tagLoving WivesCarly's New Job Ch. 03

Carly's New Job Ch. 03


Carly had told Steve the full story of her amazing night at the party. He had long since stopped being shocked By the things she did. Steve had loved hearing the story, it turned him on as always. Carly had given him a blowjob that night as she was too sore for him to fuck her. She had let him come in her mouth as she had let so many men the previous night, Steve was delighted that this was now a regular treat.

"So what's this treat you're lining up for me?" He said, trying to squeeze some information out of her.

"You'll just have to wait and see," she said with a wink. "You'll love it, that I promise you!"

Carly already knew what her treat for him would be. Emma had definitely decided to work at the massage parlour and on Carly's recommendation Sharon had agreed to take her on. There had always been sexual tension between Steve and Emma, they flirted but had never gone any further. She was going to pay for Steve to spend an hour with Sukey, her other friend who worked there and Emma. She would have them tend to his every whim.

On Emma's first day, Carly approached the girls with her idea. Both of them were up for the idea, particularly Emma who was delighted to finally get Steve into bed. Carly also told Sharon what she was doing to make sure all was ok.

"You two are a right pair!" Sharon laughed, "The things you get up to. As long as the girls are happy and you're paying the going rate, it's fine with me."

Carly smiled to herself and went off to sort it out with the girls.

"I'm going to get him in on Friday," she told them. "He'll be out with his mate, I'll get him to come here and meet me then we can spring it on him."

"What do you want us to do?" Emma asked.

"Whatever he wants," she replied, "Knowing Steve, he'll want anal and rimming. He has been talking about trying watersports lately as well."

The girls both agreed as she knew they would. Carly felt pleased with herself as she felt se owed her husband this treat after he encouraged her to indulge so many of her fantasies.

"Come and meet me after work tonight," Carly told Steve before he went out. "We can get a taxi together."

"Ok," he agreed, I'll be there about 12."

Carly gave him a kiss and pressed a small wrap of cocaine into his hand.

"Is this what I think it is?" he said with a smile. "is this my treat?"

"It's part of it," she said with a knowing grin. "Just don't be late tonight."

With that she left, Steve was bursting to know what she had in store for him, the night couldn't pass quick enough. He went for a drink with a couple of his mates and happily shared a line of his coke with them. Carly text him at 11.30 to make sure he was on his way. She has sorted everything out, the girls were ready and Sharon was paid ready or Steve's arrival.

When Steve buzzed on the door, Sharon welcomed him in.

"Carly is with a client at the moment, do you mind waiting in one of the rooms in case we get anybody else in?" Sharon asked him.

Steve did as he was asked. While he was waiting took another big line thinking that Carly and him were going to have some fun later.

When the door opened, Steve was shocked to see Emma and Sukey come in. They were wearing nothing more than underwear and suspenders. They were a stunning sight.

"So are you happy with your surprise then?" Emma said while peeling of her bra.

Steve's head was spinning. The chemicals and the surreal situation had stunned him.

"We're all yours," she continued. "We'll do anything you want, and I do mean anything."

"I don't know what to say." Steve finally managed to say.

"Just sit and relax," Sukey said "Let us take care of you.

Steve had his clothes off in no time, the girls laid him back on the bed allowing Sukey to lick his cock. Emma started to kiss Steve, forcefully pushing her tongue into his mouth, she had fancied Steve for years but never bridged the subject of a threesome with Carly. She was going to make the most of this.

Sukey continued sucking his cock and licking his balls while Emma lowered her tits over his face for him to suck. He had never dreamed that Carly would set something like this up.

"I want to taste you." Steve said to Emma.

She moved her pussy level with Steve's face and pulled her knickers aside. Steve took a moment to enjoy the view before slowly teasing Emma' slit. She moaned with joy and started to grind herself onto his face. Steve concentrated on her clit, swirling his tongue round it in circular motions. Sukey meanwhile, continued to suck Steve's cock. He would have usually came by now but the drink and drugs were certainly helping him delay his orgasm.

Emma however, couldn't delay her's. She screamed as she came, her juices now running down his face. Once Emma got off, Sukey pushed Steve's legs back and started to rim him. Carly had told the girls that this was one of his favorite things. Emma turned her attention to Steve's cock, now deep throating his entire length. She once again sat astride his face to get into a better position. Steve pushed 2 fingers into Emma's moist slit and began to tongue her tight arsehole. He rubbed on her clit with his thumb, giving her almost unbearable pleasure.

The attention of these 2 beautiful women on him was beginning to bring him close to orgasm. When Sukey pushed her middle finger into his arse, he lost it almost immediately. He could feel bolt after bolt of his come firing into Emma's mouth. She made no sound, just clamped her lips around his cock and let him finish. It was a huge load which Emma struggled to swallow, some ha leaked out of her mouth and down his shaft.

He kept on pleasuring Emma with hands and tongue, she was again screaming and now starting to shudder as her 2nd orgasm built. Then, much to Steve's shock, she squirted as she came. He had never been with anyone who had done his. It was fantastic, he opened his mouth and tried to catch as much of it as he could.

The three of them slumped on the bed for a few minutes getting their breath back. Steve then announced he needed the toilet.

"Shall I come and help you?" Sukey asked.

"Err, if you want." Steve replied with a confused look.

When in the bathroom Sukey took her knickers and bra off and turned to Steve.

"Would you like to pee on me?" She asked, "Carly said you wanted to try this little kink."

"I'd love it," he said, eyes lighting up. "Are you sure that's ok?"

"Of course it is," she smiled, "anything goes tonight, remember?!"

Steve waited for Sukey to kneel in the shower then let himself go. The beer he had drank needed to come out so the relief was massive. The first jets went over Sukey's tits, running down her perfectly formed body. When he was nearly done, he aimed the last of his pee at her face. She didn't flinch so he finished off there.

"That felt so good," Steve said to her, "Are you sure you didn't mind that?"

"Stop worrying," Sukey reassured him, "It doesn't do anything for me like it does for some but it doesn't bothered either."

Sukey quickly cleaned herself down in the shower while Steve returned to Emma in the bedroom.

"How are you enjoying this then?" She asked him.

"It's unreal!" he replied.

"I wish I had a husband like you," she said, "I've loved hearing the stories she's been telling me!"

"It can't be that bad!" Steve said.

"It's not really," Emma added, "He's a lovely man but just won't try anything adventurous in bed."

Sukey then appeared after her shower. Steve decided this would be the perfect time to break out the last of his cocaine. He offered the girls some once he had cut the lines out, Sukey declined but Emma gratefully accepted.

"So what do you want next?" Emma asked.

"I'd really like to fuck you both in the arse." He said with a dirty grin.

Emma started to rub Steve's cock back to hardness. Sukey got a condom ready and rolled this on once Emma had got him hard enough.

"I want to fuck you from behind while you lick Emma first." Steve said to Sukey. He figured that he might as well just ask for whatever he wanted tonight, the girls had made it clear that they were up for anything tonight.

Sukey presented her bum to Steve, she had already applied some lubricant and was ready for him. She let out a little cry as his tip entered her. Steve slowly edged his length inside her as he felt her opening up. Emma had laid back on the bed in front of them and opened her legs, she spread her moist lips and licked her lips, keeping eye contact all the time.

Sukey started to lick Emma as Steve built up his pace. He took in this fantastic sight as he thrust his cock into Sukey's tight hole. He felt that he could go on for ever tonight, the drug had lifted him again, he felt unstoppable.

Sukey asked Steve to stop after a couple more minutes, although he could go on forever, she couldn't. While not particularly long, Steve's cock was very thick.

"I'll take over." Emma offered. The cocaine had taken it's effect on her.

She laid Steve down and took the condom off. "You can fuck me without this tonight." she told him.

She lowered here bum onto Steve's cock, slowly taking his length inside her. Once he was fully in, she laid back resting on his chest and allowed him to slowly fuck her arse. Steve held her tight, kissing and biting the back of her neck. She was in heaven.

Sukey broke them out of their trance when she started to lick Emma's pussy. She would alternative between Emma's slit and Steve's cock as it slid in and out of Emma's anus. This heightened the pleasure for them both even more.

Neither of them knew how long they went on like this, it felt like forever but such was the pleasure they carried on. Sukey eventually stopped and just sat back and watched, it was like they were in their own little world.

Steve started to speed up, his cock was going in and out like a piston now. Emma was screaming with pleasure. Steve had one last push and shot his load deep inside her arse. He held her tight, and for a few moments he remained inside her, their sweaty bodies entwined.

When Steve withdrew, they said nothing. Had they shared a little more than just a fuck there? Steve didn't want to think about that, he couldn't let thoughts like that enter his head, she was his wife's best friend after all. Steve convinced himself it was the drink and drugs and pushed the thought out of his mind.

When dressed, Steve and the girls made their way through to the reception. Carly was sitting talking to Sharon.

"Well it sounded from here like you enjoyed that!" she said with a smile.

"It was amazing." he said, looking clearly drained.

Carly and Steve said their goodbye's and made their way to the taxi. Emma and Sukey were staying on to work the final hour.

"Glad you enjoyed your night darling." Carly said to him.

Steve just smiled and out his arms around her. He felt a deep satisfaction, he knew he could share anything with this beautiful woman. Could life get any better?

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