tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCarlotta's Captivity Pt. 03

Carlotta's Captivity Pt. 03


Author's Note: This is pure fantasy. I like writing non-consent, but it needs to have at least a minimal amount of justification, rather than be pure abduction/rape. Also note that all my characters are eventually freed, although somewhat the worse for wear, at least in the short-term. There are nine chapters in this one, and I will submit them a couple of chapters at a time every day or so. Enjoy them (if this is your thing). Comments are welcome, and I have a thick skin.


Chapter 5

Two days later, Carlotta nervously entered the playroom. The Master was already there, sitting in his usual chair. A box was beside the chair. "Come in Carlotta and have a seat on the mat there." Carlotta sat down on the indicated mat, still wondering what was going to happen to her today.

"One of the whole points of activities like ours is to force the victim to enjoy it at some sexual level and even climax despite the pain. It's not really much fun for me if it is just pure torture. From how wet you have gotten several times, I know that this could happen with you, but it is obviously not reaching the point of you actually climaxing. I was sure you would orgasm on the bike; after all, a rather large dildo was moving steadily in and out for quite a few minutes. Until you slowed down, there was no pain and even the initial shocks weren't very strong. You should have climaxed. At this point, my question is this. Have you ever really had an orgasm?"

"Of course I have," Carlotta answered hotly. "Master," she added quickly.

The Master shook his head sadly. "Carlotta, I have access to a lie detector and am quite proficient in its use. If you lie to me it will mean severe punishment, maybe even the stocks. So, one more time: Have you ever really had an orgasm?"

Carlotta hung her head, blushing. "I, I don't know for sure, maybe."

"If you don't know for sure, I can assure you the answer is 'No'. When you finally have an orgasm, you will not have any doubt. So our goal now is to get you used to having orgasms in a number of different ways. We'll start out with something simple," he said, reaching into the box. "This is called a butterfly. Stand up for a moment."

The Master buckled a strap around Carlotta's waist then ran additional straps between her legs and fastened them to the belt in back. This had the effect of securing the fairly flat device right over her clit and the top of her pussy. "Now lie down and get comfortable," he said, producing a cushion for her head. Carlotta did as she was told, still confused by the new, nice Master. "I'll leave your hands free so that you can move the butterfly around a bit if you want to." With that, he turned it on.

"Oh, God," Carlotta thought as the vibrations began to work their magic on her clit and pussy. No one had ever gone down on her before; she had never really spent any time pleasuring herself, and had certainly never used a vibrator. Sex had always been something she used to get what she wanted; sex itself had never been what she wanted. Now she had no choice but to experience the stimulation. After a few minutes, unable to help herself, she moved her hands to the butterfly, moving it around slightly to maximize its effect. Her tension grew. After another few minutes she felt like she couldn't take any more and was about to explode. She tried to remove the butterfly, but the Master stopped her.

"Leave it, Carlotta. Trust me, just this once."

With no choice, she did. After another minute or so, she was sure she would shatter any second. That's when it happened; she did shatter in a screaming orgasm unlike anything she had ever even imagined. The Master reached over and turned the butterfly off, as Carlotta lay there shuttering with the aftershocks of her first orgasm.

"See, I told you you would know if you had ever really had an orgasm," he said. "There are basically three different kinds of orgasm. This was a clitoral orgasm. After you have recovered, we will work on a vaginal orgasm. It is not quite as intense, but many women find it more satisfying. After that, we will try for a blended orgasm, combining the two. My female friends all say it is the best of the three, although sometimes a bit harder to achieve."

Unbelievably to Carlotta, the Master went over to the bar and returned with a small glass of champagne for her. She sipped it as she recovered. The Master waited patiently. When she was through, the Master asked her. "Are you ready to try for a different kind of climax?" Less apprehensive than normal, Carlotta nodded, not really trusting her voice.

The Master reached into his bag and pulled out a fairly long vibrator with a flexible head that looked like it could move in and out as well as perhaps even in a small circle. It was fairly large, but after dealing with the Master's cock, the seven or eight inch vibrator was really not very intimidating. "Lay back and relax and I'll insert this for you. Again, you may need to move in around or even in and out some to get the maximum effect. Experiment; sex is supposed to be fun, well at least sometimes. Let me show you the controls."

Carlotta followed his instructions. The vibrator had some fairly sophisticated controls. There were three speeds and two buttons, one to cause the head to move in and out, the other to make the head move in a tight circle. Carlotta turned it on using the slowest speed. Immediately, she began to feel some of the same sensations as the first time, although these seemed deeper and more complete somehow, even if less intense. She turned it up a speed and began moving it around some with her hands. She was still embarrassed about putting on such an intimate show for the Master and the watching cameras, but she guessed she must be getting use to it since she was no longer blushing as intensely or as often.

The sensations gradually built in Carlotta's nude and now sweating body. Despite the sweat, both her nipples were rock-hard and standing straight up at least half an inch. After her first orgasm, she now knew what the build-up meant, and she was suddenly eager for her climax. She turned the vibrator up to high and activated both the other controls at once. The intensity of the vibrations increased dramatically and the tip began moving in and out an inch or so, but also rotating in a subtle circle at the same time. The effect was electric. "Oh, God, oh God" Carlotta screamed as the sensations rapidly built, then crested in another shattering orgasm. Too overcome to turn the vibrator off immediately, Carlotta screamed again as her body almost instantly built up to a second and then a third climax.

The Master reached over and turned it off, slowly withdrawing the vibrator from her spasming pussy with a distinct sucking sound. As Carlotta opened her eyes, he looked at the vibrator and with a wink at Carlotta, began licking her juices off of it. "Delicious," he said at last. Despite everything, that did make Carlotta blush again, the color starting at her face and moving all the way down to her quivering tits with their still-hard nipples.

The Master put the vibrator on the table next to the butterfly and moved back to the bar. He returned with yet another glass of champagne for Carlotta. "That was at least mostly a vaginal orgasm. Take some time to come down, and then we'll try one more thing today, the blended orgasm."

When Carlotta indicated she was ready, the Master re-attached the butterfly and also re-inserted the vibrator. This time however, he stretched Carlotta's arms out over her head and secured them. "I really want you to focus on the sensations this time, without trying to control them at all; just feel." He turned both devices on, with the vaginal vibrator on low. The sensations began to build. After a few minutes, the Master leaned over and upped the speed on the vibrator.

For Carlotta, the tension continued to build, but the combination of sensations was almost unbearable. Had her hands been free, she would have moved one or the other of the devices. Since her hands weren't free, all she could do was endure. After a few more minutes, the Master switched the vibrator on high and activated the other two controls as well. Moments later, Carlotta experienced a screaming climax unlike anything she had felt so far. "Please, no more; turn them off," she gasped out. The Master ignored her plea, watching as she shuttered through another two screaming climaxes in quick succession before finally turning them off.

Carlotta lay in an exhausted but satisfied heap. The Master unfastened her arms and carried her into her bedroom and laid her down on her bed. He moved into the bathroom and ran her a bath in the Jacuzzi tub, then set one last glass of Champagne down next to it. "When you are ready, you can go soak in the tub. I'll see you again tomorrow at 10:00," he said as he left.

Chapter 6

Carlotta entered the "playroom" the next morning, promptly at 10:00. She had gotten up, had breakfast, given herself her required enema and showered. She was not looking for a repeat of her previous experience when she had overslept. When she entered the room, the Master was not alone. A completely nude, vaguely Oriental girl, maybe mid twenties, was with him. She had a lovely, tight little body, completely shaven, just like Carlotta was now.

"This is Anna; she is one of my administrative assistants. Normally, she doesn't involve herself in this part of my activities, but today she has agreed to help. Anna wants a new car; it costs around fifty thousand dollars. Unfortunately, she and her husband had an accounting business together, but he ran off with the secretary after defrauding several clients as well as cleaning out all his and Anna's joint accounts. Anna managed to escape jail but they did pull her CPA license, even though they couldn't prove she was in on the fraud. Since her credit is also now shot, she can't get a normal car loan for several more years. Her trade-in is worth around twenty thousand, so she is looking for a way to earn the extra thirty thousand dollars. I have offered her a thousand dollar bonus for her help today, as well as an opportunity to earn more."

"The process is simple. First, Anna will go down on you. She has fifteen minutes to make you climax. For every minute quicker than that, I'll put one thousand dollars in her car fund, and you get one stroke. For every minute you hold out over fifteen, I will subtract one stroke from your daily total, and give it to her instead. Next, you will do the same for her. For every minute she holds out over fifteen, she gets another thousand dollars and you get a stroke. For every minute under fifteen, she gets a stroke and we subtract one of yours. Finally, the two of you will "69"; if she cums first, she gets three strokes and we will subtract three from you; if you cum first, she gets another three thousand dollars and you get three strokes. At the end of the day, if you have negative strokes, you can use ten of them to buy another day off, or use them later to avoid punishment strokes on later days. If you don't want to play, I will just give her the thirty thousand dollars and give you thirty strokes, probably from several different instruments. Note that there are therefore three separate contests. At the end of the day, I get to fuck whoever loses two of them in the ass, and the other in her cunt." Anna looked nervous as the Master said this last.

Carlotta listened to this in horror. She was not even sure she could perform oral sex on another woman and certainly had no desire to. On the other hand, she could only imagine what thirty strokes in a row would feel like. "I guess, I guess I'll play," she said reluctantly.

"Good choice; take a spot on the mat there, and we'll get started."

Carlotta took her spot on the mat, and the Master moved over and propped a pillow under her head. Next, he wheeled a machine over and began attaching the leads to her body, rather like an EKG machine. "This device was originally developed by sex-therapy clinics to monitor orgasms in both men and women. It will keep you both honest, so no one can fake an orgasm." Once Carlotta was all hooked up, he turned to Anna and said, "Your show, my dear. I'll start the timer whenever you're ready."

Anna positioned herself between Carlotta's legs, using her hands to push them further apart to give her an unobstructed view of Carlotta's cunt. "I want a pillow under her butt too," she requested. The Master had Carlotta raise up and then pushed a pillow under her hips. Anna adjusted it a bit until she was satisfied with the placement. "I'm ready," she said, taking a deep breath.

"Go," the Master said, starting the timer.

Carlotta knew at once that this was not Anna's first experience with another woman; she knew exactly what she was doing. She began by parting Carlotta's cunt lips and breathing softly on the exposed core. From there she proceeded with soft, slow licks, starting with long licks from Carlotta's ass all the way to her clit, gradually picking up the pace and increasing the intensity. After a few moments, she began pushing the tip of her quick little tongue into Carlotta's cunt, making happy, slurping sounds. Gradually her tongue started going deeper, with increasing force and speed. After another couple of minutes, she moved up and began concentrating on Carlotta's clit, replacing the tongue in Carlotta's cunt with her finger, slowly moving it in a circle as well as in and out. Carlotta blushed as she heard the squishy sounds the finger in her cunt was making.

As time passed, Carlotta felt herself climbing toward her climax. She was torn; she wanted the climax but was also afraid she might cum too quickly, since the Master was not calling out the time. Anna sensed her climb and began increasing the intensity of her sucking and licking on Carlotta's clit. At the same time, she began using another finger, wetted first in Carlotta's cunt, to begin circling Carlotta's asshole. Eventually she inserted the first joint into Carlotta's ass and began inscribing small circles. Carlotta tried to resist, but the combined sensations pushed her over the edge and she climaxed with a scream.

"Nice work, Anna. That was only nine minutes; that earns you six thousand for your car fund. Of course, it also earns Carlotta six strokes." The Master moved over to the bar and poured them both a glass of champagne and brought it back to them. Both women sipped it, resting and getting ready for Round 2.

After a few minutes, the Master ordered Anna to take her place on the mat. Unasked, she pushed the pillow under her hips, placed the other one comfortably under her head and spread her legs, totally exposing her cunt and ass to Carlotta's gaze. The Master then hooked up the monitor leads, and nodded to Carlotta when he was finished. Hesitantly, Carlotta positioned herself between Anna's legs and considered her cunt. "You can do this," she told herself firmly. "Just do the same things she did to you."

Carlotta took a deep breath and nodded to the Master, who started the timer. Carlotta's first licks were tentative, never having tasted another woman's cunt before. Surprisingly, Anna didn't taste bad at all, just a slightly musky, spicy taste. As she continued, Anna's cunt began to flow more heavily and Carlotta realized she actually liked the taste. Carlotta set to work with greater enthusiasm, driving her tongue deep into Anna's flowing pussy, and licking up her flowing girl-juices eagerly.

Carlotta quickly realized that, since Anna had done this before, she was actually at a slight disadvantage even though Carlotta was inexperienced; she was used to being eaten by another woman and climaxing. For Carlotta, the whole thing had been so new, and yes, embarrassing that it had taken her awhile to begin to relax enough to react. After a couple of minutes, Anna began to squirm around. Carlotta increased her efforts, now focusing her oral efforts on Anna's clit, which appeared to be more sensitive even than her own, and replacing the tongue in Anna's cunt with her finger. Remembering how Anna had finally finished her off, Carlotta hesitated and then wet a second finger in Anna's flowing juices and began using it to play with Anna's tight little asshole. Anna responded immediately, but then seemed to get a hold of herself and calm herself down some for the next few minutes, so Carlotta increased her efforts, speeding up the strokes from her tongue and driving a second finger into Anna's cunt. Anna squirmed more and Carlotta could hear her breathing speed up. Carlotta redoubled her efforts and Anna began making little whimpering sounds. After another minute or two, Anna arched her entire body and screamed out her climax.

"Excellent," the Master complimented Carlotta. "That was thirteen minutes; you seemed to really get into that girl-on-girl action. I wasn't sure you had it in you. That means Anna gets two strokes, and we will subtract two from the six I already owe you. Let me get you ladies another glass of champagne while you rest a few minutes."

Both girls watched the other as they sipped their champagne, each of them sizing up the other and wondering what she could do to win the third round. The Master was amused; they looked like two prize fighters, sizing up their opponents. He gave them a full hour, mostly just to heighten the tension.

"Ok," the Master said. "Time for the final round. If you ladies will take your positions on the mat, I get a second monitor and begin hooking you both up." Both women positioned themselves on the mat, staring directly into each others cunts while the Master began attaching the leads from the two monitors. "Everyone ready?" he asked. At their nods, he just said "Go!"

Because of the first two sessions, each of the women knew at least a little about what would bring the other to orgasm. Both of them set to it with a will and the sounds of slurping, licking and soft moans filled the room, as well as the smell of aroused cunts. After a few minutes, both women were squirming around, panting between licks and trying desperately not to cum. Finally, Anna arched her body back and unable to help herself, instead of trying not to cum, grabbed Carlotta's head and held it tightly to her cunt, cuming with a loud prolonged shriek. That drove Carlotta over the edge as well, and she climaxed only instants later. Both women flopped backwards and lay on their backs, breathing heavily and trembling with the aftermath of their explosive climaxes.

"Excellent," the Master complimented them, bringing each of them another glass of champagne. "That was really close. However, Anna did cum first, even if only by a couple of seconds. That makes the final tally five strokes for Anna and a total of four thousand dollars toward her car fund, including her initial thousand dollar bonus. I also get to fuck her delectable little ass, something I have wanted to do ever since I hired her. Carlotta, you only get a single stroke and of course I get to fuck your cunt. I will do that first, and then have Anna clean me off before I fuck her ass. However, that means you have to clean me after I finish with Anna. Each of you will first have to use your mouths to get me hard for the fucks."

Carlotta sipped her drink and listened to all this without comment, knowing it had all worked out about as well as she could have expected. The Master let them finish their drinks and then said, "OK, ladies, let's get started. After watching the two of you all morning, I am definitely ready for some action of my own."

The Master had Carlotta lay back down on the mat and then attached cuffs and ropes from the ceiling to each ankle. Satisfied he used his remote to raise her legs into the air. Next he moved the ropes further apart until she once again felt the strain in her thigh muscles from an almost complete split. Once she was in position, he moved over to the wall and brought out a strange apparatus. "This is a device for measuring speed. They use things like it in tennis and baseball to measure the speed of the ball in a serve or a pitch. We're going to use it to measure the speed of the stroke. Each of you is going to administer the punishment strokes to the other. Whoever has the fastest stroke wins. If Anna wins, she gets another five thousand dollars and Carlotta gets five additional strokes from me. If Carlotta wins, she gets a negative five strokes to use on later days and Anna gets my five strokes. I might point out Anna, that you only get one stroke on Carlotta while she gets five strokes on you. You'd better make your first stroke count."

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