Cariel Ch. 01


Cariel's Story:

It was late in the afternoon on a balmy summer day. The trees in the botanical gardens provided lots of shade, and flowing water made the area near the walking bridge cool and fresh, so David decided to take a seat on a bench there. He saw a hummingbird sucking nectar from an orange flower and he zoomed in on it. He was relatively new to photography, and this was the perfect place to find new subject matter to practice his techniques.

David was a little over six feet tall, with broad shoulders and a muscular figure. He worked out a lot, and it showed. He had shaggy blonde hair, and a boyish grin.

He adjusted the settings on his shutter speed, and leaned into the shot zooming in on the little bird. *shuck-click* Perfect. Incredible how the camera could capture those speedy little wings. He zoomed in for another shot... just then some children ran across the bridge, giggling and chasing each other and the bird flew off. David straightened from his bent over position and shrugged it off. He didn't mind kids or their antics. Suddenly there was a woman.

"Oh I'm so sorry about that! Did they ruin your shot?"

She was tall and very curvy with long wavy platinum blonde hair that fell across her shoulders. She had bright blue eyes that popped from her perfectly applied mascara and dark lashes. Her nose was pointed and triangular, and her lips were elegant as they spread over her wide smile.

She was very done up, with perfect makeup and red lips. She wore a white sundress that didn't quite come down to her knees, it accentuated her hips and smooth legs. Her exposed cleavage was lightly freckled and tan from the sun, and a gold locket was snugly nestled between her large, plump, breasts. Her bra size was probably a 36D, and David could tell from the way her cleavage shifted with her movement that her breasts were very soft, and definitely real. A white bra strap was visible on either shoulder, peeking out from the straps of her dress. She wore simple leather sandals and her toes were painted pink, to match her lips..

"Oh no, not at all. Don't worry" David Smiled "I was just messing around. I don't even really know how to use this thing" he chuckled.

"Well it looks very impressive" the woman teased. "I'm sure you are a better photographer than you think!"

David laughed "Well this camera was probably overkill for my skill level..." He tried to look at her figure without being obvious. "Are those your kids?"

"Oh no" she laughed "those are my sister's kids. It's her husband's birthday so I have the little rascals." She let out an exaggerated sigh. "Their parents are spending a romantic weekend in Cabo." she gave him a flirty wink.

God, what a knockout. David thought. He loved it when a large, curvy, woman could carry her weight well. He tried not to look too long at her.

Jesus I can see the imprint of her thong through that dress. He thought. She is so done up, her perfume is intoxicating... "Well they are very cute kids!" he managed to focus on the conversation. "What... uh... what is your name?"

She smiled. "Oh I'm Cariel." She stuck her hand out for a handshake. She had several gold bracelets that clinked lightly.

David took her hand "I'm David. It's nice to meet you, Cariel." he smiled.

She smiled back at him. Her teeth where pearly white and straight. David tried not to imagine if she was good with her mouth.

"So..." he tried to change the subject. "It looks like you guys have a fun day planned."

"Oh yes." Cariel giggled "We are going to run around here until we are too tired to keep Auntie Cariel up all night" she said dryly.

David laughed.

"How about you, David?" she continued, "You aren't here all alone are you?"

"Yeah... Well, I am just relaxing a bit and trying to figure this thing out" David said holding up his camera.

"Well it looks like there is lots of great subject matter here" she offered, looking around the garden.

"Yeah" he smiled "I just wish I had something truly beautiful to photograph" he joked holding the camera up and pointing at her in exaggerated photographer poses.

"Oh my god..." she blushed, playing along with a dramatic pose.

"Aunt Cariel come on!" One of the little girls yelled as the children began to continued down the path and around the bend.

"Don't go where I can't see you!" She called back

"I'm sorry David, It looks like my train is leaving" she winked, stepping away.

"Better hurry" he joked.

She started half-jogging after the kids, and David took a moment to enjoy the view of her perfect round ass bouncing and rolling with each step.

Suddenly she turned back and waved. She smiled when she saw that he was watching her. She gave him a little wink.

God look at that ass, he thought, it was so round, so plump, perfect for two huge handfuls. He could tell from the lines of the fabric that Cariel's thong was nestled right between her cheek. God I want to pull it out with my teeth...


As the day went on David continued to take lots of pictures. Flowers, birds, trees, and reflections in the water. He even learned how to manage some new features on his camera. He walked calmly along the path over to the petting zoo to see if he could get some nice shots of the animals.

Then he saw Cariel again. She was on the other side of the sheep pen, stooped down, and tying the shoe of one of her nephews. She stood up and straightened her dress. The kids begged for coins to buy feed for the sheep. Soon the sheep were gathered on that side of the pen munching away at the giggling children's hands. David snapped candid pictures the whole time. Eventually Cariel noticed David and gave him a little smile and a wave, then she shrugged jokingly at all the sheep and children running around.

David snapped the picture of her shrugging.

She laughed.

He laughed too, and then he pulled his camera back up and zoomed in on her smiling face. He snapped another picture.

She gave him a mischievous look and bit her lip.Then she leaned over the fence to pet a sheep, exposing her cleavage to David.

Oh my god... He thought. Is she doing that on purpose? Is she showing me her breasts? He didn't know what to do. He pretended to adjust his camera settings. Then he looked up at her, meekly.

Cariel continued to bend over. She gave him a little smile, and raised one eyebrow. Her face seemed to say "well... are you going to take the picture or not?" She shifted the arm she was leaning on and pushed her breasts up a little more. Then she pretended to be very interested in petting the sheep in front of her.

David raised his camera, and zoomed in. Oh my god, he thought, those are the most magnificent tits I have ever seen. He snapped a handful of pictures. Cariel stood up and fixed her hair, then she threw it around one shoulder and turned in a slight pose. David snapped more pictures.

Damn, this girl is amazing, He thought as he continued to photograph her.

She stepped back from the fence and sat on a bench. Her skirt hiked up above her knees. She continued to pretend that she didn't see David. She crossed her legs and exposed her thigh to him. He snapped more pictures. She bent over to fix her sandal. He snapped more pictures. She turned around and bent over so that he could almost see her thong. He snapped more pictures.

All the while she posed subtlety pretending to be casually relaxing with her niece and nephews at the park. And David continued to take pictures of her being sexy.

Then suddenly Cariel looked right at him and smiled.

He pulled his camera down, and smiled back. She pointed down at her crotch and giggled, biting her lip.

He looked at her crotch. Nothing. What was she trying to say?

Then he looked at his. And suddenly he realized that he had a massive erection that was poking his jeans up like a circus tent. He blocked it with his camera bag and moved behind a fence post. Cariel laughed covering her mouth with her hands.

Oh my god! Holy shit. I can't believe I was standing there in full view with a huge boner! He thought.

He looked back at her. She laughed and gave him a shrug. Then she turned and followed the kids who had moved on to the next animal pen.

David decided he needed to wait before leaving his hiding place.


After a few moments David decided he should probably go catch up to her. This girl was crazy hot, and obviously a tease. If he didn't get her number he would never be able to forgive himself. He quickly walked down the path that she and the kids had gone. He soon found the group of kids with Cariel at the lead heading out of the gardens and toward the parking lot. He jogged slightly until he caught up to her. He had no idea what to say, so he called out "Cariel! Hey! Did you guys... are you guys leaving?"

"Well, well, well," She teased when she saw him "it's the master photographer. I must say your ability to focus is impressive."

David blushed "Yeah, I guess I focus too hard sometimes. I lose sight of what else is going on." He gestured vaguely to his no-longer-erect crotch. They continued to walk toward her white SUV.

"Well I am glad to see that you took care of your little... problem" she teased.

He laughed. "Well I might need some help next time" he winked "I would love to get some more practice taking pictures as well. Can I call you sometime?" He held up his phone.

She smiled at him for a moment then said "Yes... I think I'd like that." She took his phone and began entering numbers.

David looked down into her cleavage again. Sweet Jesus, he thought, I need to get my dick between those things.

She gave him back her phone. "I sent myself a text so that I have yours too" she said climbing in.

"See you soon!" he called as she shut the door to her SUV where the kids were already in their seats.

"Sounds good... charge the batteries on that thing!" she answered winking.


When David got home that evening he tossed his bag on the couch and pulled out his laptop. Then he began to upload and lightly edit the pictures he had taken at the botanical garden.

Soon he got to the pictures of Cariel smiling by the sheep pen. He clicked through the pictures slowly and stopped on one in particular. It was of her bending over the fence with her face turned to the side. Her cleavage was pushed up and plump looking. Her neck slender and feminine. Her soft gaze was mysterious and sexy.

David grabbed his phone and pulled open the message that Cariel and sent herself from his phone. It said "David from the botanical garden."

He typed in another text: "Hey, What's up? :)"

He set the phone down and continued to ogle her pictures. Then his phone buzzed: "Hey ;) just putting these kiddos to bed at their grandma's house."

"Thats prob a good idea. They had a busy day! I was just looking through my pictures from today and was thinking you might want me to send you some?"

There was a long pause. David went back to looking through the pictures. Well damn, he thought, I am not going to be able to NOT masturbate to these tonight. He laughed to himself.

After several minutes his phone buzzed with a message: "That would be great! :) Thanks! Also, you should maybe send me one of you?"

"aha you mean a selfie??"

"Yep. A SEXY selfie! lol"

He was aroused now.

He stood in front of the mirror trying to decide how to be sexy. He took off his shirt and revealed his toned body. Then he snapped a couple pics on his phone and sent them.

Cariel responded "oh myyyy... VERY nice ;)"

Then his phone buzzed again. A picture from her. In a bathrobe. Her hair up in a towel. She looked gorgeous and amazing.

He wrote back "you didn't tell me you were naked!"

She responded "I'm NOT! And besides... you don't get to see that just yet ;)"

*** END PART 1 ***

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