagine. He will discover that soon enough. We stepped onto the balcony to absorb the warm humid Miami breeze. I couldn't help from smiling. I have him a long passionate kiss and moaned as I felt Tony's dick begin to harden between us. The fantasy had begun.

Chapter One

Before we knew it, the gallant fog-horn blast announced the ship's departure. I turned and gave Tony another long passionate kiss as we felt the movement of the ship beneath us.

"Let's get in our swimsuits, and go up to the pool." I said.

"Now?" Tony asked.

"Yes," I said with a coy smile. "We'll be back. I promise. Let's go party."

I pulled my t-shirt over my head and threw it on the bed. Tony followed suit. My bra came off quickly and landed on the t-shirt, freeing my firm, round 34Ds. Tony and I simultaneously dropped our shorts and miniskirt respectively. We both smiled, admiring the familiar sexy physique of the other. Tony is 6'2" with a muscular build. He has dark hair, the most amazing translucent blue eyes and broad smile. I am a petite 5'3" strawberry-blonde with freckled skin that Tony swears he loves from my round tits to my small ass. Tony's still semi-hard dick stiffened as we locked eyes for what felt like the first magical moment I had dreamed of for this cruise.

I pulled Tony's swimsuit from the suitcase and handed it to him. As he took it, I knelt down in front of him. "Well, hello," I said to his growing member. "I can't just ignore you, now can I?" Tony's dick immediately grew hard as a rock, reaching it's impressive eight inches I had enjoyed so frequently throughout college and the first couple years of our marriage. My mouth immediately engulfed its head, taking advantage of its sensitivity, before descending down the length of his shaft until it disappeared between my lips.

"Oh god, yes!" he said as he leaned back against the small cabin dresser. Tony's entire body responded to every pass of his dick through my tongue, against my cheeks and down my throat. "Oh, god, oh god, take it!" he begged.

I pulled my lips off his member and took hold of it with both hands as I stood. "I will, lover boy, I will."

"Oh, don't stop Jill," he begged. "Don't stop."

"I won't," I promised with a smile as I continued to lightly stroke is throbbing member. "I have you right where I want you. Let's go to the party."

"You are cruel," he answered. "Cruel."

"Yes I am," I said with some satisfaction. "That's just one of the many things you will call me this week. Let's go up to the pool and party. I promise, we will finish this later." I gave his dick one final squeeze before pulling one of my new string bikinis out of the suitcase, purchased for the occasion. It was a yellow leopard pattern, that was really more string than bikini. "You like?" I asked holding it up. Tiny triangle patches of leopard-print barely covered each nipple, held in place by strings of thread over my shoulders and around my back. I pulled another small triangle of the same material up my legs, barely covering my shaved love box before tying the small strings in a bow over each hip to hold it in place.

"Wow," Tony said, "Nice. Why where anything at all?"

"Because, what you can't see, is only for you. Although, with the way I am feeling right now, I must say, if the cruise allowed it, I probably wouldn't wear anything."

We made our way up to the crowded promenade deck and found lounge chairs near the pool. Within seconds, servers welcomed us and asked if they could get us something to drink. "Maybe two Caribbean Magics, the drink special of the day?" the server recommended.

"Absolutely," I said. "Let's get this party started, and keep 'em coming."

"Right away," the server said.

Tony and I both began to relax under the bright, warm, tropical sun as the live band played party tunes from the center of the deck. After a half an hour and three "Magics," a conga line of strangers started to make its way around the deck.

"Come on!" I said, beginning to feel the effect of the drinks. I reached for Tony's hand and stood up.

"No Babe," he said. "Let's just relax."

"Come on, Tony. We came to party. No holding back." I took his hand and pulled. He reluctantly obliged. I jumped on as the line came past us, taking hold of the slender hips of the woman at the end. I felt Tony's strong hands grab my hips as we began to follow the dancing procession around the deck. My body was already sweaty from laying in the humid sun. I loved the way his grasp felt on my skin, knowing my all-but-bare ass danced in front of him. Dozens more immediately joined the line, putting us in the middle of a long dancing conga snake making its way around a crowded jungle of pool-deck strangers.

The music beat intensified, dictating the conga's speed and forward momentum. We didn't make it more than a few feet before I felt my breasts begin to shake loose from the tiny bikini fabric. Shock and fear sent cold-chills through my body when I realized what was happening. I was helpless as the forward momentum of connected dancers continued to build. Every vigorous conga move, proved Newton's law of motion in ways the scientist had never imagined, causing an equal and opposite reaction of my tits shifting out of their small leopard-print confines. The tiny threads and bikini isosceles were no match for the animated choreography of my firm round tits. My nipples became more exposed with every step, like stowaways in peril of being discovered.

My mind immediately flooded with panicked debate. I felt a bizarre responsibility to hold on to the woman in front of me for the sake of the long line of strangers behind me. Nobody joins a conga line on a cruise ship only to have some weak link let go to leave them stranded. And, if I dare stop to adjust my top, I would call attention to myself. Everyone would see my bare tits, like a mermaid decorating a ship's bow, with a long line of angry conga refugees behind. However, not stopping to adjust my top meant giving in to my tits' eminent brazen escape. Within seconds, my bikini would be little more than loose string draped over each shoulder. My tits would dance in the Caribbean sun in full view of hundreds, as the conga line continued its parade across the endless poolside deck. I tightened my grip on the gyrating hips in front of me.

"Oh god," I said out loud. My words were drowned by the intensifying music. My tits moved with determination. I looked down in mortified suspense, knowing everything would be exposed with my next step. I watched helplessly as my tits rose to the rhythmic conga movement, before throwing my bikini top off in playful defiance. Stunned embarrassment filled my face. I quickly looked up to catch the eyes of those we were dancing past, to see if anyone noticed. I quickly looked back down in disbelief, reconfirming the rebellion of my bare dancing breasts. My glance down became an invitation to follow my eyes to those around me. Women offered stunned gasps and laughter, relieved it wasn't their breasts exposed in all their glory. Men cheered and pointed, calling more attention to my liberated tits. Every step multiplied the applause, catcalls and eyes.

"What's going on?" Tony yelled, seeing the growing wave of concentration in my direction.

"My tits just fell out of my bikini," I yelled, calling even more attention.

"Don't let go," he yelled back, keeping step with new enthusiasm. Tony realized this conga line wasn't such a bad idea after all. He smiled proudly at the thought of my exposure. He loved that I was helpless while my beautiful, round, sweaty tits danced into the fantasies of hundreds of strangers around us. He felt his dick begin to harden as he watched men lust and drool at the beauty of his wife's freckled melons. "Don't let go," he repeated. "You said you came to party. No holding back means no letting go."

Normally, I would have run for cover. The buzz of a few drinks took over. The hot tropical sun beat down on me; sweat glazed the surface of my body. I relished the grasp of my husband's undistracted hands after six months of my sexual juices boiling in anticipation. In the heat of the moment, I fantasized how "no holding back" might mean Tony getting the idea to untie each small bow precariously laying defenseless under his strong hands on my hips. In an instant, he could strip me bare. If I thought of it, he might too. There is no telling what would happen if he released the last remnant of the tiny material from my body; there's no telling on a poolside cruise deck filled with inebriated body-hungry strangers. I danced as hundreds of sexy men and women riveted their hungry eyes on my rebel tits and glistening body.

The fantasy had begun.

Chapter Two

My unintentional topless conga ignited a wildfire in me. My face flushed with a mixture of pride and embarrassment as cameras replaced fingers aimed at my dancing tits. No doubt that in these days, images and video captured from around the deck would be seen anywhere around the world in a matter of minutes. I felt beautiful, desirable and daring all at the same time. The music's Cuban beat continued to intensify. There was no going back now. There would be no holding back. My entire body, inside and out, was hot and wet. I wanted Tony and I wanted Tony to want me.

I felt the string ties over my gyrating hips begin to give way, repeating the rebellion of my former top. Bikinis that look this good aren't made for actual use in swimming pools or conga lines. They are worn for one purpose: seduction. Any other use is at wearer's own risk. I couldn't help smiling at my immediate resolve that if I lost the last vestige of leopard print on my body, I would receive it as a sign to surrender to anything that happened next. I knew it would start by fucking Tony for all he's worth in the middle of this crowded sun-scorched pool deck. After that, there's no telling. I felt the tiny precarious fabric between my legs moisten at the thought.

Cheers erupted as the music stopped, bringing the eventful conga line to its finish. The snake quickly dissipated into the crowded deck like a flash mob blending back into a teeming mall. I let go of the feminine hips in front of me to turn and plant a long passionate kiss on Tony. His hands moved quickly to my slippery bare breasts. Cheers erupted again. I wondered if a line might form behind Tony. I had never felt this hot.

Tony and I made our way back to our lounge chairs near the pool. I tried in vain to reposition the small leopard-print triangles hanging around my neck to cover my nipples again. My nipples stood ¾ inch tall and erect in protest, determined to expose my arousal from my first experience of public exhibitionism. Drinks from admirers began arriving -- one Caribbean Magic special after another. I had no way of knowing if they were gifts of appreciation for what I had just done, or gifts from people wondering what I might do intoxicated with more liquid courage. I wondered myself.

After 45 minutes and five more Caribbean gift specials in me, the buzz of their magic was in full swing. Drinks affect people differently. For me, umbrella drinks not only work to melt inhibition, they are an aphrodisiac. In our early days, Tony enjoyed taking full advantage of it. He knew I loved how they taste, and he loved what they did.

I reached over to Tony and ran my hand across his sweaty abdominal six-pack. "I'm feeling the magic of these drinks," I said.

"And you still have two more to go," he answered with a glance to the small table on the other side of my lounge chair.

"You will never forget what I am going to do to you tonight, and what I am going to let you do to me," I said, allowing the alcohol to tip my hand that I had a plan of seduction. "I am so hot right now."

"I like what I'm seeing and hearing," Tony answered. "You are hot. So you have a plan?"

"I'm going to make your sexual fantasies embarrassed when they realize the reality of what I have planned for you."

Tony turned his head to look at me and smiled at my passion-filled words. Just as he looked at me, his eyes glanced up past me at the stunning sight of a Brazilian bombshell walking across the pool deck toward us. It seemed as if the whole ship became silent and shifted to slow motion as she moved across the deck with a rare buxom sultry confidence. Some people are beautiful. She looked like a Latin sex-goddess. She was a tall 5'10" with long black hair blowing in the light Caribbean breeze, deep piercing brown eyes and self-assured natural white smile that seemed as bright as the southern sun. Her statuesque body flowed from her petite olive-skinned shoulders, to her large 36DD breasts, beautifully firm stomach, equally tight ass, and endlessly long toned legs. She wore a bright patterned neon orange bikini and matching short wrap around her waist. On anyone else the bright tropical bikini and wrap would appear gratuitous, but on her, they served only to highlight the vision of her perfection. Her body glistened from a thick layer of applied oil. Only a rare or blind man could resist taking a second look at her. Even in envy, no woman could deny her exquisite beauty. She glided across the deck to a lounge chair across from us, next to the pool. Everyone, including Tony, watched as she ceremoniously covered the lounge with her pool towel, removed the wrap from around her waist, and laid herself out as if on display on the poolside recliner.

"Want a camera?" I said, sarcastically interrupting Tony's lust to draw his attention back to me. "It will last longer and be less obvious."

"No," he said embarrassed at being caught staring. I felt a sting of jealousy. Yes she was beautiful, but I had just made a bold pass at him by challenging how I will leave his sexual fantasies in a shambles when I was done with him tonight. As sexy as she might look, she could not compete with how I sexed I will make him. Drinks are an aphrodisiac because they heighten every sexual impulse in me, including jealousy. No one was going to take my man, or his attention.

I picked up the next Caribbean Magic waiting for me. "You're with me lover boy," I said playfully with a hint of protectiveness. "I promise, I have plenty planned to keep your attention." I wrapped my lips around the straw and emptied the fancy cup of its contents.

The gorgeous Brazilian dream across from us continued to rivet attention from anyone in direct line of sight, 360 degrees around her. She was one of those people that others can't resist looking at, if only to grab another glance to see if someone can really be that beautiful. The irony was that she didn't flaunt her beauty or vainly look around to see if anyone was looking at her. Her apparent humility made her all the more irresistible. After 15 minutes baking her oiled body in the hot sun, she stood and moved toward the pool to cool off. In her natural sultry manner, she slid her body into the pool slowly. She walked to the middle where the waterline came to just under her breasts. Activity of others in the pool caused small waves of water to splash against her cleavage, gently moving her large firm breasts with them. She took a breath, lowered her body to immerse her head, and reemerged as she pulled her long black her behind her with both hands. Gasps at her stunning beauty were almost audible. She walked back to the edge of the pool and climbed out using the ladder. I looked over to see Tony's eyes, and dozens of others, glued to the vision of her wet body ascending out of the pool. Her body wasn't the only thing rising; Tony's swimsuit and my temper rose with her.

"Stop it Tony, you're pissing me off," I said with my eyes honed on his obvious hard-on to make my point. It's impossible for Tony to have a subtle erection.

"I, I'm sorry Babe," he offered moving his hand to try to tame the flagpole in his swimsuit. "I opened my eyes just as she, ..." his voice faded realizing his explanation wasn't helping.

I knew Tony's dick, and that of any red-blooded man would have an involuntary Pavlov-ian response to watching her come out of that pool. A fast glance around proved me right. It also proved I wasn't the only woman upset at the validation of Pavlov's theory. I looked over at the Brazilian bombshell to offer a polite jealous glare of disapproval that women understand between themselves. She caught my eye and offered me a friendly smile back. My competitive juices flowed.

Down deep, I realized the drinks exacerbated my jealous hypersensitivity. I had anticipated and planned too long to have some Latin bimbo fantasy invade his imagination. "You know how I get," I said back to Tony. "So do me a favor. Either stop staring at her and get all of me, or be happy with just fantasizing about her -- because that's all you'll get."

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