tagBDSMCarissa's Learns Submission Ch. 1

Carissa's Learns Submission Ch. 1


Carissa could feel her body shaking with nerves. The question had been in her head the entire flight from Newark to Memphis and then from Memphis to Jackson, Mississippi, should she be here, should she be doing this. She was so lost in her thoughts that she did not notice that they had arrived in the small town of Riverville. Kali, Ethan's wife, looked over at Carissa and gave her a warm smile. Kali's hand rested on top of Carissa's.

Carissa thought, am I really here ready to embark on a wild weekend of sexual exploration. She felt like she was in a dream.

Carissa walked into Kali and Ethan's apartment. There was the mattress from the bed on the living room floor. Kali presented Doug and Carissa with their own cat-o-nine tails that she had made by hand out of colored pieces of suede. Carissa ran the red suede of her new cat across her fingers and whipped her hand lightly. It had a good feel to it. She blushed when she realized that Ethan had been watching her.

"How about something to drink" Ethan asked her.

Carissa looked at him and nodded. She was too distracted to answer properly. Kali and Doug had walked off towards the bedroom together and she could hear them giggling. Doug was kissing Kali on the neck as they walked. Ethan brought over two glasses filled with an amber liquid. He handed one to Carissa.

"Whiskey" She ventured a guess.

Ethan grinned at me, "JD."

Carissa swished the whiskey around the glass a bit and then downed it like a giant shot. Ethan chuckled and copied her by downing his shot in the same manner. He took the glass from her and placed both glasses on the end table next to the couch. He stood right in front of her and placed his hands on her shoulders, massaging them. Carissa felt warm, warm from the whiskey and the massage.

He was going to kiss her. She could feel him pulling my body against his. His hands trailed down her back and cupped her ass. His warm mouth covered hers and she felt his velvety tongue push against her tongue. Carissa pushed her tongue back on his, tasting the whiskey they had both just drank. She felt her entire body ignite. It had been so long since she had been truly kissed. She wanted more. She deepened the kiss, running her hands down his back.

She felt his hands brush her side and lift up her shirt. Carissa was impatient in her arousal, helping him remove her shirt and bra. She wanted to be naked. She wanted to feel his hands all over her naked body. She threw my shirt and bra near the couch as he removed her denim shorts and green lace panties. He threw them on top of her suitcase. Carissa stood before him naked and aroused. She felt my pussy moisten.

She heard moaning and looked towards Kali and Douglas in the bedroom and saw their nakedness. Kali had Doug on his knees licking the toe of her thigh-high boot while he moaned her name. Carissa looked at Ethan for his reaction. He was watching her watch them. She blushed, turning a deep shade of red and he grinned at her.

"Kali told me what you like," he said to Carissa, moving to stand behind her, "She told me all about your need to be dominated."

He pulled Carissa by the hair very hard. She thought he was going to rip some right out. She felt him yanking me down into the mattress.

"I want you on all fours now!"

She obediently fell to her knees and leaned forward on her hands. His voice was so commanding that Carissa was dripping with moisture. She felt him stand behind her. She started to turn around when she felt his hand smack her hard on the ass.

"I did not tell you to turn around, I only told you to get on all fours!"

He smacked her ass again very hard. Carissa's ass was stinging from pain. She could hear rustling behind her. She realized he was getting naked. SMACK! He hit her ass again. This time his hand lingered on her ass cheek and his finger trailed down her ass to her pussy. He slipped a finger between Carissa's moistening lips, feeling that she was already ready for him.

"You really are enjoying this, aren't you?" he asked.

She nodded, too afraid that if she spoke, he would stop. Carissa began to ride his finger, showing him that she was more than ready to be thoroughly fucked. He smacked her hard on the ass again.

"I didn't give you permission to fuck my finger!"


Carissa barely recovered from the burning when he smacked her ass again.

"You are so bad; you know that, flying all the way here for sex with people you met on the internet. You deserve to feel a little pain for the risk you took" he said this and cracked the suede cat on her reddened ass.

She felt him move behind her. With one hand he grabbed onto Carissa's hair again and pulled very hard. She felt his cock slide up and down along her pussy lips. She tried to thrust herself onto his dick but he pushes her back.

"Beg me to fuck you" he said, but Carissa did not answer fast enough and he yanked hard on her hair, "I said beg me to fuck you."

"Please, fuck me now, please, I will do anything you say, just fuck me now."


"Yes, please, just fuck me now, God, I am dying, please."

Carissa felt him pull back hard on her hair and thrust his entire length deep into her cunt. With each thrust he pulled harder on her hair. Carissa thought, It hurt so much but it felt so good. She could not control her moaning. With every moan, he would use his free hand to smack her ass. She could feel herself ready to cum already. She couldn't believe it. She never came this quickly before. She was moaning loudly now, not caring who heard her. She was enjoying the pain. She was enjoying his cock. Carissa's entire body convulsed as her orgasm hit her. Ethan moaned as her pussy gripped his cock and with several hard thrust he shot his hot cum deep into her cunt.

Carissa collapsed onto her stomach. Ethan's body fell over hers. She felt him kissing up her back. He came up and nibbled on the side of her neck.

"Well, Carissa, was it like you imagined?"

Carissa smiled at Ethan.

"More please."

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