tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 01.02

Caroline Ch. 01.02


Caroline – Part 1: Ch. 1.2

Mike meets Caroline and ends where he began.

I first met Caroline at a friend's house. She was having a party and Caroline was staying with her to help out. I found out later that they worked together. When I first saw her I couldn't believe what I saw. She was breathtaking, or rather her bottom was breathtaking.

I should explain that the one thing in a woman that really turns me on is her bottom. Those wonderful curves with that hidden valley between and the forbidden tunnel of love. I was an 'arse' man through and through and did she have an arse!! So when I saw Caroline I was immediately smitten. Smitten then, of course, only in my mind as she seemed quite young and I am in my fifties. The problem was, after we were introduced, I couldn't keep my eyes off her (or her bottom). *

Caroline is above medium height, about 5'9", with blonde hair (with the odd highlight) cut in a bob which framed her face. I wouldn't call her beautiful, rather pretty, even cute, with a full mouth and a delightful button nose. She did have big blue eyes which (I later found out) could be devastatingly sexy and a really beautiful smile. She had a nice shape, for me anyway; not too big in the chest, probably a bit small for the youth of today, but then I've never been a 'tit' man.

As I said, it was her bottom. Full, round, an almost perfect shape that jutted insolently. Her full hips flaring in almost perfect proportion from her, not to thin, waist and finishing with an up thrust at the top of her legs. And she surely couldn't get jeans any tighter! With the lovely small dome of her tummy she was absolutely delightful.

I must admit that I stared! Unfortunately she caught me staring which seemed to embarrass her (it certainly embarrassed me). I really don't know what came over me other than a case of outright lust. Even after being caught staring I continued to do so. Luckily I wasn't there very long, only about 15 minutes delivering a message before I left. I said goodbye to her and was pleased to receive a delightful smile from her and a very firm gaze from those lovely blue eyes.

I'm afraid the five fingered widow put in an appearance that evening (and on several others) as I imagined myself buggering her in many different positions. Little did I know what fate had in store!

About a week later I had to pop into my pal's shop and deliver a parcel. I couldn't leave it for her but had to give it personally. When I entered the shop it was empty except for Caroline.

"Hi," I said, "Is Sarah about?"

"Hello Mike," Caroline replied, "She's just gone out, probably be back in a few minutes."

"Hi Caroline," I said, "I'm surprised you remembered my name."

"How could I forget someone who so completely undressed me with his eyes," she responded, laughing.

I took a deep swallow, oh dear. I was really embarrassed and I had to wait for Sarah to return. I decided on trying a humorous response.

"Look, I'm really sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable but my plea in mitigation is that I hadn't seen anything quite as beautiful as you since the Mona Lisa in Paris".

She laughed, "I'll bet you didn't undress her with your eyes".

"She wasn't wearing jeans as tight a yours", I replied, laughing.

This seemed to lighten up the atmosphere and Caroline said, "Why don't you have a seat, I'll just carry on." So saying she did. As she was wearing jeans as tight (if not tighter) than those of last week I was treated to quite a show. Was she was doing it on purpose? She seemed only to have reach up high to get something down and put it on the floor or pick something up to stack it up high. As she never bent at the knees always at the waist I had a magnificent view of her bottom. I must admit that I again was beginning to stare, to become mesmerised by her beautiful derriere.

She must have felt my eyes on her but she didn't seem overly bothered and, after about five minutes of this, I decided to speak up. I don't know what prompted this, possibly her outrageous presentation or my complete capture by her wonderful body, but anyway I did.

"Do you know Caroline that you are very beautiful", I said.

"None of my boyfriends has ever told me that before", she replied turning and looking directly at me.

"Then they are either blind or stupid, or both!" I said.

"I don't think that I'm very pretty", she said coyly, looking at me with those big blue eyes, "my bottom's too big and my chest too small".

"I think that you are just perfect, nothing's too big, nothing's to small," I laughed in response, surprised that she was actually flirting with me.

She smiled in response then said, raising her eyebrows, "I wonder what were you thinking when you were watching me just now. You seemed very interested!"

This put me in a difficult position. What I was thinking I certainly couldn't tell a seemingly innocent young woman in a shop at 10 in the morning. I had mentally been balls deep in her bottom at the time and she must have felt some sort of empathetic reaction.

"I don't think I can do that Caroline, not here anyway." I laughed, then I volunteered in a very slight hope, "and certainly not until I get to know you better".

"Why don't you take me to lunch tomorrow, then?" she said. I was totally astounded, this came out of the blue. She must have noticed my complete astonishment because she said, "Don't you want too?".

This kicked me out of my reverie, "Want to", I said, "of course I want to. What red blooded man wouldn't want to take you out. It's just that I'm surprised, I must be nearly three times your age. I'll be accused of 'cradle snatching' and you'll be accused of 'grave robbery'".

"I don't really care", she said, "I quite like you. You're the only man who ever called me 'beautiful' and anyway, I like older men. I'm fed up with silly boys who only think of one thing!"

"OK", I said, "I'd love to take you to lunch. When?"

"Tomorrow's my day off. Is that all right?"

We discussed where I should pick her up and what time in the morning, quickly making the arrangements and I ended by giving her my phone number just in case. At that point Sarah returned to the shop and Caroline and I continued as if nothing had happened as I dealt with my business with Sarah. As I left the shop I turned for one last look at this beautiful young woman and she rewarded me with a delightful smile.

I couldn't really believe that this was actually happening to me but, sure enough, next day she was waiting for me. I took her to a pub out in the country. One where there was space to sit and talk. We got to know each other. She was, I found out, nearly twenty one. She lived with her girlfriend Joanna in a small flat. She didn't speak of her parents and I later found out why. She had no boyfriend at present; she seemed quite dismissive of boys generally and I wondered if she had had some bad experiences but I didn't want to press it this early in the relationship.

Caroline is a good conversationalist, she's fairly widely read and liked cinema and music so we had quite a bit in common. We talked for the whole lunch time and when I finally looked at my watch, it was nearly three. She had to go as she was meeting Joanna so I drove her back. As she got out of the car and walked down the road I couldn't take my eyes off her delicious bottom. She was wearing one of those long, loose skirts that emphasise the shape of the lower back and she 'swayed' up to her front door. Was this even better than jeans?

On the way back I'd asked if we could do this again, but she seemed a bit hesitant so I didn't push it. I supposed that I should be thankful for one pleasant lunch time with a pretty young girl. I didn't know till much later that she was hesitant because she wanted to discuss things with Joanna. She was, evidently, quite attracted to me but was worried about her feelings.

Later that evening the phone rang. It was Caroline. My stomach did flips, Yes or No?

"Hi Caroline, how are you?"

"I'm fine. I just called to say how much I enjoyed lunch today and to say that I was free on Sunday if you wanted to do it again".

"Of course, I'd love to", I said, over the moon.

Sunday went as well as the previous Tuesday, we laughed a lot, talked a lot; it was a wonderful experience to be with such a vivacious young woman. I suppose the only thing that spoilt it was the disapproving looks that we got from several people. I asked Caroline about it but she didn't seem bothered.

I took Caroline out on a few more occasions and we had a great time talking and laughing. She made me feel young again and the age difference didn't seem to bother her. Then things changed quite drastically (for the better I might add).

We were at the same pub. We'd finished the meal and were sitting in the gardens finishing a bottle of (very good) wine. The sun was shining, glinting on her blond highlights, she looked adorable.

I suddenly felt insecure, maudlin I suppose. I said to her, "Caroline, why are you here with me? Shouldn't you be out with youngsters, boys your own age?" She looked at me almost hurtfully and I quickly added, "Not that I wouldn't rather have you here with me. I just wonder why."

Those big blue eyes turned full on towards me and she said, "Because you make me feel important, a real person. You are kind, you're polite and I feel safe with you, unthreatened. And you're the only man who ever said I was beautiful!" she added smiling.

"I'm not sure I about the 'safe' bit," I said, jokingly.

"Oh I mean, I know you want me," she said looking at me with a wan smile on her face, "I can tell by the way you look at me. I don't mind that, I suppose I quite like it, it makes me feel important, but you don't push it. When I go out with boys of my own age all they want to do is get into my knickers or put their hands up my blouse. You treat me like a real woman, you make me feel important, individual, not some 'body' to be used for sex. You're interested in me as well as in my body".

"It's true," I said thoughtfully, "I do want you. I don't think that any man in his right mind could fail to . . ."

"There you are", she said, "you make me feel good, you complement me all the time. With you I feel like the most beautiful woman in the world because you treat me that way."

I got the feeling she was trying to stay away from the "wanting" bit. She was obviously aware of my desire for her, a desire which had been and was growing all the time. Its impossible to be around such a lovely young woman, with a lively and vivacious personality and not feel a rise in sexual desire. And when that woman has a body, particularly a bottom, as cute as Caroline's it's almost impossible to curb that desire. I was determined from our first 'date', however, that I was not going to jeopardise our relationship by 'trying it on'. If it was going to happen I would let her instigate it. I valued her company too much to ruin things by bringing sex so blatantly up front.

"Well," I said, emphasising the important words and looking directly into those lovely blue eyes, "you are beautiful, I do want you, and I do enjoy being with you but you certainly won't be treated like an object by me. You are a lovely person and I like you too much to insult you in that way!"

And I really meant it, she was too lovely, but deep down part of me knew that I was being untruthful to myself. I wanted her badly, very badly indeed. Wanted to 'use' her body as much as any of the other boys she had been with, probably more so as what I had in mind was to breach that tight little (possibly virginal) bottom and see her writhing in pleasure beneath me. If I allowed my dark desires to surface I should take her immediately without thought for her. I think that she must have sensed some of how I felt but it pleased her that I was able to hold it in check. Perhaps this realisation somehow made her feel more real, more valued. But I also knew that I did like her, she was a nice person, had a lovely personality and was fun to be with. She had brightened up my rather dreary life and I didn't want to lose that.

After this short exchange she went rather quiet and I feared that I had upset her. I was always so conscious of not loosing her company, realising how lucky I was. After a little while she perked up and we again began to chat about many things, smiling and laughing together. God, it was heavenly to be with her.

As we drove back to her flat however, she became very quiet again and I said to her, "Are you OK, I haven't upset you have I, I'm sorry if I have."

She looked over at me, "No it's OK, it's me", she said and lapsed into quiet again.

When we got to her flat I turned to her apprehensively and said, "Will I see you on Sunday?". I was really worried that it had all gone wrong but there didn't seem to be anything I could do to salvage the situation.

She must have sensed my feelings as she replied, "Sure, I'll phone you tonight". With that she was gone, bouncing along the path to her door – I thought I'd lost her.

I got back to my place in the foulest of moods. I was sure that it was over and, after half a bottle of wine, decided that I should be thankful for the times I had had with her. She would fuel my fantasies for a long time. When the phone rang later I had convinced myself that I would never hear form her again so I was surprised to hear her voice on the phone.

"Hello Mike," she said. I was so sensitive to everything about her, she never said Hello always Hi, was this the final goodbye? My stomach dropped through my shoes.

"Hi Caroline," I said, "it's good to hear from you".

"I just wanted to talk about Sunday. Can we have lunch at your house, I haven't been there yet and we can be nice and private".

I was almost speechless but managed to reply, "Err, sure. Of course we can have lunch here. I haven't asked you before because I didn't want you to feel threatened by being on your own with me!" For some reason I felt it necessary to defend myself, don't ask me why!

She laughed. "I told you," she said, "I feel safe with you. Pick me up at the usual time, bye." And, with that she was gone.

Boy, was I confused. Even in that brief conversation she seemed different somehow, confident, more direct. I wondered what had happened but primarily, I wondered how Sunday would go. I'd never really been alone with Caroline in a situation where sex could rear it's head. Oh, we'd been in pubs and restaurants alone together and, of course, in the car. I don't find cars particularly romantic so I never really had the inclination to 'try it on' so I didn't know how I would react. Could I remain the gentleman? Only one way to find out!

Sunday couldn't come quickly enough for me and, as I pulled up outside her flat, I couldn't wait to see Caroline. She came out of her door and down the path and looked a million dollars. Dressed simply in blouse and jeans (tight as usual) she was good enough to eat. She got in the car, leaned over and pecked me on the cheek, "Hello Mike," she said smiling and, putting her hand on my leg, "let's go."

I didn't know how to react. She'd never done this before. Something had changed but I didn't know what.

I started to drive very carefully going home. My mind was in turmoil. What was going on. Her conversation on the way was strange.

She said, "Do you like my hair like this?"

Well, it was the same as usual and I always liked it so I said, "Yes it looks lovely today".

"What about this blouse. I bought it specially for today. Do you like it?"

I hadn't looked very closely at her blouse, her tight jeans had been my main focus of attention. I couldn't figure how she got in and out of them! Taking my eyes off the road for a moment I looked at her blouse. It was see-through and I could see through it to her tiny little bra. I quickly refocused on the road – too much of this and I didn't think we'd get home!

"It's great," I said, "it really looks good on you. But then anything does!"

She laughed, "Flatterer", she said, "you really like it?"

"Oh yes", I responded, "very much".


Again, I was rather taken aback. Caroline didn't normally behave like this. She hadn't flirted with me since that first meeting, but here she was, obviously flirting. Calling attention to herself in a way that was totally unusual. It didn't bother me, in fact I was rather flattered myself that she would even consider flirting with me. We hadn't really done this before and I found it quite unsettling.

"Wait till we get home," I said laughing and trying to get into her mood, "I'll tell you then. If you keep on like this we may never get home. Much as I'd like to concentrate on you I've got to drive!".

"I won't ask you whether you like my new jeans, then", she said, laughing, "I'll wait till later".

She continued laughing and joking all the way back to my place. Talking about her clothes, her hair, her makeup (she didn't wear very much), and how she had discussed what to wear with Joanna. By the time I got back I was totally focused on her body, I don't know whether this is what she wanted but it was a fact. I couldn't think of anything other than her delightful breasts and her bouncing bottom.

When we arrived she got out of the car and walked ahead to the door. I watched with barely hidden desire at the sway of her beautiful bottom, a bottom to die for. Dare I hope that this change in her behaviour meant that our relationship was changing? As I went to open the door she put her hand on my arm, "Well, you've had a good look, do you like my jeans? They're new."

In for a penny, in for a pound I thought, "Caroline, I love your jeans, I've always loved your jeans but, most of all, I love what's inside them".

She laughed and, focusing her big blue eyes on me, said, "I know, I can feel your eyes when you look at me that way. It makes me go all tingly."

I laughed, "One thing that has always puzzled me, Caroline, about your jeans. How do you get them on and off?"

"Oh, I might show you later", she said through half lidded eyes.

I felt like dragging her inside straight away. All my male animal instincts rushed to the fore. Here was this beautiful, apparently biddable, young woman, god, I don't know how I kept my hands off her.

Exercising considerable control I showed her inside and asked if she would like a coffee, "I do a mean cappuccino," I said showing her into the lounge.

"Great", she said sitting in one of the chairs, "I'll wait here."

This gave me a little breathing space. Things were getting out of my control. Caroline was acting like a little minx, far more forward than she had ever been with me, flirtatious. She was still the delightful Caroline I enjoyed being with but she was now sexy, confident, and determined. I made the coffee, mind seething and body highly aroused, and took it back into the lounge. I gave her the cup and said, "There, I hope you like strong coffee".

"Oh, I do", she said looking at me and smiling.

As I sat down on the sofa she said with a big smile on her face, "You were going to tell me why you liked my new blouse! Well?"

I think I must have been shaking because the cup and saucer was rattling – so was I!!

"Caroline," I said, looking directly at her, "what's got into you. I love it but I'm puzzled."

She laughed and pouted at me playfully, "I'm sorry," she said, "it's just that I'm enjoying myself. I haven't seen you unsettled before".

"Unsettled is not the word," I laughed back at her, "I really don't know what's going on".

"I've been a little unfair to you", she said, serious now. "I'm sorry for the way I behaved on the way home on Tuesday but I had to think things through."

She must have seen my even more puzzled expression because she quickly added, "It's nothing you've done. When we were talking on Tuesday I suddenly realised that I had been taking you for granted. I know you want me and, by the look in your eyes, I suspect that your desire is very strong. I was sort of blocking it out. Oh, I knew what it meant and everything but I hadn't got to grips with it".

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