tagLoving WivesCarmen and Eddie Ch. 10

Carmen and Eddie Ch. 10


As Carmen left with her lover Jason she kissed Eddie goodbye and closed the door. Yukie stood by Eddie's side and took his arm. "Come Eddie let Yukie make you happy while they are gone baby. Come to bed with me Eddie and I take you to happy places."

Eddie let her take his hand and half pull half guided him to the spare bedroom. The master bedroom was off limits to him now only Jason was allowed to be in that room. Yukie slowly peeled off the only thing she had on a silky top which hardly covered her ass cheeks. She lifted Eddie's head and made him look into her eyes as she told him: "Slip it off my shoulders sweetie, let Yukie show you a good time. Let me make you forget that your wife is out with her lover and will most likely not be home until Sunday. Let Yukie make you happy Eddie."

Eddie took his hands and slowly moved the top off her shoulders and it slid down her arms and fell on the floor. She was now fully nude. She let his chin go and he slowly took in her beauty. Her long jet black hair was long, almost to her ass. She had a perfect heart shape face and she was small. Her breasts were small and perky, sticking straight out with no sage at all. The nipples on each breast stood at attention long hard and dark. Eddie used his hands to cup each one and as Yukie moved her hand to his head she pushed his lips down onto her left one. : "Yes baby! That's it suck Yukie's titties. Suck baby make Yukie excited."

She had been with Eddie enough times that he knew she absolutely loved to have her nipples sucked and pinched, and Eddie loved to do it for her. He used his mouth to suck the left one as he used his thumb and index finger to pinch and roll it between them. She moaned as he arched her back and pressed into Eddie's body. His little cock stuck straight out and they both felt it touch her belly. She stood on her toes as she began to kiss his lips and with her hand she covered the shaft of his hard on and slowly stroke it.

Feeling his hardness and the throbbing in the shaft she whispered: "Take me to the bed Eddie, make love to me. Don't just fuck me like we usually do baby! Make love tome I'll guide you. I'll love you baby. Make love to Yukie and make her cum for you."

This totally different than any other time he had been with her he watched as she climbed on the bed, her perfect little ass wiggling as she moved to the center and rolled over on her back. She beckoned him to her. Eddie moved to the bed his little cock swinging back and forth as he moved. Yukie opened her arms and let Edie move over her. He began to suck her breasts again moving from one tit to the other as his hand moved down her smooth hairless body t the top of her slit. He moved his hand down and felt her spread her shapely leg. When her athletic thighs opened enough Edie moved his hand down between then and gently cupped her cunt. With her entire pussy in his hand he began to softly rub her moving from the top of her slit around her clit down to the hole. He felt her wetness already. He sucked her nipples harder and faster knowing she loved this as much as she did gentle love.

"Gently sweetie, make love to me gently. So Yukie can cum. Oh Eddie, eat Yukie's pussy. Yukie needs Eddie's mouth on her cunt. Eat me Eddie make me cum. Love Yukie's pussy and make it cum."

Eddie licked his way down her small beautiful tight body and as he did she gently pushed on his head guiding it to where she wanted it. When Eddie was over her open thighs she told him again: "Yes! Oh yes baby! Suck my pussy, lick my pussy, and make Yukie's pussy cum with your wonderful mouth! Hurry Eddie!!! Lick me."

Eddie knelt between her wide open thighs and lowered his head and began to lick up and down her entire wet cunt slit. Up and down over and over he moved his mouth make Yukie feel so good. Gentle and soft hiss mouth worked in her lifting her higher and higher with her need and lust! As Eddie sucked her entire cunt into his mouth he felt her begin to hump up and down. He knew Yukie was very close to cumming. She moaned and sighed and whispered: "Yes, Oh yes Eddie like that just like that. Oh yes Baby you're so good. It feels so good. Now suck SUVCK!! Suck Eddie I'm going to cum."

Eddie sucked and shoved his tongue into her cunt hole as far as he could and began to lick in and out fucking her with his tongue. She arched her back and lifted her ass up and began to thrust and hump as she climaxed on his mouth! Eddie could taste her cum. Yukie had warm sweet cum from her diet she was never bitter. She humped and lifted higher as she grabbed his head and squeezed her thighs tightly around Eddie's head. She cried out and climaxed again. It was so good, so wonderful to have a man make gently love to her body.

She was so use to having a man who only was thinking of himself and his needs. Men used her body as a tool for their own pleasure. Eddie did this at first too when she asked him to be gentle he was. From that night on she loved the way Edie made her feel. Yukie always came a few times now each time she was paid to fuck Edie and entertain him while his wife fucked Jason.

As Eddie stayed down between her open thighs, he bathed her pussy with his tongue and used his fingers now to fuck her hole. As he licked her pussy and sucked her clit his fingers looked for and found Yukie's "G" spot. She had taught him how to locate it and what to do when he did. Eddie rubbed it, again very gentle and slowly and when Eddie sucked her clit at the same time, Yukie explode with a huge orgasm. She humped and humped and humped Eddie's face making it completely wet. She yelled out how good it was and came again seconds after the last orgasm.

Eddie kept sucking and fingering her like he had been taught. Yukie held him and fucked his face and her orgasm kept coming, one after the other over and over again. It was glorious for her and for Eddie. He loved to eat pussy now without someone else's cum in it. And, he had been taught to be even better than he was which in his wife's terms was fantastic. But Yukie had taught him even more skills and he only shared them with Yukie. Carmen never received the pleasure Yukie was receiving right now. Carmen never knew how great it felt to have her pussy loved like Eddie could do now and was doing to Yukie. Only Yukie knew the pure joy of Eddie's new skills. He was 'fucking fantastic' which is what she whispered as she pulled him out from between her thighs and held him kissing him and stroking his hair and face. She held him like a mother held her child lovingly and close to her breasts.

Eddie love to be held and cuddled and looked up into Yukie's beautiful face and moved to kiss her. She kissed him back telling him again how wonderful he had made her feel. She moved under him now and reached down between their bodies and took Eddie's cock her small hand. She moved under him more and guided Eddie's raging hard on to her wet open pussy.

As Eddie lifted a little she placed the head of Eddie's cock at her opening. Eddie waited until she told him to push. When she did, he did and they both felt his little dick slip past her pussy lips and slid into Yukie's hole. She immediately lifted her legs up as he pushed into her deeper until his balls rested on her ass hole. It took just a few seconds for him to become fully inserted into her cunt's tunnel. As he did Yukie had him to lift and hold her legs up high so he could feel deeper. As Eddie wrapped his arms around her thighs he lifted up and felt her begin to use her body to lift and rotate and she began to fuck him.

Eddie love how Yukie could move under him and squeeze her pussy around his small cock shaft. She always felt so tight and warm and wet. Yukie held him and whispered things sexual things wonderful things in his ear as she rotated her pussy and lifted him and her both up and fucked his faster now. She knew Eddie had trouble holding off from cumming. But she had taught him some things during their fucking sessions in the weeks she had been with him while his wife fucked Jason's big cock.

Eddie still wasn't great at not cumming but he was better. He had learned to hold off somewhat. She held him and told him: "No don't wait Eddie, Not tonight baby! Don't worry about cumming. Yukie wants you to cum. Cum in me Eddie. Reward me with your cum baby! Fuck Yukie and cum inside her pussy. She wants to feel your cock shoot it's seed inside her. Cum for Yukie Eddie! Oh yes!"

Eddie loved how she talked to him and what she said to him when they fucked. He love to hear that she wanted his cum that she wants him to cum inside her. He arched his back and shoved as hard as he could and as deep as he could and cried out as his little dick began to jump and throb and release. His balls rode up and down and his ass cheeks squeezed tight and Eddie came. He held her tight and Yukie held him and she lifted her cunt up and down on his little shaft just the right so it wouldn't slip out! She knew how to make Eddie's cock feel so good. Eddie came hard and long and emptied his nuts pumping his cum into her.

She held him and encouraged him and slowly stopped her movements when she felt Eddie was done and began to shrink. As she held him she felt Eddie's soft cock slip out of her hole. She kissed him and stroked his face and thanked him for making her feel so good. She told him how much she loved to have sex with him and how good he was to her. She told him that she adored being with him alone and making slow love!

Eddie was shocked!!!! He didn't know what to say but he knew he had very strong feelings for her too. He never realized that Yukie felt this way for him. He always felt she was just paid to be with him. They kissed and touched each other and began to made love again.

Yukie moved to his cock and laid the opposite way of him in a sixty nine position. But Eddie lay back on the bed resting his head so he could see her pussy. As Yukie took his semi-deflated cock in her hand and then covered the cock head with her mouth! He felt her mouth engulf his cock head and suck. He moaned as the sucking was loving and strong. She began taking more and more of his shaft into her mouth sucking as she went.

Eddie told her; "God that feels good. Oh yes Yukie like that baby! Oh yes! Ahh my yes!! That's it baby suck, suck me harder."

Yukie began to work him like she had been taught and she wanted to get his cock hard again. She sucked and licked and slowly jerked the shaft with two fingers. Eddie lay back on the bed looking directly up at her beautiful cunt and her shapely inner thighs which she held open as she straddled his head. He touched her and she wiggled her pussy on his fingers.

As Eddie looked he could see directly between her legs and up into her cunt. He used his fingers to spread her cunt lips seeing her pleasure hole. She held her pussy over his head as she sucked and licked and jerked his cock. It was getting very hard. She was fantastic, her mouth and tongue were so talented and she knew exactly what he liked now since he had been with her for some time. As she licked his little cock he began to respond lifting up trying to get more of his dick into her mouth. As he did Yukie slowly slid her knees out further and further lowering her pussy down towards his waiting and eager mouth.

As she lowered her pussy down it came closer and closer to Eddie's face. The hole was centered and aiming for his mouth, his warm wet wonderful mouth and tongue. He could feel her heat and smell her musk now as Yukie took all of his cock into her mouth sucking and sucking as her hands played with his balls.

She dropped her pussy the last two inches and placed her cunt on his mouth. Eddie didn't wait to be told, he knew what she wanted and he love doing it. Eddie began to lick suck and finger her pussy and ass holes as she wiggled on his face. He could feel her wetness and taste her juices. As she sucked his cock Eddie sucked her cunt with mutual ambition and enthusiasm.

Again and again he took her to orgasmic heaven making her cum. And she held his cock and worked it but kept it from cumming. She was a pro, and knew exactly what he liked and what to do to keep him hard without cumming. Again and again she felt him throbbing and she knew he was begging her to let him have a release, but she had better plans.

Once she had him hard enough she moved over his little dick and took it into her fingers as she faced away from Eddie this time she rubbed it on her well lubricated cunt. As Eddie laid there he watched as she expertly moved his cock to her pussy hole and then engulfed it totally inside her. She slowly rode up and down letting Eddie see her ass hole and pussy as it took his cock fucking it in and out in and out. So very slowly she moved up and down the shaft showing him how she was fucking him and letting him watch.

Eddie pushed another pillow under his head and lifted it so he could see it even better. In and out in went her cunt squeezing and releasing as she when up and down. He could see it get wet then slippery and he adored watching as his little cock disappeared into Yukie's cunt hole. God it felt wonderful and looked so hot. She used her fingers to spread her ass cheeks and opening her holes as she faced away from him. Up and down she moved milking and fucking Eddie's cock.

As she continued to fuck him she heard him moan and tell her how wonderful it felt. "Your pussy feels so good. My cock loves your pussy Yukie"< he was almost moaning the words.

She turned her head and smiled at him. She knew he was very bad off and wanted to cum immediately. She worked her hips faster and harder but always she kept squeezing his shaft gripping it so when she came up he didn't fall out of her. She would hold his cock head inside her and rotate around on it before sliding down on it and taking it all inside her again. She worked up and down and side to side and Eddie knew he wouldn't last long and when she was ready she would let him cum. He just laid back and enjoyed the view and the fucking he was receiving. Yukie was doing him better than she ever did before. She was pleasing him better and working her pussy better and he knew this was her way to please him.

She bounced on him as he watched until he couldn't hold off any longer and started to thrust up into her hard and held it there. She pumped her ass up and down harder and faster and then she felt it! Yukie released him as she moved very fast up and down. She felt it and Eddie saw his cock coated with his cum. It made a circle of white around his red hard shaft and the lips of her cunt. She would lift her ass up and let him see his cum all over his cock and dripping out her hole then she slammed down on his dick again. He grabbed her hips and made her lay back on top of him.

She lay there as Eddie worked on her nipples and tits as his little cock got soft and finally slid out of her. He whispered for her to roll over and come up so he could lick her. She did and smiled at him as she moved over his face and Eddie sucked his own cum out of her again!

It was glorious for her since Eddie made her cum three times with his mouth! Once he had cleaned her and made hr happy she slide down and offered his mouth a tit. He sucked happily as she held his head and let him nurse.

The minutes turned into hours which turned into morning and they were still at it, fucking and resting and sleeping a little. They were still making slow wonderful delicious love to each other when the phone rang. It was Carmen. She asked Eddie how it felt to be home alone as she began to tell him of her weekend with Jason. She described how he fucked her and fucked her and fucked her again.

Before Eddie could tell her about his time with Yukie she hung up. Eddie had listened and smiled as Yukie went down on his cock as Carmen finished talking and hung up! He wanted to tell Carmen that he had a great weekend too, and he had enjoyed himself too.

They had showered twice exploring each other like loves this time not a whore and her client. And, they had made love three times as Yukie had sucked his little cock back hard twice. She was a wonderful lover and Eddie felt so good when she told him that she was to leave at 8:00 AM that Sunday. But, she wouldn't leave when Jason had told her to leave. She was staying with Eddie even if she wasn't getting paid.

Eddie took her in his arms and told her: "You should stay with me until Carmen comes home. We can share food, and make love and do whatever you want to do Yukie; you don't have to go anywhere. I'd be happy to lick your body all weekend."

She let him pick her up in his arms and carry her to the master bed room. He threw off the sheets and covers which had been on the bed with Jason and Carmen's cum. They made love on top of the mattress. The sex they had was the sex of two people who had found each other. The sex was love and the sex was fantastic. They were still there on Sunday evening when Carmen came home.

He told his wife she could leave him for Jason or accept the fact that he too had a lover and that she and Jason would now use the spare bed room. "The only woman allowed in this room is Yukie, Eddie told her."

When Carmen called Jason he told Eddie he would be sorry. He told Eddie that Yukie was a paid whore who was only paid to fuck for two days and nights. He told Eddie that her pimp would come looking for her and that Eddie would have to pay him or he might kill Eddie.

Eddie reached into the desk and took out the 9mm gun he had in it. He pointed the gum at Jason and told him to get the fuck out of the room. He told Jason he didn't care and would be waiting for the pimp. He told Jason and Carmen that Yukie was staying with him and they would take care of the pimp and anyone else who tried to break them up. He told Jason to get out of the bedroom and go with Carmen he was done talking.

Yukie was worried and told Eddie she was scared and that maybe she should leave now. Eddie told her she wasn't going anywhere. He had found what he was looking for and he would take care of the problem. She settled into his arms but she was shaking from the fear and the trouble she knew was coming! He kissed her and held her to his body. God she felt so good.

As they lay together Eddie reached over and took the gun in his hand, he place it on top of the night stand now in easy reach. He got up and locked the bedroom door. He would fight for the women he knew he wanted to be with now. His cuckolding was over.

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This whole thing....

especially this last chapter is unsatisfying. You should have given Carmen’s thoughts on being replaced.

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