tagLoving WivesCarmen and Eddie Ch. 01

Carmen and Eddie Ch. 01


This story is about a married women who wants to fuck another man with her husband's approval and enjoyment. So if you don't like this type of story stop right now. If you keep reading from here we'll all know you wanted to read it. This story is dedicated to Jill a good friend who asked me to write it.

Part 1

"I was thinking it would be more of a one time straight sex meeting sweetie between you, me and my co-worker, rather than just a purely strange unknown man into the mix. And I don't mind being used as a fuck-toy Eddie, but I prefer it to just be one guy and you, rather than a gang bang. However, that doesn't mean I can't be heaps of a slut that night with the two of you men", Carmen whispered softly into her husband Eddie's ear as she slowly stroked his rock hard four inch cock making love to it with her hands.

They had been playing with each other's bodies and talking about adding another person to their love making. First it would be another man for Carmen, then a woman for Eddie. But Eddie didn't really care for another woman he only wanted Carmen and he was going along with pretty much anything she wanted at this point while she made amazing love to his cock with he hands and mouth.

"Jesus Car, that feels so good baby! I love how you use your mouth on me! Keep doing that. Yes, oh yes baby! That feels so good", Eddie moaned as his sexy wife teased his cock bring him to the brink but not letting him cross and cum. He loved it when she held his cock in her hand and the other one on his balls working them like she was doing. She played with him licking and sucking the shaft and sucking the fat cock head when she wasn't talking dirty to him and telling him what would happen when they added the other man to this love making.

Tonight it was the talk about a lover, a three-way sharing her with another man conversation again. He loved her so much Eddie would do just about anything for her. Carmen was talking about her idea of having a three-way with her husband Eddie and Jason her co-worker again. As she licked his shaft and pumped it with her hand she kept telling Eddie how good it would be. She was thinking of Jason a man she worked with who was a hunk of a man, blond and tall and built like a god with arms of steel. They flirted all the time and talked about things only a husband and wife should discuss. Jason has told her many times how he would love to make love to her and that he would carry her around the room with his cock deep up inside her fucking her like no man had ever fucked her before as they made love to each other. Carmen loved the idea of being fucked as she was carried from room to room. It made her extremely wet and horny.

Carmen worked with Jason, many days alone and in a private room preparing items for shipment to their customers. As they worked she listened and listened to his smooth lines of sexual stimulation. In fact she came home many nights with her panties wet and sticky and then had her husband Eddie eat her until she couldn't stand it any longer. She would then have him fuck her hard and fast with his cock as she was thinking of Jason's strong body and what she was sure was a bigger cock up inside her as Jason carried her around the house making Eddie follow and watch them.

This three-way had been coming up more and more over the past three or four months with Jason and Carmen as well as when she got home and talked to her husband, usually while she was making love to his cock driving him full of lust. Actually Jason and she had discussed it a great deal lately on how she might approach Eddie with the idea. Then she would come home each night and talk some more about it, trying and talk Eddie into it. She usually did this sitting on his cock and fucking him or sucking and teasing him like she was doing now.

Carmen could hardly wait to see if Jason was all talk or if he could do the things he told her he would do to her body. She wanted to see if his cock was as big as it looks in his trousers. Most days as they flirted she saw the huge lump pressing out against his slacks. The more they had chatted about hot and heavy sex and what they like best the bigger Jason's cock looked under his slacks. She was dieing to touch it, to squeeze it to see if it was all that it appeared to be.

Maybe days Carmen teased Jason wearing low cut blouses with her beautiful full breasts and the cleavage amply showing. She wore skirts and when Jason and she were along Carmen would roll the skirt up making them much shorter than usual. Those short skirts let her shapely legs show and on days when she was super horny she would open then just enough so Jason could see the color of her panties. He always smiled when she did that and he knew he was winning her over.

Jason told her many days when he saw the panties that he wanted to remove whatever color panties she had on that day and taste her more than anything else in his life. He wanted to fuck her in all the different positions they could think of and he wanted to do it over and over and over again. He told her almost daily that he was going to give her more pleasure than she had ever known. He told her how hot and sexy she was and always asked if she was wet today between her thighs. She always told him the truth and that her husband was going to receive the rewards of their talks again tonight. Carmen was ready to try it with Jason and she knew she was going to fuck him soon.

Jason was a very big guy maybe 6'3' and he knew Carmen's husband was a small thin man of 5'7' who he could break in half. So, he didn't care if her husband knew about the attempt to have an affair he was trying to establish with her or not. That part was up to her. If she wanted a private affair without her husband knowing about it then he would be extremely happy to help her achieve it for as long as she liked. But, if she wanted to be up front and let her husband get involved he was good with that too.

Everyday now, all he talked about was the fantastic sex they could have together. "It would be hard and long and wonderful Carmen so powerful and so good sessions of sex", he told her. He kept telling her he would be so good for her, especially since she had a small cock husband. While he tried daily he really started in on her especially when he found out from her that Eddie had a 4 inch cock. She didn't mean to tell Jason about her husband's smaller cock but one day it just slipped out about his size. Jason laughed and told her she was a woman who he knew needed to sample a bigger cock for sure now. He told her she would always wonder about having a cock like his and he would hold his big lump and show her it asking her to touch it to hold it in her hand and feel how a real man's cock felt. But so far Carmen was able to hold off touching it, but God she wanted to in the worst way just once.

Jason kept telling her they could have some of the best sex ever with each other. He always told her what a magnificent body she had. And he told her she was just like him with a need for sex and that her sex drive and needs were much greater than most other people. As they talked Carmen began to agree with him that she wanted and needed more sex than her husband was providing her but she wasn't going to cheat. So Jason kept working on her. He kept driving home the fact that he was more than twice as big as Eddie was everywhere and he would again show her the lump in his slacks often holding it up to her and again asking her to just feel it. He told her she made him hard like that everyday. Again that day she didn't touch but now she hungered to try it. She more than wanted to feel it she wanted it in the most sexual way she could imagine.

Over and over again they talked and slowly over a few weeks the idea was slowly sinking in and taking root growing bigger and bigger in her brain with each pasting day. Then one day when they were completely alone in his office Jason asked her if she wanted to see it, see his hard-on. She told him no at first but as they talked he rubbed it again and again and adjusted it in his shorts. She saw how big his lump in his slacks was that day and so when she looked down at it again he asked her again as he made it jump.

Jason didn't wait for her to answer this time he began to unzip his slacks. They were all alone with everyone else in the office gone home for the day. Carmen stood there and didn't take her eyes off of it. When he opened his slacks and let his cock escape it come out and jumped like a snake as it stood straight out at her. He smiled letting his balls free as well.

Carmen heard her breath as she took a deep breath and held her hand to her mouth just looking at it. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen. Again he told her to touch it to hold it but she again declined. Jason let it out for just a minute stroking it back and forth as she watched it get even bigger. Finally he put his cock slowly in his slacks but not before stroking it a couple of time push back on the skin and making the big cock head push out even further showing her how big he really when he was fully hard.

Carmen never recovered from that day. She never touched it back then but now that she had seen it, Carmen had to see just what it would be like to fuck this beautiful man. And, now that she had seen his large cock, she knew he would drive her wild fucking her and carrying her body around the room. She began to work out a plan about her husband too and with Jason's help they worked out how she should approach him about a three-way.

She couldn't get it the image of Jason's beautiful big cock out of her head. As she lay there on the bed now with her husband she was thinking of it and how it looked so large. It was huge; Jason's cock looked so much bigger than the one she held in her hand now. She watched her husband's cock jump and begins to shoot his cum. She imagined how it would feel when she held Jason's cock and felt it cumming.

Eddie's four inch dick was almost completely concealed in her small hand and his cum was actually running down her fingers. She smiled thinking she would need both hands to hold Jason's cock and she wouldn't let him cum in her hand. Oh no! She wanted to feel that cock pumping his seed into her pussy tunnel filling her with sweet warm sticky cum, Jason's cum. She needed it now and kept at it with Eddie working on the plan. She swung her leg over Eddie and let her pussy come right at his face. Eddie pulled her pussy to his mouth and began to make love to it as she kept suggesting the three-way and how much fun they both could have.

Carmen was a young 24 year old wife full of fun and very outgoing with a bubbly personality. She was a huge flirt and often flirted with men in front of her husband. But until now, she has never cheated on him. She enjoys being with her husband most of the time and he loved her and gave her everything she wants and he waited on her hand and foot. But she felt like there was no real excitement in her life, especially her sex life. She was so sexy and extremely stimulating to many of the men she knew. She also knew they all wanted to fuck her. She was lustful some days as she flirted with them all almost shamelessly.

Eddie was 27 and he was completely loyal, devoted and a very caring husband but a little on the 'dull' side. He held a job as an accountant. A nerdy accountant was what he was to the men she told about her husband and his job. Carmen had Eddie wrapped around her little finger. With her big brown eyes and pretty smile and her very beautiful body with those big full breasts and long silky legs she could get him to agree to almost anything - including a soon to be threesome with her co-worker she hoped.

Jason was the co-worker and soon to be the lover in the story. He was 25 years old, tall, muscular and ultra-confident with deep blue eyes and blond hair. He always got the woman he wants and he had a reputation as an amazing lover with a huge 8+ inch thick cock. He has been flirting with Carmen ever since he started at the company and secretly wants to pursue a serious relationship with her. He was definitely an alpha-male and loved to rub his sexual prowess in other men's faces.

Carmen and Eddie have only been married for a couple of years after meeting in college. They had no kids because Carmen didn't want any right now. Carmen thought Eddie was cute (in a puppy dog way), so she agreed to date him. He worships the ground she walks on and was always buying her things, anything she wants. She knew she ruled the relationship and all her friends and family told her he was going to do well in life and she should naturally say yes when Eddie asked her to get married.

Eddie tried his hardest to keep her satisfied over the years, but he was very sexually inept. He was a virgin when he met Carmen and his inexperience showed. All she had to do was lie on the bed and open her legs for him and Eddie would dive between them and into her pussy licking and sucking her over and over again into as many orgasms as she could take. Her pleasure was his life. She trained him and taught him how to please her orally and he loved to be in her arms and making love to her giving her orgasms usually with his mouth rather than his cock. To make matter worse, his penis was a little on the small side (four or four and a half inches maybe) and he had almost no staying power at all. He would be fucking Carmen look at her beautiful face or breasts and he would spew almost immediately. They work on it but he wasn't doing much better after four years.

On average, they make love twice maybe three times a week usually on the weekends. But she usually had him please her with his mouth and tongue each night before she went to sleep. She told him it made her sleep better and Eddie wanting to do anything for her would dive right in. She in turn would jerk him off saying she was just too tired to fuck him on most night. (When she moves in with Eddie in college, they did it once or twice a day everyday! He was super hot for her and what she was teaching him about eating pussy, her pussy.)

However, Eddie's cock almost never gave her the type of orgasm his mouth gave her and she didn't want to have to shower over again after he shot cum from his little unsatisfying cock into her. So Eddie was or seemed happy that she jerked him off and relieved his need to cum with her hand.

Despite Eddie's best efforts, Carmen rarely found their sex life fulfilling these days, which is why she starts looking for something else. Plus Jason was putting pressure on her daily to let him fuck her. Jason ticked all the right boxes, so she finally chooses him for the threesome.

"...Will you at least think about it", Carmen said to her husband as she played with his deflated cum drained cock? It was now just a head and a pair of balls. Eddie was done for the night and once he was drained like he was now he had almost no shaft to speak of, she wondered how he could pee without peeing on himself. Maybe he sat down?

She stared up at her husband with her big, brown eyes and nibbled anxiously on her lower lip. She always nibbled on her lip when she wanted something. Along with her D-cup breasts, her lips were her sexiest asset. She wiped Eddie's cum off on his thighs as she tried to get it off her fingers and then held his face in her hands and waited for an answer.

"Gee, I don't know Car. A real threesome? You know I hate the idea of sharing you." Eddie glanced into his wife's beautiful eyes and swallowed nervously.

He loved her more than anything in the world; she was bright, funny, gorgeous and completely irresistible. Sometimes, he still couldn't believe that she had agreed to marry him. She was a knockout and could have almost any man she wanted. And now, she wanted him to share her with another man. He looked down and watched her full round breasts rise and fall and her nipples red, long and hard showed she was excited about all of this. She knew he was looking at her tits and she smiled and pushed them out a little more. She took his hand and placed one on her right breast. When she did she felt his little cock twists and start to grow again. Maybe she should let him fuck her tonight so he will say yes.

Carmen twirled a curly lock of hair around her finger and flashed the faintest of smiles as she too noticed his cock starting to rise again as she talked about the three way. She pushed her breasts into his chest and said she would love him even more if he agreed to try it just once. God he loved her breasts and he reached up with both hands now and cupped them both. They felt unbelievable to him so soft and full with almost no sag at all. His one hand wasn't big enough to hold one of her tits so he used both hands to hold her right tit now. He felt her nipples in his palms hard and excited.

She knew just how to get to Eddie; from the moment they started dating in school, she had him wrapped around her little finger. And when she started to let him play with her big breasts he was her puppy dog and it was all over for him, she ran the show. She remembered she let him suck them one night and Eddie couldn't control himself and he shot off in his slacks. She almost laughed at him when she saw the big wet stain in his slacks. But instead she told him it was OK and that she loved to make him happy and make him cum so he could get some relief.

She started to jerk him off all the time after that night while he played with her breasts sucking and licking them. She was doing it again right now in their bed. She slowly stroked his cock teasing and making him feel good bring him to his fullest and hardest as she talked about how the sex would be when they had their threesome. Eddie moaned as she pumped his cock faster squeezing it in her hand. But she was sure he needed more stimulation to work out the answer she wanted.

So Carmen lifted her breast to his mouth and as he sucked her nipple she said: "It would only be one time baby. Just one night, between the three of us. You're always saying we should try new things. Oh Eddie please baby! It will be so much fun. And you'll get to see me cum. You never actually see me cum Eddie you're to involve in fucking or licking me. Don't you think it would be hot to see my body react to being fucked and you watch and see me cum?"

He was so wiped. She wriggled a little closer to her prey; allowing her one breast to graze against his face and mouth while the other to rub his skinny neck and upper chest. "I think it's just what our marriage needs. A little excitement", she told him as erotically as she could.

She has him wiped and she didn't have to do to much more! He adores and worships her and wants to make her happy. When she lied back on the bed nude and spread her body out open letting him play it and look at it, he instantly crumbles. She laid on her back now and told him to fuck her good and hard. He moved quickly between her legs and she guided his cock head to her warm wet pussy opening. It went in easily and with two thrusts he was balls deep inside her warm wet wonderful hole.

As he began to pump it into her she lifted her legs and wrapped them around him just like she knew he loved her to do to him while he fucked her. She held him and he sucked her nipple as the fucked with her under him. When she felt Eddie's cock get harder and thicker she held him and kept him from pumping into her. Then she asked again: "Just once baby! Let me have a three way just once. Let me fuck another guy for you so you can see me cumming! And then if you want you can have another woman!"

She released his hips and Eddie arched up and thrust his cock as deep as he could get the little thing into her and as he did Eddie reached the point of no return he almost screamed it: "Oh God! Yes!! Yes Car yes. If that's what you want we'll do it. Oh God you feel so good baby! I'm cumming! I'm cumming. Ohhhh God yes! Squeeze me!!"

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