tagLoving WivesCarla Goes to Dallas

Carla Goes to Dallas


Carla and I met when she brought a set of plans from where she worked for me to look over. She had just been hired as a runner for the company and I did consultant work for them at times. This was a rush job so she was going to wait on them. I told her to take a seat and I would have them ready as soon as I could. I could tell she was nervous so I suggested she go across the street to a cafe and I would bring them over when I was through.

She left and when I finished I took them over and since it was noontime I ask if she would like to have lunch with me. She said, " I really need to get them back."

I said, "They can wait long enough for you to eat a bite. Besides they are gone to lunch to lunch now."

She stayed and we had lunch and talked. I learned she had finished college and this was her first job and she was a little nervous about going to strange places. I assured her that things would work out. We talked a little about her family and her plans for the future. We finished and told each other goodbye. I told her, "I hope to see you around."

She replied, "That would be nice."

Carla was twenty-two at the time and I was twenty-eight. I had never been married and had only dated off and on as I was trying to get my business built up.

The next time I saw Carla was at a site that the company had called me to for some on-site work. She was with one of the bosses and we got to talk a little. Her boss got a phone call and walked away from us. I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said she didn't.

I asked, "Would you like to go out to dinner sometime?"

She said after some hesitation, "Yes that would be nice."

I gave her my card and said, "Call me at the office or at home anytime."

She said, "I will do that."

The next Friday she called about four and asked if I still wanted to go to dinner and I said, "Yes I would love too. Can you go tonight or tomorrow night or both?"

She laughed and said, "Lets see how it goes. Lets go tonight. Can you pick me up at seven?"

I told her I would and she gave me her address.

I picked her up and we had a good date. I kissed her when I took her home and she asked if we were on for the next night. I asked if seven was okay and she agreed.

We dated for about a year before we got married.

Carla is a blond, green-eyed woman. She is about 5'8" tall with a slim figure. Her breasts are 34-C. She is not a knockout but there is something about the way he carries herself that is very attractive. She wears conservative clothes and doesn't like to show a lot of skin.

I am 6'2" with black hair and green eyes. My name is Judd. My weight is around 210lbs because I work out at the gym three times a week. I jog when I can and walk a lot. Carla started going to the gym with me after we got married and she jogs with me at times.

Our sex life has been good. We are neither very adventurous. It is pretty straight. I have tried to get her give me a blowjob but she told me she would not do that and for me to never to ask her to do anal. She will let me eat her pussy but only if she wants it and not when I want to. She will get on top and we do doggie style if she feels like it.

We had been married about five years when she started hinting around about quitting work. My business had been doing real good and we didn't need the money. I had inherited the house and it was paid off. She didn't want children yet so I finally gave in and she stayed at home. Along about this time I realized that she had taken over my life. She would lay the clothes out that she thought I should wear not only to parties and dinner but my work clothes also. She kept the house clean and did all the chores except the outside work. When she cooked she never asked me what I would like.

I had always got up early so I would fix our breakfast and she would cook the suppers. I begin to notice if we went out to eat she would chose the restaurant and decide what time we left and what we ordered. I tried to talk to her about it but she would shrug it off and say, "Let me take care of you baby. You work so hard and I want to see to all your cares."

Six months ago I begin to notice that she was spending a lot of her nights out with "the girls". I didn't think much about it until she started going out before I came home from work and would come in at midnight or later. I asked her to let me know when she was going to be out so I wouldn't worry about her.

I noticed that when she would come in at night she would go straight to the shower and then come to bed. I got up to go to the bathroom one night after she had come to bed and I checked her panties that she had pulled off. They were wet and there was a smell that wasn't her. I decided that night the marriage was over and all I needed to do was get some proof that she was cheating on me.

She came in one night and didn't take a shower. She told me the girls were talking about sex and she was horny. She wanted me to eat her pussy and I told her I was not up to it that night. She kept on at me and I told her, "If you suck my cock and swallow my cum I will eat your pussy until you cum."

She said, "Forget it and don't try to get me to fuck you anytime soon."

I told her, "Don't worry about that, babe."

I tried to figure out a schedule to follow her but she was so unpredictable that I had no chance. The opportunity came a little later. She had a friend that was getting married in Dallas and Carla was to be in the wedding. She flew down on a Thursday and came back on a Sunday. When I picked her up at the airport; I noticed she had on a long skirt and long sleeve blouse. It was the middle of July. I asked, "Aren't you hot with the long sleeves?"

She said, "No, It was all I had to wear back."

She told me the wedding was nice but she was bored the rest of the time and she was glad to be home. She said, "I missed you and if I wasn't so tired I would fuck your brains out. If you will sleep in the guest room tonight and tomorrow night, Wednesday night will be a night you will never forget."

Wednesday came and she was gone when I got home. I went to the guest room and went to bed. I locked the door before I got in bed. I got up and went to work before Carla got up or she may not have been home. I really didn't care anymore.

I had slacked up on my gym work and decided it was time to get back into it. I would work late and go to the gym. I would work out longer and then go out to eat. When I would come in my dinner would be in the oven or the microwave. There would be a note telling me where. I would leave it untouched.

On Saturday I awoke late and fixed my breakfast and washed the dishes and started my yard work. I kept drinks and water in a refrigerator in the garage so I didn't come in the house until after 1pm. Carla was in the living room but I went straight to my room. I took a shower and gathered my sheets, towels and dirty clothes and took them to the laundry and started the washer.

Carla came in and asked what I was doing. I said, "I am washing my clothes.

She said, "I usually do that for you. What is wrong with you? I never see you anymore. You are gone when I get up and you never leave me any breakfast. You have quit eating what I cook for you at night."

I said, "Carla you know what is wrong better than I. I will do my own cooking, cleaning and anything else I need around here. You go to your girls night out and you can stay out if you want."

She turned and walked away without saying anything. We didn't speak until Wednesday night when she asked, "Can you take me to the airport Friday evening? Amy in Dallas wants the wedding party to get together again this weekend. The pictures did not turn out and she wants everyone back down. I will be home Sunday."

I said, "I will take you but I don't want you to go. I wanted us go to the cabins this weekend. Carla I don't know what is happening to us but I think we are in deep trouble with our marriage. Please stay and go with me."

She looked at me funny and said, "I have to go this weekend. We can go when I get back. I think some time away from here will do us both good. I promise I will be here Sunday afternoon."

"Sunday may be too late for us Carla." I said.

I took her to the airport on Friday and tried to talk her out of going. She got mad and said, "I will be here Sunday. If you want to go to the cabins then I will go with you. Now will you shut up about it? You are pissing me off."

I walked off with her still talking.

I went home and contacted a private Detective company in Dallas. I gave them all the information, what she was wearing and got them to follow her from the time she got off the plane until she got back to the airport. He said, "We will follow her, take pictures of her and who she meets. If we can we will take videos of her and tape her conversations. It will cost five hundred dollars a day. I will give you a report each night by phone."

I agreed. I told him I would wire fifteen hundred dollars within the hour.

He called on Saturday night and gave me a report. When I heard what he had to say I knew I had the proof I needed. I felt a relief. I felt like a free man for the first time in years.

The report with tapes, both video and voice arrived on Tuesday about noon at my office. Carla had not come home on Sunday and I was not sure she would be home again. That was okay with me if that was her choice.

The tapes showed Carla had met a man at the airport and they went to a motel. The detective put recorders in the room when they left the room later in the evening. After the two of them came back into the room, Carla got undressed and was tied to the bed face down. A gag was put into her mouth and the man started to slap her with his hands on her butt and back of her legs. Then he beat her with a belt. After the whippings he untied her and she sucked his cock until he came in her mouth. He fucked her ass and pussy until late in the night. She took a shower and he tied her to bed again. They went to sleep and when they awoke the next morning it started all over again. Sunday afternoon a second man came to the room. Carla protested that there was not supposed to be anyone else involved but they both did whatever they wanted to do to her.

I came home about 11pm Tuesday night. Carla was sitting on the couch when I came in. She was wearing a long sleeve gown and this was July. She stood up as I walked over and stood in front of her. She would not look me in the face. I just stood and said nothing. She finally looked at me and with tears in her eyes she said, "I am sorry. I think I have really messed up this time. I hope you will forgive."

I reached up and grabbed the gown at the neck, pulled until it tore down the front and pull it off her arms. I almost threw up right there. She was covered from her neck to her knees in black and blue pinch marks. Her tits were bruised so bad I don't know how she could stand it. I turned her around. Her back was the same way. From the middle of her back to her knees was black and blue with yellow streaks. There were welts everywhere. I ran to the kitchen sink and threw up for 10 minutes. She was gone when I got back. I had to have a strong drink of whiskey to settle down. I didn't get much sleep that night.

Carla left the next day and was gone for eight days. The next Wednesday she was sitting on the same couch as I came in that night. She got up and came to me. She tried to hug me but I turned away and walked into the kitchen. I could hear her start to cry. I mixed me a drink and went in and set down.

She cried for twenty minutes before she could stop enough to talk. I didn't say a word. When she got calmed down she said, "I am so sorry you saw that. I am so ashamed of what I have done. I can only ask for forgiveness. What are you going to do? Do you want a divorce? Is there anything I can do to get you to forgive me?

I said, "Carla, I think our marriage ended six months ago. You was running around on me then. You had gotten where you was telling me everything to do, what to wear, what to eat and where I would sleep. You cut out sex with me. You took over my life completely. You even came in one night and wanted me to eat your pussy. I know it was after your boyfriend had fucked you and left his load in your pussy. I realized that night that we were through but I didn't have any proof. Well, I have the proof now. What you did in Dallas is beyond belief. I won't even call you what you deserve to be called."

"What do you know about Dallas?" She asked.

" The tape shows you sucking some guy's cock. He fucks you in many positions including in your asshole. He beats you with a belt, his hands and a whip. He cums all over your body. He does these things that you would never do with me. Then another man comes in and both of them fuck you all Sunday night and Monday morning." I said.

She said, "OH My GOD. All that was taped. I am sorry. Oh my GOD , what am I going to do? I can't believe I let myself get in that situation. Oh No."

I told her I was going to bed. I said, " Carla I still have love in my heart for you but I cannot live with a woman that has no respect for herself. You can move out when you get ready. You can file for divorce but remember I have the tapes. My name is off the checking account and saving account. There is money in both. You need to get a job. Take all your personnel things and you can take all the clothes you bought for me. You can sell them; give them away, whatever you want to do. You can keep the car. It is paid for and in your name. For your sake I hope you get some help."

I went to bed and left her sitting there crying.

I see Carla around from time to time. We have been at the gym at the same time. She tells me she is going to a psychiatrist and she is getting better. She finally told me the story of how this got started. She met a man that took her home one night and introduced her to bondage and pain. She fell into his trap and got to depend on it. She told me the man had set it up for her to meet the man in Dallas when she went to the wedding. On the second trip back from Dallas is when she realized she had a problem and was going to confess to me and ask for help. She told me she wishes she had come to me when it all started. She still asks me if I would ever consider taking her back. I can't give her an answer. Maybe I need some help.

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