tagErotic HorrorCarnal Awakening

Carnal Awakening


The moon hung high in the night sky, casting a pale light over the rows of graves. Sonia walked along; she had been here several days before, watching stoically as the coffin holding her lover's body had been lowered six feet under.

If I had only been with him...

She had been at their apartment, cooking a delicious dinner, when she had received the fateful phone call.

Brett had been on his way back from work, having stayed late. A driver boasting the horrific combination of impatience and inattentiveness had ran a red light and hit him.

If only I had been there...

He had died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

If I had been there I could have...

She shook her head, trying to get rid of those thoughts. They had plagued her as soon as she had learned of Brett's fate, and had spent so much time imagining scenarios in which she had been with him, able to use magic to stop the car or bring him back from the brink.

But no matter the scenario, the reality was that she had not been there, and Brett was dead.

And no matter how much she told herself that they were useless, the thoughts would always return.

The weather had changed to match her own sorrow, having rained intermittently throughout the past several days. The grass between graves was still slick with wetness.

She reached his grave.

Brett's family had chosen a simple headstone, inscribed with the usual details.

Taking a deep breath, she raised her hand in a simple gesture.

Shovelfuls of dirt flew off the grave, making mounds on either side of it, until the coffin was visible.

With another gesture, the coffin rose from its place, and tilted upwards.

A third gesture, and the lid swung open.

Tears threatened to spill at the sight before her.

He looks so peaceful.

Sonia took a deep breath, moving her hand to intercept one tear that had dared to fall. At the funeral, she had placed his body into a stasis, to ward off any decomposition that might happen in the intervening days. It had been for her own benefit; while she could have easily reversed the effects, it would have been a painful sight to see his body succumbing to the ravages of death.

The night was quiet, but Sonia cast furtive glances around. Nobody knew her plan, but she had heard enough stories about witches being punished for breaking the rules to not be extra aware of her surroundings.

What she had come to do was forbidden among all practitioners of magic, as decreed by the Council of Vienna in 1449. Any person engaging in such a practice would be forcibly depowered and imprisoned.

But the love that Sonia knew for Brett was profound. Such a punishment seemed meager for what the reward could be.

She had though it over, and it had been an easy decision. Nobody would know what she had done, and she would return Brett to death at the end of their rendezvous.

The first part of her plan involved repairing his broken and battered body. The mortician had done an admirable job making him presentable for the wake and funeral, but there was still extensive damage within. It was an easy task for any witch to heal such wounds, but she was battling tears, imagining his last moments, again cursing herself for not having been there. The repairs took several minutes, as she located the points of damage, stitching muscle and tendon back together, resetting bone into place. She did her absolute best to focus, knowing that a single slip-up could mean great pain for him once resurrected.

After she was satisfied with the repairs, she set onto the next and most integral part of her plan.

Her hands rose, and began to move, weaving intricate patterns through the air. The leaves on nearby trees rustled, the grass beneath her swaying gently, as if disturbed by some invisible force. Her hands continued to move, a reddish flow suffusing the space between them.

And then the red began to push forward, until it met the dead body before her. Sonia held her breath as it seeped into it, disappearing in seconds.

A deep, rattling breath spilled from his lungs.

One moment later, and his eyes flew open, the blue there so familiar.

It took him several moments to notice her standing there. It took him several more before he stepped forward, climbing out of his coffin.

"Sonia," he rasped, confusion replacing the pain in his eyes.

"Brett," she answered, walking forward to pull him into a strong embrace.

Her lips found his, and although they tasted sour, she did not care.

His hands landed on her hips, and he squeezed, making her murmur, pressing herself into him.

"What did you do?" he asked, breaking the kiss to nuzzle at her shoulder.

"I brought you back," she told him, running her hands through his shaggy brown hair.



He chuckled softly, kissing her again.

"I thought resurrection was impossible."

She smiled, slightly distracted by his hands running along her body, squeezing at her ass, stroking along her thighs.

"We only say it is to stop people from asking us to do it. But it is forbidden."

"If it's forbidden, why did you do it?"

Smiling sadly, tears still threatening to fall, she kissed him again, luxuriating in the simple feel of his lips on hers.

"Because I love you."

He cocked his head.

"Am I back for good?"

She shook her head.

"No. Only for tonight. They would know I did it, and they would punish the both of us."

"So then why am I back?"

Sonia opened her mouth, trying to summon the proper words, but her emotions got the better of her.

Small sobs spilled forth; she tugged him closer, wrapping her arms around him. It felt natural and normal.

His hand stroked along her hair.

Wonderful as he was, Brett let her cry, giving her several minutes to weep into his chest.

"Why am I back?" he repeated once she had composed herself, wiping off the tears with her sleeve.

She hesitated.

"I...I never told you this, but I always saw us someday having a family."

His eyes widened, a small smile appearing across his lips.


She nodded, blushing slightly.

"Kids, a nice house, a dog, all that clichéd crap. I wanted it."

"Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"I didn't want to put pressure on you. I was fine with where we were."

His smile grew wider.

"So was I, but I also thought we'd have kids someday."

She looked away, fighting back more tears.

"I brought you back because of that. Because of that image I had in my mind, of our kids, of that life that now we'll never have."

He reached out to pull her back into a hug.

"So why am I back?"

She chuckled.

"It's simple. I want your child. I thought we'd have more time for that to happen, but...we don't."

"So you brought me back from the dead so I could knock you up?"

She chuckled.

"When you put it like that it just sounds weird."

"It does, but if it's what you want then I'm game."

"Once we're done, I'll send you back."

He nodded.

"I know."

"But until then, we have a family to start."

Stepping back, smiling coquettishly, she began to undo the sash around her waist.

Wanting little between them, Sonia had worn only a black satin robe, concealing her nakedness with the thin garment. Now, with deft hands, the sash was untied, and the robe fell to the grass, pooling around her feet.

"God, you're so beautiful," he murmured, immediately coming forward to pull her back into his arms.

She giggled, kissing him. His hands ran all over her, taking stock of her soft curves, the way her back led down to her ass, how her belly trailed down to her womanhood. The feel of his hands on her made her purr, pressing herself closer to him, kissing him harder.

As they kissed, she used her magic to undress him. His suit jacket was slipped off, the buttons on the shirt underneath unfastened one by one. It quickly went the way of the jacket, abandoned on the grass. An undershirt was left, but only lasted seconds, ripped off of him by her impatient gestures.

His lips moved to her neck, nipping and licking, making her moan as her focus turned to his trousers. Her magic was sloppy, due to her surging lust, but it did the trick, his trousers lying on the ground in moments.

The last bits of clothing were his shoes and socks. Brett took over, extricating himself from the loafers, tugging off his socks.

And then they were both naked. Her hands were just as eager as his, trailing along muscle, cataloguing the skin before her.

"Shouldn't I be cold?" he asked suddenly, nuzzling into her neck.


"It's dark, but I'm not cold."

"Magic," she told him, her shorthand answer for whenever he asked how she did something.

It had always pacified him, and it did now.

"Fair enough," he muttered.

His lips returned to her neck, where he began to suck at the pale flesh. Sonia gasped, tilting her head to give him better access. As the wet warmth bathed her skin, she focused on the sensation, painfully aware that after tonight she would never feel it again. His teeth came into play, leaving teasing bites here and there, blazing a trail down to her collarbone. She found herself hoping that he would leave a mark.

Maybe I could make it permanent. If I can heal scars then I can imprint bruises forever.

The wet warmth of his mouth reached the tops of her breasts. She shivered, winding her fingers into his hair. Her hands moved to run along his body. One of them found his cock, hard and ready, but it slipped from her grasp as he knelt, his lips bypassing her breasts to slide down her belly, headed for her sex.

She was breathing heavily, hair in disarray, cheeks blushing pink. The calm blue of his eyes stared up at her, full of love and lust.

Just his breath tickling her sex made her coo. Little trickles of her fluid ran down her slit.

He leaned forward, and the soft wetness of his tongue grazed along her slit, making her moan loudly.

More moans followed as he continued to lap at her folds, collecting her errant moisture on his tongue, sighing at the taste. She squirmed, anchoring herself via a tight grip on his hair, her knees already weak after only a handful of seconds.

"God, you taste so good," he murmured.

Her only answer to that was a soft purr, followed by an excited moan when he returned to the task at hand, savoring her sex, running his tongue up and down, knowing just how to please her, just where to linger, just where to tease. The soft pressure was decadent, a heady pleasure spreading through her nerves, setting them afire.

His hands dimpled her hips as he kept her in place, his grip tightening as he felt her sway, rapidly losing control of her legs as the pleasure mounted.

"Let me lie down," she gasped after several more seconds, her knees weakening, body shuddering at the feelings spreading through her.

Always a gracious and thoughtful lover, he helped her onto her back, her discarded robe now a blanket upon which to lie. As soon as she felt the cool fabric beneath her, she spread her legs wide, watching as he crawled in between them, grinning at her. She used her elbows to balance her so that she could have a good look at him. His brown hair bobbed as he dove into her sex, licking and lapping, hands gripping at her trembling thighs.

Sonia did her best to focus on each individual sensation, to memorize just how his tongue felt curled against her folds, just how his hands felt on her.

It proved very difficult, as Brett was enthusiastic, supping on her slit like a man possessed. Her orgasm built, pushed higher and higher as his tongue danced around. Every so often it would slide up to tease at her clit, making her gasp and groan. One of his hands moved to squeeze at her breasts, adding to the pleasure. His own groans vibrated into her channel, his delight at her taste very evident.

Satisfied with having tasted her, Brett poked his tongue inside, forcing a whine from her. As it curled around, stimulating the first few inches of her channel, she arched her back, those decadent sensations washing over her. His face was flush against her sex as he slid his tongue deeper, wiggling it incessantly, familiar with her proclivities, with what best worked to drive her wild, with where to send his oral caresses to get the best reactions.

His name became a frequent refrain for her. She had snuck her own hand down to grip tightly at his hair. The hand at her breast squeezed still, teasing the sensitive flesh, tweaking at a turgid nipple or stroking along the mounds. His other hand was holding tightly at her thigh, so tightly that it bordered on pain.

Brett kept up the assault, not giving her any quarter. She wriggled and writhed, moaning loudly, feeling his tongue slide along her walls, the warm wetness stimulating what felt like a million nerves. Each movement drove her pleasure up that much more. By now her juices were flowing freely, dappling her thighs, streaming across his chin and cheeks.

The hand at her breast began to slide back down. She watched it go, replacing it with one of her own, teasing herself.

The destination that he had in mind was the last piece in the orgasmic puzzle.

Just the slightest bit of sensation along her clit had her quivering. The pad of his finger brushed against it again, and then again, Brett working up a quick rhythm, timing the strokes of his tongue to the caresses of his finger. The combination was just what she needed to fall over the edge into ecstasy.

Sonia cried out his name as her pussy clutched at his tongue. It had pulled back, as Brett began to intercept the streams of her nectar, eagerly gorging himself on her cream. All across her body, shivers were erupting, making her unable to do much besides simply lie there and let them come, let the orgasm wash over her.

The afterglow set in quickly, but she had no time to rest.

Brett was kneeling in front of her; the moment his cock came into view, she acted, meeting him halfway to push him onto his back, quickly scrambling atop his lap.

His cock nudged at her still-sensitive folds, making her gasp softly. She had already thrown her hands forward to rest on his chest.

Their eyes locked. Love and lust were in both gazes in equal measure. Holding herself at the very tip of his length, she took several deep breaths, relishing this moment, luxuriating in the way he looked at her, in the way he touched her, even in the way he was breathing, his chest rising and falling in a quick but steady pace. Anticipation flowed through her, met with excitement, at what would be the ultimate and final consummation of their love.

"Let's make a baby," Brett said.

Sonia dissolved into a fit of giggles, swaying on top of him, thrown off guard.

"That's what we're here to do, right?"

She nodded, still laughing, shaking her head in bemusement.

"Way to ruin the moment, idiot."

He grinned up at her.

"I've done worse."

"True. Now shut up and fuck me."

He chuckled, hands tightening on her hips.

Together, they moved, him arching up, her driving down, his length sliding inside her confines, going deep, so deep, their sexes meeting at their respective bases.

He canted his head back, letting out a long sigh. All she wanted to do was indulge, freeze this moment in her mind forever. The way his length throbbed inside her, the way he felt underneath her, his warmth and strength giving her an anchor. She reached back to her hair, undoing it from its practical bun, letting it fall down, flowing like a dark river over her heaving breasts. The flash of movement attracted Brett's attention; his hand slid up to cup one of her breasts, squeezing lovingly at the flesh, rubbing the pad of his finger along the sensitive nipple. Her nails dug into his chest, the better to ride him, the better to slide along his shaft.

"God, I love you so much," he groaned, watching her bounce and undulate on top of him.

"I love you too," she cooed, grinding against him every time she took him to the base.

His other hand drifted down, moving from her thigh to her sex.

The next time she took him all the way, his hand alighted to her clit, making her gasp, making her shudder, momentarily distracted by the intense sensations being funneled into her body from that sensitive nub. She rode him harder, the action instinctive, no thought required on her end.

Tendrils of pleasure ran through her. Brett's hand was insistent at her clit, his cock surging so deliciously in her channel; her juices flowed freely, slicking the both of them. She moaned shamelessly, gazing down at him, riding harder still, loving the way he grunted and groaned, bucking his hips upwards to meet her partway on her downward motion.

All of a sudden, Brett changed tack, grinding his palm gently against her clit. The new stimulation made her swoon, the pleasure thrumming like electricity. Her pussy clutched harder at his length as again she sped up. The constant impacts made her flesh ripple, her ample breasts bouncing; sweat dripped off her brow to splash onto Brett's chest, his own skin slick with perspiration as well.

Her orgasm loomed as Brett kept up his assault. The combination of sensations was exquisite; it had only been a week or so since the last time she had felt this, but it felt like forever. Soft sighs spilled from her mouth as the delirium arced higher.

It hit its peak seconds later, white-hot ecstasy erupting. The orgasm tore through her, Sonia sobbing with joy as she ground herself onto him, his name relentlessly on her breath.

He grunted, feeling her pussy seize wildly around him, bathing his cock in her cream. The sensation made him buck his hips harder, driving them up into hers with a frenzied pace. Her peak was the finishing touch that drove him towards his own.

"Do it," she urged, sensing that he was on the precipice, "cum inside me..."

Love and lust blazed in his eyes. His hands had returned to her hips, where they tightened, fixing her on his length, keeping her impaled so perfectly, resting on his lap, awaiting her reward as she came down from her own ecstasy. The way his cock throbbed made her bite her lip, knowing that in seconds she would again be in the grip of orgasm.

The first blast of molten seed joined them in ecstasy. Sonia called out to her lover as her cunt clenched around him, eagerly accepting his potency, more spurts flowing into her channel. It made her shiver with delight, the most intimate reaches of her body suffused with his seed, a life-giving dance taking place. She gazed down at him, swaying unsteadily as the delirium gripped her, as more heated ropes burst out to fill her, soaking her womb with a singular objective. His pleasured growls made her moan, leaning down to press her lips against his, feeling the warmth of his body press into hers as he wound an arm around her to bring her in closer. That proximity helped steady her as they came down together this time, the last few jets splashing out to join the rest.

Their tongues slid together as the afterglow washed over them. He groaned into the kiss, pulling her closer still, his other hand running over her side, trailing gently down her curves.

His lips moved, sliding down to her neck, sucking lovingly. She tilted her head, again wishing that he might leave a mark.

As his cock softened, she slid off him, a cool breeze swishing by her overheated sex. The first strands of his seed were starting to leak out. She rested her head on his shoulder, her breathing still in the process of returning to normal.

"So how did you do it?" he asked after several placid moments.

"Do what?"

"Bring me back?"

"It's easy," she told him, snuggling closer, both of them still on top of her discarded robe.

"Really? It's easy to resurrect someone?"

"Mmm-hmm. That's one of the reasons why it's forbidden. If people knew how easy it was to do, they'd ask us to do it all the time."

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