tagIncest/TabooCaring Means Sharing Ch. 02

Caring Means Sharing Ch. 02


I blinked awake with my head still resting on my father-in-law's chest. Stirring I lifted myself up and wiped my drool off his torso with my fingers. My voice was low and hoarse, "Sorry, Max."

He chuckled, "Think nothing of it Kido. You're beautiful when you sleep. You have the cutest snore.

Playfully I smacked his chest, "I don't snore. But I did sleep well. I think it was because I was so satisfied. How did you sleep?"

"I didn't sleep much."

Sitting up the sheet fell from my body revealing my perky breasts. My nipples hardened in the cool Catalina morning air. I pushed errant and frizzy locks from my face and asked, "Why didn't you sleep? You don't feel guilty do you? It was your son that suggested I make love to you."

"No, I don't feel guilty, maybe I should, but I don't. I didn't sleep because I was watching you sleep. It's been a while since I've been in bed with a woman. I was just enjoying being next to you, having you in my arms. I can always sleep later I won't always have you in my arms."

Despite my morning breath I kissed Max, he didn't seem to mind as his tongue charged into my mouth. Our tongues frolicked momentarily then I broke the kiss and lay back on my father-in-law's chest. The contrast in our skin tones was remarkable, his light and my biracial mocha, added further excitement to our already taboo tryst. Caressing his chest I trailed my hand down his torso to find his hard cock near his navel. It was seeping lust onto his belly.

Max closed his eyes enjoying the attention as I slowly stroked his massive manhood. He tenderly caressed my breasts and ever so gently twisted the barbell jewelry that pierced my nipples. He moaned as I quicken my stroking pace. He reached under my arms and pulled me up when my 34B breasts were level with his mouth he sucked a dusky nipple into his mouth.

I arched my back as an electric current of ecstasy surged from my breasts to my core. I rubbed my hand over his hairless head encouraging him to suckle. My pussy was weeping excitement and yearned to be filled by his huge hard cock. I swung my leg over him and straddled him. I looked into his blue eyes which glimmered happily with anticipation. I gasped as he squeezed both breasts and gently pinched my nipples. Leaning down I kissed him deeply then rose and took his hard horse-sized cock in my hand and lowered my bald pussy, still dripping from last night's loving, onto it.

Max groaned his gratification as I lovingly impaled myself on his cock. As the moist heat of my cunt enveloped him, he said, "Aw, Cassie your pussy feels so good."

I slowly rose up on him until just the helmet of his cock was inside me before gliding back down his shaft. I would pause, sitting with his cock fully embedded in my pussy. I could feel his balls resting against my butthole. I squeezed his cock with my cunt muscles like it was velvety vice.

Max groused, "You're torturing me."

Taking the hint I quicken my pace while my father-in-law squeezed my breasts. I diddled my clit in correlation to my cock riding. I felt Max's cock expand he was getting close. I frigged myself harder. I whimpered, "Cock so...so big. Feels so... so good."

Max grabbed my hips and pulled me down on top of him burying his cock completely inside me and bottoming out at my cervix. Amazingly his cock actually grew bigger as his cum shot into the depths of my womb bathing my cunt with his love.

The look of climatic bliss on my father-in-law's face was enough to propel me over the edge. I arched my back and tilted my head and howled. I joined him in orgasmic release. A psychedelic haze of white and red flashed before my eyes.

I fell off Max limply and lay beside him. We spooned and dozed in sated harmony. Our hunger finally razed us from our languor. We decided to clean up and go out down stairs for brunch.

Max wanted to jump into the shower but I preferred a warm soapy bath in the huge claw-foot tub. I convinced him that a bath would be more enjoyable by leading him into the bathroom by his hard cock. We soaked for a short while in the warm water.

I giggled as Max's large cock emerged from beneath the water like a periscope. I teased him by stroking it. I kissed him. My tongue sought out his and wrestled with it. I broke our kiss and rested my forehead against his. I momentarily watched the big vein on top of his cock throb with surging blood. I squeezed his cock firmly in my hand sensing its power.

He chuckled then kneaded my breasts gently. He gave each of my dusky nipples a playful twist. With other hand he began a submerged attack on my pussy. He slid a finger into me while he pressed his palm against my agitated clit. He wiggled his finger inside my pussy and said, "Cassie, I love your pussy, I wish it were mine."

A surge of pleasure shot to my core. I tugged on his cock a couple of times returning the teasing. "It is yours...Tatay...Ned...is...willing... share...."

Max pushed hard against my clit sending waves of pulsating pleasure through my body. My thoughts became jumbled as an euphoric rush overcame me. I stuttered, "Ah...oh...ah... Max... wait...let...me...fin..."

"Wait for what, Kido? Don't you want to cum?" he teased. He twisted his knuckle inside my pussy while increasing his palm's pressure on my clit. He pinched my nipple hard.

The pinch produced a pleasurable pain that morphed my groan into a growl. My body shook with spasms of ecstasy. My whole pelvis region contracted and my cunt clutched his finger like it was a lifeline. Water splashed on the floor from the frenzied wave surge created by my contortions.

"You are so beautiful when you cum." Max smiled at me as he sat in the half-empty-tub.

I pursed my lips blowing air in and out my lungs. Finally, with my breathing under control and somewhat recovered from my orgasm I smiled weakly at Max and said "What I was going to say, before I was so pleasantly interrupted, was that your son is willing to share me with you."

Max sat back with a troubled look on his face. He sulked, "I don't see how that will work."

"Family first," I said pointing to my tattooed bicep. "When I married Ned, you became part of my family. Max, we had a love relationship a long time before we had sex. We've just deepen that love relationship with sex. You're my Tatay, now, my Intimate-Daddy."

"I see your point but I don't see how this can be more than a one nightstand. How's it going to work? You're my son's wife and now my... my what... my mistress?"

Shrugging I admitted, "I don't have all the answers. To be honest I never thought past this weekend. I don't think Ned did either. We'll work it out, I'm sure."

Max held up his hand ending the discussion. "Why don't we just enjoy our time together?"

"I know what you'll enjoy, Tatay," I taunted as I rolled from the sitting position onto my knees. Water and soapy bubbles cascaded off my body and splashed back into the tub. I grabbed the sides of the tub and presented my still excited sex to Max. I gave him my 'come and get it' look over my shoulder.

His face flushed with lust as he studied my puffy pussy. His finger lovingly traced the folds of my labia. He sank a finger into my cunt and kissed a butt cheek then bit it. He rose to his knees his cock jutted from him between his legs thick and hard.

I squealed when Max bit my butt. I squealed again when he penetrated my pussy with his huge cock and hammered it with ravenous abandon. Twisting a nipple I hissed my delight.

Max held my hips firmly as he gunned his cock in and out of me. Wet flesh on flesh smacks reverberated off the bathroom wall as the water in the tub was stirred in a tempest.

My facial expression reflected the thrill I felt as my cunt's velvety wet walls were caressed by Max's monster cock. I could tell by the way he was pounding my pussy that he was close to climax. I reached between my thighs and began to diddle my clit with voracious relish.

Without warning Max slapped my ass harshly. The sting of the smack sent me sailing over the precipice of climax. My pussy contracted around his cock with a fierce grip of gratification and contorted with climatic compressions. My body shuttered with satisfaction and I stuttered, "Cum...pussy...cum."

Max buried his cock completely inside the depths of my cunt with a final thrust. Bottoming out against my cervix he shot spurt after spurt of his seed against it. He thundered his relief.

After he was spent his soft dick slid out of me. He plopped back down in the tub. Once again water cascaded over the side. He panted, "I... love... you... Kido."

"I love you too, Max, with all my heart."

We hurriedly dressed and went downstairs for Sunday brunch. There were still a few guests lingering over their meals as we found an empty table on the veranda. Max pulled a chair out for me and I paused before sitting down so the sun could penetrate my white cotton skirt. My white thong and bare butt cheeks were clearly visible to Max beneath the flimsy material. I looked at him with a flirtatious grin knowing I had gotten his cock hard by the way he hobbled around the table.

"Cassie have I ever told you what a great ass you have," he said as he adjusted his cock beneath the table.

I giggled, "No, I don't think you ever have but I'm glad you like it."

A waiter came and took our order. Sipping my orange juice I feasted upon the beauty of the view. The veranda overlooked Avalon and its marina was full of small boats. Sea gulls danced gracefully on the wind above the boats which lazily drifted at anchor. I gripped Max's hand and observed, "It's beautiful here."

His smile was as radiant as the California sun. "Yes it is and so are you. I just wish it were different."

I raised an eyebrow and asked, "Different how?"

Max smiled at me weakly, "I think what we shared last night and this morning was pretty special. You've awoken feelings in me that I thought I buried with Raquel. I just don't see how we can continue to have a physical relationship after today."

I reached across the table and took his hand. I gazed into his deep blue eyes. "You're part my family Max, you have been since I married Ned. It just seems so natural to have our relationship grow more intimate. There's no way I can go back to a platonic relationship with you now."

He squeezed my hand, "Cassie, I love you like I didn't think I'd be able to love again. I wish you could stay with me forever."

My emotions suddenly crashed down on me and I looked out at the ocean to gain control.

"Our time here together will always be special to me." Max said patting my hand.

The waiter brought our breakfast and we ate in silence just enjoying the food, the view and each other's company. After eating we grabbed our bags and checked out. The van from Wrigley's Inn took us down Mt. Ada to the dock to catch the ferry going back to the mainland.

We settled into the lounge of the ferry for the seventy-five minute trip to San Pedro. It was overcast and damp so the trip wasn't as scenic as our outbound voyage had been. Neither of us dared speak, simply holding hands across the table like forlorn lovers.

Half way through the trip I excused myself to go to the restroom. I glanced over my shoulder to catch Max watching my ass wiggle beneath the flimsy material of my skirt. I smiled as he crossed his legs to hide his hard-on.

Coming out of the ladies room I found an unlocked closet. Smiling, I instantly knew how I might put my discovery to good use. I whispered to myself, "Naughty girl, you're becoming insatiable."

I went back to the lounge and took Max by the hand and said, "Come with me. I want to show you something."

"Sure, Kido," said Max as he took my hand.

Silently I quick-marched towards the closet with Max in tow. Looking over my shoulder I was pleased to find Max studying the globes of my butt with schoolboy-like intensity as they wiggled beneath my flimsy skirt. I opened the door to the closet and flipped on the light revealing a closet full of cleaning supplies, brooms and mops.

"What has gotten into you, Cassie?" He asked as I slung him through the closet door.

Panting with need I said, "I want your big cock to get into me."

He pulled me into an embrace and kissed me fully on the mouth. His tongue hungrily wrestled with mine. His erection strained against my pubic bone. It felt like a steel rod prodding against my mound. He wanted me as much as I wanted him.

I closed and locked the door. I turned and draped my arms around Max's neck. Then I hooked my fingers under the elastic hem of my crop top and brought it up over my perky breasts baring them to my father-in-law. My dusky nipples hardened and ached for his tender touch.

Max took my cue and immediately took a breast in each hand squeezing them. Then he passionately pinched my nipples. "You know we shouldn't be in here. We might get caught."

"I know. Isn't it exhilarating," I said standing on my tip-toes and kissing him with lust.

While Max continued to tease and tantalize my tits I unbutton his shirt. I ran my fingers through his pelt of chest hair down to his belly. I felt his tummy tremble with excitement as I trace a fingernail down his torso. I unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his trousers.

His cock bolted out. It was as hard as stone and its tip was dripping with delicious pre-cum. He moaned, "Cassie, you're so beautiful. I need you. I need you now."

I pull up the hem of my skirt. It slowly traversed up my naturally dark thighs. Smiling, I watched Max's eyes as he followed the journey of my high riding hem. I pulled it higher, past my puffy pussy lips glistening with seductive stimulus. It passed my navel before I stop. My skirt had been reduced to a wide white band around my waist.

Max's fingers pulled aside the saturated material of my thong exposing my simmering snatch. His palm pushed against my protruding clit causing me to gasp for air. "You're so wet Kido. Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Yes, Tatay, fuck me. Fuck me good." I whimpered as his ripped his fingers from my cunt.

He clutched my buttocks squeezing a cheek in each hand. He lifted me up by my ass. I hugged his neck to help him. His huge hard cock naturally split the lips of my soggy slit. I slid down his solid shaft until I was completely impaled on the monster. He pushed me back against the door.

"Oof," I exhaled as he shoved two fingers up my butthole. I wrapped my legs around his waist locking them together with my ankles. I kissed him heartily. My tongue plunged into his mouth as deeply as his cock penetrated me. I broke our kiss and whispered in his ear, "Your cock... feels so good... Tatay...so big...fuck me...hard...fast."

He bucked his hips propelling his cock in and out of my wet velvety cunt like a rocket. His breath came in gasps timed with his thrusts, "uh...uh, uh...uh."

My G-spot was tapped with each pussy pulverizing plunge of Max's angled cock. My snatch clutched at his cock with wet silky spasms. My twitching twat motivated him to increase his momentum. My breath became more labored as the pressure of pleasure in my pussy intensified.

I threw my head back moaning, "Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh,"

My head thumped against the hardwood of the door. My eyes blinked rapid fire. I fought off the black. My brain reeled between the ache in my head and the glee in my gash. My eyes rolled back white. My brow contorted into climatic creases as my body exploded with euphoric release. I hooted, "Uh...Pussy...Cum."

Max stabbed his cock into my climaxing cunt as far he could. He bottomed out against my cervix and blew his load against it with gusto. He roared, "Cumming, Kido cumming!"

I held him in a tight embrace cooing in his ear as he emptied his balls into me shooting his spunk into my pleasantly pounded pussy. I whispered, "I love you so much Tatay."

Finally spent Max's cock softened and slipped from my well-serviced snatch. He lowered me back down to the floor. He buttoned his shirt and redid his trousers while I pulled my dress hem back down my thighs. He kissed me and gave my bare breasts another loving squeeze before I pulled my top back down over my boobs.

He patted my bottom as he opened the door. "I love you, Kido."

The ferry docked soon after we found our seats in the lounge. We quickly disembarked the ferry and found Max's BMW in the parking lot. Somewhat subdued we headed north in the busy afternoon traffic. I scooted next to him in the car and rested my head on his shoulder. I was tired and bit sore from so much passionate sex with my well hung father-in-law. I relaxed and, soon I was soundly dozing, before I knew it Max had pulled up in front of my house.

He parked in the drive way and scooted out on his side. He grabbed my luggage and followed me into the house. Ever mindful of what the neighbors might think he kept his distance and his eyes off my ass. Once in the foyer Max put my luggage down near the table under the hall mirror. His blue eyes held a glint of sadness as he looked at me with longing. He croaked, "I should go."

Shaking my head I closed the door and approached Max like a wolf advancing on a sheep. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him into an embrace for a kiss. My mouth hungrily explored his.

He raised my top up and pulled it over my head. Letting it fall down on my luggage. His hands fondled my exposed breasts then he suckled them passionately. He forcefully sucked each nipple in turn until they ached with passion. He playfully bit, tantalized them with his flickering tongue.

I ran my fingers over handsome hairless head and purred, "Oh, Tatay, that feels so good."

Max leaned me back against the hall table. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his huge hard cock. He raised my skirt and ran his finger across the damp material of my thong. Slipping his finger into the leg hole of my thong he pulled it aside. Having cleared the way he thrust his cock into the core of my wetness.

My butt was barely on the edge of the table as he splayed my pussy wide by pushing my knees up against my tits. I was afraid I would fall off of the table. I clung to Max in desperation as he fucked me like a man possessed.

I knew Max wouldn't last long the way he was throttling my pussy despite his earlier ejaculations. I declared, "Fuck my pussy. It's yours to fuck, Tatay. Fuck it good."

He groaned and then surprised me by pulling his shooting cock out of my pussy. He spewed his seed all over my pussy and thong as he fisted himself to completion. His gleamed with animal like intensity as he marked his territory. Soon my cunt and my panty were covered with his cum. When he had finished he whispered "I love you so much, Kido. I wish your pussy was mine."

Before I could answer Max shot out the door. By the time I had gotten off the table and arranged my clothing he was gone. He refused to answer his cell phone so I left several angry messages.

Having spent so much energy in amorous activity I was hungry. I ate a salad for supper then soaked for a long while in tub. I wasn't used to Max's large size so my pussy was a bit a tender and I had experienced so many orgasms that my lower tummy was actually sore. I pondered Max's hasty exit empathizing with the mixed emotions he was feeling.

After drying off I put on a nightie and placed a call to my husband. "Hello, Mahal (Beloved)."

"Hey, Babe, so are you home now?"

"Yeah," I replied not trying to mask my weariness. "How are things in Canada?"

"Good but you sound tired. Did my father wear you out?" Ned giggled.

"Fuck you, Ned Barnett," I snapped. "You're father and I spent an erotic and romantic weekend together I won't allow you to sully it with your dirty locker-room attitude."

Before he could respond I clicked my cell phone shut and turned it off. I went to bed confused and angry with both men. I tossed and turned before drifting to sleep and into troubled dreams.

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