Carla walked over and sat on the bed next to Amy. She put her arm around her and took her hands away from her face. Amy's big blue eyes looked up at Carla and didn't blink as Carla's fingers pushed her blonde bangs to the side of her face. "I've tried the same but it's in here." Carla pointed to the middle of her chest.

"I want to hold you, she said as she pulled Amy down next to her on the bed. Their heads shared the same pillow as their eyes locked together. Their heads moved closer and closer until their soft young lips pressed together. Carla tilted her head to the side to enable her to open her mouth and taste the other girl's lips.

Amy marveled at the softness of her lips and the tenderness of her tongue as it moved over her lips and into her mouth. The two tongues met and twisted together until their mouths were one. Their hands moved down the other ones back until they touched the rise of their buttocks. Amy opened her thighs to allow Carla's leg to press up against her virgin mound. Carla's hand moved down under the back of Amy's jeans until she felt the top of the girl's panties. She slithered her narrow fingers under the silky undies and slowly downward until she touched the top of her ass crack. Instead of diving down into her buttocks she gently caressed the area at the entrance. It was driving Amy mad.

Amy broke her mouth from Carla's and gasped for air. "Oh God, it feels so hot," she moaned feeling the girls leg rubbing against her pussy.

"I don't know what to do," Amy whispered in the girl's ear as the fingers slid down into her buttocks. "My panties are so wet."

"Mine too," Carla giggled. Her hand was now cupping the other girl's bare ass cheek. So far Carla was the aggressor.

"Turn over on your back." Carla directed. Amy felt Carla's hand slide from out of the back of her jeans as she did as the other girl said. She took a deep breath of air when Carla's fingers moved to the bare skin of her stomach under her blouse and quickly released the snap of the jeans. The noise of her zipper going down was deafening as was the beating of both of their hearts.

Amy turned her head and looked into Carla's eyes as the fingers moved down under her panties until they touched the top of her pubic mound.

"Yes?" Carla asked.

Amy nodded her head and bit her lip as another person's fingers touched and explored her virgin slit for the first time. "Yes," Amy repeated feeling her clit being caressed.

"OH YES!" She cried as the finger moved down her damp channel and back up to her pleasure button. She raced for a climax when the telephone exploded on the small table between the beds. "SHIT!" she said as she reached over to pick up the phone. It was her mom.

Carla still kept her finger gently caressing Amy's pussy as the girl talked.

"Yes, we got here safely. What?" Amy asked upset.

"No, Carla is not my roommate." Amy lied looking over at her girlfriend to see if she would be upset. Carla just smiled and rubbed the girl's clit a little harder. Amy grabbed her wrist and moved her lips to tell her to stop.

"I'll talk to you about the letter when I get home. I've got to go now. I love you," Amy said hanging up the phone. Amy closed her eyes and felt guilty she had lied to her mom. She pulled Carla's hand from her panties and stood up by the bed.

"God, why can't people just accept us for what we are?" Amy said almost in tears.

Carla stopped when she heard what Amy said. "I don't care what people think," she said as she stood up by Amy.

"My mother found your letter and that was why she didn't want me to come on this trip. She probably noticed I was wearing my red blouse," Amy said looking down at her full mounds pushing out the silky material. Her nipples were evident as they tented upward for Carla's attention.

"It is my favorite." Carla whispered as she moved her tiny hand forward to touch the bottom hem. Her fingers moved slowly across the material until they came to the front opening where they moved northward until she held the bottom button. She looked into Amy's eyes as she slowly pushed the white button through the small hole. It released and her fingers moved up to the next button.

Amy bit her lower lip as she watched her girl friend unbutton her blouse. She remembered the time when her past boyfriend had tried to do the same but she quickly stopped him. There was no stopping now as Carla's fingers released three buttons. "Two more to go," she thought.

Carla's fingers were trembling when she felt Amy's soft flesh under the material. She had seen Amy's breasts naked twice before during sleepovers and dreamed about seeing them close up. Her dream was coming true as she pushed the last button through and the blouse opened up showing Amy's white lacy bra underneath.

Amy moved her hands up to pull off her blouse but Carla stopped her. "Please let me do it." Amy smiled and stood back to give the girl room to slip her silky covering over her shoulders and down off her arms.

"They are so beautiful," Carla whispered as her hands moved up to Amy's shoulders. She pinched the bra straps and gently pulled them down the blonde girl's arms. The bra turned inside out and pulled away and downward as the straps moved to Amy's elbows. A small tug and her hard pink nipples would be exposed.

"Please don't tease," Amy moaned feeling the bra pulling down on her hard nips.

Carla smiled and gave the bra one more pull which freed the girl's tips. Carla reached her arm around Amy to unsnap the tight bra which caused her own small but firm covered breasts to push again Amy's naked ones.

Carla pulled away from Amy and sat down on the bed with her face at Amy waist. Her jeans were still unsnapped and opened enough for Carla to see the top of her white lace bikini panties. Her hands grabbed a hold of the waistband of the tight jeans and pulled down until the denim moved over Amy's hips and down her thighs. They fell at Amy's feet and remained around her ankles until Carla pulled them away. Her hands started at the almost naked girl's ankles and moved slowly upward caressing her delicate skin until she was inches from her damp silky panties. She could see the soft shadow of her blonde mound through the pearly white underwear.

Her fingers moved up the sides of Amy's hips to pinch the elastic of the panties and to pull them slowly down the girl's white pelvic area until the blonde mat of corn silk hair appeared. Amy opened her thighs and felt the damp panties pull out of her dripping slit and down her legs. She again picked up her feet to allow Carla to remove her last article of clothing. She stood rigid as the girl's eyes moved up over her soft thighs, moist mound, trembling stomach and hard nipples. "You are so beautiful." Carla said moving her lips forward to kiss the tender area of skin directly under Amy's navel.

Amy giggled. "That tickles."

Carla had read about oral sex on the internet and from her experiences and exploration on her own body knew what she had to do next. Her mouth planted tiny little kisses on Amy's lower stomach until her chin pressed against the yellow bush.

Amy didn't believe Carla would go this fast this soon. She felt the girl's hands moving up her thighs to cup her buttocks and her soft lips and hot tongue moving down towards her vagina. She had also read about female to female sex and knew oral sex was a very important part. She had lay awake in bed at night masturbating while imagining Carla's mouth doing what it was about to do. Her legs were so weak she fell back onto the bed and opened her legs. Her honey pot was Carla's to take.

Carla's eyes focused on the golden target in front of her lips. As Amy's legs opened so did her pink rosy folds and her small but very hard clitoris.

"OH CARLA!" Amy moaned when the tongue first flicked upward across her pleasure mound. At first Carla's lips and tongue fumbled without much control or pattern but the tongue learned from Amy's cries of pleasure and soon had the girl pulling her head and mouth closer to her womanhood.

"I'm...........I'm................Oh..........YES!" Amy screamed as she came. Fire and electricity shot up her spine until her head rocked side to side.

Carla held her mouth tight against the dripping mound until Amy's body slowed until it was still. Her breathing also calmed down. Carla stood and pulled her tee shirt up over her light blue bra which quickly joined the tee shirt on the floor. She looked down at the smiling naked girl watching her strip. She pushed down her jeans and her panties at the same time and moved up next to the flute player waiting for her.

Amy's eyes photographed Carla's firm breasts and tight stomach. She was surprised to see Carla's pubic hair almost gone. Only a slim strip rested about the girl's shaved pussy lips.

"My turn," Amy giggled as her lips captured one of Carla's rock hard nipples. Her fingers explored down the girl's stomach, over her strip of curly hair and into her moist lips. Carla realized quickly that being a flute player had its advantage. Amy's lips played music down the girl's body until she sucked in her uncovered clit. The lips and tongue vibrated until Carla's screams could be heard by the rooms on both sides of their room. Their secret was not a secret anymore as the two band girls listened with their ears against the wall in the next room.

Amy and Carla spend the next two hours kissing and touching every inch of each others naked bodies. They were almost asleep in each others arms when someone knocked at their door. Carla jumped from the bed and moved over to pull the chain away and open the door. She peeked out to see one of the girls in the band.

"I was wondering if I could borrow a hair brush." Colleen asked trying to keep a straight face. Another girl was standing behind the door also trying not to laugh out loud.

"Er....I guess so. Wait here," she said pushing the door close. But, the door did not click because of Colleen's foot. As Carla walked back to open her bag the door slowly opened and two girls stood with their hands over their mouths watching Carla's naked ass walking across the room. Colleen walked slowly into the room until she could see Amy's bare legs on the bed. She quickly moved around the corner to see Amy's startled face as she snapped the shutter on the digital camera. Carla was bending over opening her bag when she saw the flash of light. She turned to see Colleen's back as she raced from the room.

"They took our picture." Amy said in fear. She was lying on her back with one leg bent at her knee. Her whole naked front was exposed.

"Those bitches," Carla said with steam coming out of her ears.

"They got us both naked," Amy said as they both raced to get dressed. "Do you think they will show others?"

"Not if I can stop it," Carla said. The band director had given each of them a list of names and room assignments. Colleen was in the room next to theirs. She threw down the list, walked out into the hallway and pounded on Colleen's door.

"Yes?" Colleen said peeking out her door with the chain still attached.

"Let me in or I'll tear off the chain," Carla whispered. She was not a big girl but she was in great shape.

"I don't have the camera," Colleen whispered back.

"Where is it?" Carla asked trying to remain calm.

"If you stay calm I'll tell you where it is."

Carla took a deep breath. "OK." She saw the door close and heard the chain being removed. The door opened about a foot. Carla pushed it open and saw Colleen walking quickly into the room. Carla quickly moved inside and closed the door.

"Where is it?" Carla asked again seeing Colleen and her roommate Becky sitting at the small table.

"We know what you and Amy were doing over there," Becky giggled.

"That's our business," Carla said trying to prevent her arms from grabbing the girl's hair and pulling her out the door.

"Now it's ours too," Colleen said smiling. "If you want us to erase the picture you and Amy will have to do something for us."

"And, what might that be?" Carla asked looking around the room to see if she could spot the camera.

"After dinner come to our room. We will tell you then," Becky replied.

"I'll talk to Amy," Carla said as she stood and walked out the door.

Amy was waiting impatiently inside the room and panicked when Carla came back. "Where is the camera?"

"They have it but won't tell me where it is. They want us to do something for them." Carla replied.

"But, the picture only shows us naked. It does not prove we know."

"Yes. But, if that picture gets around it will only take one comment about us being gay for everyone to believe it." Carla said.

"Well. I don't want my naked photo floating around the school and probably the web." Amy said thinking out loud.

"Me neither. Let's play their little game but I'll take my camera tonight in case we might need it." Carla chuckled. She had a feeling they wanted her and Amy to do something nasty.

At dinner the band director gave out the next day schedule. Practice was in the morning at a nearby university auditorium with the first live performance that afternoon. A second performance was scheduled for later that night. Colleen and Becky kept smiling at Carla and Amy but they ignored them and enjoyed their meal. After dinner most of the band hung out in the lobby area. Some decided to go to a movie nearby and some to a mall. Four girls moved into the elevator to head up to Colleen's room.

None of them said a word until Colleen closed and locked the door. The girl turned and blurted out. "First of all I want you two to kiss each other." Becky giggled as she sat at the small table watching Amy and Carla sitting on one of the beds.

"Is that it?" Carla laughed. She leaned over and kissed Amy lightly on her lips.

"I meant a KISS," Colleen said as she moved over to sit next to Becky.

Carla took a minute to look at Colleen's and Becky's bodies. Both were short and a little pudgy. Becky's breasts were huge but Colleen's were small in comparison to all of them. It suddenly hit Carla what these two girls were looking for. She leaned over again and kissed Amy's lips with her lips held tightly together. She stopped and looked at Colleen who was getting frustrated.

"No, with open mouths."

"Maybe you and Becky can demonstrate what you mean." Carla suggested. Amy looked at her like she was crazy. Was she trying to piss off the girls that had their nude photo?

Colleen laughed and pulled Becky up next to her. Their lips pressed together and their mouths open. They turned their heads so Carla and Amy could see their tongues moving in and out of each others mouths.

Colleen broke her mouth away and smiled. "That's how you are supposed to kiss," she laughed.

"You two are.........," Amy started to say and stopped.

"Yes, lovers," Colleen said as she again kissed the quiet girl.

"What do you want from us?" Carla asked when their two mouths separated.

"We want to watch you while you watch us," Colleen frankly said.

"You want to watch us making love?" Amy asked with a shocked look on her face.

"Yes. We made mad sex while we listened to you two moaning this afternoon. We thought it would be better if we watched you and you watched us," Becky said.

"You promise all you want to do is just watch." Amy said looking at Carla to see if she was willing to do what they wanted.

"Can we talk about it in the bathroom?" Carla asked.

"Sure," Colleen giggled.

Carla took Amy's hand and led her into the small bathroom and closed the door. She turned on the fan to drown out their voices.

"Do you want to do it?" Carla asked.

"Do you?" Amy sent back the question. "I just want to hold and touch you and be with you. If this gets our photo back I'm willing to do it. Who knows maybe we will learn something?" She laughed.

Amy leaned over and gently kissed Carla's lips, "OK let's do it."

Colleen and Becky were into a deep soul kiss when the bathroom door opened and the two girls walked back in. "Watching only," Carla said restating the ground rules.

"You want to go first?" Carla asked nervously.

Colleen looked at Becky who smiled. They had been lovers for almost five months and had almost perfected their lovemaking techniques. Both girls were heavy but were not fat. Colleen was the first to stand to slowly start removing her clothing.

Carla and Amy sat down on the bed across from the table and watched as both girls stripped off their clothes. At first they figured they would do what they had to do to get back the photo but now their bodies came alive as they watched the two lovers pull their bras off. Amy was holding Carla's hand when Becky's bra fell from her huge breasts. She squeezed it tightly when she saw the giant mounds had little sag and had two large pink nipples in the center. Colleen blushed when she pulled her own bra off her small pancake-like boobs. Both girls were wearing thongs which the back strap was hidden down into their beefy ass cheeks.

The thongs moved down their muscular round thighs and down to their feet. Both kicked the panties to the side and stood up slowly.

Amy gasped when she saw the two shaven pussy mounds.

Colleen laughed when she saw Amy's reaction, "Oral sex is much better this way. OK now it's your turn."

Amy and Carla both stood across from the bed from the two naked band members. "Pretend they are not here," Carla whispered in Amy's ear. Amy turned her body until her body was facing away from the leeching eyes behind her. Her fingers trembled as she slowly stripped off her red blouse and jeans. She quickly adjusted her bikini panties which were wedged between her ass cheeks. She heard them giggle behind her. It was funny because she would soon be pushing her panties off her hips. She released her bra and noticed how hard her nipples were. Until today she had not experienced any sex with another person and now she had climaxed from her loves mouth and was now preparing to do it in from of two other girls. She bent forward to push her panties down without opening her legs but they could still see her moist pussy lips under her ass.

"Nice." She heard one of them say.

Amy stood to see Carla's bra fall to the floor and her panties moving down her tanned thighs. They held hands as they turned to show their bodies.

"Wow," Becky exclaimed.

Amy and Carla both blushed at their stares moving up and down their nakedness.

Colleen walked over to the small clock radio and turned on some music. She adjusted the tuner until a slow number came on. "Before we get started we would like to dance with you."

"Us?" Carla said sharply. "That was not the deal."

"It's just a dance. You want the photo back right," Colleen smiled. Her pussy was dripping as she stared at Amy's blonde bush.

"Are you two lovers?" Amy asked.

"Lovers? Hell no," Colleen laughed. "It's just sex baby." Becky smiled in agreement.

"Just a dance right?" Carla asked again. Even though she was afraid for Amy she was excited thinking these girls could show them how to make female love.

"Yes," Colleen answered quickly as she came around the bed and held her hand out for Amy to take.

Amy moved back behind Carla. "I don't want to dance with her like this."

"Go ahead. I'm here," Carla whispered. Becky had also walked over and stood smiling at Clara.

Carla's eyes never left Becky's full orbs as she moved her naked body into the heavy girl's arms. Becky right away took the female dance position and Carla the man position. The opposite was true for Colleen and Amy as Colleen's body pressed hard against Amy's firm breasts. They all felt hard nipples pressing back into their soft chests.

"This is not so bad is it?" Colleen whispered in Amy's ear. Her lips gently caressed Amy's earlobe. Amy shivered. "I guess not," she said as she closed her eyes and pretended it was Carla's body pressing against her own.

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