tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCarly in New York

Carly in New York


My name is Carly and I am a 9th grade English Teacher. I always wanted to go to New York. It seemed so alive and so different from anything I ever witnessed down here in Texas. My town and my school are so small you tend to forget how big and dangerous the world is.

Anyway, I got the chance to find out when I was named Teacher of the Year for my District and won a trip to New York to accept my award. I asked my principal Denise to go with me since the District would pay for a "spouse" and I didn't have one of those. I was only 25 and so far from married it wasn't even funny. Still am. Not that I am against it, I just haven't met anyone worth spending the rest of my life with. Besides, I thought it would be a good opportunity for Denise and I to become closer friends

We were set to leave on a Friday afternoon with tickets to come back Monday. A full weekend in NYC, I was so excited!

Denise picked me up at my apartment and we took off for the airport. I was happy we both wore shorts and tank tops since it was 98 degrees outside and muggy enough to feel the air as you walked through it. Denise had nice legs, I hadn't seen them before as we really never socialized outside of school much and she always wore conservative clothes at school. I was also sort of taken aback by her breasts. They were big and natural but not sloppy. I wondered how she could have kept those hidden from me at work. I guess she thought they would be distracting and she was right as I could barely keep from staring at them. They bounced slightly every time she hit even a small bump in the road. At 32, she could easily pass for a woman in her mid twenties. In fact, we could be mistaken for sisters.

Anyway, we talked and laughed on the way to the airport. We were both happy to be getting away for a weekend and neither of us had ever been anywhere close to New York. We got to the airport in plenty of time and checked in at one of the kiosks. We dropped off our luggage to get scanned and headed for security. Neither of us had flown much so we were a little unfamiliar with the security procedures. Both of us had to take off our shoes so I went through barefoot and Denise in her socks. Luckily I did not set off the scanner and waited for my shoes on the other side.

As I grabbed my shoes and headed for the chairs I noticed Denise was standing behind a barrier. She smiled and shrugged her shoulders. A guard led her into a small area surrounded by ropes. A uniformed woman came up and said something to her. I watched as she sat and stretched out her long, tan legs and let the woman run a scanner over them. I thought it kind of silly since her legs were bare and obviously weren't hiding anything. Denise stood up and stretched out her arms. The woman ran the scanner over her body and felt along her hands.

Denise's tank top was flimsy white cotton with thin straps across the shoulders, so I could not figure what the woman was expecting to find. She moved to the front and passed the wand across Denise's breasts and stomach. My eyes nearly popped out as I watched her run her hands under Denise's bra line to push the breasts and move them around. I couldn't believe I was watching my friend get "felt up" in the middle of the airport.

I also couldn't believe I was actually feeling a little tingle between my legs as I watched. I felt embarrassed for her and saw her face blush dark red. Her eyes were closed as she stood perfectly still. The woman was being very professional and looked to be very methodical in her movements but it still looked horribly humiliating and I couldn't imagine going through it myself. I noticed a group of people gathering at the end of the security line and staring at Denise. Thankfully she still had her eyes closed or she would have been even more mortified.

The whole procedure took no more than 5 minutes and Denise was walking back towards me with her shoes in her hand. As she approached, I noticed her nipples were erect as they pushed out at her top. She sat down and let out a large breath. She looked at me when I asked her if she was ok. She said yes and put on her shoes.

We did not say much as we walked to our gate. We were more than an hour early so we stopped off in a bar and had a drink. We were both a little nervous about airsickness so we each took a Dramamine. Denise needed that and the drink to calm her nerves and afterward she was more like herself as we continued our trip. We got to the gate well ahead of time and set down our stuff. While we waited, I noticed a group of high school boys sitting in the next row. They stared at our legs for the next 20 minutes. I was used to teaching kids that age but not used to being in shorts and a tank top around them so it made me feel a little creepy. I tried to ignore them but I could hear them snickering and caught parts of their lewd comments.

It was a relief to finally board the plane. As we got to our seats we realized that while we were on the same row we had a seat between us. I went ahead and sat in the middle, hoping the person would just sit on the aisle. I was talking to Denise when a man said I was in his seat. I asked him if he would mind sitting on the aisle and he said he would rather have his own seat. I moved my stuff and slid over. He squeezed in and sat, being a big man and he could barely fit. His thick bare leg touched mine as he sat and I couldn't even see the armrest.

I buckled up and got ready for takeoff. As the plane taxied, I noticed the man staring at Denise. She was looking out the window and didn't see him staring at her legs and breasts. I was really creeped out by his boldness. He made no pretense of hiding his focus. I leaned back in my seat, closed my eyes for a minute and opened them to him staring at me. I closed them quickly and tried settling in for the two-hour flight. I felt myself getting drowsy from the Dramamine and figured it would be ok to fall asleep since Denise and I could hardly see each other let alone talk.

I opened my eyes and the man was again staring at my chest. I sort of moved to distract him but he continued to stare. I looked him over and noticed a huge erection was puffing his shorts. I looked around to see if there were other seats but the plane was full. Just then he looked at me and said he had to get up. I moved as far back as I could to let him slide through. His erection was right in front of my face, only about 10 inches or so away from my upper lip. I tried not looking at it as he slid through and left.

Denise was sleeping. I looked at my watch, an hour and a half to go. The man came back. This time I decided to get up so he wouldn't have to slide in front of me. He sat back down and I noticed his erection was gone. Now I was really freaked out! I just closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep.

I was afraid to go to sleep with him next to me, but my eyes were getting heavy. I decided to go to the bathroom and it was a good excuse to put some temporary distance between us. I got up and walked towards the back of the plane. The bathroom was occupied and there was a woman waiting so I stood in the aisle behind her. It felt good to stand up and I was happy to be away from our "friend". The bathroom door opened and one of the high school kids from the terminal came out. He gave me a bold look over as he moved past me to head back to his seat. I turned towards the aisle to give him room. He went slowly and he leaned towards me like he was trying to squeeze through. I leaned back but the seats were behind me. He deliberately pressed his chest against mine. I felt a small tingle as he rubbed across my nipples. He said "excuse me" and left.

I could not believe he had done that and I stood there embarrassed that I had not said anything to him. I also felt my nipples start to stiffen behind my flimsy top. I looked around and noticed all of the men around were staring and then I felt myself start to blush. I tried to be calm but I felt like I was on display.

The bathroom door opened again and I whisked in and closed it. I wished I could have stayed in there for the rest of the trip but I finished and struggled to get my shorts and panties back up in the tiny space. I left the bathroom and walked back towards my seat.

I returned to see the fat guy openly ogling Denise as she slept. She was out cold from the Dramamine and the beer. He pulled his hand from his crotch as I started to sit. I was really feeling weird about this guy, and thought about walking around the plane for the rest of the trip. The only problem was I didn't want to leave Denise alone with him. I tried to sit as far away from him as my tight seat would allow. But his leg was so big it touched mine no matter how I moved. I closed my eyes and just tried to relax.

I woke up when I felt the plane lurch as we went through some rough air. I opened my eyes slightly to see the man leaning over towards Denise. I raised my head and saw that the left strap of her top was down her arm. Her top was pulled down so that most of her breast was on display. I watched him reach out and grab the strap gently and pull it slowly. The material moved down and I saw the darkness of her nipple start to show. I wanted to say something but for some reason my mouth wouldn't open. Suddenly, the plane lurched again and her top was jerked down. Her breast was out in the open and it bounced slightly with the movement of the plane. He pulled his hand away quickly and leaned back in his seat.

I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I couldn't believe he had been so bold as to do that but then I also was incredibly turned on thinking that Denise's breast was visible to anyone walking by. I couldn't believe I was letting my friend sleep through this. All of a sudden I felt my right strap being pulled slightly. He was now trying to pull mine down. I felt the strap fall off my shoulder and rest on my arm. I shifted in my seat and he let go of the strap. It stayed on my arm and I felt the material fall off the top of my breast.

I tried to stay still and eventually fell asleep. I woke up to the bump of the wheels landing in NYC. My strap was still down around my arm and I pulled it up. I looked over at Denise and her strap was back up on her shoulder and the man was leaning back in his seat with his eyes closed.

Denise and I successfully escaped the plane, leaving creep-boy struggling to retrieve his carry-on luggage. We hurried to baggage claim, grabbed our bags and hailed a cab. I was amazed as I looked out at the city. We were flying down the road and the driver was switching lanes constantly. It looked to me like a free-for-all and I was glad I wasn't at the wheel. The streets were too hectic. I didn't say anything to Denise about the plane ride and she didn't bring it up. She was either oblivious or too embarrassed to say anything.

We arrived at our hotel and a uniformed doorman helped us out. He was very nice and asked if it was our first cab ride. I said yes, and he chuckled. He politely carried our baggage into the lobby. I had never had anyone do that for me before, it was very cool.

We checked in and went up to our room. Both of us were starving and decided to go down for dinner, but we wanted to shower first. Denise went ahead of me. I settled on the bed and turned on the TV. Denise finished her shower and came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel. With her hair wet and falling around her face she looked incredibly cute. It didn't hurt that her towel fit tight around her massive chest and barely covered her crotch. I couldn't really see anything but I found my eyes drawn to her thighs as she ruffled through her suitcase.

I got up and grabbed my things for my turn. Denise pulled out a summer dress and held it up to herself and asked me if I thought it would look ok. It was yellow with flowers, came to mid thigh and had thin shoulder strings. It was very nice and I told her it would look fabulous on her. She thanked me, dropped her towel on the bed and walked over to get underwear. My eyes nearly popped out as I stared at her breasts. They stood firmly on her chest and bounced slightly as she walked. Her nipples were pink and not too large. I still couldn't believe I had known her for so long and had no idea. Her pussy was trimmed neatly and she had no tan lines at all. My mind raced as to how she managed this but I said nothing.

I showered and put on a denim skirt and a cotton button top that came to the top of the skirt. We went downstairs to the hotel restaurant and waited in the lobby for a table. I heard a commotion as we talked about all the things we wanted to do. We turned to see a group of young black boys enter. They appeared college age and seemed to be athletes. They were dressed in what I am ashamed to say is the style nowadays. Half of them wore hats sideways on their heads and most of their pants were almost falling off their hips.

They gathered in a group, about 10 or 12 of them, laughing and goofing around. One of them noticed us and immediately ran his eyes up and down our bodies. I turned away, embarrassed.

I heard him say "Holy shit, will you look at that!" and hoped he wasn't talking about us.

Denise smiled at me. She was calmer than I was. She dealt with these types of kids all day, every day. She mouthed to me that it would be ok.

"Man, I'm starved and I'm looking at some good eating." I cringed as I heard this.

Denise had had enough and she walked over to them.

"Guys, please tone down your comments. We are trying to have a nice dinner and would appreciate it if you would leave us alone." Denise said in her best principal voice.

"Yes ma'am." The boy in front said, but I could tell he wasn't taking her seriously.

As they left I heard one say to a friend, "I bet they'll be eating each other before the night is through. I would pay to see that!"

They all laughed. Denise turned and walked back to me.

"Nice ass!" the same boy said.

Denise just ignored him and stood next to me, trying to stay calm. Luckily, the hostess came out and told us our table was ready. We followed her to the back of the restaurant, well away from our "friends".

We did not see the black guys at all during dinner and had a wonderful meal. We were very excited about our plans for the weekend. We finished and made our way to the elevators. The car came and we got on and pressed the button for the 24th floor. Just as the doors were about to close Denise stuck her hand out to stop them.

"Crap, I forgot my purse in the restaurant." She said.

"Go ahead, I'll meet you in the room. I have to call my mom anyway." I said.

She jumped out and the doors closed behind her, leaving me alone. The elevator moved to the 4th floor and the doors opened slowly. My breath left me momentarily as I was staring at the same group of boys from the restaurant. I tried to stay calm as they started to get on the elevator. I changed my mind and tried to excuse myself to get off. They would not let me through and continued to pile on, pushing me to the back.

The doors started to close and I pushed myself hard through them and tried to get out. I felt one of them grab the neck of my shirt and pull me back, my hands grabbed for the doors as they slowly closed. I was then pushed violently forward, my breasts smashed painfully against the cold metal.

"Not so brave now are we?" I heard from behind me.

I admit, I was terrified and pleaded with them to let me go. They laughed and I felt hands squeezing my butt. I flinched and tried to move away.

"Shit, she's got a fine ass!"

I started to cry and pleaded for them to stop. I was praying for the elevator to open until I felt it suddenly stop. I looked over, and one of them had hit the emergency stop button. There were now more hands touching my butt and another holding me against the door by my neck. I felt my skirt being pushed up, and my panties being pulled up. I heard a small tearing noise and felt pain as my underwear was pulled up deep into my ass.

"Holy fuck, look at that ass!" They started slapping my cheeks. "White girl got a god damn bubble butt."

Suddenly I was spun around and held against the door with a hand on each arm. One of the boys was now standing directly in front of me, staring into my eyes. I could see anger in his face and I pleaded with him again to let me go. He broke into a smile and grabbed my breasts.

"I wonder how many dudes can you fit in your pussy, sweet cheeks? What do you say we find out?" He said with a big smile.

He grabbed the front of my shirt and ripped it apart. I could hear buttons hitting the floor. Then he flipped my white lace bra over my breasts and his eyes lit up.

"Dangggg! Look at these tits!" He rolled my nipples hard. "Shit! I think I could get some milk out of these." He said and laughed.

The other boys gasped too. Their leader, the boy in front of me, began groping me more gently, as if I had suddenly become human. My nipples responded to him. My body shivered when he ran his fingers lightly across them.

"Damn, Look at those nipples. The bitch likes you." I heard one of the guys in the back say.

"She looks like she may like dark meat." Another voice from the back said.

I could only shake my head, fighting back embarrassment and the sensitivity of my nipples. I could feel my pussy getting wet. Why would my body react like this?

The leader started sucking hard on my nipples.

"C'mon bitch, give me some titty wine." He said with a nipple in his mouth.

He looked to the right and left and I felt a hand on each leg, then I was lifted up. They suspended me spread eagle by my legs. I could feel my denim skirt tight on my thighs. He reached down and pushed it up to my waist, freeing my legs to open farther.

He stepped back and whistled. "Now isn't that the cutest thing you have ever seen?" The rest of the gang closed in for the exhibit. I wanted to cry. I think I did.

He reached down and grabbed the waist of my delicate white lace panties. He looked me in the eye and ripped them violently forward. I heard them tear and felt the air hit my smooth-shaven pussy.

The first boy moved back in front and ran his hands over my inner thighs. I felt another shiver. How did this guy know how to touch me? I was struggling between the reactions. I was being raped in an elevator, and yet part of me seemed to want it.

His hands moved up my thighs and around my waist. They were silent as he went, as though this was part of a scared ritual. In the background I could see a boy sniffing the crotch of my torn panties.

The leader slid a finger easily inside of my slick pussy and sucked it.

"Aaaah. White women taste so good. Like fine wine." He cackled.

They passed around my panties, each of them taking a whiff. I know I was crying now. They opened my legs wider. They continued to spread me apart until my bare pussy opened up completely in front of the leader. I begged him to let me go. He just smiled and pulled the string on his athletic pants. They loosened and fell to the floor. I looked down to see the largest, blackest penis I have ever seen. It was like a weapon and it looked like it was pulsing.

Tears flowed freely down my cheeks as he moved closer and I felt him touch my gaped pussy. His fingers tugged my clit as his monster dick started to push into me. I lurched up between the pleasure of his touch and the horror that I was being fucked by a stranger. I closed my eyes and he continued to open my pussy with his penis. My mind was struggling and trying to understand why I felt like electricity was flowing from my clit through my body as he rubbed it gently with his finger. My pussy was being stretched further than it ever had. It was painful but then again I had never felt so full and I had to admit to myself that it felt really good. I looked down and saw he had only started, there were many inches left. The only thought flowing through my head was that the word "penis" could not begin to describe the thing that was forcing its way into my little body. Then a word I had never used before came forward in my head. This was a cock! A black, heavily veined cock was splitting open my white pussy!

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