Hey there! :) Please be COMPLETELY honest in your feedback... And I should probably warn you now that if you don't like anything to do with "rape" you should definitely not begin reading this story, and I would also like to point out that this story is ALL fictional and is merely a fantasy I have... so there was your warning. Thanks so much for taking the time out to read this for me.. And, well.. I hope you enjoy! 


The rush-hour traffic was terrible. Carissa didn't mind though. As a matter of fact, sitting in traffic with her car windows open and a slight breeze gently blowing her hair beat the hell out of going home to her psychotic roommate. The girl was always fucking, sleeping, or screaming at Carissa. Carissa wasn't there and it was only 5 in the afternoon, so Carissa could pretty well guess which of those three things Jenny was doing.

Carissa never understood why so many guys were attracted to 22 year old Jenny. Sure, Jenny was gorgeous with her waist length red hair, intriguing green eyes, long, shapely legs, slim stomach, and the perfect boobs and butt... but then she opens her mouth. Not only did she sound like Fran Drescher with a sinus infection, but the bitch was obnoxious, loud, annoying, and S-T-U-P-I-D. She literally possessed the IQ equivalent to that of a pregnant blonde... 2. But guys still lined up, LITERALLY waiting their turn to go at her. She brought a whole new meaning to "take a number."

Meanwhile, Carissa had had one boyfriend in her entire 20- scratch that- 21 (she has to remember it's her birthday today) years of life... One lousy boyfriend that she would never consider giving her virginity to. She wanted her first time to be romantic and sweet and slow. All he talked about was how much he liked it rough and hard. Oh yeah, and how much he loved to 'choke bitches with his dick' and fuck them in the ass. How sweet. While Jenny has had sex with at LEAST 20 guys, Carissa has only been as far as a few slobbery kisses and a hand job. You could say Carissa was a little bitter over this, but she, unlike Jenny, realized what was important and she was working very hard to ensure that her future was well taken care of.

Carissa was known as the braniac by... well... everyone. She grew up in a mansion with all of the finer things in life: butlers, maids, personal chefs, beautiful clothes, designer shoes, anything and everything she could ever hope for... except a family. Well, she had PARENTS, but they did not exactly raise her. She was an accident. Her parents never wanted children and when her mother's birth control failed, out came a nuisance they named Carissa. It sounds harsh, but that is what she was to them... Just a nuisance that they had to feed and clothe. Since her parents were never around, she sought solace in books.

By the time she was 15, she had graduated high school and begun college. She wanted to be a doctor. Finally, almost 6 years later, she had graduated medical school and was working at a local hospital. She was saving every penny she had to try to open her own practice. Why didn't her parents help? She didn't want them too. She wanted to live her own life. Start anew. Choose her own path and be the best she could be. She should be happy that she is doing so well at such a young age. She doesn't need a man in her life. Yet, she is so bitter towards Jenny BECAUSE Jenny has had so many men.

Okay, this traffic is really starting to piss her off now. Her birthday dinner was tonight and she needed to get ready dammit! She'd be damned if she wasn't going to take advantage of her new age. Luckily, she only worked during the week. She has the entire weekend off to enjoy herself. And how she was looking forward to it.

Finally, she could drive almost a whole ten miles an hour. Maybe this day wouldn't turn out so bad after all.


Carissa felt great. She had gotten home around 6:10 and taken a shower, did her make up, and got dressed in her new sexy birthday outfit. Now she was on her way to one of the trendiest restaurants in town to meet up with a few of her friends.

She couldn't wait to go to the clubs afterwards. She was thinking about all the guys she would be able to meet at all of those clubs when she pulled up to the restaurant. The valet took her car and she headed inside to see her friends.

If she had been paying any attention, she might not have smashed into him. But as it was, she was crushed against a man that felt like a brick wall.

"I am SOOO sorry sir. I am so clumsy and I wasn't paying attention." She said. Then she looked up at him. He was a monster of a man standing at about 6 foot 5 and was solid muscle. Not ugly, but definitely not the sexiest man she had ever seen.

"It's okay." he replied.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

He chuckled softly, then looked at her and said in the most serious and calm tone, "I am quite sure that I will live if you kiss it to make it all better."

"Ummmm... I don't know what kind of woman you take me for... but hell no I will not 'kiss it to make it all better.'" She said a little angrily.

"Oh yeah? And what if I said that if you didn't you would be spending the night in a jail cell?" He replied even angrier.

"Then I would say Screw you and your pitiful little threat. Go fuck yourself, asshole!" She practically yelled her response and stomped angrily past him into the restaurant, not even being able to BEGIN to fathom how much worse her night was going to get.


Carissa and her friends left the restaurant a few hours later to go to a nearby club. Little did she know that she was being followed. Oh yes... she kept feeling eyes on her, but she just thought it was Michael, one of her friends who had a crush on her.

They went club hopping all night. She could not believe how many guys wanted to dance with her and buy her drinks. It must be because of the slightly slutty outfit her best friend, Meagan, helped her to pick out. Put on a low cut dress that comes down to a little above mid-thigh and some 4 inch heels and the guys will be drooling in no time.

Before she knew it, it was last call. She said her goodbyes and headed to her car. Realizing that she had had a little too much to drink to celebrate her age, she decided to go with a taxi instead. So she hailed a cab and got in. Little did she know, the driver was someone she had already met that night.

"37th west and main, please." she said, aware that maybe she shouldn't have had those last...ummm... 2? ...ummm....3?...maybe 4 shots of tequila. She could already barely manage to keep her eyes open. In the back of her mind, she detected that something was wrong, but before she could think too much about it, she fell asleep in the back seat, her head resting against her purse and her shoes in her hands.


God, but she was beautiful. Curled up in the fetal position in the back seat of his "cab." He was planning on just following her home and going through with his plans there, but she had made it so easy for him.

He couldn't wait. When she had yelled at him earlier... man. He had gotten hard as a rock just thinking about all of the dirty things that dirty mouth of hers could be used for. Oh, how was he going to wait? He was going to enjoy himself IMMENSLY.


She awoke to the worst headache of her life. She felt like her head was going to explode and her mouth felt as dry the Sahara desert. She had to have some aspirin. Yes, that would help. She tried to get up but found she was not able to do so. Her hands and feet were handcuffed to either end of a bed... a bed that was not her own.

Panic built slowly... she started to scream but realized why her mouth was so dry. Some kind of fabric... lace? ... was rolled into a ball in her mouth with a strip of duct tape covering it.

She pulled desperately at her restraints wondering what in the hell was going on. What kind of twisted nightmare was she having?

Just then, a man walked into the room. For a moment, she forgot she was gagged and bound. He was GORGEOUS! He looked to be about 6 foot 5 and like he could have just stepped out of an issue of GQ with his shoulder length black hair tied up in a ponytail, his piercing green eyes, chiseled features lightly dusted with five o'clock shadow, toned muscles, tapered waist, and she could bet there would be rock-hard abs under that tight fitting t-shirt. However, after she got over being stunned, she realized he seemed very familiar. She began squirming, pulling at her restraints, and trying to scream through the gag. She recognized him alright.

He was that guy she danced with at the club. Of course, she hadn't noticed how stunningly beautiful he was because of how dark it was. All she remembered was she had gotten really angry at him because he had slid his hands up her dress to grab her ass cheeks on the dance floor. She thought she had slapped him and yelled at him, but wasn't quite sure.

"God, you are beautiful. I thought you were pretty a few hours ago, but I didn't realize just how gorgeous you were." He said, all the while looking her up and down. He noticed her eyes were the color of sapphires. He noticed how her nose tilted slightly upwards and how pouty her rose colored lips were, and would bet they would be just as soft as a rose too. He noticed how her large breasts rose and fell with each labored breath she took, and how slim her belly was. And her legs! Ohhh. She had legs to die for. They went on for miles and miles. Tan and soft and so very, very shapely. You couldn't see it by the way she was laying, but she had a fantastic butt too. A nice perky apple bottom.

She was really struggling now. He may be the absolute sexiest man she had ever laid eyes on, but she wasn't fooled by that look in his eyes. And he had practically KIDNAPPED her. She had to get help. Had to get away from him. But she could not. No matter how hard she pulled, the restraints wouldn't budge. All she was really doing was causing herself pain, but she HAD to get out. She just had to. She was forming a plan in her head when he spoke again.

"If I take the gag out of your mouth, do you promise to behave?" She nods her head yes. "You won't scream or yell? 'Cause if you do, it will only end worse than I had intended in the first place. Okay?" As she nodded her head once more, he reached over and slowly started to take off the duct tape.

When the tape was off, he reached into her mouth a little and pulled out the cloth that had been balled up and shoved in her mouth. As he pulled it away, she noticed it WAS lace. As a matter of fact, it was her black lace thong that she had donned before she left the house. Meagan said it would make her feel sexier so she could be more confident. It had worked, and now look what was happening to her.

She didn't scream or bite when he removed the gag, but Alec did not want to take a chance so he kept an eye on her.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Carissa." She answered calmly.

"Hi Carissa. How is your head feeling? Would you like some aspirin? Water? What can I get you?" He asked casually.

You can get me the hell out of here, she thought angrily. "I would love some aspirin and some water, please." she replied instead.

"Sure thing. I will be right back." he replaced the tape, but left her panties by her head and left the room.

Looking at her panties, her mind began whirling. Wait... if her underwear were next to her head, then...

Just then he walked back in and took off the tape.

"You took off my panties!!! How dare you?!?!" She spat at him. He had most likely seen the most intimate part of her without her permission and that pissed her the hell off.

"Calm down or I will gag you again. Yes I took off your underwear because I did not think you would appreciate one of my socks or a pair of my briefs. Was I wrong?" She shook her head no. "I thought not. And if you are wondering if I saw your pussy, yes I did. It was lovely and I am sure to see it many more times during our time together."

She was dumbstruck. Such audacity. That son of a bitch would pay for doing this to her. "You will not see that part of me EVER again you pervert! Do you understand me? I will kill you when I get out of this."

"Oh now, now. Calm down. Whether you like it or not, I WILL see that nice little pussy of yours MANY MANY more times before I will release you. As a matter of fact, I will suck on your clit and lick you until you scream. Then I will take my dick and give you a nice, long fucking. Over and over and over and over again until I am tired of you, which, I can assure you, will not be any time in the near future. So you might as well embrace it." He stated simply.

"You will not touch me! EVER! You cannot do this to me. I have a very important job. Friends. Someone will miss me. They will come looking for me. You can't do this!" She said indignantly.

"Can't I though? I will touch you however and whenever I want. I will fuck your little pussy. Then I will fuck your sexy little ass. Come in your mouth, on your face, in your hair. Anywhere I please. And there is nothing you can do about it." He saw the fight slowly fading out of her eyes. "Now. Here is your aspirin and a glass of water."

She felt defeated. He was right. She had no way to fight back. She took the pills and slowly sipped the water as he poured it into her mouth. The thing that baffled her the most was that the way he talked to her just now started a strange feeling in her gut. It wasn't repulsion or nausea... No. It was something different. Then it hit her. She was getting excited... turned on even by what he had just told her. But she could not be feeling that. He was her captor.


He watched her mulling over everything that had just been said to her. He was watching her expressions change. She went from resignation to helplessness to puzzlement to quizzical... Ahhhh... there it is. The realization that she was actually getting turned on.

From the moment he saw her on the dance floor, he wanted to take her home and give her the fucking of her life. He wanted her to cry out his name and beg him for more. But he moved too fast. Oh well. He would take what he could get. Right now he wanted to tear her clothes off and ravish her. He was tired of waiting. It was time.

He stood up and began undressing. She just stared at him in shock. When all he had on was his briefs, he reached behind her and began unzipping her dress. once he did that, he undid her bra and unbound her right hand. She punched the shit out of him. Complete rage flashed in his eyes.

"You just fucked up, girlie." He said in the scariest tone she had ever heard. She started to scream for help but he stuffed her underwear back in her mouth before she could even draw a deep breath.

He pulled her dress and bra strap up over the shoulder of her right side, redid the right hand bonds, and did the same with her left side. She finally lay completely naked before him. If he hadn't been so pissed, he might have been gentle with her, but as it was, he grabbed her right tit and squeezed as hard as he could. She screamed through her gag.

He then proceeded to quickly remove his briefs and she saw his hard dick for the first time. Oh my goodness. She had not seen a lot of penises in her lifetime, but she was pretty sure he would be considered huge to anyone. He had at least 10 inches of pure hard cock and it was about as thick around as her wrist. There was no way that was going to fit inside her virgin self. She had to stop him.

"Now I am going to ungag you. If you try anything, you WILL regret it. I promise you. Do you understand me?"

She nodded yes. She had to tell him that she was a virgin and then he would let her go. He just had to. There was absolutely no way that would fit inside her.

As soon as her gag was removed, she began pleading.

"Please, sir. Don't do this. I am begging you. It won't fit. I have never done this before. Please." She pleaded.

"Wait. Are you saying that you are a virgin?" He asked incredulously.

When she nodded her head, he knew that it was true. How lucky he was. "Well, this is going to be better than I thought."

Her heart fell. She was sure he was going to let her go if he knew.

"Okay. Now suck my cock."

"W-w-what?" she stammered.

"You heard me. Open that sexy mouth of yours and suck my big cock."

"B-b-b-but I d-don't know---"

"I will guide you through it." he interrupted.

She began to sob. All he did was pick up his hard cock and try forcing it into her mouth. When nothing worked, he bent down and began to lick and suck on her nipples. They began to harden and she stopped sobbing, and stared in shock at him kissing her tits.

He took first one nipple into his mouth and began to gently suckle it and then moved his attentions to the other. He suckled her tits for a few minutes until she began to moan lightly. Then he gently bit her left nipple and then her right, as her moans steadily became louder.

"Please... can I please have my hands? Please." she begged.

He removed her restraints slowly. As soon as her hands were free, she put her fingers in his hair and held him to her breasts. He began to move his kisses lower. He removed her ankle restraints slowly and lifted her legs over his shoulders. She suspected what was coming, but wasn't prepared for the shock that shot through her as he bent his head and took his first lick of her pussy. It was magic and she moaned out loud.

She was sopping wet. Fresh pussy tasted amazing. Judging from her jolt of surprise the moment his tongue touched her, he assumed he was pretty much her first in everything. This thought thrilled him. He began licking and sucking her clit, tracing his tongue in little circles around the tight bud. He thrust his tongue as deep inside her as possible. In and out, as she began gyrating her hips to the rhythm.

Something was building within her. It was low in her gut and the unknown pressure was mounting. When he suddenly thrust a finger into her and started licking her clit, she went crazy. In went another finger and he could feel her inner muscles quivering.

"Come for me baby. Come all over my hand and face. I want to taste my little slut."

His command sent her over the edge. She came. Hard. Her cum shot out at him. He replaced his hand with his mouth and began lapping up her juices. It was pouring out of her and he couldn't keep up. When she finally calmed a little, he looked up and was covered in her cum. It was dripping from the corners of his mouth and down his chin and his hand was glistening with her juices. He lifted that hand and licked it dry of her cum.

He had wanted her to give him head first, but having her come like she did almost sent him over the edge.

He got on his knees and put her ankles up on his shoulders and positioned her for his penetration. She was still coming down from her first orgasm when she felt the head of his cock at her entrance. She couldn't fight. She didn't even want to. So she just relaxed as much as she could and waited for the inevitable. So much for her sweet, romantic first time.

He began to rock slowly back and forth, getting a little bit more of his straining cock in her each time. She was so tight. It was going to be a hell of a ride. He was in about 2 or 3 inches when he felt her barrier. He looked into her eyes, came almost all the way out, took a deep breath and plunged into her as hard as he could.

She cried out in pain. He was too big. She was too tight. It hurt so bad. How could people enjoy this? But then the pain began to ebb. It was being replaced by something else that she recognized right away as desire.

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