tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCarly's Naked Christmas Holiday

Carly's Naked Christmas Holiday


I would suggest reading the first two stories about Carly before reading this one to follow her journey, however you can read this one on it's own. Carly is very real and one of the bravest and most daring young women I have ever known. Enjoy!


Hi Everyone, Nikki here,

I hope you all had a happy and safe New Years. Back a few days ago, December 28th to be exact

I received an e-mail from Tony. He said Carly had invited him out to lunch but it turned out to be so much more. This is the first part of Carly's Christmas Holiday. I am sure it is a story that will be enjoyed by many and I want to thank Carly and Tony for sharing it.

The e-mail began like this:

Darling Nikki,

Carly has been very naughty, very naughty indeed! Although some may indeed think I did something good. I will leave that up to you. What a day it has been!

Carly wanted to do something for Tony and invited him out for a pub lunch, seafood and beer, which he could enjoy for a change. Tony usually does the driving and Carly takes care of the drinking! To be fair, he handled things well, considering she gave him no inkling of what she was about to do.

Carly, as many know loves leather, vinyl and such, she'd gone out wearing a black leather jumpsuit under a fur lined ankle length leather coat. Yes she was trying to impress Tony as she'd been a little unkind to her darling the day before and wanted to make things better. So they went to this little pub on the coast and squeezed into a small dimly lit booth and ordered their food and drinks. Carly and her man enjoyed a lovely meal of fresh caught crayfish and Irish Sea Bass. When they had finished eating Carly got up excusing herself to go to the loo ( restroom, to those in the USA). The loo was opposite the booth they were sitting in, and as Carly walked the short distance she glanced around the small pub.

There were half a dozen or so older folks sitting at the bar with their backs to her and the barman seemed to be in conversation with one of his customers. So, Carly went in the loo and removed her leather jumpsuit, rolling it up as small as possible. Carrying the jumpsuit in one hand she made for the door, already anticipating the rush of being naked in public. She left the loo and sauntered back to the booth. Tony smiled, shaking his head in amazement. Carly calmly at back down naked opposite Tony, picked up her drink, as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

Throughout the day Carly had been in contact with her friend Sammy, Tony's daughter, who in turn was in touch with me their friend, Nikki in the US via email. Carly and Sammy had thought it would be fun to ask me to decide what Carly should do and where she would go naked. Carly hadn't heard from Sammy in more than half an hour and was becoming impatient to continue her naked adventure.

She stood up saying to Tony "Shall we?" and without waiting for a response started walking towards the door, still naked.

Carly had 'carelessly' left her coat on the seat, Tony swept it up and followed the gorgeous naked backside of his woman toward the exit. As they reached the exit the friendly and far from shy Carly called out their thanks, giving the customers a little wave as she walked starkers through the door and into the street. Carly took hold of Tony's arm and they walked together back to the car, she naked and feeling just wonderful. Then, back in the car Carly started the engine and set the heater to full. Soon she was warming up in more ways than one despite the fact it was about 1 degree c (33f) that day!

Carly heard a beep and picked up her phone. There was a message from Sammy, it simply said "Go shopping naked".

She very nearly came on the spot! Let me explain, Carly had told both Sammy and I a few days earlier that she had checked a large supermarket out and wanted to go on their escalator starkers. I never thought she'd really consider doing it, but I have found that Carly is not one to back down from a challenge. Well now the thought of it really excited her, so much so that she suddenly realized they were already driving in that direction, she still naked. As Carly drove she wondered how could she go into such a large supermarket completely naked as Tony looked on appreciatively at the gorgeous naked blonde behind the wheel.

Carly was sure she would get stopped at the entrance, if she attempted to walk in naked. I have a feeling everyone would have been in awe of her awesome body and stunning beauty. But she thought if she got naked in there it might be a different story.

Then she had a plan! She found a parking space Carly got out of the car naked and asked Tony to carry the long leather coat for her they walked towards the entrance. When they were just meters from the main entrance Carly slipped into the coat and held it closed, not bothering to fasten it up, and in they went. They walked toward

the escalator, It's a big wide new escalator, all chrome and glass around it. The upstairs was the same, glass and chrome and from downstairs you could see the people shopping on the upper floor.

There was a cafe up there too. Hmmm, Carly thought this is perfect. As they traveled up on the escalator she began to fantasize about how she planned to travel back down totally naked. At this point Carly was wondering if she could really do it. Could she really walk across the cafe, ride the escalator down and walk out of the store wearing only her boots. She just wasn't sure if she could do it, but most of you know about 'the itch', something I am very familiar with and she had it bad! They entered the cafe area and ordered coffee. They chose seats at one end and Carly sat with her back to the rest of the cafe. As she sat she casually let the coat fall open exposing her breasts and damp pussy to anyone who chanced to look up from downstairs! And of course her darling Tony, had the best view of all!

They chatted and drank coffee all the while Carly thought about how huge this would be. She planned to walk out of that door naked, and it looked so far away. The plan was coming together nicely and as she drank her coffee she gradually allowed her coat to fall away from baring her shoulders as it slipped down her back, until finally she was sitting on the coat rather than wearing it. Then the moment of truth arrived, she asked Tony if he would take the coat with him and wait by the exit for her. Carly would wait until she saw him there and then would walk to him completely naked in a major supermarket.

"Oh my God." She thought. "Well I'm already naked, that's half the battle."

Tony got up, and he raised an eyebrow concerned but supportive as always.

"Yes darling Tony, I am perfectly sure. I think I'll be fine once I get started". Carly said knowing full well what that look meant.

And with that Tony gave her a quick kiss and left with her leather coat, her last protection. As he disappeared around the corner Carly was left alone in a large cafe, naked and exposed and horny as hell. Tony told her later that she was a small pink figure in the distance when he saw her sitting naked in the cafe. And then Tony was at the exit and looking right at her sitting upstairs naked.

"This is it!" Carly thought as she slowly stood up, knees shaking.

She had to hold onto the table for a moment to regain her composure. This was so huge! She was in danger of becoming overwhelmed by a massive body shaking orgasm!

"Stop!" she thought as she forced herself to stand up straight, people were starting to look around at the naked girl, it was definitely time to leave.

She turned and walked out of the cafe naked and as confident as she could be under the circumstances. "

I got myself into this," she thought, I may as well enjoy myself.

Carly casually sauntered along an aisle of women's skirts, casually looking and touching items. A group of teenagers appeared from around the corner, two boys and two girls, as they went by one of the boys let out a low whistle which was comically cut off halfway by his girlfriends elbow in his ribs. What had started as a whistle finished as a sputter, and his friends all laughed. They passed by and continued to the cafe. Carly opened her phone and called Sammy for reassurance.

"I'm just near the top now" She told her. Sammy was impressed by Carly's bravery.

"You're really naked then Carlz? Wow!" she remarked. "Actually" I said, I have my shoes on so technically I am not naked." I replied. "Tell that to the judge" laughed "Sammy". It was all a bit surreal, here I was in a supermarket, completely naked and talking on my phone as if all was normal. I took a step toward the escalator, and then another. And there I was naked at the top of the escalator, with the exit about 50 - 60 meters (150 -- 200 feet) away. Carly could see Tony looking back at her and she gave him a little finger wave. He waved back and then it was time, she stepped naked onto the escalator. This was the moment she had fantasized about, riding down on the escalator stark naked, one by one heads began to turn and follow the gorgeous naked blonde's slow downward journey.

When she reached the bottom Carly stepped off as gracefully as possible being careful not to stumble.

Well that would spoil the show! Carly admitted to me that by this point she felt a little light headed, and when that happens it tends to make her do something crazy. So far she had only gone down an escalator naked, not nearly crazy enough for this babe. So as all eyes followed, she sauntered casually in the opposite direction away from the door, Tony and her coat. She casually wandered up one of the aisles despite the fact she was fighting off having an orgasm right there in the store. As she got halfway along she slowly turned and began walking back very slowly, enjoying all the attention. Carly walked slowly toward Tony fixing him in her gaze as she approached him.

Carly was sure he was having almost as good a time as she. Reaching Tony she linked arms with him (he loves that when she's naked, who the hell wouldn't?) and they walked out of the store. Tony concerned for Naked Carly in the cold night air Tony made her put the coat back on as it was now becoming very cold indeed. She was quite glad she had the coat with her to be honest although it spoiled the fun a little having to put it on.

They made it back to the car and Carly unlocked the car and opened the door. Before getting in she removed the coat and tossed it on the back seat, climbing behind the wheel naked. She was feeling so good and wanted more adventure, which is common when you have that itch. She put the car in gear and drove to a garage on the outskirts of town where she had gone in naked once before. The place was deserted just as the time before, she told Tony that this time she would go in alone. He would be able to see her just fine, as the front of the place is all glass.

The confident and naked Carly got out of the car and slowly walked across the forecourt and through the door. Typical of Carly she walked around casually picking things up and looking at them before replacing them. After a bit she settled for a couple of small snacks and went up to the counter to pay. The same gentleman served her that was there the previous time, but again he showed no reaction to her nudity. This can be very annoying for an exhibitionist to be ignored! Someday soon she said she plan's to bring Tony in with me and we will have sex on the floor, perhaps that will get noticed! Perhaps had she touched her love button and set off the orgasm she was so close to having she would have gotten his attention. Anyway, she went out through the door feeling a little miffed.

She wanted more, this naked woman just couldn't get enough. Her mind was racing! What to do, where to go to top this one off? Again the light inside her head went off and she did indeed have an idea. It was so bold and scary and she thought this would be too much, but she couldn't stop thinking about it. She was deep in thought and hadn't realized she had nearly stopped in the middle of the road. She was brought back sharply to her senses by the sound of a horn, she had walked across the forecourt not watching for cars, now she was naked and bathed in the light of the car's headlamps. Carly nonchalantly shrugged an apology and made for the car, feeling so much better for having an audience.

Once back in the car she shut the door and started the engine to try and gain some warmth, the temperature was now about minus three. Carly turned to Tony and wrapped her arms around him and gave him a big kiss.

"Thank you my love." Tony looked mystified. "Thank you for letting me out to play Darling. I'll make it up to you, I promise."

Looking at Tony with her gorgeous blue eyes Carly begged "Just one more time? Pleeeeeze?"

Tony had a pained but resigned look on his face and smiled and shrugged as she put the car into gear and drove away from the garage. They drove back through the middle of the small town and she saw the place that had been on her wickedly devious mind. The golden arches of McDonalds loomed above the parking area as we drove in and parked. Carly switched the engine off and studied the entrance, and like most of these places you can see inside no problem.

It was very busy and it didn't look like there was a free table in the entire place. Fine, food was not on her mind at this moment. Can anyone guess what was? She must have sat there for several minutes, looking, wishing. The itch was becoming unbearable! She leaned over and kissed Tony, then opened the door a little. The interior light came on and she was bathed in light. Tony was looking very concerned but made no attempt to stop her.

The nervous but excited Carly stepped out of the car and stood up straight, shutting the door behind her. She turned to face the restaurant and took a deep breath, this was insane but so bloody hot. The naked beauty hadn't been seen yet, slowly she walked towards the door. She didn't know if she could have the fortitude to actually go inside, so she just went with the flow. Across the expanse of the parking lot she walked, naked in just her boots.

A car slowed to allow her to cross in front of it. There! Now they knew she was there in all her naked glory. She was stark naked in McDonalds parking lot, and yes, it felt very, very hot! Not ready to stop she walked up to the door and was met by the reflection of a completely naked blonde looking back at her. It just reminded her of how huge this day had already been, she just had to finish on a high!

Carly opened the door and walked in there, into McDonalds completely naked! No, that still hadn't scratched her itch, so she didn't stop there. In she went, and boldly walked up to the counter and studied the signs above it for as long as she could. It felt like she had been standing there a long time, starkers in the crowded restaurant. And then the lightheaded feeling came over her, and if she had thought to bring money she would have probably ordered something then and there!

People were all looking in her direction, some with appreciation, all with shock. So as the audience looked on Carly turned around and slowly walked back towards the exit. As she got near the door a young guy jumped up and held the door open for her, and made a mock theatrical bow as she passed. She brightly thanked him with her gorgeous smile and began walking back to the car.

"What an awesome feeling to actually have gone in there stark naked!" Carly thought as she imagined Tony sitting in the car saying 'omigod!'.

Back in the car Carly decided a fast exit was in order and so they drove a little way down the street, and then stopped the car. The overly excited and horny Carly almost jumped on Tony, smothering him with kisses. She felt so hot! They couldn't wait to get home, but somehow they managed it. The rest of the night was very, very personal as you can all imagine. One thing Carly did share, Tony and her usually enjoy very tender and gentle lovemaking. This night it was like an explosion, actually like multiple explosions!

That was her first naked day out. She had decided that the next day she would attempt to spend the day naked if possible. As you will learn in part two, others had similar ideas, and yes, she did indeed to spend the next two days naked but oh what a day the second one was for her.

It was a wonderful night last night, and Carly had managed to act out a couple of big fantasies that she had thought were beyond her wildest dreams. Naked in a supermarket, a pub, a garage, and finally a busy McDonalds restaurant! Great night!

Also that night I (Nikki) was exchanging e-mails back and forth with Sammy. I was saying I couldn't believe that Carly being relatively new to be naked in public really seemed to be un-phased by it. Going into such public places without hesitation. I told Sammy I thought we should try and shake the unshakeable Carly. I said she should take all of Carly's clothes and anything else she could use for cover and keep her that way for a few days. She also had to be sure Carly left the confines of Tony's house. The difference now would be that Carly wasn't in control and she wasn't the one choosing where she would be seen naked. Sammy I think thought I was joking but I was very serious.

As the e-mails continued flying back and forth across the Atlantic Sammy began to think this could be quite fun. It was then the decision was made to somehow keep Carly naked until Sammy allowed her to dress. The other obstacle was to get Carly to agree to turn control over to Sammy and be submissive Carly for a few days.

The decision was made to not let Carly know I was involved in this at all. She may be reluctant to agree to relinquish control knowing I was helping to pull the strings. She was certain Sammy would not ask anything too difficult but Carly found she greatly underestimated Sammy's devious mind.

That morning Carly told me she just had a strange conversation with Sammy, and it ended up with a challenge. Sammy would take charge of her today, and Carly will (try) be a submissive and allow Sammy to dominate her. Carly had a feeling she would be good at this. So today she had agreed to stay naked no matter what happened or where they ended up. What follows is Carly's story of a scary, wonderful and very hot day!

Sammy had spent all morning trying to scare Carly with plans of where she would have to go. Well, after the last few days and her public exposure, Carly figured this would be no problem. After all she had been in some busy places, hadn't she and she was sure Sammy would not make it too difficult for her.

"Bring it." The brave and bold Carly told Sammy and the others.

Tony has warned her before not to underestimate his daughter, and today he gave his love a knowing look as if to say, "I hope you know what you are in for!"

"I didn't!" Carly later told me

During the day before they left for Carly's latest naked adventure, Sammy and I once again had e-mails flying. We discussed what Carly should have to do while out in a nearby town naked. I made a few suggestions but the ultimate decisions were to be made by Sammy. She was of course on the same continent as Carly, which is a big advantage lol. Since I had heard so much about the Post Office I suggested Carly having to walk in and buy stamps at the counter. I also know Carly likes to shop so I suggested she go into a supermarket but this time pick up a few items and stand in line at the check out as she waited to pay.

Sammy thought all of the ideas through and soon I received an e-mail with coordinates to enable me to see on Google Earth where Carly would be making her naked walk. Sammy had plotted out quite the naked adventure for Carly and I was well impressed. I saw the starting point by the Post Office and the park and the supermarkets. The girl is devious and I will never make the mistake of underestimating her.

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