tagLoving WivesCaribbean Vacation Fantasy Ch. 02

Caribbean Vacation Fantasy Ch. 02


We showered and dressed for the day and headed out into the hotel hallway and stopped and knocked at the room next door. Rob and Lynn came to the door ready to go to breakfast. As they stepped into the hall and closed the door to their room all four of us broke into big grins. Rob placed his hand on Mary's lower back and leaned over, said "Good morning" and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Following his lead, I leaned down to Lynn, said "Good morning" and was about to kiss her cheek when she turned to me and our lips met. She gave me a wink as she replied "And good morning to you, Fred!"

While we were standing there greeting each other, the couple next door to our room stepped into the hallway and locked their door behind them. We cheerfully smiled and said good morning but the only response we got was a nasty look as they passed by, practically clinging to the opposite hallway wall in an effort to keep as far from us as possible. "Sorry, we will try to keep it quieter from now on" I said as they walked away.

As we walked toward the restaurant I jokingly asked Rob and Lynn "So, what have you guys been up to since we saw you last?"

"Oh, just been screwing around. You?" Rob replied.

"Well, Mary made me some delicious juice that I drank last night. Then I got up this morning for my exercise routine." I said with a big grin on my face.

Mary slapped me and said "Stop it, you're such a pig." momentarily slipping back to her old shyness about our personal sex life.

We ate a leisurely breakfast and discussed our plans for the day. Lynn suggested we go horseback riding on the beach, something she had suggested a hundred times since she first saw the advertisement at the airport. Mary really didn't want to ride horses and Rob wasn't keen on the idea either. I suggested we could split up so we could all enjoy what we like and before we knew it the plans were made for Lynn and I to go horseback riding and Rob and Mary to go to the butterfly farm and some gardens.

We all agreed to split the cost of a second rental car for the day which we could pick up right in the hotel parking lot. When we were back at our rooms to pack for the day I double checked with Mary to make sure she was ok with the arrangements and spending the day with Rob. She kissed me and said "I would rather spend it with you but I know you really want to go horseback riding so I want you to enjoy yourself. Besides, I am sure Rob will take good care of me."

"Yah, and don't forget, you still need to take care of him too," I said kiddingly.

"That's not what I'm talking about. Everything is always about sex with you isn't it?"

I just gave her a nasty laugh as I hugged her and kissed her.

With everything packed in the two rental cars, we kissed our spouses goodbye and I checked with Mary one more time to make sure she was ok. Her voice said yes but her face showed the slightest bit of hesitancy to be getting in a car to spend a day in our beloved Caribbean with another man.

"Have fun," I said, "we'll see you this afternoon. Rob, don't do anything I wouldn't do!"

"That leaves me way to much leeway, my friend. I'll take care of her just fine; you do the same with Lynn."

We followed them out to the main road and until they turned off for the butterfly farm and we continued on to the horses. As we passed through a small village, Lynn suggested we stop at a little café on the side of the road. We pulled in and found a table in the shade with a view toward the water.

When the server had brought us our drinks Lynn shifted in her chair and I felt the now familiar caress of her foot on my leg. She smiled an evil smile at me and asked "So what do you want to do now, big boy? How 'bout you let me ride that horse of yours?"

Lynn was definitely the most outgoing of all four of us and she was obviously going to have fun today. I nervously laughed off her suggestion and we finished our drinks and headed to the horse farm where we met the guide and one other couple that would be riding with us. It took the first half hour for us to feel comfortable on the horses and feel like we were in control but after that we relaxed and started to really have fun.

I was wishing Mary was at my side as we rode the trail but I also knew that she was enjoying herself far more looking at butterflies than riding a horse, this really would have made her nervous. With that thought I heard the words of the song suddenly pop into my head..." If you can't be with the one you love, honey, love the one you're with." I looked at Lynn on her horse, sitting tall, shoulders back, boobs bouncing with each step, obviously enjoying herself and I had to smile. The image of her bald pussy popped into my mind and I felt a twitch in my cock.

I hadn't been on a horse in many years and I realized that two hours is a long time in that position. Like most people, we hadn't paid attention to the stable's advice to wear long pants and my inner thighs were getting chafed. We made it back to the stable where we checked our horses in and then went to the changing rooms to clean up and put on our swim suits. We had planned to leave the car in the parking lot and walk to the beach close by so I dropped my stuff in the car, picked up the beach bag and walked back to the boardwalk to wait for Lynn.

I was daydreaming and staring at the ground when Lynn came around the corner toward me. She had on beach sandals with about a two inch heal which accentuated her gorgeous legs just enough. I slowly inspected her legs until I saw the shear beach cover-up that was draped loosely over her shoulders so that it was open in the front revealing mostly skin beneath. The black thong bottom was so small it barely covered more than her pussy lips and then cut away in a V low enough to reveal to the world that there was no pubic hair to hide.

Even though her stomach showed the extra pounds of middle age, her skin was smooth and creamy white. My taste for the perfect young twenty year old bodies had faded over the years as I acquired a taste for the female body closer to my age. What middle aged women give up in firmness is more than made up for in experience and a more relaxed self-confidence and composure that I find very alluring.

As my eyes continued up I saw the black bra that held her full breasts which were much larger than Mary's. The bra was firm enough to give them support but still shear enough to allow her nipples to press forward distinctively. Her face was radiant and smiling as she observed my obvious delight.

She ran to me and threw her arms around me as she pressed her near naked body against mine. Her face came even with my chest and she actually had to stretch up a bit for her mouth to be equal with my nipples. She smiled up at me as she ground her belly slightly into my groin, getting a feel for my growing stiffness. She flicked her tongue across my left nipple and said "I heard you like nipple play".

A bit shocked, I pushed her away slightly and asked "Where did you hear that?"

"Rob told me you guys were sharing some sexual preferences and fantasies the other day."

My face brightened a bit in embarrassment at the thought of what Rob might have relayed. Sensing my unease Lynn let go of my waist, grabbed my arm and pranced us excitedly to the beach. We dropped our stuff and headed right to the water, plunging into the refreshing Caribbean Sea. Diving under a few times and letting the salt water wash the sweat from our bodies, we instantly felt more alive.

Lynn swam to me and playfully jumped on my shoulders, dragging my down and under the water. We played like children, laughing, pushing each other, swimming under to pull the other's legs, just having fun. I swam between Lynn's legs and lifted her up out of the water on my shoulders and flipped her over backwards, screaming as she plunged into the water head first. She surfaced a moment later with her boobs completely out of her top and made no effort to re-conceal them, instead teasing me by lifting them to her mouth and licking the salt water off her nipples. Our childlike play had suddenly turned to adults only play!

I swam to her, grabbed her around the waist and, smiling at her, lowered my mouth to her right nipple. I flicked it with my tongue for a moment before engulfing it with my mouth. The cool water had perked and stiffened her nipples and it was large and firm in my mouth. Her nipples are much bigger than Mary's and I was enjoying the difference when she said to me "Bite it!"

I gently nibbled on her for a moment before she repeated "Bite it! Bite it hard!"

A rush of excitement passed through my mind and directly to my cock. She was into nipple play also! I loved the thought of giving something that up until now I had only enjoyed on the receiving end.

I bit down hard with her nipple between my front teeth, grinding my jaw back and forth then tilted my head back, pulling her nipple outward. I looked at her face as she closed her eyes in painful ecstasy. I heard the animal groan from deep within her as I released the nipple and it sprang back before I moved over to the left one where the same process elicited another guttural groan. We looked into each other's eyes as our smiles broadened and our lips, then tongues met in a passionate kiss. Talk about a woman after my own heart -- or at least after my own pain.

She reached behind herself and untied the unused bathing suit top and carried it back to the beach as we walked hand in hand out of the water. I felt great watching all the eyes staring at her bouncing boobs and huge, aching nipples as we walked back to our spot. I wondered how many of them had watched our nipple games in the water as I grabbed my towel and dried my face before spreading it on the sand and dropping down on my back.

I gazed up from the sand at Lynn as she dried her face and hair and then the underside of her boobs, lifting them up and out, showing them off to anyone who cared to look. She turned and lay down on her back next to me, closed her eyes and took a deep relaxing breath. I leaned up on one elbow and said "We had better put on sunscreen right away; the Caribbean sun can cook you before you know it."

She just smiled and groaned a little without opening her mouth. The smile told me she was in fantasy land somewhere so I got up, grabbed the lotion and began applying it to her skin. I started with her arms and without hesitation moved to her chest and breasts. I took my time, making sure to apply adequate amounts of lotion evenly and thoroughly to both breasts, discreetly tweaking her nipples as I did.

Applying another large dose of lotion, I worked it in to her soft, tender belly and down toward her hips and pubic area. Because her bathing suit bottom was so small I was practically touching her pussy without even moving it aside but I wanted to be sure this sensitive area didn't get burned so I slipped my fingers under the thong and worked the lotion in. I casually looked at her smiling, daydreaming face and then up at the people nearby. I definitely had an audience even though some were trying to hide their interest in this common beach activity.

I slid my hand down, under the thong and between her legs, applying just enough outward pressure to indicate to her that she should spread her legs a bit. As I retracted my hand directly over her bald pussy, I slipped one, then two, then three fingers into her soaking hole, sending a shudder through her body. I then repositioned myself down to her feet and massaged both legs, paying particular attention to her tender inner thighs.

Finished on the front I had Lynn turn over so I could do her back. I started at her feet and worked my way up her shapely calves, the tender soft skin at the back of her knees, up her thighs. Pouring more lotion in my hand, I started on the bare skin of her ass, interrupted only by the thinnest black thong protruding from her crack. With plenty of lotion I moved my hand down the crack of her ass and my fingers disappeared to find the rose bud of her ass which opened with the slightest pressure to receive a finger in for a moment before I moved on. As I finished her back I looked around to check out how many people were looking our way.

I was getting off on our exhibitionism and my erection was growing in my swim suit. Having pushed the public groping as far as I dared I sat back down on my towel and began applying lotion to myself, starting at my feet and working up. "Oh no you don't," Lynn said, "I'll take care of that." as she jumped up and grabbed the lotion from me and, without hesitation, pushed me down on my back, spread my thighs and squatted between them.

Lynn is far bolder than I ever thought of being and she loved the attention of the spectators as she sat almost nude between my legs. With great fanfare she lifted the sunscreen high above me and slowly drizzled a stream of lotion all over my stomach and chest, far more than the area needed. She then placed her hands on the beach towel on each side of me, leaned forward and proceeded to spread the lotion by rubbing her tits all over my body. Her gorgeous ass was high and caught the attention of those on the water side while those all around watched as she massaged my body with her breasts. She looked around to make sure she was still the center of attention on the beach -- how could she not be!

Satisfied with her show, she sat up straight and showed off her white cream covered tits while she finished spreading the lotion on my arms, neck and face. She then reached up and began massaging her tits, pushing and pulling them every way, pinching and pulling her nipples between her fingers and finally gathering a handful of lotion in each hand. She then moved her hands down to the bottom edge of my bathing suit and slipped her hands inside and up my thighs to my cock. She began massaging my cock with two hands full of the excess lotion. In seconds I was rock hard and bulging in my suit while she stroked me for a minute before withdrawing her hands, laughing and telling me to turn over.

As I rolled over I noticed that more spectators had gathered in our area of the beach and seemed to be enjoying the show. I adjusted my stiff cock so I could lie down and ground my pelvis into the sand beneath the towel. Lynn retrieved more lotion from her tits and spread it on my back, then once again reached up inside my shorts from the bottom. She moved her fingers to the crack of my ass and wiped the lotion up and down my crack before suddenly plunging a finger up my ass and started reaming me right there on the beach. Ignoring my protests and resistance she increased her speed, ramming her finger in and out of me before suddenly withdrawing her hands from my shorts and stood up to -- believe it or not -- some applause from the small crowd on the beach.

She rolled down onto her towel next to mine and began laughing hysterically. Her laughter and playfulness were infectious and I quickly found myself laughing with her until we rolled into each other in a deep embrace. Our lips met, our mouths opened to each other and we made out passionately on the beach before falling asleep in each other's arms.

Fortunately we had covered each other pretty well with sunscreen because we had been sleeping for nearly an hour before some caring sole nudged us awake. We went back in the water to wake up and freshen up before we headed back to the car. We decided to head back to Orient Beach where we had agreed to meet Rob and Mary and have some lunch at Padro's at the south end of the beach where there are plenty of interesting sights.

* * * * *

Since I wasn't there to witness the following events, they are based on the details that Mary has repeated to me many times during our love making in the years since this special vacation.

Mary was nervous as she got into the car with Rob; it was very strange for her to be headed out for the day with another man. She wished she had just agreed to go horseback riding so they could all be together. Either that or she wished I would have done something she wanted to do for a change... No, that wasn't fare, she knew she was just getting upset and she decided to make the best of it and enjoy the day with Rob, after all, he was a nice guy, and pleasant to be with and he liked many of the things she did.

As they drove out to the main road and then toward the butterfly farm, she began to relax and was enjoying Rob's calming jokes and easy way he had. When they finally turned off the main road and Lynn and I were no longer behind them there seemed to be an almost instant sigh of relief from both of them. It was as if they both had decided if they were going to be together they didn't want to do it with their spouses staring at them from behind.

The road was old and unmaintained. It looked like it might have been paved at one time; either that or someone had decided to throw some tar in some of the pot holes and made it worse. As they drove on and saw no other cars, or no other signs of life for that matter, they were getting a little nervous but Rob had a calming effect with his humor and lightheartedness. When they turned the corner at the end of the road Rob stopped the car and they stared for a moment and then both burst out into laughter. The butterfly farm was far smaller than either of them could have imagined from that picture in the ads they saw everywhere and there were only two other cars in the parking lot; and one large bus slowly unloading its passengers.

The average age of the passenger looked to be about seventy-five and no one looked younger than sixty. They must have just come from a cruise ship on an excursion trip. Rob turned to Mary and light heartedly asked "So, you want to go hang out with the old people and make their day?"

They parked the car and Rob immediately jumped out and ran around to open Mary's door before she could even gather her things. "Can I help you out, Ma'am?" he asked as if offering aid to an elderly woman. Mary went along with the joke and accepted his assistance to get out of the car.

They laughed as they walked toward the crowd and Rob nonchalantly slipped his arm around Mary as they walked. He was so gentle and non-threatening that she didn't even notice for a moment that his arm was there or that his hand was only an inch below her right breast. When she did notice, she felt only the slightest second of hesitation before moving closer to Rob, almost cuddling her head to his chest as they walked.

When they reached the crowd of elders coming off the bus Rob slipped into entertainer mode as if he had just stepped onto a stage. This big man was a natural and the old people instantly fell in love with him. He pulled Mary along into the center of the crowd as they all walked in together. As with most senior groups, this one had more women than men and Rob began flirting with some of them to their absolute delight. One of the women looked at Mary and said "You better hold on tight to your man honey or I'm going to snatch him from you."

Mary blushed a bit at the idea that Rob and she were a couple but then felt a tingle of excitement as she imagined being with him intimately. Mary had never been with any other man than Fred and she had never really wanted to be. She did like reading smutty romance novels though and had, from time to time, tried to imagine herself in one of those situations. This situation was feeling much like many she had read about and she smiled at the thrill she was feeling from it. She decided to go along with it because she was confident it would never go too far.

Inside the butterfly farm Rob continued his entertaining of the old folks but did not over do it; he spent enough of his attention on Mary so she was happy and felt like the center of things. He even had a way with the butterflies as many of them landed on him and he eased them on to his finger to show them to Mary or one of the elders nearby. He was the center of attention and seemed to be enjoying it, and so did Mary.

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