Carnivale Dreams


You sit on your balcony, listening to the rhythm of the drums as people dance in the streets. The thump of the music is hypnotic, forcing you to sway, even when you aren't in the thick of it yourself. All your life you've dreamed of Carnivale and you have finally make the pilgrimage to enjoy the warm weather and bawdy sights. You've only been in your hotel an hour, but excitement and curiosity are urging you to get out and explore. The music and party atmosphere down below your balcony tugs at your soul despite your exhaustion - And nothing tugs greater than the glorious Carnivale queens who strut down the streets like painted goddesses for all the world to see.

Finally, the watching and listening become too much. You grab your camera and head downstairs into the streets to get a closer look of the beautiful creatures and their fantastically elaborate costumes.

The dancers strut to the beat of the make-shift bands, calypso music like an infectious indulgence. One of them walks by you, favoring you with a wink as you snap her picture, then blowing you a kiss as she dances away with the parade. You laugh and wave, entranced by her lust for life and joy of the celebration. After snapping a few more pictures you walk along to catch some of the sights, your steps in time to the beat of the heavy drums thundering away. Your favorite dancers have expressions of rapture on their face, clad in gold and silver jewelry as well as bright peacock-like feathers. They even seem to have the proud posture of the alluring birds, always ready to receive the attention of onlookers.

Many people pass by you and they are decked out in costumes as well. They wave at you and you wave back, enjoying the spectacle. Most of the vendors are also in costume and the exotic scents of their foods lure you to sample the local edibles. The trinkets and other wares are just as rich and exotic as the foods to you, all of it becoming a kaleidoscope of culture you've never experienced before.

A little girl smiles at you as she walks by, motioning for you to come closer. When you bend to her level, she bestows a shiny novelty necklace upon your neck. The symbol on the pendant looks like some sort of glyph you don't recognize but you thank her by giving her a few coins for candy. As she skips off down the street, you glance down at the glyph pendant again. It is a stylized B that you assume stands for Brazil. Despite feeling cheap, the look of the detail in the design shows some true artistic work. The dazzling emerald color twinkles in the light of the setting sun.

You decide to hunt around and find out more about it - perhaps it is a symbol of Carnivale you aren't familiar with. As you continue walking around, you fail to see it on any banners, yet someone grips it and turns you to them as you stumble around the market.

"Ah, so you've come to Carnivale," an older woman says as she inspects your necklace. The glyph on your pendant is tattooed upon the rich creamy caramel skin of her lower arm. Age has given her laugh lines around her eyes and mouth and her hazel eyes twinkle with good humor. Behind her confident smile, light wrinkles and eyes full of wisdom, you can see glimpses of a young beauty who once haunted men's dreams. You glance at the sign above her little table and see the third eye symbol. She is obviously some sort of medium.

"Oh yes!" You tell her enthusiastically. "The dancing and music are very beautiful!"

"Carnivale is a magical time," she whispers to you, eyes glancing sideways as if she's sharing a fabulous secret. "It brings out everyone's true self and unshackles fantasies so they can be made real." Her words hang heavy in the air like the notes of the music of the parade a few streets away.

"Can you tell my fortune, ma'am?" you ask politely, digging for coins. She accepts them, then after putting them in her pocket, she pulls you over to her table and favors you with that alluring smile. You watch her shake a few small pouches, each one rattling. A few more shakes then she pours the contents out on a felt mat on the table. Tiny animal bones rattle around in shapes and once they settle, your fortune-teller shifts through them as if looking for something. You can't help but bend closer yourself, unused to such ritual.

"You have the true spirit of Carnivale in you. You have to let it out and find your true self. Someone will help you find your true spirit very soon. When they come to you, do not reject them. They will lead you down a path the likes of which you've never seen. You will leave Carnivale changed forever, let me tell you."

"Thank you, ma'am, and may good fortune find you as you enjoy Carnivale as well." You tell her.

You buy a beautiful turquoise and gold bracelet from her in thanks, and wear it on your right arm near your watch. It reminds you to enjoy the beauty of life, and not be so concerned with time and it's enjoy the moment.

She hands you another coin, this one with a glyph on it. When she does, she laughs. "Keep it, dear." This one looks like two pillars in an fallen X shape, adorned in gold on the coin.

As you walk off, you turn back to thank her but notice the street spot bare where she was. You slip the coin in your pocket, counting yourself lucky to get two souvenirs of this year's theme.

You let the music lead you and eventually you find a restaurant where several girls are dancing up a storm. Bachata music is in full swing and these girls have routines that inflame the mind as well as the libido. You watch them, tapping your toe to the music. Their enthusiasm for the dance is infectious and enthralling, hips and movements promising joy and sensual pleasures. One girl in particular mesmerizes you with her coffee mocha skin, green eyes, and auburn hair in wildly sexy curls. The purple and silver costume she wears has angel wings and her elaborate headdress sits atop her head like some sort of extravagant holy crown. She is truly a queen of the festival.

She smiles when her eyes meet yours and eventually she pulls you up on the stage to dance with her and you blush as she draws you towards her. The beautiful woman dances and you feel her gently guiding your movements until you are only responding to the music and how it wants you to move. Soon your only thoughts are the rhythm of the beat and and the good time you are sharing with this beauty. You gaze into her emerald orbs and find yourself lost in her passion and sensuality. Her hips sway like a boat rocking back and forth on the waves and when she grinds up against you the jolt of electricity between you is positively ethereal.

"You are a true dancer" she whispers in her sultry accent. "You say you've never tried but you dance as if it's in your blood." Her luscious curves grind against you, inciting a moan from your lips.

"Thank you.." you manage, noticing several purple and silver glyphs glittering on her tight tummy and smooth shoulder. For a moment you consider how much they resemble the ones on your coin, but her sultry smile and exotic moves distract you. Soon the crowd on the stage grows and the space between you and beautiful dance partner shrinks. The closer you draw together, the slower the music becomes. The tension between you both builds as the mood turns intimate and eventually she breaks the spell.

You must come with Kala tonight," she purrs, eyes twinkling with mischief. "The music wants Kala to bring you with me. We will leave and I will show you Rio."

"I will," you agree with no hesitation. The sensual girl's infectious passion has you in it's claws and you can feel the same tug drawing her to you. How could you deny this mocha beauty's request? "I would love for you to show me the intoxicating beauty of your city.." Your body seems eager to show how intoxicating you find her as well. In this moment all seems possible and permissible.

"Wait for me," she whispers into your ear. "I must change before I leave." A simple kiss on the cheek and the promise of more anchors you to the dance floor while Kala slips into the back of the restaurant. You don't even realize how much time has gone by when she appears again. She flashes you the same dazzling smile, but her subdued makeup and simple flowing dress make her look more like a virgin earth goddess instead of a dancing queen. However both creatures share the same alluring eyes. "Come, Kala wants to dance the night away with you." She says while tugging at your hand. You note the softness of her touch and fall deeper into her spell.

"Lead on. I am glad to have you as my guide." You manage in the little Portuguese you know. Kala leads you out into the city and deep past the resort areas reserved for tourists. The streets twist and turn as they close in around you and become narrow. She points to things that seem interesting to her and you can see how her eyes dance with the moonlight shining on them. "We are going to a club near my home." Kala says as you cross into a different neighborhood. "They never close during the festival." Her infectious enthusiasm makes you feel at ease as the streets darken and turn less festive. Obviously these are places few tourists see, yet you feel safe with Kala at your side. The people are no less festive around you and many stop her in the street and speak to her.

Eventually your winding tour through the crowded streets ends in a cramped bar with a live band outside on the roof. A few words of greeting to the bouncer and Kala drags you inside. You grip her hand as she pulls you through the crowd, the heat of the room hitting you as soon as you pass the threshold. The party goers dance wildly on the bar top and on the tables, many singing along with the songs from the band. All around you bartenders pour drinks directly from the bottle down the throats of the patrons and sexy women sway topless with sweaty, handsome men. Your beautiful guide drags you to the bar and hugs the man tending it. Their rapid Portuguese is too fast for you to keep up with, but she motions to you and the older man shakes your hand. "You will like it here," she yells over the noise. "Don't worry, just have fun!" The bartender hands you a glass as speaks, and you both enjoy your first round. "Now let's dance!" Kala says while stepping up on the bar.

The patrons begins to cheer when she begins to dance on the bar top, and soon you find yourself up with Kala, her ass grinding against your crotch. The heat of the room and the drink in your system helps you loosen up and just go with the flow. Soon you are just part of the pulsing energy of the bar - another person added to the celebration.

As the night goes on, the effects of drinking creates a haze in your mind. Your eyes follow Kala as she steps off the bar and calls for one more drink. When it arrives, she gives you a smoldering gaze and hands you the glass.

"It's a Carnivale speciality," she tells you. "You'll love it, trust me." The drinks glows pink in the dim black lights and it bubbles with smoke that gives off a fruity, sweet scent. You shrug, still tipsy from the previous drinks, then down the pink concoction. It tastes as sweet as it smells, and as soon as it's finished, you feel even dizzier than before. Still you find the sensation pleasant and you hold up your hand to ask for another.

"What's it's called?" you manage to slur. She giggles at you before answering.

"It's called Festival-de-Rosa" she says. "In English you would call it Pink Festival." Both of you laugh as you drink your second glass, and her fingers trace the skin on your back. Kala's delicate touch makes you shiver, but the delicious fog in your head keeps you from noticing the rune markings her fingers leave on your arms and neck. By your third Pink Festival, the runes are glowing pink and she leans over your shoulder and whispers into your ear. "Rebirth. Trust. Passion." are the only words that penetrate the fog of horny lust in your head. Soon the whole world starts blurring together . . leaving only little flashes of images like a flicking channels. A kiss,. . . sensual touches, passionate moans. . . a cab ride with Kala. . . squeals and coos as you both fall over onto something soft. . . Kala on top of you. . . breasts bouncing. . . supple curves that demand you surrender to her passions. . . darkness.

Chapter 2

You awaken tangled with Kala, the sheets covering you both as the sun's light creeps through the curtains. The brightness hits your eyes and makes you groan, but your hangover doesn't wash away the sense of content and satisfaction within your soul. Kala purrs and pushes against you, her satin soft skin feeling so good against yours. You cradle her warmth in your arms and stroke her thick brown curls, not believing you made love to her last night. You have NEVER done anything like this, but you feel no apprehension about it. Her closeness stirs feelings of immense joy and comfort, both of you basking in the passion you shared.

Soon you feel Kala stir underneath you. She giggles and lightly traces your arm with a finger. The mocha vixen looks up into your eyes and you feel slightly smaller next to her than you did last night. You murmur thanks as you kiss her forehead and her arms wrap around you and give you a light squeeze.

"You are a passionate lover." she says as her lips press against yours. "Kala always chooses the best. I have to get dressed. Sit and watch Kala. But first we shower, yes?." She drags you into the tiny shower with her, and you groan as the warm water flows over you both. Both of you soap each other's bodies and Kala playfully coaxes your cock to life until it's once again thick and hard. Her ministrations weaken you and her warm wet mouth and tunnel slowly drain you of all energy. You have to lean against her by the time you get out and she wraps a towel around your chest before she pats you both dry. You shudder with contented pleasure as she helps you dry yourself, your lips meeting hers in thanks. You watch her every move as she sways over to the vanity, discarding her own towel and glance over her shoulder at you with a vibrant smile. Kala gracefully slides into the seat in front of her vanity and you see her as she carefully paints her eyes in silver and blue. You can only sit back in fascination as she transforms herself, lazily wrapped up in a pink terry cloth towel.

"I envy your frankness with your own nudity. It's so different in America," you say, engaged in the movements of her hands as she paints her face like an artisan. "If you are dancing in the Carnivale tonight, I would love to watch."

"You love watching, I can tell," She says with fond amusement in her voice. A warm tingle of contentment washes over you as you admire her beauty, enjoying her metamorphosis into a Carnival spirit again. She watches you through the reflection of her mirror, accenting her features with each brush stroke. You also notice that her posture and demeanor changes as her face transforms.

"You are living art." you tell her honestly. "How can I not love watching you?"

"Come here" she commands with a warm smile. You obey, get up from the bed and crossing the room to her vanity.

"You are my Queen of the Carnivale. Now and forever in my memories." You confess to her. You don't know why, but the urge to tell her this overcame you. You blush from embarrassment, but Kala smiles and then touches one of her brushes to your face after dipping it in a coffee bronze foundation. You notice that you have to look up at her now, craning your neck upward to look her in the eye.

"You have such long hair" she says. . . but you don't remember having such long hair. Still, it's hard to argue when she pulls it out of a ponytail and shakes it out in silken, luminous locks of gold.

"Stay still for Kala." she says as she brushes your hair back past your ears and begins painting your face again. "I will give you a mask for Carnivale. Hold your hair for me."

"Of course, Kala," you murmur apologetically, voice slightly softer, more dulcet in tone as your hands move to keep your hair out of her way. Kala smiles gently as she continues to paint, using foundation to create a base canvas. she puts fake lashes over yours next, brushing mascara over them so they blend in with your own.

"Your skin is so nice. You could be a Carnivale queen," Kala says as she works. Your skin tingles as she touches the cosmetics to you it, bringing back erotic sensations from the night before and making your heart race. You don't see what she's doing, but you assume she's painting a harlequin mask of some kind. You give a sigh of pleasure, your cock twitching as it starts to shrink. Still you are too enraptured with the pleasurable warmth to notice this.

Your lips feel fuller as Kala paints them, using a glittery gloss to make them wet. Once she's done with your face, she moves to your nails. The gives them a clear blush color, but you are too lost in the fog of bliss in your mind. You do begin to moan as she starts rubbing oils into your skin, the scent of lavender, patchouli and spice swirling around in the air. The oils melt away your rough skin, rapidly making you as soft and supple as Kala is.

As you admire her work on your hands, your lover brushes more oils into your hair. You purr as she smoothly run the brush through your thick mane, each stroke making the floral scents flair up. It's as if you got lost in a garden of exotic flowers and the intoxicating scent is saturating your skin. It's a garden anyone would want to play in . . and perhaps they would want to play with you.

"You are almost ready, dear," Kala whispers to you, then helps you stand up and walks you over to the closet. When she removes the towel, your nipples pucker and swell. You gasp and instinctively reach up to cover them, but she lightly brushes your hands away. "It's just us, dear."

You calm down and stand still as Kala ties a bikini thong around your now slim waist. The swimsuit top glitters in the light, strips of pink and silver attached like a shredded skirt.

When she holds a pair of silver strappy heels out for you to wear, you don't hesitate to slip your feet in. The arch of the tall shoes feels delicious to you for some reason, yet you've never had a need to wear such footwear before. The sensation feels so good that you feel your calves tighten. They take on a more feminine curve as your feet shrink to to a more delicate size and shape. Your toes curl as the magic strengthens and you shiver when you look down and notice they are painted the same coral blush as your glittery talons.

Your breasts are bare, but Kala attaches pink and silver wings made of flowers to your back. You coo as she attaches silver jeweled flowers to your puckered nipples. Your newly lush breasts seem to ache pleasurably as they grow fuller with each breath. You adjust your thong, letting it settle like silver thread in between voluptuous cheeks. You moan a little with vanity and desire as your ass plumps out into an ample shape that is made more alluring by your now tiny waist.

Kala's seductive pampering overwhelms your mind with organic sensations and tempestuous thoughts. You reflection in the mirror stirs turbulent, conflicting emotions with you. You have trouble remembering being anything other than soft and pliable, but know better. This divine creature dressed in pink and silver is not the person who came to Rio. Her almond cream skin is similar to Kala's and her plush curves are meant to tempt, beguile and entrap. You know all of this, yet you feel no panic. Kala's sculpting touches remove your anxiety and replace it with anticipation. It clouds the doubtful thoughts and drowns them out while her whispers make you surrender to this new journey. The man who entered this room was a tourist - the woman in the mirror is a true Carnivale queen.

Feminine pride sweeps over you as you cup your still-growing breasts. Something within you knows they will be on display soon. The thought of this sparks your own arousal, flaming the anticipation for whatever it is Kala has prepared you for. Despite their heft and size, your breasts defy gravity and sit perky and proud on your chest. You purr as you tweak a nipple and smile when you feel Kala crown you with a headdress.

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