tagLoving WivesCarla Ch. 02

Carla Ch. 02


This starts out a bit slow, but picks up speed. I'd recommend reading the first installment on Carla to gain some background I omitted in this story. Enjoy, please comment (be polite, be constructive!).

I know I must have had a dumbfounded look on my face when Carla handed me those soaking wet panties. The only thing I recall, even after thinking about it days later, was her telling me not to lose them. Here it is a couple of days later and I still get a hard on thinking about that day and those panties. I've got them safely tucked away in a plastic bag, in the bottom of my backpack. Whenever the urge hits me I put 'em in my pocket and to the bathroom here at work. Her scent, the smell of her pussy sharpens the events of that day.

Carla doesn't work regular hours or days. She's on a 'team', one of five that work a rotating schedule that shifts from day and evening hours. Every few days the teams have to pull a midnight shift with just half the 'team' covering the duties, as there is little operational work during that timeframe. I hadn't seen Carla for a couple of days, and was surprised at the mixed feelings about that. On one hand, I wanted to see where all this would go, and on the other I was scared shitless of us getting caught out and her deciding to cover her ass by saying I forced her into it. The company was really hammering down on sexual harassment in the workplace, even going so far as to file criminal charges when warranted. I liked my job a lot, but, you know....a stiff dick...no conscience...little head thinking... This is extremely erotic and a new experience.

I was going through a stack of interoffice memos when I ran across Carla's note; 'Working the late shift tonight. I need that item I asked you to work on. Thank you, C." I was both intrigued and disappointed, and starting to get hard thinking about seeing her again. Carla isn't a raving beauty, but exudes a sensuousness that says 'fuck me' whenever you see her walk or interact with others. I'd seen the look about her before, but just thought I was misreading what my brain was telling me. I've never been good with taking hints and usually shied away from any situation that left any doubt. Carla is tall redhead, with great legs (she wears skirts and dresses most of the time) that lead up to a nice looking ass. She's got a smallish bust and is more than happy to show off what's there, leaning over and 'accidentally' giving whomever a glimpse down her blouse. After a baby or two, she has done a great job getting back and keeping in shape. And, as I found out, she doesn't shave her sparse strawberry blonde bush.

Her downside...she comes across as none too bright. After my time with her last week I've come to the conclusion that's an act with her. Anybody that is as blatant in her behavior as she is can't be dumb. She knows what she's doing and what she wants, that's for damn sure.

After reading Carla's note I quickly worked through the items that needed attention and pushing aside the rest. It took a couple of hours to finish up, I then let my boss know I'd be taking off and returning in the evening. I had this arrangement set up to allow me access to the department's computer after normal working hours. You should remember, this was back in the day when most places were lucky to have at least one computer in a department! I was working on finalizing some training manuals, and the computer beat the hell out of pounding away on a typewriter.

I came back into work after dinner, and tried (not really) to get some work accomplished, and ended up wasting. The anticipation of what might happen in a few hours was keeping me distracted. I kept picturing Carla sitting on the desk in her white skirt, legs spread, and showing me how wet and excited her pussy was. I grabbed her panties out of my backpack with the idea of adding a fresh load to them before I reluctantly gave them back to her. Thankfully the office area was pretty much deserted this time of the evening. The bulge in my pants would have been a bit hard to explain, but something I was soon going to take care of...

I didn't make it to the bathroom before I broke down and opened the baggie with Carla's used panties in them. They weren't just used, I vividly recall watching her push her fingers between her cunt lips to snag and slowly pull them out. The lavender was a deeper hue because the silky material had become saturated with her juices, her plump outer lips swelling with her continued arousal. I pushed the door open and headed to a stall, undoing my trousers even before the door closed. My dick was rock hard and aching to be touched, squeezed and stroked. The aroma coming from Carla's panties caused my blood to race, bringing my dick to a hardness I had the night she gave them to me. The back of my hand brushed past the spot of pre-cum that had started to soak through my boxers. My cock felt hot, welcoming the caress of my fingers along the tip, spreading the pre-cum around the head. I was shaking with excitement and desire as I ripped the panties from the bag, bringing them to my nose to bury my face in them. At this level of excitement I wasn't going to last very long, but I knew jerking off would ensure a lasting performance for later...if things progressed the way I hoped/wanted.

One of the last things Carla said that night was to jerk off in her panties and that's just what I intended right now. The panties were quickly wrapped around my length; despite the mix of dried fluids on them, they still felt wonderful against the stretched skin of my dick. The sensitivity of the head was almost too much as I rubbed the silky material through the liquid seeming to flow from the tip. I love jerking off almost as much as I do fucking...almost. The mixture of sensations coming from my cock as I stroked faster proved me right – I wasn't going to last long. My balls tightened up as I felt the first pulse of cum boil up, shooting into the panties. The climax made the head of my cock super sensitive, causing me to double over as the second, then the third jet added to the cream gathering in the silkiness, beginning to seep through the material and onto the toilet I hunched over.

I reached down for the baggie where it had fallen, smiling as I panted, recovering from the intensity of that orgasm, almost laughing aloud at just how quickly I'd reached the point of no return! Well, she asked to have 'em back with a load in em, I thought as I put the panties back into it. I cleaned up my hands and got myself back together. Maybe now I'll be able to focus on some work for a while.

Surprisingly I was able to get some work accomplished; guess a good jack off session is all that's needed to get the mind focused. I remained oblivious to anything outside the flow of words and paragraphs, diagrams and procedures of the manual.

'I'm sorry to interrupt, Bob. You've been jabbing away at that keyboard so intently I waited as long as I could before saying anything.' I damn near jumped out of my skin hearing a voice in the room with me. I jerked up at the sound of Carla's voice and turned toward the door. There she stood just inside the room, holding the door in her right hand. 'I've got to get back downstairs, but I really needed to get my panties back from you' she said as she quietly closed the door.

She turned back toward me, 'As you can see, I forgot to put anything on under my skirt, and it turned out to be a little cooler than I thought it'd be.' She slowly lifted her skirt, a smile creeping onto her face as she watched my reaction. There she stood, both hands holding her skirt just high enough for me to see what she said was true – she was wearing self-supporting beige stockings and nothing else below the waist. Carla had a beautiful cunt; wisps of strawberry blond hair, like a downy fur covered her protruding outer lips. With her legs slightly apart one can't help but notice her arousal; her lips looked wet and her prominent hooded clit was poking out like a miniature erection. "Uh, Bob, up here!' she said with a small laugh in her voice.

'Sorry, Carla, er, I didn't hear you and, uh, you have to admit you've made a helluva entrance just now.' I cleared my throat a couple of times as I continued to stare at her. She released her skirt and it fell to its natural pleats and began walking around to my side of the desk, the only thing separating us until then. I reached down away from her to fetch the baggie holding her panties, 'I don't know how much you will want to wear these, girl. I couldn't resist the feel of them earlier, and, you know, uh...'

'Let me judge their wearability, Bob', she laughed as she reached for them. I was hoping you'd found some way to be here tonight. I know my husband was surprised when I sucked him off just before I left to come to work.' Mr. Happy was more than letting me know he was up for some playtime! I've always loved a woman who talks about her sex life; the more detailed, the more I enjoy it. 'Oh, my, these are soaked!' Carla pulled the panties out of the bag, 'You're not kidding, Bob. You must have really had a good time with these. Mmmmmmmmmmm, I like the feel of this, love. Even with a chill to it, cum feels good.' I watched her lift the panties to her face, 'The smell! God I love the smell of cum! The feel of it.' Carla started to rub the panties around her nose and mouth. I reached to my crotch and adjusted my raging hard on, squeezing it hard, sending a jolt of pleasure up my spine to explode in the skull.

'Damn, woman, you are the hottest thing I've been around in some time!'

'I know. And we've just started to have fun! But I need to get back downstairs and report for work.' Carla straightened the panties and leaned over, lifting her leg to put them on! Oooo, these are cold! Does this make you just hard as a rock, Bob? I'm going to wear these until you take them off me later on tonight." I watched her slide them up her legs, a slimy trail following them up as she straightened, hiking her skirt up to keep it clear. 'Shit! That feels weird!' She smoothed the panties as best she could over her mound and ass, running her palms and fingers along her ass, 'ooooo, even being cold, doing this makes me hot, love. The feel of your cum covering my ass and pussy. I feel some of it drying on my legs. I wonder if anyone will be able to smell me?!?' Carla smoothed down her skirt. I could see drying cum on her cheeks and around her lips.

'Uh, Carla, are you going to wash that off?'

'No, I don't think so,' she said, leaning in close. Her breath smelled of cum. There was a shine to her eyes, a look of pure lust and sexuality. I placed my hand on the back of her neck, bringing her lips to mine. Her mouth attacked mine, her tongue battling with mine. While faint, I could still taste the remnant of her husband's cum on her tongue and in her mouth. This just spurred me on more. I wanted to fuck this woman, right then.

Carla put her hands on my face and pulled away just far enough to look into my eyes. 'Feel how wonderful these feel against my cunt, lover,' she whispered, moving back for another kiss. Her tongue invaded my mouth as I reached up under her skirt. I could feel the dried cum on the inside of her left knee and thigh. My hand came in contact with the cool clammy panties covering her pussy. I was surprised at how quickly they seem to be warming up. Rubbing back and forth, between her pussy and pushing the material into the crack of her ass, I put pressure on her back hole, increasing the pressure against her cunt.

'Later, Bob, later.' She stood up and turned to the door. 'Are you going to be here for another couple of hours? Carla opened the door and stepped out, 'I hope so.'

'I haven't been fucked in days.'

Carla left the door open, and I watched as she walked down the hall and out. My dick had been leaking like a sieve throughout all this and my boxers were soaked. Thank goodness for dark pants.


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