tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCarly Naked in Public- Again!

Carly Naked in Public- Again!


Ever since her Naked Journey to Tony's at the beginning of Christmas Holiday Carly has had a non-stop desire to be naked in public, very public places.

Hi everybody! I managed to persuade Tony to take me on another naked adventure - well not much persuasion is ever needed! I hope you enjoy reading about it as much as I loved doing it.

Love Carly


Carly and Tony had a whole hour to kill on Tuesday evening so they took a drive into town. This time they were trying something different, she had asked Tony to take total control of the naked adventure. He was to decide when, where and how it would all take place. Now Tony is inclined to be a big softie whenever Carly is involved but anyone would turn soft looking into her beautiful blue eyes. So she was sure Tony would suggest something fairly tame. Tony proved her wrong again. This is the story of what happened!

"So, you want another adventure, do you?" said Tony, "And you want me to tell you what to do. Hmmm, that's a toughie! Right, you had better get naked then!"

So Carly removed all her clothes, as she was in a bit of a silly mood, excited about the latest adventure her clothes were being tossed all over the place.

"Put those shiny boots on, and your long silver raincoat, I like that one." Tony ordered.

In a moment she had carried out his wishes and was belting up the raincoat, apart from that and boots Carly was naked and ready to go!

They set off towards the town, which is about 20 minutes away. Approaching the outskirts of town Tony stopped the car and looked over at her.

"Are you certain that you want to follow my orders?" he sounded a little concerned.

She nodded, "Never been more sure! So, what have you planned, my love?" She asked, already tingling with anticipation.

Tony started the engine again and pulled out onto the road,

"I had better show you." He said as he drove to the location he had selected.

In minutes Tony drove into the parking lot of the biggest supermarket in the county. There were a lot of cars in the lot, and being a couple of nights before Christmas quite a lot of people were around.

Tony gestured towards the supermarket. "There you go, that's where you have to get naked."

The thought of being in there naked thrilled Carly and scared the hell out of her at the same time.

"In there?" She managed to ask.

"Yes, but I'll make it easier for you. Know where the toilets are?" he asked

Carly nodded her head yes, she had been in that store before, but fully dressed.

"Go in there, take off your coat and put it in this." he produced a plastic shopping bag. "And then walk out of the main entrance back to the car. Naked."

Carly gave this some thought. The toilets are very near the main entrance to the store. You go in through the double doors, through a lobby and go left to the toilets. Directly ahead about fifty feet away was a magazine stand and nearby a kiosk where cigarettes and newspapers were on sale. It was fairly busy given Christmas was just days away. Carly thought, looking inside the store itself, you would not want to take a wrong turn and wind up naked in there!

They got out of the car and Tony came round to her side and pulled her close.

"Sure?" he asked again.

"Yes, absolutely!" Carly was becoming excited about walking naked past all these people and back to the car. "Absolutely!" She repeated.

Tony planted a big kiss on her soft sensual lips, She took his arm and off they went into the store. Inside

Tony looked at her again and said "Off you go then, I'll wait just over here until you come out and I'll follow you so you don't get any hassle."

Another kiss and then she was off to the ladies room. Carly didn't bother to look for a stall that was unoccupied. She just took the coat off in front of the couple of women that were in there.

One of them gasped and looked at the pretty naked blonde. "Oh, you're naked!" (Well spotted lady lol)

"It's a surprise for my boyfriend" She smiled as she calmly folded the coat into the shopping bag and said "Byeee".

Carly opened the door to the hallway and walked out of the ladies room naked in just her boots. This was starting to feel very good, she was so excited and getting hornier by the second! She reached the end of the hallway and paused, now in full view of anyone passing. She could see Tony and he looked over and smiled. And then not knowing why, it must have been a spur of the moment thing she changed course. Suddenly she turned left and walked the fifty feet or so over to the magazine stand, right inside the store. Trying to look as cool and nonchalant as she possibly could while containing the excitement building inside of her.

"God!" She thought I am so enjoying myself.

There she was standing completely starkers looking at the magazines in a major supermarket and there were other people doing the same, right there next to her. Carly heard a couple of gasps and comments as she leisurely picked up a magazine and thumbed through the pages for a minute. She wanted to stay there a lot longer, make this moment last as long as possible. However she could feel what was cumming and decided she had to leave now before she made a mess on their floor! As calm as she could she walked over to Tony and took his arm to walk out of the store as casually as possible.

Outside they stepped up the pace, it was cold out there, and Carly could feel that she was going to have an orgasm any second. In fact, just as she got to the car, she could hold on no longer and the orgasm hit her with so much force she nearly collapsed. Tony her knight in shining armor caught hold of the weak kneed beauty and helped her into the car. He got in the other side, and before he could say a word Carly had his penis in her small hand and then brought it up and into her mouth until he came. That Carly tells me is becoming one of her favorite things, that his cum is something she wants to go back and taste over and over. Funny He does not seem to mind this at all! lol

Eventually she sat up and they looked across at each other for a very long moment.

"I think I need a cigarette now." Carly joked to Tony.

"But you don't smoke!" he replied, "Do you?"

She laughed, "No, it just seems appropriate at the minute.

There should be a scale for sex, like the fire service have three alarm fires. We'll have three cigarette sex!" Carly said laughing

"So you're not getting a nicotine craving then?" Tony asked smiling

Carly laughed at the thought of that, she hates the smell of cigarette smoke.

"So what are my next orders then Master?" She asked coyly.

He seemed a little surprised, but responded "I might get used to this Master thing! I think you have started something."

"I hope so! That was hot!" Carly thought

Tony continued, "I thought the supermarket would be enough for you, more than enough."

"Actually, I did have an idea." Carly said not wanting this to end.

" Can we stop at the garage on the way out of town?" She asked Tony. (The garage is a store that sells liquor and sundries.)

"Sure, I suppose so", said Tony "What's it going to be this time?"

"I fancy some Jack Daniels when we get home." Carly looked over at Tony and he instantly caught on.

Carly knows I am partial to Jack Daniels and Tony likes it too, he says the only thing you should mix with Jack Daniels is more Jack Daniels.

Carly has since learned that this is very true!

"Okay then, "JD it is." and they drove out of town.

When he reached the garage Carly said "Don't park too close, I want to enjoy this as much as possible. Pull up here."

He did, and she opened her door. They were in front of a large store, in darkness at this time of night.

"Come on then!" she said and she got out, and took Tony's arm.

Carly says it feels extra good doing that when she's naked, not exactly sure why. It just does! They were a little over fifty meters from the garage, and took a slow stroll towards the entrance to the shop. Entering they saw the place was deserted, Carly was disappointed.

"I am becoming like Nikki, an attention whore! I admit it! " Carly said as they walked toward the entrance

She was still disappointed that there were not any other customers but at least she was naked in public for the second night in a row, and for the second time in a night. Carly felt great being naked in there, so she took her time looking around. Talking about this later Carly said she forgot about the drinks cooler this time. Bugger! I had opened a drinks cooler when I was naked in a store to really make my nips hard and she had wanted to do that but forgot but will remember next time.

Finally Carly saw what it was she had come for and took the bottle of Jack Daniels to the counter and paid for it. The Indian gentleman who served he did not say a word about her nudity, this too was disappointing, still she was beginning to get tingly again anyway. They left the garage shop and made the way back to the car, this time naughty Carly was holding Tony by his penis as they walked along and moments later in front of the entrance to the furniture store she was drinking cum again.

"God, where does it all come from?" Carly wondered

" Tony always manages to find more!"

Eventually they managed to get back in the car and go home.

The adventure didn't end there, either, but I am afraid this is where you have to get off. Sorry!

I will tell you about more adventures soon.

Merry Christmas! Nadolig llawen, as we say here.


Carly has the same itch I have, wanting to be naked in public. There

Is sure to be more adventures from both of us. I will write them up for Carly whenever she has one she wants to share


Carly and Nikki

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