tagGroup SexCarmen's Wild Night

Carmen's Wild Night


Carmen wasn't normally this type of girl, but as she got ready for her date with Jeff she tried to find her shortest skirts and most revealing top, by the time she was done, her feeble 5'3 body was shaped with a black leather skirt that barely made it past her thong. Her shirt was 2 sizes too small and her C cup breasts were practically pouring out of the top, to make herself absolute irresistible, she decided to not even wear a bra. As she left her house, she couldn't help but giggle at herself in the mirror for dressing like such a whore. She walked into the club expecting to see Jeff but he wasn't even at the bar.

Carmen and Jeff have been dating for several months, and it wasn't like him to do this.

"Why let a perfectly good night go to waste," Carmen muttered to herself, so she started to grind and rub her boobs up against any guy on the dance floor. She met one, Mathew, who couldn't keep his hands off of her and they ended up drunk. Carmen was, still buzzed, felt Mathew's hand reach up her skirt and slowly massage her burning clit. She moaned in approval. He quickly picked her up and they made out as they entered the club's bathroom. Mathew pulled down Carmen's shirt and started to suck one of her swollen nipples as she started rubbing is noticeable bulge in his pants, Carmen, being anxious, carefully undid his zipper while keeping full eye contact, released his 7 inch rock hard cock from the confinements. She eagerly stuffed the whole thing in her mouth and started to slowly suck and swirl her tongue around his head as he was on the verge of cumming Carmen stopped just to tease him; she gave him a sweet smile and licked the top of his pulsing cock when he suddenly seized the back of her head and started to face fuck her gagging for some of it she could barely breathe, but he continued to face fuck her, her head bobbing on his cock as he drew closer and closer. He let out a loud grunt and shot a load of cum down her throat, Carmen gagged a little before pulling the cock out of her mouth and letting the rest of the cum hit her face and exposed breast. Washing off in the musty sink he thanked her for giving her the best blowjob he ever had.

Checking the time, Carmen knew she had to get home, when she got outside it was pitch black, the only light was by an alley and it was flickering; pulling out her phone she could barely see what time it was, 1:03, and with an unsettling groan she walked over to her car. Taking out her keys the light was obstructed by a large shadow, turning around she saw a large black man about 6 ft standing over her, she started to scream, but he smashed his hand over her mouth and dragged her to the alley. He released his hand and as Carmen was gasping for air, she felt her shirt rip off fully revealing her breast. The black man grinned and started sucking her nipples. Carmen looked down at his pants to see a large bulge coming out of his pants, but followed it down to about his knee. She heard the rumors about how large black men were, but she never thought that it was true. His hand found his way under her skirt and he ran his large finger past her soaking wet thong

"Mmm look at how wet you are bitch," Carmen always loved dirty talk, it really made her horny. He flipped her over to the 69 position and he moved the thong out of the way and slowly started lapping at her juices, "Go on bitch suck it!" he commanded her. She slowly pulled down his pants and was smacked in the face with a dick that could easily be 12 inches. She stared at it before he shoved her mouth over the tip. She carefully licked the pre-cum off the tip, she loved the salty taste and started to lick up and down the long shaft before she felt the black man's tongue enter her slick pussy he twirled it while she writhed against his grip she slowly took the head in her mouth and swirled her tongue all over. He grunted his approval when two more shadows covered the light

"Damn Drew you work fast,"

"Yeah, that's one hot bitch you got there," Carmen looked up to see two more black guys of equal size walk up to her, "Mind if we share?" he laughed as he saw Carmen's horrified face

"Be my guest, this hoe has a flaming pussy," Leaning her up against the dumpster where her toes barely skimmed the ground, Drew rubbed his cock in between her legs coating it with her juices. The first guy, Damien, released his cock which was about 11 inches and started slapping her face with it, getting salty pre-cum all over. The feeling of lust took over and she greedily took half of it in her mouth

"Damn girl, you know how to suck some nigger cock!" Carmen deep throated all she could before gagging, but it wasn't good enough for him he seized Carmen by the hair and shoved the whole 11 inches down her throat, gagging like crazy Carmen fought against it, looking up she saw Damien's look of ecstasy as he started bobbing her head on his cock with a tight grip on her hair. Eventually getting used to the size, Carmen felt another feeling she's never felt before, the head of Drew's cock lined if with her leaking pussy hole he slowly started pushing it in, Carmen, screaming around Damien's cock, never felt anything this big enter her hole in her entire life, finally getting the head of his cock in he started swaying in and out before he got 6 inches in.

"Yo Xavier this bitch gives great blowjobs" Xavier walked over to her, he was about 10 inches, but his cock was about as thick as her wrist. Her mouth stretched to take part of it in, Drew grabbed her hair and pulled her back push all 12 inches into her pussy stretching it to as wide as it could go. Carmen nearly passed out with pain before Damien slapped her face with his cock, so she instinctively started stroking his cock with her hand. Drew was furiously pumping her pussy while holding her hair Carmen couldn't help but moan as he was hitting all the right places

"This little hoe likes that, don't you bitch? Do you like 3 big black men fucking you?" she took the cock out of her mouth and in between thrusts she responded, "Oh yes, keep fucking me little pussy fuck me with your big black cocks!"

"Do you want all of us to fuck you?" high with ecstasy Carmen had no idea what they were asking, she nodded as she stuffed Xavier's cock back into her mouth, "Ok you little hoe," Drew and Xavier pulled their cocks form both sides of her body and the empty feeling left her, displeasingly groaning, "don't worry you little slut we'll fill you back up. Xavier, sitting in the alley slowly lowered Carmen onto his dick, she moaned as his width stretched her out once more, Damien came from behind Xavier and offered his dick to Carmen, who eagerly accepted it and instantly started to deep throat it. Drew came from behind her and grinned as he watched the little slut ride and suck his friends,

"Are you ready bitch? You're about to be airtight!" Carmen, with dick still in her mouth, tried to protest, but Damien kept shoving his dick down her throat. With Drew's dick still coated with her pussy juices he rubbed it up against her asshole, he first inserted a finger, her ass slowly getting used to something that big, then two fingers, he slowly pumped the fingers in and out as Carmen rode Xavier and sucked Damien, nearing his limit, Carmen felt Xavier's cock swell before she heard him exclaim, "I'm cumming you little slut, I'm fucking cumming," feeling his cum squirt into her womb she came over the edge and started to cum too. Drew pulled out both his fingers as Damien and Xavier switched places, "Now clean me off bitch," Xavier order shoving his cum smear cock in her face. Carmen greedily sucked it and loved the taste of her own pussy. Drew put his head up against her asshole and slowly entered, getting about 3 inches in she started to shake again, undergoing another orgasm, gasping for breath she managed to spit out, "Please, no more,"

All three men started to laugh and Drew responded, "We aren't even close to being done with you bitch, keep sucking!" Carmen screamed once more as Drew's cock was halfway in her ass. He knew this wasn't going to be easy, so he pulled all but 2 inches out of her, and rammed all 12 inches into her. Carmen, blacking out for a few minutes awoke to Xavier slapping her face with his sticky cock, Damien nearing his limit and Drew going to town fucking her sore ass. Damien let out a grunt before shooting what seemed like a bucket load of cum into her sopping pussy, feeling that, Drew let out a big, "UNGH!" before releasing his load into her ass. On top of that, Xavier, seeing the little whore take it all jacked off all over her face and breast. Carmen was absolutely exhausted, cumming so many times she couldn't keep track.

"Man, this bitch can take 3 black cocks," Drew said, giving Xavier a high five. Damien picked her up, and Carmen fell asleep in his arms, butt naked, cum soaked, and all three holes sore.

When she woke up, she was in her car, fully clothed, and had a serious headache.

"Did that really happen?" she asked herself, her question was quickly answered when she tried to get up and found herself sore everywhere.

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