tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCarlotta's Captivity Pt. 04

Carlotta's Captivity Pt. 04


Author's Note: This is the final chapters in Carlotta's Captivity, but she may return on the other side of the whip in an upcoming series, "Anna's Apology". I have the first chapter of that done and will post it if I get enough interest. BTW, in response to one comment, I read years ago about brothels in Thailand that specialized in "double-fucks" along with the description. I believe it fell out of favor because of increased risk of uterine cancer.


Chapter 7

Carlotta was very worried the next morning when she entered the playroom. She knew that the Master was planning to put her in the stocks, and that they were reserved for only serious punishment. After all the abuse she had already suffered, she was very concerned what serious punishment might entail. Nevertheless, with no choice, she entered the playroom promptly at 10:00. Anna and the Master were already there, Anna nude and the Master dressed in his usual black leather pants.

"Traditionally, someone in stocks was forced to kneel down and place their hands and head in the stocks which were then locked down. We will get to that position eventually, but first, I think we need you to apologize to Anna. For that, we're going to use a different position."

Carlotta noticed then that the stocks were actually on two separate platforms, the stocks themselves on a narrow shelf and the space where the prisoner would kneel was on a separate platform. The Master used a switch to raise the platform up until it was level with the openings in the stocks.

"I want you on your back, with your head and hands in the stocks," the Master ordered. With no choice, Carlotta complied, noting that the holes for her hands were stretched far out to the sides. Once she was in position, the Master lowered the top of the stocks down, locking them together and securing her in place. Next he had Anna move over and straddle Carlotta's head, then adjusted the height of both platforms until Carlotta's immobile head was pressed deeply into Anna's cunt.

"I am going to fuck you and then use the birches on you while you eat Anna's cunt. We'll keep this up until you bring her to an orgasm. This will be your way of apologizing to her. Afterwards, we'll turn you over and put you back in the stocks, and then I plan to fuck your mouth and your ass. I even have a eight-inch strap--on in case Anna wants to fuck you too. Between fucks, we'll use a selection of my whip collection to keep you entertained. Hopefully, this will teach you to be better behaved in the future. By the way, if you get thirsty, let me know."

The Master moved between her legs and shoved his cock all the way into her unprepared cunt. Carlotta would have screamed, but her mouth was covered by Anna's cunt. "Start licking, bitch," Anna demanded, taking hold of her hair and pulling her even tighter into her cunt. Anna began rubbing her cunt on Carlotta's face as Carlotta reluctantly began licking. The Master began his usual brutal fuck. It was going to be a long day for Carlotta.

Anna was drawing the action out, moving away from Carlotta every time she got close to climaxing. The Master was speeding up his thrusts and Carlotta knew he was probably getting close to cumming. She desperately needed to get Anna to cum before the Master finished and began using the cruel birch switches on her helpless outstretched body. With one last thrust, the Master shoved his cock all the way in and ejaculated deep in Carlotta's womb. He stayed still for a moment, then withdrew.

"Anna, could you stop for a minute? I need Carlotta to clean my cock off." Anna complied, coming down once more from her climb to climax. She smirked. The Master was going to have plenty of time with his birches before Carlotta could bring her to climax now.

The Master spent a couple of minutes getting his cock cleaned, then thanked Anna and moved over to the wall of whips. Anna straddled Carlotta's face again and shoved Carlotta's mouth back into her cunt. "Start licking bitch." With no choice, Carlotta went back to licking and tonguing Anna's dripping cunt.

The Master came back with the birches. From her position, Carlotta wouldn't have been able to see him even if her face wasn't shoved into Anna's crotch. As it was she could just hear him approach and could hear the sound the birches made as he swished them through the air in preparation.

The first stroke fell on her unprotected tits, the cruel little birch buds covering her entire upper chest with dozens of stinging strikes. Carlotta screamed. "Oh, God, Master; hit her again. You can't believe what a scream feels like when she's eating my cunt," Anna exclaimed.

The Master complied, the next stroke falling on Carlotta's taut, stretched out belly, and the next on her upper pelvis, just above her trembling cunt, still leaking the Master's recent cum. Carlotta screamed long and hard into Anna's cunt with each new stroke. "Yes, Yes! More! Master, I am so close," Anna exclaimed again.

The Master moved the next stroke past her cunt to her tender upper thighs. "Almost there," Anna panted as Carlotta screamed again. The Master hesitated, wanting to build the tension, then brought the cruel switches down directly on Carlotta's exposed cunt and clit. Her scream was long and shrill, but was drowned out by Anna's un-muffled scream as she climaxed, flooding Carlotta's face with her cum. Anna collapsed back on the floor, while Carlotta just sobbed quietly, unable to even wipe Anna's dripping juices off of her face.

The Master went over to the bar and fixed drinks for Anna and himself, then brought Anna's over to her while sipping his. Carlotta was thirsty as well, but he made no effort to provide a drink for her. After watching Anna and the Master sip their drinks for a few minutes, she finally said, "Master, I'm thirsty. Could I have something to drink as well?"

"Certainly, Carlotta; Anna, do you think you can help her?" the Master replied.

Anna thought about it for a minute and then said "Yeah, I think I can, at least some." Anna moved over and straddled Carlotta's face again. "Open your mouth bitch," she ordered. Carlotta hesitated until the Master picked the birches back up, and then opened her mouth. Anna immediately let loose a stream of hot piss, filling her mouth and overflowing all over her face. "Swallow, bitch, and then get that mouth open again. I'm not through yet," she ordered. Carlotta complied, crying bitterly, her tears mixing with the piss on her face.

Eventually Anna was through, and the Master freed Carlotta from the stocks. He forced her to her hands and knees in front of the pool of piss on the floor. "Start licking. I'll birch your ass until it's all cleaned up to speed up the process."

The Master proceeded to land stroke after stroke on her bare butt, which with her head down was sticking up conveniently, while Carlotta frantically licked up Anna's piss. After probably half a dozen strokes, the floor was finally clear. "Good job," the Master complimented her. "It's time to put you back in the stocks." The Master moved her around and, after lowering the platform, placed her on her knees in the traditional position with her head and hands back in the stocks. Satisfied with her position, he brought the top of the stocks down and locked her into position. He regarded her thoughtfully. "What do you think, Anna?" he asked.

"We need to raise the platform more to put her head lower and her ass higher; I like the 'head down, ass up' position when I'm fucking someone's ass." The Master adjusted the platform height until Carlotta's head was lower than her knees; bringing her red-stripped ass high into the air. "Much better," commented Carlotta. "Why don't you start, since I've just cum," she suggested to the Master. "That way, after you cum in her ass, I won't have to use any lube on the strap-on."

"Works for me," the Master said, kneeling behind Carlotta and placing the again-erect head of his cock at her swollen cunt. The Master made several strokes into her cunt to coat his cock with a combination of Carlotta's juices and his cum. Satisfied with the lubrication, he placed the head of his dick at her cringing little star. Carlotta groaned as he began sinking his fat cock deep into her straining ass. She was familiar with the stretching now, but she wouldn't exactly say she was used to it; she would probably never get used to a fat ten-inch cock invading her tiny asshole. The Master eventually bottomed out and began fucking Carlotta's ass, alternating long deep strokes with a series of quick shallow strokes popping the head of his cock in and out of her asshole. This went on for maybe fifteen minutes before he groaned, shoved his cock all the way in and held it there while he filled her ass with cum. After a couple of minutes, he pulled out with a wet sucking sound. Carlotta was not surprised when he moved around to her head and knelt down, sticking his still-dripping cock in her mouth for cleaning.

"Tell you what Anna; are you open for another contest and a chance to win another $5,000?" the Master asked, standing up again after his cock was clean.

"Maybe," Anna answered. "What did you have in mind?"

"It's simple really. You use the eight-inch strap-on to fuck Carlotta's ass. We'll also put the butterfly on her clit. If you can make her climax within twenty minutes, you win. If she can hold out, the two of you swap positions and we both fuck your ass. If the meantime, as soon as I get hard again, I plan to fuck her mouth while you fuck her ass."

Anna considered for a couple of minutes, then finally said "Make it twenty-five minutes and you've got a deal. I don't think the little slut can hold out that long without cumming."

"Done," the Master said.

The Master arranged the butterfly over Carlotta's clit and cunt while Anna put on the strap-on dildo. Normally the hard eight-inch cock might have frightened Carlotta, but at this point her comparison was with the Master's much larger cock, so she wasn't too worried, especially since her anal channel was now well-lubricated with the Master's cum. She was even clenching her asshole to make sure none of it dribbled out. She was, however, determined not to cum. She couldn't wait for a chance to fuck the Anna-bitch's ass after she had pissed in Carlotta's mouth.

When everything was ready, Anna positioned the hard tip of the cock at Carlotta's asshole and the Master prepared to turn on the butterfly vibrator. "Remember Anna, you have to keep fucking her ass. If you quit and just let the butterfly bring her to climax, you lose. Ready?" At Anna's nod, he turned on the vibrator and started his timer as Anna began shoving the dildo into Carlotta's butt.

The dildo was harder than the Master's cock, but not as large, so the penetration itself was not terribly painful. However, Carlotta's poor little ass was already sore from the Master's fucking, so even though the dildo was smaller, it still became painful as Anna shoved it in and out at a steady pace. Carlotta was also aware of the butterfly vibrator buzzing away on her clit and cunt, but, determined not to come, focused instead on the pain of the dildo rooting in and out of her ass. It seemed to work.

After ten minutes or so of watching, the Master was hard again and moved around to Carlotta's head. She opened her mouth obediently and he shoved his hard meat into her mouth and down her throat in one smooth motion. Carlotta gagged a bit, but was actually glad, since that gave her one more thing to focus on rather than the vibrator. This kept up for another ten minutes. By that point Anna was starting to get worried and really picked up the pace of her ass-fucking. The combination of the dildo and the vibrator were actually starting to get to Carlotta, so even though she could only move her head a little, she started forcing more of the Master's cock down her throat, gagging herself as much as she could. That served to distract her until the twenty-four minute mark. The Master finally climaxed, filling her mouth and throat with cum. It was enough to distract her for a few more seconds, but then the Master withdrew, leaving her nothing but the ass-fucking and wicked little vibrator to focus on.

Carlotta could feel herself climbing toward orgasm. Anna, seriously worried now, picked up the pace as much as she could, but she was tiring now. Still, the added stimulation, even in her ass, started Carlotta back on the climb to orgasm. Desperately, Carlotta dug her fingernails into her palms, almost hard enough to draw blood. This provided just enough distraction that time finally expired.

"Time," the Master called out. Anna stopped her frantic fucking and withdrew, defeated, but the little vibrator was still going on Carlotta's clit and Carlotta finally surrendered and let herself climax with a scream.

"Sorry, Anna but it looks like you lose this time. It was so close; I don't think Carlotta could have held out for even another minute," the Master said, beginning to release Carlotta from the stocks. Anna collapsed in a chair, breathing hard and covered with sweat. "Let's all take a few minutes to rest and then I'm afraid that Anna needs to go into the stocks."

Anna removed the strap-on while the Master actually fixed them all drinks. They all sipped them, Carlotta eyeing the nervous Anna with predatory hate. After maybe ten more minutes, the Master said, "I guess it's time to get started. Anna, your stocks await."

Reluctantly, Anna let herself be secured in the stocks in the same head down, ass up position she had ordered for Carlotta. Her nervousness increased as the top of the stocks came down, locking her helplessly in position.

"I suppose I should again go first, so that my cum will lubricate Anna's ass for Carlotta's fucking," the Master said, kneeling behind Anna's exposed little butt. "Carlotta, you'll have the same twenty-five minutes she had once it's your turn. Now, come get me wet for Anna's ass."

No doubt the Master expected Carlotta just to lick and suck him, which she did, but when he pulled out ready to insert his cock in Anna's little asshole, she said, "Wait Master, please?' Carlotta moved around in front of Anna, and turned around so that her ass was facing Anna's face. With Anna watching, she squatted down with her hand under her ass and expelled the remainder of the Master's cum, mixed with her own anal secretions into her hand. She held the hand directly under Anna's nose, so she could smell the foul mixture. "Here Master, let's use this on your cock for more lubrication. We wouldn't want her to get dry in there."

The Master smiled; Carlotta really was turning into quite the little slut. "Of course, Carlotta. How thoughtful of you," he said. Carlotta smeared the mixture on the Master's cock and he began sliding it home in Anna's tight little ass. Anna screamed as the Master's cock started stretching her poor ass for the second time in two days and popped past her tight little sphincter. Despite her recent experience, she couldn't believe that her ass wasn't tearing apart from the thick log beginning to fill it. She groaned again as the Master began pushing deeper and deeper. Eventually, the Master bottomed out and began a slow fuck. "Carlotta, you might as well sit down and relax. Since I've already cum three times today, this is probably going to take a while, maybe even an hour," he said to Anna's horror. She hadn't thought about that when she'd agreed to the contest; she'd just wanted to humiliate Carlotta by making her cum while getting her ass fucked by a woman.

To Anna, it seemed like the ass fuck went on forever. Several times she asked for more lubrication, the first time thinking that he would have just Carlotta suck him again. When he moved around to her own head, she knew that hope was in vain. Nevertheless, she sucked him deep, trying to get him as wet as possible. She was sure her little ass was never going to be able to close again after the reaming she was getting from the Master's giant cock. Finally though, the Master started breathing hard and picked up the pace, slamming in and out of Anna's ass in a cheek-pounding blur. With a groan he climaxed, holding himself deep in her ass until his cock finally began to soften. He pulled out with a plop, but almost no cum dripped out, since this was his fourth cum in one day. He moved around to Anna's face again and had her thoroughly lick his cock clean. "Your turn now," he said to Carlotta.

Carlotta had already put on the strap-on and moved to Anna's face as the Master moved back. "Want to lubricate this too?" she asked, indicating the soiled dildo still covered with the dried combined secretions of her and the Master from when Anna had fucked Carlotta's ass. "The Master probably didn't cum too much this time, and this is awfully dry. Also, since I've only got twenty-five minutes, I don't plan on wasting any of them letting you re-lube this bad boy."

Anna thought about it, horrified by either option. Finally, to Carlotta's delight, she opened her mouth. Carlotta forced the entire eight-inch dildo into Anna's mouth and down her throat. She fucked Anna's face forcefully several times, gagging her, and then finally pulled out, leaving Anna only the horrible taste in her mouth. Carlotta moved around to Anna's ass. Her little asshole was still a bit open from the Master's long fuck, but no cum was dripping out. Carlotta shoved the eight-inch strap-on home in one brutal thrust, as the Master started the timer. Anna screamed.

Carlotta had been right, there wasn't much lubrication in Anna's ass, and her ass was already throbbing from the Master's long fuck. After about ten minutes, she began begging Carlotta to let her re-lube the dildo. Carlotta picked up the pace and increased the force of her thrusts. "I'll sell you two re-lube chances for five strokes from the birch," she offered. Anna thought about it and then screamed as Carlotta made an especially hard dry thrust.

"OK, OK, I'll do it," Anna agreed. Carlotta pulled out and moved to Anna's face, again thrusting roughly into her mouth and down her throat. She gave Anna several full-length thrusts and then took her newly-wet dildo back to Anna's ass. Carlotta continued Anna's brutal fuck for the remaining ten minutes, thoroughly enjoying herself, first just from fucking Anna's ass and second contemplating how it was going to feel getting to use the birches on the little bitch. Carlotta still remembered Anna's last five strokes from yesterday.

Finally the twenty five minutes were over and the Master called out "time."

Carlotta pulled the dildo out of Anna's stretched-out ass, which had been almost continuously fucked for almost an hour and a half by this time. Carlotta wondered briefly if it would ever close up again. "It might." she decided, "but I'll bet it's going to be a lot looser than before." Carlotta moved around to Anna's face, "Lick it clean," she ordered, presenting the dildo to Anna's mouth. When she was satisfied the dildo was clean, Carlotta unbuckled the strap-on and moved over to pick up the birches. "Can we flip her over for her birching?" Carlotta asked the Master.

"Certainly,' he replied. The Master released Anna from the stocks, had her lie down again face up, and re-secured the stocks. Anna was sweating. She had no idea what the birching was going to be like, but she remembered Carlotta screaming when it was her turn.

Carlotta moved up beside Anna, taking several practice swings to get a feel for the birches. Anna shuddered at the hissing sounds the birches made in the air. Carlotta landed the first stroke on Anna's pelvis, hitting from her cunt and clit to her taut, stretched out lower stomach. Anna screamed at the horrible sting, and whimpered as Carlotta got ready for her next stroke. The second stroke was lower, reaching from her clit to her smooth upper thighs. Anna screamed again, sobbing as Carlotta swished the birches through the air, preparing for her next stroke. "Would you like me to stop?" she asked Anna.

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