tagLoving WivesCaribbean Vacation Fantasy

Caribbean Vacation Fantasy


We arrive at the Caribbean resort for a much needed weekend of rest. We get our things and get checked into our room. The room is very nice with a very large king bed sitting in the middle of the room. The walls are covered with mirrors all around. I can tell by the look in your eyes that this will be a really exciting weekend.

The resort has a restaurant and bar where we have a nice supper and several drinks. We head back up to the room to change so we can hit the hot tub. I watch as you strip off your cloths and get out your new bikini. You take it into the bathroom saying you want to surprise me with it. When you return my eyes almost pop out of my head. You're wearing a very small hot pink thong string bikini. The top barely covers your perfect tits. You come over to me and give me the most passionate kiss while running your hand all over my hardening cock. You say you're in a very horny mood and want to have a wild night. We grab our drinks and head down to the hot tub.

When we arrive at the hot tub there's no one around. We put our things on a nearby chair and get into the hot bubbly water. The water is so relaxing along with the drinks. In no time at all we're both feeling no pain and rubbing all over each other.

We are so caught up with each other that we didn't hear the other people nearing the tub. They startle us when thy say excuse us can we join you in the water. You look up and there stands Tim and his friend Tony. You tell them to come on in that the water feels great.

As they strip down to their swimsuits we both notice very large bulges in their shorts. They both ease into the water and start up a conversation with us. They tell us that they are there with buddies playing golf. We tell them that we're there to relax and to have a good time. They both smile when you say that. You then excuse yourself to go to the bathroom.

When you climb out of the tub their eyes almost pop out when they see your hot ass covered in only a thong. When you return they both stand to help you back into the tub. We all sit around chatting. The guys can't keep their eyes off your hot body. The alcohol has us all feeling pretty good and both guys are getting very flirty with you. I can tell you like it because your nipples are hard showing thru your top and I know you've been hot for Tim since you met him on the internet. I whisper in your ear if you would like for one of your fantasies to come true. You say nothing but squeeze my cock under the water and turn and give me a very hot kiss. This tells me all I need to know.

I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. As I return I see you sitting in between Tim and Tony. I can tell that they must be touching you under the water by the way you are giggling. I ask if they would like to join us in our room for more drinks. They agree and both help you out of the water.

Once we all get to the room you excuse yourself to the bathroom. Tim, Tony and I make ourselves comfortable and have another drink. They tell me how lucky I am to have such a hot and sexy wife. Finally you return and our mouths almost hit the floor. You're wearing a white thong, a see thru cover and white high hill shoes.

As you come back into the room you know you are in for one hell of a night. As you walk around the room giving us all a great view of your terrific body you know that you're making us all hot and horny. Tim and Tony both move closer to you. They're both dressed only in their swim suits which have very large bulges in the front of them. I watch as you drop down to your knees in front of them and slowly pull down their suits.

You gasp as two huge cocks drop out in front of your eyes. Both have to be at least 8 inches long and throbbing hard. You take a cock in each hand and slowly stroke one then the other. Tim pulls your head forward and you take his cock into your mouth sucking him as deep as possible. Then you turn and do the same to Tony. I just stand and watch with my hard cock in my hand as you suck both guys for the next 20 minutes.

Tim slowly slides your cover off as Tony slides your very wet thong down your long sexy legs. They both go crazy with lust as they see your perfect tits and freshly shaved pussy for the first time. I can tell you're horny because I can see the juices from your pussy shinning on your shaved lips and the smell of pussy is in the air. You lay back on the bed as Tim slides between your legs and starts licking all around your pussy. Your soaked already but your so worked up it only takes a second for you to erupt in orgasm and cum all over Tim's face. He doesn't stop and goes on eating you till you are begging for him to fuck you.

Tim then slides up your body licking every inch of you. I watch in amazement as he puts the head of his cock at the entrance of your pussy and rubs the juices all around making his cock wet. I watch as he slowly sinks into you, your lips stretching wide to take him in. You've never had a cock this big before and you scream out as he hits bottom. I come around and you take my cock into your mouth and suck me while Tim slowly strokes in and out of your pussy. Tony is sucking and rubbing both your tits as we all please you. Tim is starting to get excited as your pussy is so tight. He starts to pick up speed and is soon pounding you as hard and fast as he can go. Your long legs are wrapped around his back as he continues pounding you till your cumming all over the bed.

Your screams are only covered by the fact that my cock is deep in your mouth. Tim had great staying power but the tightness of your pussy was just more than he could take. I watch as he stiffens and lets out a loud moan as he pumps you full of his hot stick cum. He lays on you till he starts to soften and his cock pops out off your wet, juice pussy.

As Tim moves to the side Tony takes his place and buries himself ball deep in your messy hole. You go wild again as he fucks you just as hard as Tim just did. I can't take much more. Tony gets faster and he to shouts and fill you with another load of cum. That's all I can take as my cock explodes and fills your mouth with my hot juice. You swallow it all down and then collapse on the bed, exhausted.

As you lay there stretched out on the bed I look at your shaved pussy. It's all red and swollen from the fucking you just received but the look on your face tells me that you loved every minute of it.

As we all lay on the bed catching our breath Tim's cell phone rings. His other 2 friends have arrived and want to know where he is. He covers the phone and asks if you want him to invite them over. You look at me and I just smile and say it's all up to you. You tell him to bring them on. A few minutes later there's a knock at the door. Tim goes and invites in his friends. They almost faint as they see us all naked lying on the bed.

Tim introduces his friends as Bob and Chip and asks them if they'd like to join the party. They both say hell yes and both begin undressing. Bob's cock was the size of Tim but Chip had a cock that was huge. He said it was 10 inches long and 3 inch thick. He comes over to you and you hold it in your hand unable to believe its size. You take it and lick around the head but there's just no way you can fit it into your mouth.

Bob wastes no time as he slides between your legs and gives you his full length. You're already soaked so he has no problem getting his cock all the way in. We all watch as Bob pounds away at your pussy making you moan with pleasure. He keeps a steady pace for about 10 minutes then fills your pussy with his hot load.

As he moves to the side Chip wants to have a try. You tell him to go slow as you don't know if you can handle his gigantic cock. He covers his cock with lube and slowly pushes is against your hole. Suddenly your pussy starts to open up and the head goes in. You scream as you're stretched like never before. He gets about 5 inches in you but you can't take anymore so he pulls out and stands over you stroking himself until he cums all over your body. I've never saw so much cum at one time before. You get up and head to the bathroom saying you have to freshen up. While you're gone we all get another drink and sit around chatting about how hot a woman you are.

As you come back to the room your still naked so I know that you still want more sex. Tim says he wants to eat your hot pussy again. We watch as he lays you back on the bed and starts eating you. It doesn't take long before your having another orgasm. Tim wants you on top so he lies on his back and you straddle his throbbing cock.

I watch from behind as you slowly slide down his cock till your sitting on his balls. Tony is in front of you now feeding his cock into your open mouth. Chip and Bob are on ether side or you playing with your swinging tits. WOW this is awesome her you are my hot sexy wife on a bed in the middle of the Caribbean with four hot hard horny men all over you giving you the fucking of your life.

I move in behind you and put my cock at your asshole. I expect you to stop me but you suddenly push back and my cock sinks deep into your ass. Now all your holes are filled as now five guys are using your sexy body for both your and their pleasure. I've never seen you so full of lust. We all take turns fucking you till you say that your pussy is to tinder to take anymore.

For the finally you want us all to stand around you and stroke ourselves off while we watch you masturbate yourself. One by one we all shoot our loads from your face to your pussy covering you in a sticky mess of cum. You give each guy a kiss as they all head out but before Tim leaves he says that they'll all be there for the rest of the week if you would like to party again. I see a big smile on your face as you walk over to him, drop to your knees and suck him to orgasm one last time. We both take this as a yes. So as Tim leaves you come back to the bed giving me the hottest kiss I've ever had. I can taste Tim's cum on your breath. I tell you what a naughty wife you are. You just smile and sat yes but I know you love it.

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