tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 01.05

Caroline Ch. 01.05


Interim (No sex)

(Hi, please read the intro to Ch. 01 then you'll know what's coming. This is the first time I specifically mention female/female sex. I have no experience of this (other than Adult movies) so I don't describe it, you'll have to use your imagination!)

When I got home we kissed goodnight and he hugged me tightly as if he didn't want me to go, it was lovely. Jo was on lates so I was left on my own to sit and go over what had happened. What a day, I never realised that sex could be like this. So much fun, so much pleasure and no fumbling, groping, or slobbering. I couldn't wait 'til next Sunday but I had to sort out something first. I was seeing Mike on Tuesday but only for lunch, he joked saying he needed a week to get over today and 'reload'. I was determined that next time he would make two 'shots' so I had a plan!

Jo didn't get in until quite late so I was only able to tell her briefly how good my day had been before we went to bed. I was dying to tell her all the details hoping that my newfound sexual happiness may cheer her up but, what with me being at work on Monday and her on lates, I couldn't rally chat to her until Tuesday evening after lunch with Mike.

Tuesday was wonderful, he treated me even more like a princess, polite and a true gentleman. There was no furtive groping and touching, just two people enjoying each others company whilst having a meal and a drink. I was aware, however, of his desire for me. I could see it in his eyes as he looked at me, it made me feel really alive; all tingly inside, and he was soooo nice I couldn't believe it. I thought that, now I had been to bed with him he might change (for the worse like most of my previous boyfriends), but I needn't have worried: he was wonderful.

On Tuesday evening I was at last able to sit down with Joanna and tell her all about Sunday and what happened. After dinner we sat drinking wine, with me trying to cheer her up. She still seemed down from breaking with Steve and I hoped that my good fortune in finding a man would not depress her even more, but I'd always shared my life with her because of what she did for me so, I suppose, she sort of expected me to tell her all about it.

I started by telling her how I had teased him and explained everything to him, and his confusion. Then the sex. I told her everything he'd done to me and how wonderful it was.

"Did he make you cum," she asked.

"Bloody hell, did he," I responded, "I had at least SIX orgasms on Sunday."

"SIX!! I don't believe it."

"Honestly, six orgasms. I'll tell you about them." So I told her about the first when he took me straight, then started to explain what he did with his tongue and how good it was.

"How big is he?" she asked with interest.

"Just under six feet," I said deliberately misunderstanding her.

"No, you know what I mean," she said laughing, "his equipment. Come on, don't be shy."

So I made my hands into fists and put one on top of the other and said with a big smile, "About this and a mouthful."

She laughed out loud, "Caroline, you're awful! Really?"

"Yes really. Its gorgeous inside, really filled me up."

"I should think so. Steve was half that size, that was probably his problem," she added pensively with a touch of sadness.

"What was his problem?" I asked quickly to try to find out what had happened.

"Oh nothing," she said, "tell me about him eating you."

"He is good, Jo. As good as you," I smiled at her, "and different. I told him so."

"You did what?"

"I told him so. I told him he was as good as you."

"So he knows we're lovers? Does he mind?"

"No not at all. I think that he understands our relationship."

So I went on to tell her all about his tongue and sucking him. She was surprised at how controlled he was, not cumming while I was having this wonderful time. Then I got to how he licked my bottom.

"It was marvellous Jo. His tongue and his fingers, oh they made me like jelly. I didn't realise my bottomhole was so sensitive. He made love to it and made me cum without touching my pussy. It was so different; I couldn't wait for him to put his penis in there but he made love to me again and made me cum. Then he put it in".

"He's bloody large, Lena. Did it hurt?"

"A bit at first, sort of stretched and sharp, but he was so gentle. He used loads of KY and kept stopping and asking if I was OK. After a while the hurt went and a lovely feeling of being really full game me a little orgasm. Was it like that for you?"

"Yes, I liked it the first few times but later, no. But that's another story. Go on, tell me more."

"Well, after a little bit, he got most of himself in me and started to move in my bottom, you know, in/out, in/out. It was unbelievable but he didn't last very long. I suppose it was too much for him. After all he had been hard for nearly two hours, watching me cum again and again. He started to cum deep inside me and, oh Jo, I could feel it, inside me, warm and spurting. Hitting something inside. Was it like that for you?"

"No, he always wanted to cum in my face after anal sex so he never came inside me. It must be a funny feeling."

"Oh Jo, it made me cum, again. This time all over my body starting in my tummy where his spunk was hitting and ending in my clit. I want that feeling again Jo, it was bloody marvellous."

"Sounds like you enjoyed it. Would you do it again?"

"Oh yes. Just now it won't replace straight sex or sucking or eating but it is as good and I can't wait to try it again. He didn't last long, as I said and, although I came, I didn't want him to leave my bottom. I wanted him to carry on taking me there, I wanted more orgasms with him in my bottom."

"You said 'most of him'. He's fairly big isn't he, so he couldn't get it all in?"

"No, I asked him about it and he went on about that place being designed for pushing things out not in and if there was something there, but I'm not sure whether I know what he was talking about."

"Oh, Lena. Think about it, did you take a dump before you did it?"

"Oh, shit!"

"Exactly!!" she laughed.

"So that's why he was talking about enemas," and I told her what he had said. "Do you give enemas at work?" I asked her.

"Yes, quite often, mainly before operations or for internal inspections. They clean the bowels and rectum of any material. That's what he meant about gays using them. One of the girls does nothing but anal sex and she uses them all the time, actually enjoys them she says."

"Can you teach me to use them. I want him all inside me next time. I really want to feel him there."

"I can get you the stuff from work but, Lena, you must be careful. You can tear yourself there and, if you don't exercise your sphincter you'll become loose. You must be careful, OK?".

"Yes, I'll be careful. Let me tell you everything again, I enjoy telling you." And I did before we went to bed.

The next day when I got home from work Jo was in fixing dinner as she always did when on earlies. I asked her about the enema kit, yes she had it and we'd try it later. After dinner we talked about men for a while, I was still trying to find out exactly what happened between her and Steve but she wasn't forthcoming. I thought that there must be a big hurt there so I didn't push it. She asked me a lot about Mike, what he was like in bed, you know, those things. She got me quite excited thinking about him and I knew that, if Jo was willing, we'd make love tonight.

After a while I said to Jo, "Come on, lets try the enema. I want to be able to do it to myself on Sunday. I told you, I want him all."

"Lena, you're incorrigible. OK, you get undressed and we'll go into the bathroom."

"Why don't you get undressed as well, that's fair," I said. I intended to try to give Jo an enema as well but she didn't suspect at the moment. I was quite excited, you see, I liked Mike in my bottom so much that I thought that just this tiny tube would also be quite nice.

"OK," she said smiling, "just to please you."

We went into the bathroom and she showed me the kit. Just a bag with a filler cap and a tube running from it. Quite a small tube, between a quarter and half an inch in diameter. She showed me the lubricant they used which has a very mild anaesthetic in it to ease entry, and the soap that they used. A special one designed to be particularly effective inside.

As she handed me the tube she said, with a laugh, "I don't suppose this measures up to what you had on Sunday?"

"No, not really," I responded laughing, "he's about three inches round but I'm actually looking forward to this."

Jo squirted a bit of the soap into the bag and filled it with warm water, "Only use warm, not hot or cold otherwise you can give yourself painful cramps: and don't hold the solution for too long."

After mixing the solution in the bag Joanna began to insert the tube into my bottom. It went in easily, I opened just like for Mike, and she pushed it in about 7 inches. "That's far enough. I'm going to squeeze the bag now, OK?"

"OK," I said, "squeeze away", and she did. I felt the warm solution swirling around inside me, quite pleasant really, I got a little tingle in my clit. This could be fun.

"Right," said Jo, "now I'll take the tube out and you have to hold it in. You can use an anal plug but its best if you use your sphincter. Squeeze tight." And she pulled the tube gently out. Again I felt a sense of loss as it left but a sense of fullness in my bowels. After a couple of minutes Jo told me to sit on the toilet and let it go. It felt funny really, but not bad. The she said we had to do it again, two were necessary to get really clean.

The second insertion of the tube felt better than the first and I stroked my clit while Jo was pushing it in, "Oh that's good," I said, "kiss me!"

"Lena, you're a hussy," she said but she did kiss me. I was going to get eaten tonight! So the second enema when quite well, it felt nice as the warm water solution was pushed into my body. I held it for a couple of minutes then let go.

I said to Jo, "Can I give you one now?" with a big sexy smile.

She looked at me and arched her eyebrow, "Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?" she asked me with smile.

"Yes", I said.

"OK, but carefully, I've not had as much as you have in there!" she said laughing.

So I gave Jo and enema and then another. She really enjoyed the second, playing with herself and kissing me back. Then we went to bed and made love. For the first time we both had orgasms using our tongue and fingers on our bottoms. It was heavenly and I couldn't wait for Sunday and for Mike to have my bottomhole again.

The next couple of nights I was on my own as Jo was on night work. I practised with the enema kit and soon became able to administer two enemas to myself in about 10 minutes. This left me clean and empty, I was sure now that I could take all of Mikes 8½ inches in my bottom, I couldn't wait for the feeling.

To be continued...

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