tagErotic CouplingsCarnal Sin Ch. 03

Carnal Sin Ch. 03


This is going to be the chapter that is has the least (so far) amount of dialogue, but uses more descriptions to move the story along. More "scene-setting". Though it has a little bit of description, more "scene-setting", before the action really starts. Again, this might need a few tweaks here and there, and it's always a work in progress!

It starts at the Sunday afternoon, the same Sunday in which Nick got a hand job. I was originally thinking of starting it on a Weds afternoon (all the explanation and descriptions of Sunshine had me thinking of a more afternoon-ish setting). I had the idea of trying to space the action out maybe perhaps over a few days rather than have it on the same day. Also, Roxxy will enter the story halfway through -- although she will crop up more than a fair amount before she fully enters the story, though I can't reveal obviously when or how. You'll have to read and find out ;)

I only have a chapter ahead in my mind, so right now I'm thinking of just writing Chapter 3 (with ideas of 4 already starting) and I couldn't possibly say how many chapters this might have, it could be a continuous story perhaps? Though I think I will know when I want to finish it.

As everyone begins to open up sexually, they become more devious. There is a room within the Church I will use quite a lot with Rachel or Roxxy, sometimes Nick and/or Rachel/Roxxy. It's called the "Bible Study" room, which has a lock on the door where you can grab a few minutes' peace or get yourself off. It's a multi-function room ;)

again, thanks for reading.

Nickkazama xxx



The phone buzzed a few times before the answered mode clicked in, the phone's harsh shrill echoing around the house, followed by the automated voice then the person's message. The bedroom's door was slightly ajar and a ray of sunshine filtered through the windows; it left a bright orange hue floating throughout the room and hit different bedroom objects -- the bed, the desk, the drawer, the bedside table, the chair, the TV and the computer. There was an array of clothing scattered all over the floor: a man's blue jean jeans, a black official Metallica t-shirt, turquoise cotton socks and a pair of black Authentic Apparel boxers.

On the bed lay Nick, naked and his cock erect; the bed wasn't made but rather the duvet lay thrown aside and the pillows scattered. He had stopped pumping his cock to listen to the answer machine message, and he heard Roxxy's voice -- hushed and polite -- telling him of the change in time of next Sunday's massive because of the Priest would arrive late, due to a prior engagement. Roxxy was just making the rounds and letting everyone know. She said goodbye and take care after delivering her message, a soft click announced the end of the telephone message. Nick lay there as he listened in rapt amazement at Roxxy's voice, his cock throbbing in his hand. He blinked his eyes a few times struck by her voice still.

He had been masturbating for an half an hour after coming home and quickly getting undressed, his thoughts already clear with the scene in his mind; Roxxy was lying on her bed as Rachel ate her out. It was Sunday afternoon at about 1 PM, and the Sun was moving away from its highest point in the sky, onwards towards its final descent. It wouldn't be long before Nick came but he managed to calm himself down a little thanks to Roxxy and the phone call.

He thought about Rachel again and remembered what she had said to him before he left: "Call me later okay?" He lay there in idle silence as his thoughts ticked over one by one, thinking whether or not to call her. The birds chirped outside the window and the leaves rustled as the wind blew, the trees barely moving an inch. Truth is Nick had no number to call but did have the Church office number, but wouldn't it be weird if he explained to someone why he was calling? He took his hands away from his cock, and shifted onto his left side extending his arm to grab the phone.

He sifted himself using his arse back into the middle of the bed.

He clicked a few buttons and found the directory of where everyone's numbers were stored on the phone's memory. He found the number for the Church, and his hand hesitated over the green telephone to call the number, wondering who would exactly pick up. Nick hesitated a few more seconds before finally deciding to call the number. The phone trilled through the phone a few times before a female voice picked up.

"Hello?" Came the gentle, raspy voice of a female. It was Rachel, thankfully as Nick recognised her voice.

"Hi Rachel." Nick said, his heart beating a little faster as he heard her voice again. His skin started to sweat a little as he tried to make a coherent sentence in his mind as he thought ahead, trying not to sound too impatient or needy.

"Oh," Came the blunt reply, as Rachel sat down on the nearest seat. Her index finger began to twirl her brown hair, curling it into a knot. Her eyes darted back and forth to the two other females in the room, who were volunteers helping out the church, though only part-time. Rachel hoped that they wouldn't eavesdrop on the conversation. Rachel sat in the largest room of the many offices situated in the Church; it had a large table in the middle surrounded by chairs of different shapes, variations and colours; and also the two computer terminals which the other two females sat at; and the large oak desk which was accompanied by a big leather comfy-looking chair.

Today she wore a loose-fitting white blouse, a black lacy bra, a knee-length plain blue skirt that hugged her hips, with plain blue tights underneath the skirt to match. And red leather boots to make her look a little sexier, she also wore black lacy panties to match her bra. She wore her hair medium length today though leaving it hang loosely and free, she had her make-up applied lightly today with a light dab of eye-shadow, pronouncing her jade green eyes, and only the slightest hint of red lipstick. She also wore her favourite perfume -- Channel de Rouge.

"I'll give you my mobile number," Rachel whispered quietly, hoping no one overheard her. Rachel quickly recited her mobile number from memory and said a quick goodbye and hung up the phone. She scratched her leg through her skirt, though she wanted to itch her crotch -- freshly shaven in case Nick or she wanted to take it further and have sex.

"Bye Rachel," but Nick was not heard as he heard a click halfway through, ending the call. Nick wasn't exactly disheartened by this or saddened as he knew that there could be volunteers there today and obviously he didn't want any rumours to start. Rumours were like wildfire where Nick lived, and once a rumour started it wouldn't stop. Looking at the phone for a few seconds, his eyes blinking and his heart still hammering away like a jackhammer, Nick jumped back to life as Rachel's number kept repeating itself is in head like a mantra.

Rachel had hung up early on deliberate, knowing exactly why Nick would be calling only soon after having two amazing orgasms and Rachel also having an amazing orgasm well; she suspected all too well what he was doing, and she loved him for that. Oh God, love? She wondered. Am I...too old to love? She brushed her medium-length brown hair out of her eyes, taking a quick glance around the room to see that that the other two women were still engrossed in their work and paid no mind. She got up slowly and smoothed down her skirt, her hands clenched as another temptation to itch tingled in her loins.

"I'll just be in the next room," Said Rachel absently to the two other women, who seemed not to notice at all -- they barely looked up from their work to acknowledge what Rachel had said. She turned towards the left and exited through an old-looking worn brown door, the brass knob creaking from age as she twisted it. She walked along a narrow corridor and turned to the right until she found the room that she had given a hand job to Nick in.

This room served mainly as a Bible group study room as it was secluded from the office and it was rarely visited; the room had a lock on it which was even more why the room was rarely used. You could come here if you needed a few minutes' peace...or in Rachel's case: to get off. She turned her head left and right, her brown hair flicking with the movement, to check that no one was near or about, no witnesses. She turned the steel knob pushing the door open as she entered, the room appearing pretty much as she had left it. The room itself was fairly small in size: it had a four chairs and one small wooden table occupying the room; it had a window, which was shut and had a candle sitting on the windowsill.

As Rachel sniffed the air a few times as she closed and locked the door behind her, a sharp clink as she locked the door turning her head slightly to make sure, It still had the funky smell of Nick's come which she secretly didn't want to get rid of. Now that she alone thankfully she dove into her pocket to retrieve her mobile phone, glancing at the screen to see she had a few missed calls, and placed it on the table. Next, she sat down on the nearest chair and unzipped her boots one by one, the quiet zzzzzzippp as took off her boots and places them both together, wriggling her toes as they were finally free; next she stood back up to unclip her skirt, the rustling of fabric as she dropped it the floor and kicked it aside without looking; finally she thumbed the hem of her panties and waited a minute, teasing herself before she finally whipped them down, but picked them up and sat back down. God it felt so good to have her pussy finally free, exposed to the warm, cool air.

As Rachel sat back down she picked up her mobile phone and flicked through her phone book, until she found Nick's home phone number. She clicked the green telephone to call and waited as the phone trilled, waiting for Nick to pick.

Nick immediately grabbed the phone, only a minute or two had passed since he'd last spoken to Rachel. He answered:


Rachel decided to make this quick and not draw it out, if she could. "Why, hello youuuu" Purred Rachel as she began to softly rub her labia, teasing herself as her juices began to flow. "You called me earlier..."

"Yes, I'm here...rubbing my cock." Nick began to pump his cock furiously, his hand a piston as rubbed his shaft up and down, his fingers gripping tightly. "Needed...to hear...your voice," Nick stopped and started as the sensation began to flood his brain, the tingling sensation he could feel in his groin and the pleasurable burning signalled he was close to orgasm.

"God...I'm going to come," said Nick as he continued to pump his cock furiously.

Rachel could listen to Nick as he neared orgasm again, and felt sad that she couldn't watch him, couldn't tease him and egg him on to come. "Ohhh," she teased, "so soon?" Teasing all the time.

Nick began to come and his hand pumped one final time, before it gripping the base of his cock tightly, he grunted loudly as he came. "God," Came the harsh grunt. "I'm...I'm," the first powerful jets of come began to shoot from his cock and Nick couldn't say anymore, only moaning as he continued to shoot. After a minute or two as his cock only now as his come began to pool out of his cock and fell onto the mattress, Nick calmed down and was able to talk, his breathing heavy with effort.

"God, that sounded soooo hot!" Rachel's skin was a flushed a little, her cheeks a rosy red and her body was very hot. Her legs were beginning to open a little as her hand subconsciously moved down to her groin, seeking out her sopping pussy. She touched her pussy very gently and sighed softly, the fire needing to be out, her pussy dripping with juice. "Would you mind I got off as well?" She sighed more sensual this time, her finger stroking her pussy gently.

Nick's breathing had returned to normal as his cock began to de-erect slowly, the blood flowing out of it now that Nick had come. He said that he didn't and pushed up in the bed so he could sit up straight, using the pillows to get comfortable. Rachel didn't want to tease herself but merely wanted to get herself off as quick as possible, using her two fingers as best as possible to orgasm.

With the toes of her foot as she curled it around the leg of a nearby chair and dragged it over, lifting up a leg and resting it on there. It gave her more room to get to her pussy easier, as she slowly pushed a finger inside her, even though it was easy thanks to how wet she was. She kept on trying to force her finger deeper as her pussy stretched just a little but not much to accumulate; she moaned down the phone her skin flush and her limit reached.

She managed to push two fingers deep inside her pussy and fingered herself furiously, wanting to have the best orgasm she could. Her body tensed, and her pussy began to spasm, her mind becoming a blur for a milli-second. "I'm...coming," came the soft sigh from Rachel as she came, her pussy squirting a little -- some of the juices hitting her hand and some fell onto the floor. Her breath came in short, raspy bursts as the orgasm cursed through her body.

"On my god," she said as she calmed down gradually. "I think it's time we moved onto something a bit more...exciting."

Nick could guess at where she was going, but still he asked: "Where?"

"Sex," Said Rachel. Her mouth felt a little strange as she said the word. She pushed the other chair back to where it was meant to be using the leg she had rested upon it, getting up gradually and looked down to where her juice had fell onto the floor. She couldn't believe -- she had squirted! She walked over a few steps to where her clothes were but absently ran her free hand over her body, her hand effortlessly gliding over her ample curves. Her hands lightly brushed her small boobs and her even smaller nipples, wondering if Nick would like her body.

She also wondered of how long she had been thinking if the two girls had even noticed her missing but paid no mind to them and thought of her own cover story. Yes that would work, she decided.

Nick also shifted himself along the bed, and swung his legs over the bed. "Mmmmm, yes...just to taste your pussy."

She closed her eyes at Nick's words, her hand resting on her and she lightly gripped it, wanting to do very naughty things with her stud. Opening her eyes again she realised it was getting on a bit.

"I'm sorry Nick, I have go to now."

"Ok, I'll speak to you soon...or even see you. Take care, Rachel. Oh wait here's my mobile number" Nick recited off his mobile number from memory.

"Thank youuuu," she purred. "You too, Stud. Bye."


They both clicked off at the same time and Nick began to get dressed. Rachel, however, stood looking at her mobile for a couple of seconds lingering on the thought of ringing him back and asking him for his address, so she could stop by after work and fuck that cock of his. Her eyes closed again as she imagined the scene, totally at Nick's will and her body willing to get him off.

She picked up her panties first and began to get dressed, her skirt next and then her boots. She picked her bra next and then her blouse, she unlocked the door and walked back to work as a smile formed at her mouth.

Oh, I'm going to fuck him silly.



it was Sunday evening and Rachel had just finished eating dinner as she looked across at Roxxy and her son, Timothy. The kitchen-cum-dining room was an open space room, that housed all the necessary things you would expect, and the lights were bright enough to see but not that bright enough to blind. Rachel wore her usual clothes she wore at home: a tight-fitting pink t-shirt underneath a navy blue hoodie, with navy blue sweat pants over a lacy black thong, with nothing on her feet. Her hair hangs loose just her shoulders. She wore her smart-looking black/rimmed glasses on her face, without make-up, her rosy lips formed into a warm smile. Her jade green eyes were warm and soft as she looked over her children.

Her hands lay on the table, her slender fingers and neat nails reflecting form the light, as Roxxy got busy with the washing as she the one who did the housework when Rachel was at work. Her son Timothy sat across from her as he engrossed himself in his Gameboy or whatever it was called nowadays,

As Rachel sat there idly her minds wandered back to the phone sex she had today with Nick and how they had both decided that it was time for them to have sex together, though she wondered if Nick was still a virgin. Her legs clamped together in order to resist touching herself down there, no less in front of her own son and daughter!

About thirty minutes passed as Rachel sat there and listened to the clanking and clinking of plates and dishes at the sink, as Roxxy began to wash up. She decided she needed to masturbate and hoped her children wouldn't interrupt her. Oh, I'm so wet as well...

"Roxxy, you okay in there?" Rachel called out but got no response as she could hear the faint sound of music as a radio was turned on. She waited a minute or two more but still got no response, her juices now beginning to slip her down her leg. I need to really finger myself, Rachel thought.

She turned to Timothy. "Tim, darling: if your sister comeback just tell her I've gone to have a lie down."

"Ok, Mum!" Came the enthusiastic reply of a son who's been given a message to deliver. He looked up for a mere second and smiled at his Mum, and then his eyes flickered back down to his game.

Rachel walked off and made her way to her bedroom, travelling up the simple stairs and entered her bedroom, shutting the door behind her. She pulled down her swear pants and pulled off her hoodie, leaving just her pink top on and her thong. She stood in front of her dresser table with a mirror and said idly to herself: "Nick can fuck me all he wants." She saw her mobile phone lying on the dresser and picked up to text Nick, his number now entered into her memory. She texted him:

"Need u now, address please stud. X"

She waited a minute or two and thought about what to wear -- something sexy to get him hard, or something casual? Truth is they both knew what they would be meeting for (sex) so there was no need to be discreet about it. She crossed to her dresser, as she put a hand down her thing and lightly stroked her clit, opening up the door with her other free hand and looking through her clothes.

After a minute or two she brought her hand out from panties and licked the juice off of her finger, and it tasted delicious. She couldn't for Nick to eat her out.

Her phone beeped as she was about to pick out a sleek black number which enhanced her curves and ass -- nothing could enhance her small tits, she thought sadly. Realising that she gotten a text back from Nick, who was actually not home but rather he was out with a few friends getting merry, the text from Rachel had made him instantly lustful. He hoped his friends would understand that the need for sex outweighed his need for a drink.

He texted back his address and said:

"Meet u there. Cock hard. X."

She picked out the black dress, closing the door and hung it up. She took off her pink t-shirt exposing her small tits, and even took off her thong deciding to go commando as it was much easier; hopefully it would be one less thing that got in the way. She put the black dress on and even took out some black tights. She opened the door again and took a pair of black high heels out, and sat down on the bed. She put each stocking on and smoothed them down with her hand, feeling the smooth fabric. She put the high heels on next, gently slipping each foot in and then done up each strap. They were snug.

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