tagExhibitionist & VoyeurCarly's Naked Weekend

Carly's Naked Weekend


This story can be read without reading the earlier Carly stories but I do recommend reading the earlier ones to know the players. Carly, Sammy and Tony are all very real and these are the true accounts of Carly enjoying her new found love for being naked in public.

Recently Tony lost a good friend and neighbor and he made a comment to Sammy last night that he would miss his morning runs with his friend David.

David had a racing bike and Tony would jog alongside David to the top of thelane, say goodbye to David who would head for the hills, then he'd jog back. So Carly offered to run with him this morning and now she has crashed in front of the fire, exhausted with hard nipples and a purple pussy, poor girl lol.

The temperature this morning was 1c (about 34f) with a stiff northerly breeze. Carly carefully selected her jogging outfit, socks and jogging shoes, nothing else. Tony took one look at her choice of jogging (non) outfit and shook his head inwonder and bewilderment. He keeps telling her she's crazy. Well, keep telling her and see what happens. I know there are many readers who want to know.The jog was hard work, the first half is uphill and Tony goes for it on the way up and then jogs slowly back down again. That bit Carly managed just fine, no problem. She admits she thought she could keep up with the over fifty Tony, no problem. Well she was wrong!

Carly said her boobs don't bounce much, so that's not a problem, but her nipples ached from the cold and the feeling of being naked in such an exposed barren place wasdoing something to her as well - not hurting though! Carly's pussy was throbbing,again partly due to cold but also to the excitement. She sat on a rock for a rest at the top and said it was fucking cold on her ass but felt nice too as her bare pussy touched the cold stone. She was glad to jump back into bed to warm up though! It didn't take long for her to warm up because she was thinking of what she planned to do a little later, and that got her pussy tingling and heated up once again.

Once Carly had warmed up from her naked jog with Tony it was time for her to go off for another naked adventure. Carly and Tony were driving into a different town this time, her naked except for her nudie boots. She had also brought an old t-shirt for later though she wouldn't be wearing it for long. She had plans to park in a parking lot, walk naked through a shopping area, cross a main shopping street and more. She would of course be doing this naked in the breezy 1c day. On the way to the destination of choice (they had cased it out yesterday) Tony stopped in a small town and asked her to post a letter for him, she looked and saw the post office and postbox. Carly without hesitation jumped out wearing just her boots and posted the letter as people stopped to watch the crazy naked blonde. It always seems to take longer when she's naked and she made sure they got a good view! Carly thrives on the attention and slows to be sure everyone gets a nice long look at her lithe naked body.

They drove on a little way and Tony pulled up outside a newsagents, he asked Carly to get some snacks and drinks. The shop was quite busy and Carly had to squeeze her gorgeous naked body through the crowd to make her way to the counter. The lady looked the naked blonde with the sparkling blue eyes up and down and said it was a little cold for that sort of thing, but was happy to take the money anyway! Carly got back in the car and that's when she had her first body shaker also known as an orgasm, right there parked outside the shop. Tony sensibly started to drive away as soon as he was sure she was ok. Oh yes the girl was perfectly fine, thanks!

As Carly recovered from her orgasm they went on to the town and agreed on a plan after they had driven around the center of town a few times. Tony parked the car down in the bottom of the car park and they got out and headed for the other parking lot. Carly had put on the old t-shirt, which came halfway to her knees, She wore just that and her boots until she reached the restrooms where she went in and took off the t-shirt, tearing it up and throwing it in the rubbish bin. No going back now, she had no choice but to remain naked until she returned to the car.

She walked straight back out of the restroom onto the pedestrian alley into the brisk wind and it was freezing! It was cold and windy, and her nipples were rock hard from both the cold and her excitement at being naked in public once again. She had been cold enough before when wearing the t-shirt, now she was starkers except for the boots. They walked briskly, holding hands until Tony stopped halfway down the alley and handed her a tenner. He asked Carly to go in the guitar shop in the next street and buy some strings, handing her an empty packet so she knew what to ask for.

They cut across another alley and the guitar shop was opposite, Tony waited outside while the sexy naked blonde went in the shop. The guy was very shocked to see such a beauty naked especially on such a cold day. He got the strings out and took the money. Carly told me you could tell he wanted to say something but had lost the power of speech! Carly was her normal chatty self with the bright warm smile as she thanked him and said bye rejoining Tony on the street. Hand in hand again they walked until reaching the main street, then Carly waited in a shop entrance naked and made Tony cross the street and wait outside the little mall, kind of diagonally oppositewhere she was standing. She got her phone out of the pocket in her boot and called his number, she told him she was ready to go. Carly walked out of the shop and began to cross the street as she talked to Tony on the phone.

She asked him, "Do I look hot? Am I sexy?" as she strutted naked towards the other side of the street.

"Omigod, you are fantastic" Tony replied still amazed at her beauty and poise as she walked naked in 1c temperatures on a main shopping street in broad daylight.

She reached him and took hold of his hand and together they entered the 'mall'. Once inside and feeling the excitement continue to build Carly turned and pulled close to him and kissed him 'long and lush', then they made for the lift. As they neared the lift Carly told Tony to take the stairs and meet her at the bottom level. Off he went leaving her stark naked waiting for the lift. When it arrived a young couple with a baby came out, andtheir eyes widened when they saw a naked girl waiting there. As she stepped inthe lift about four or five people got in with her, and Carly stood naked at theback as the lift went down. Carly told me she nearly bloody came right then and there.

A couple got off on the next floor down, and then it was her turn to exit the relative safety of the lift not knowing who may be there when she stepped out. The doors opened and Tony was waiting a short distance away so she casually walked over and linked arms with him. It was about fifty feet or so to the exit and the parking lot was beyond that which seemed so far away.

Carly was becoming desperate to get back to the car, she was beginning to cum, and knew she'd be rolling around on the parking lot moaning with ecstasy if she didn't hurry into the car. They went out through the doors and quickly made their way towards the car, Carly honestly only just made it and was in Tony's arms, cumming like crazy and then he was driving them away (Carly had attracted some attention by this time).

They parked down near the beach and he took her in his arms and told her he thinks she is amazing, crazy but amazing! Carly who never seems to be satisfied once she is naked, broke it to him as gently as she could that she wasn't quite finished yet and wanted to do one more 'little' thing – pleeeeeeze, she begged!

So they went to Tesco, a supermarket. She had been in a different one a while ago in a different town. Not a big one in this town, about the same size as Somerfield Market in a small town just a little down the coast. Big enough for what she wanted, her heart was beating fast, her pussy was feeling satisfied, because she had cum two or three times today already. Her bare pussy was also tingling with anticipation of the next task as it always does. She asked Tony to stay as far back as he could, she wanted to give the impression that she was shopping alone, completely naked!

She set off towards the main entrance and Tony followed a few yards behind as she entered the supermarket and picked up a shopping basket. Carly made her way to the back of the store and selected a couple of items looking so casual on the outside as if shopping naked was an everyday thing. She was not really feeling that casual as the realization hit her once again that she was starkers in a major supermarket. She slowly made her way back towards the checkout. Eyes were popping! Looking at the naked blonde with the long lean body, hard nipples and bare pussy.

Everyone was staring, funny what a different response she was getting here. It was causing her to become a little nervous and she saw Tony edging closer, he could sense she was losing it a bit. He joined her as she reached the checkout and pulled out his wallet and said he would pay for the naked young lady. Carly grabbed the small bag of shopping and took Tony's hand and left the supermarket fairly quickly. Yes, once again Carly just got back to the car before she came yet again.

It's Sunday, Carly had jogged naked in the freezing cold yesterday and then walked through a busy shopping area naked as well. It seems she cannot get enough of being naked in public or the orgasms (explosions) that result from it.

Today it was another town that was going to enjoy the "Naked Carly Experience!" It's a biggish seaside university town, full of history, and crisscrossed with many little pedestrian streets. These streets are lined with small, sometimes tiny shops full of souvenirs, Wicca stuff, old CD'S, you name it and it's probably there. Perfect for a mid afternoon nude stroll in the rain. There is a lovely promenade, one that Carly has every intention of strolling along naked one sunny day in warmer weather. Today the shopping area would be just ideal for what the naked blonde beauty wanted do. You know Carly loves her sexy raincoat that is completely clear and easily see through, so she planned to have some fetish fun as well. It was a lot warmer than recent days, about 9c (48f) but raining, and the shopping area would be well sheltered from the chilly northerly wind. Perfect!

When they arrived in town they parked the car just off the promenade and looked down the street. The town seemed very quiet, but it was a Sunday, most of the student population would still be on holiday or sleeping off last night's shenanigans. So Carly opted to get out of the car just as she was, naked with the 'nudie' boots. She then put the clear coat on but left it loose. Tony was carrying a light sports bag in which was a long shiny black coat with a hood - just for emergencies! This was a new town for them and not knowing the town they chose to be a bit careful.

As usual Carly and Tony strolled hand in hand in search of adventure, Carly with everything on show. In a pinch she could fasten the coat up and be reasonably covered although obviously naked under the coat. I have seen a picture of Sammy in that same coat and it hides nothing. Anyway, that suited Carly just fine because she loves wearing plastic, vinyl and leather. They turned into a narrow street and immediately spotted a small cafe that looked dry and inviting, so in they went to have a coffee. It turned out the guy was having a slow day.

He looked at Carly and said "Town is so quiet today you could likely walk naked from one end to the other and see no one."

Remember Carly had everything on show, with the clear raincoat open wide.

"If that's the case, may I just take my coat off and sit here naked?" Carly asked not waiting for him to reply as she wriggled and let the coat fall to the seat behind her.

She sat back down picked up her coffee and smiled at him with her sweetest smile. "Thank you, that's better." she said.

I have to say her smile alone would make anyone melt but add in that she is naked showing off that gorgeous body and no one could resist her.

They sat and chatted for a while and quickly got the impression that this town was deserted on a Sunday apart from during the summer. Perfect again! Carly reached behind and plucked the raincoat from the seat, rolled it up and held it out to Tony. He understood at once, and took the raincoat and put it in the bag with the other one. Now she was naked in her boots and planned to remain that way until they got home. Eventually they said their goodbyes and left the cafe. Back outside on the street it was raining a lot more and heavier then before so Tony offered her the raincoat.

"Silly man, I was born waterproof!" Carly announced smiling.

He smiled and agreed with that, how could he not. Another thing learned about Tony is that when Carly is naked he almost always agrees with her. Now tell me really who the hell wouldn't? So hand in hand again the lovebirds set off down the street, Carly completely stark naked and absolutely enjoying herself. Tony spotted a small music shop and glanced at her, she knew what he wanted so she pulled him by the hand and entered the shop. The man in there was delighted to see a naked girl in his shop and recognized Tony immediately, so they were instantly among friends. His wife came out from the back of the shop and joined in the conversation.

She has walked naked along the promenade many times, but never ventured into these streets or any shops that way. Perhaps now she may be a little more adventurous! Tony had a little play around with some of the guitars while Carly casually strolled around the shop naked and loving it. She told me she had been on the verge of orgasm since taking her coat off in the cafe. They must have been in there about half an hour, some young guy came in and bought drumsticks, gaped when he saw the naked blonde stunner, asked for an autograph when he saw Tony but couldn't drag his eyes off Carly the whole time he was in the shop. And he left kind of backwards and then managed one more quick glance through the shop window before he was finally gone. Poor kid!

The couple in the music shop thought naked Carly may get away with going a few places naked, and very kindly pointed out the Police station, which they planned to avoid! With their info memorized Carly and Tony left the music shop and continued down the street. As usual Carly was really enjoying being naked in the street, there were a few people around but all of them were trying to stay dry. Carly tells me she was pretty much ignored most of the time, but I can't believe it. Again another explosion was cumming and Carly had to grab Tony at one point and lead him behind a shop. He knew exactly what was happening and put his hands on her buttocks pulling her close as she came and came!

"Oh my God!!! Nikki" Carly later told me. "I was weak at the knees and I leaned back against the wall, still holding on to Tony."

Yes Carly and I have discussed having no touch orgasms triggered simply by us being naked in a public place.

She was feeling weak but fantastic after yet another orgasm, and it took several minutes for her to recover enough to be able to walk properly again. Further down the street Carly could see the railway station, and an idea began to form. As they got closer and closer to the station, they were approaching it from one end of the platform. They crossed the street, slowing a bit now, which usually means Tony senses crazy naked girl (as we lovingly refer to Carly) is about to do something really crazy.

She tugged at his hand like a little girl as they stood by a small white wooden gate, beyond which was the main platform! Carly made Tony wait where he was and she walked along the front of the Station building and straight through the main entrance, cut across the large hall area where several people were reading, snacking and looking at timetables. As she usually does Carly slowed as she passed the ticket office and the kiosk beyond giving everyone ample time to view her nakedness, her sensible voice kept reminding her that the whole time,

"I'm naked in public and I am risking being caught."

"Better not think too hard about that or I would get all horny again!" Carly thought to herself as she strolled though the station.

All eyes followed the naked girl as she went out through the double doors and walked out onto the platform completely naked and turned in Tony's direction. Then she sauntered back along the platform, must have been a hundred meters (about 350 feet) it's a rather large station. Finally Carly walked up to Tony and planted a kiss right on his lips and took his arm. Tony has to watch this gorgeous blonde do all these things naked and it gets him pretty worked up too, as you could imagine. They crossed the street and headed back the way they had come, Carly looking for a quiet spot. There was a covered area like a hallway lined with small shops, most of which were closed, at the far end of the passage they turned a corner and that led to a parking area at the back. The end of the passageway was deserted and you would easily hear anyone approaching.

The naked and horny Carly stopped Tony with the palm of her hand on his chest and reached for his fly, pulling the zipper down. His enlarged penis almost burst out of his leather jeans. Carly took hold of it and knelt down taking it in her mouth. Tony groaned a few times and Carly tasted his sweet cum once again. Then it was his turn to lean back to recover, this time she held on to him, tight.

"Omigod!" Tony said.

You will get used to hearing that, he always says it.

Despite her over excited pussy Carly was beginning to feel a little chilly and fancied a 'fetish fix' so she got the clear raincoat from Tony's bag and put it on, pulling the belt tight. You could still see most everything and she really was still naked. She could still feel the cool breeze coming up under the raincoat and teasing her bare pussy. She was quickly becoming horny again and this time she took Tony's hand and guided him towards her wet throbbing pussy. He needed no further hint and gently ran his forefinger lightly over her clit and suddenly Carly was cumming again, just like that! Was this three times now? Four? How bad is that, she always loses count! These are proper body shaking scream out loud orgasms! Ohhhh, yes!

They stood there for a long time holding each other close and kissing. Carly loves her man so much!

And then Tony looked into her blue eyes, "Go on then."

"Go on what?" playing coy.

"Go on and tell me how you want to finish off your naked adventure." Smiling at her, he knows and understands her so well.

"Darling, do you know what I really like doing? I like it when you order me to do something where I can't predict how or where it will end, much Like Ed does for Nikki."

It's like that thing where you trust someone enough that you can fall back trusting they will catch you. She trusts Tony to scare her without getting her in serious trouble.

Tony looked at her for a long time and then nodded.

"Okay love, but as usual you will have to follow my instructions to the letter or you will fail." He put on his mock serious voice. "And you know how I hate failure!" He took Carly by the hand and began walking back along the street. Carly soon realized they were headed back to the car. When they got there he unlocked the car, but when she went to get in he stopped her.

"I'll have your coat and your boots now please." Tony said.

Carly cheerfully obliged, now she would be properly naked. Within seconds she was completely naked in the rain, no shoes or anything. Tony put her things in the bag and put the bag in the back of the car, he locked the car up and took her hand.

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