Carnal Cam


Rodney...age thirty four on profile.. Marital status undisclosed...I met Rodney in a room for "Lovers under the stars".

Rodney: [Whisper message] I would like you to see me.

Lola: What does that mean?

Rodney: I like to see people when I'm chatting with them.

Lola: Sure as long as your pants stay where they are and your shirt does not come off.

Rodney: OK

Then turned on his camera. He was a good looking guy, and from what I could see in the back ground he had a beautiful home.

Lola: So what are your plans this evening?

Rodney: Nothing in particular.

Lola: Are you married?

Rodney: Yes

Lola: Happily?

Rodney: Most of the time, but sometimes I might need a friend to play with.

Lola: Good looking guy like you. I'm sure you can find more than one playmate at a time if you really want to.

Rodney: I'm not to sure about that to be honest. Could you turn away from the screen for a moment?

Lola: Why?

Rodney: I'm about to get up from my computer, and I don't want to offend you by showing you what I have swinging between my legs. BRB

Lola: LOL

I was starting to laugh, a nervous excitedly giggle actually, when he got up and walked away from his computer. He moved too quickly for the camera to capture a shot of full frontal nudity, but it showed me his bare ass walking away. I wasn't expecting Rodney to bare it all to me, but oh my he had a beautiful butt, and I could hardly wait to see what was "swinging" between those long legs of his. Unfortunately he came back to the computer wearing a pair of boxers. Damn it, now I wanted to see, and I told Rodney that.

Lola: Rodney you surprised me. By the way nice butt, but I thought you promised to keep your clothes on.

Rodney: LOL, Thanks, and I kept my promise. My pants are right where they were and my shirt is still on.

Lola: well could you Swinnnnnnnngggg it for me?

Rodney stood up and wiggled his hips from side to side. I can still see that dick in my dreams, honest. Even covered by his boxers I could still make out the outline of it. I watched him shake his money maker until he got tired of teasing me, and I know he knew he was teasing me.

Lola: nice dance. I really enjoyed it, I can see why you covered yourself. You could put a girl's eye out with that thing.

Rodney: Thanks

I waited for him to lead me into a night of adult role play.

Rodney: Can I see your pinkness?

I played dumb, because I like to tease some myself.

Lola: Do you mean my pussy?

Rodney: LOL, yes your lovely pink pussy!

I stood up, peeled my tiny panties off slowly, and brought them up to my face, giving them a long sniff, before slipping them around my neck. I rolled back my chair, and took my time placing a foot on each side of the computer screen.

Rodney: Your killing me here you TEASE!!!!

Lola: LOL

Then I raised my ass off the chair and tilted my hip towards the cam so Rodney could get a good look. I grabbed my cam and moved it so he could get a nice close up of my pussy.

Rodney: MMMMMM...Look what I have for you.

I looked at my screen as he stood up to show me his hard dick. It was beautiful. I had never seen anything that big, that hard, in my life.

Lola: big is that?

I had to ask him, I really needed to know just how big it was. He was sitting again to type his reply. Smiling proudly as he input his dimensions

Rodney: Eight inches soft, twelve inches when it's chubby.

I truly believe it was, because the end of it was out of view briefly when he turned side ways. He moved around until the camera captured him entirely in a side profile. Oh shit my juices started flowing now

Lola: I would love to gag that big piece of manhood if you let me!

Rodney: Your mouth is too pretty for my cock to split. I rather slide my cock slowly in and out your pussy all night.

That produced a jolt of hot twitchy pleasure from my clit. My button felt like it was throbbing twice a second, if such a thing was possible. I had my thumb rubbing my clit and two fingers in the pussy, he was getting a good view; I'm ready for my close up Mr. DeMille. I was in love with that man's dick.

Rodney: I wish that was my hand inside you.

Lola: Me too.

Typed with my left hand, because I didn't want to pull my fingers out.

Rodney: Your pussy looks really tight Lola. I don't think you could handle me.

He wasn't even lying. In reality I would not have readily wanted to tackle all of him, but in role play I could handle him. As wet and excited as he had me, I might have given him a chance in real life, break me off a little of that too.

He had repositioned himself and his camera's angle so I had a nice view of him from lap to chin, and he was vigorously jerking off. As his hand slide up and down the shaft I watched the swollen head pop in and out his fist. Each time it disappeared... I imagined he was plugging that thick meat in me. We had stopped typing, and each just sat back and enjoyed the show. Until the inevitable happened. I came with a scream, of course he didn't hear me. I bucked and thrust my hips for several moments until the pleasure subsided enough for me to notice he typed something.

Rodney: What happened to your cam?

Lola: Nothing,

Rodney: Something messed up the picture.

I squirt when I come hard and I did just then. I looked at my camera and noticed several drops of liquid had splashed on the lens.

Lola: Oh I just cum hard like that to bad it wasn't all over you for real. Huh

Rodney: Shit that's fucking hot.

Lola: I wish this was you. I would be doing this to your slit.

Then I dabbed my spray off the lens with my tongue softly, while I watched the screen to see his reaction. Perfect was slapping his big dick against his belly briskly. The web camera resolution and capture speed weren't good enough for me to see each squirt from his balls, but the growing stain on his stomach told the tale.

Rodney: Oh shit I haven't come that hard online in a very long time.

Lola: The pleasure is all mine.

We promised to hook up again in the future.

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