tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 01.06

Caroline Ch. 01.06


Caroline – Part 1: Ch. 1.6: Good and Bad!

(Hi, please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but I hope you will.

Now this episode. I worried for quite some time about including this. There is some mild violence - this is the ONLY example of SM in my story – and I'm not sure how it will be received. By way of explanation, I don't plan my writing, my characters just take me along and this is where they went! It did, however, serve several purposes. It allowed me to discover how it felt to write this sort of thing (not very happy – is there some of this in all of us?) and it allowed the characters to develop their feelings of tenderness for each other. I stress again that there is NOTHING like this description of Sado-Masochism in any other chapter of this or any of my other stories. Please don't let it put you off reading more chapters if you've enjoyed it up to now.)


Sunday came along and I got myself ready to meet Mike. I decided that I would wear something completely different so I borrowed an outfit from Jo. Soft blouse with long sleeves in a sort of bolero style, almost see-through but not quite, with a tiny bra. A long skirt which clung to my bottom and hips before flaring out, really accentuating the shape of my bottom plus boots with 2 inch heels. The whole outfit was a soft scarlet in colour, I knew that Mike's favourite colour for clothes on a woman was scarlet so I thought he would really like this. Underneath this I wore a thong in scarlet and self supporting stockings (something I never normally wear). I felt soooo sexy.

Mike arrived on time and Jo opened the door. I must say that he looked a bit embarrassed speaking to her. Now I understand why. He saw her then like an older sister/mother and, as he knew I told her everything, he felt under scrutiny. However, they chatted away for a few minutes about nothing, he is good at that, until I was finally ready. When I came in he gave me that lovely look that said I was wonderful and said, "You look absolutely gorgeous, wonderful. That really suits you."

"Thank you kind sir," I said with a mock curtsey, "I'm wearing it for you."

He smiled, hugged me and gave me a little kiss. I think that, had Jo not been there, the kiss would have been longer and deeper!

On the journey back to his house I chattered away as usual about Jo, myself, clothes, lots of things. He said the right things in the right places but I sensed a real desire. I know that I had borrowed one of those tab things to put in my thong as I was getting wet thinking about today and him in my bottom. I had a plan today. I had longed all week for his penis to remain in my back passage far longer than the first time but I know that he cums very quickly in there, it's such a turn-on for him. So I was going to make him cum straight away this morning and get him hard again this afternoon. I was sure that I could. If he could stay hard for two hours I was sure that I could make him hard again after lunch.

When we arrived at his house I got out of the car and went to the front door. I was aware of his eyes on me and particularly my bottom so I swayed and showed it off. As soon as we got in the front door I said blatantly, "I want you, I'm so hot!"

He was embarrassed, he's such a nice man! He explained that, if we went straight upstairs to bed he would feel as if he was treating me like a whore and he respected me too much to do that. Can you believe it, I was gagging for it and he was being the gentleman. I tried kissing him (and I could feel 8 inches that said he was hot) but he insisted on coffee which did allow both of us time to cool down, me by not very much!.

I bolted my coffee down so quickly I almost burnt my mouth. I couldn't wait any longer. I got up, walked over and kissed him, and said smiling, "You, upstairs, NOW!"

He kissed me back and said meekly, "Yes mistress," got up and went upstairs followed closely by me.

As he entered the bedroom he turned and held me tightly, kissed me and whispered, "Tu sei bella, Caroliné, bella sei tu." Oh god, I melted in his arms and kissed him back with interest. His hands were down my back holding my buttocks pressed to him then to my shoulders stroking through my blouse. I began to unbutton his shirt and he my blouse but we both became impatient with the buttons and ripped the clothes off. I undid his trousers and he unclipped my skirt and we both climbed out of them. We were left in underclothes, me in bra, thong, and stockings, him his silk boxers. He held me tight again, pulling me close to him and kissing my neck and shoulder. I could feel his hardness pressing into my tummy and I reached down to touch it but he stopped me. "Turn round," he said huskily.

I turned and realised what he wanted. His penis, standing upright under his boxers, was now trapped in the crease of my buttocks. I could feel it pressing in the valley between my cheeks like an iron rod. Pushing back into him and wiggling my bottom was greeted by a deep sigh and a push forward by his hips squeezing his cock deep in the crease. I could feel the length of it pressing on my anus. His hands were wandering around the front of my body as he kissed my neck and shoulders and whispered sweet things in my ear. My continued pushing and wriggling heightened his enjoyment even more and his hands stopped stroking and caressing my tummy and moved to my boobs. Underneath the bra they went and held one in each hand, cupped, while a thumb and forefinger gently squeezed and tugged each nipple.

I twisted my head to get his mouth on mine and our tongues met and danced together in our mouths. Then his hands left my tits and, travelling down my body, his fingers began to stroke my pussy, lifting the thong and probing my cunny. One finger found my now erect clitoris and began to stroke it. This was too much for me.

I tore my mouth away from his and said, "Please! Fuck me. I want you in me. Anywhere, I don't care but put it in me!" And I turned around and knelt in front of him, pulling his boxers down. I wanted to swallow his maleness. I needed to feel him in me, anywhere, and swallowing him gave me the chance to do so. I grabbed him; he was rock hard and at full strength. He could have done anything he wanted to me then, front, back, mouth, hurt me, stroked me, anything, anything at all. How dangerous this feeling was I found out later that day but now all I wanted was him. My tongue licked out at the dribble of precum on his prick greedily pulling it in to taste. Then my mouth engulfed the head and began to suck. He went still and he held my head quite tightly. He was about to cum and was controlling it. After a moment he pulled my head off himself and said throatily, "Kneel on the edge of the bed."

With my bra half off and my thong still on I knelt on the bed and in the mirror I saw him behind me. What was he going to do? That delicious feeling of not knowing where, when, or how he was going to make love to me. He suddenly knelt down with his face level with my bottom and began to lick me from my puckered little anus forward to my now erect clit. My orgasm arrived suddenly as his tongue pressed into me at the entrance to my back passage. He again made a small prick with his tongue which he used to fuck me in the arse as his fingers reached forward and squeezed my clit then pushed into my now soaking wet sex. All I was able to do was to push my bottom back into his face and mumble, "Yessss, oh yessss. Keep your tongue there please." And now I had to say it, "Keep fucking my arse with your tongue. Deeper, pleeeeeeeese." He did. He managed to push his tongue even further past the tight ring which was now relaxing in the wake of this tender assault.

He must have felt my orgasm diminishing because he slowed his tongue and began to lick all around my anus and bottom. Then he licked the inside of my legs at the top before putting his mouth on my cunny and drinking my juices, sucking them from me. I looked back to see him standing behind me, erect cock jutting out in front of him. Oh how I wanted it!

"Please fuck me now," I almost begged.

He smiled and moved forward, his cockhead touching my sex. He took hold of himself and began to stroke himself forwards and backwards along my pussy, touching my clit and getting the head wet with my cum juice. He was going to put it in my bottom, I thought, otherwise he would have put it in my pussy by now. I looked back again, "Yes," I said, "Yes, yes, yes."

He moved the head of his penis backwards across my perineum and stopped at my tight rosebud. Oh it felt soooo big but I wanted it. He pushed forward into my anus and again was met by automatic resistance as I tightened the little ring, but I immediately relaxed, wanting what was coming. He pushed the head of his cock a little way in, stopped, then withdrew, moving it back downwards to my cunny where he pushed the head in. What was happening? Where was he going to put it. My tension was unbelievable, he was obviously doing this on purpose, keeping me guessing. It was a cruel game, but a wonderful one. The feeling of anticipation in both places heightened the pleasure. He kept just the head of his tool in my vagina and again began to move it backwards and forwards over it further lubricating himself. I was desperate to have it somewhere and he knew it: he was keeping me waiting on purpose. Then he pushed into me about 3 inches, withdrew straight away and moved back to my anus which, by now, was ready to take anything as long as it was his rod of iron. I was completely relaxed and he pushed the head of his maleness inside me. I started to push my bottom back onto him but he held my buttocks so I couldn't move. Here I was with the head of his cock half in my rear held absolutely still by his strong hands. It was almost unbearable, was he or wasn't he? I squeezed my anus, trying to force him inwards, oh hell, I wanted him in me all the way!

Then he left my bottom and I felt it drive 6 inches into my vagina. I was so surprised it was bloody marvellous. I came, and drove myself backwards onto him until I could feel his thighs against my buttocks. Heaven, he began to fuck me, slow at first, then faster, keeping my orgasm going for what seemed like ages. He drove deeply into me and then I felt his thumb (it must have been) press against my anus and then inside. This drove me wild. I looked back at him and said, "Please cum in me. I want your cum in my womb. I haven't had any there yet, please."

He leant forward on my back and whispered hoarsely, "Kiss me!" and I turned my head and found his mouth. One arm went underneath my tummy and pulled me into him. He was like a steam piston in my pussy, seeming to drive deeper each time. Then, "Aaaagggghhh, Caroline," as he started to cum. I squeezed my vagina muscles to increase his pleasure and he continued driving into me. Three or four spasms as he paid homage to my body, its offerings accepted gratefully deep inside me. I was lovely to have it there, it felt right. It didn't matter that I wasn't on the pill or anything, just to have his spunk there was wonderful even though I had looked forward so much to his taking my bottom again today.

He pulled his softening penis from my sex, lay on the bed next to me and kissed me tenderly. "Sorry," he said, "I didn't mean to cum so early."

"Don't worry," I said smiling and kissing him back, "I'm sure I can help with the 'reloading'."

He laughed, "I hope you can as well. That was bloody marvellous, Lena."

"I know, it was wonderful, exciting," I laughed back. "I didn't know where you were going to put it. It was exciting, very exciting."

"You enjoyed that, did you?" he asked laughing, "I didn't know where I was going to put it either!"

"Yes, I did. You kept me guessing. It seemed to heighten the enjoyment when you finally put it in. It was lovely. I'm not on the pill," I added tentatively.

"Don't worry about that," he laughed, "I've fired blanks for twenty years now. I had a vasectomy many years ago."

This sent a funny feeling through me, pleased that I wouldn't get pregnant and sorry that I wouldn't. Did I want his baby? Silly, we'd only been to bed together twice and I was thinking babies with him. What was that all about? He interrupted my reverie.

"Let's have a shower."

"Yes, that nice." He has a lovely shower in his en-suite. You can walk in and sit down on small benches. About four people could use it easily. There are three shower heads in all and the water can be very precisely controlled, it's lovely.

We got rid of what clothes we had left after our first game of the day and entered the shower. He turned the water on to a soft waterfall, slightly warm, and we bathed under it.

"Let me wash you," he said taking the soap and beginning to lather me all over. I felt really good. He stood to one side of me and with one hand he started to wash my back, while the other concentrated on my front. It was quite sensuous; the soft spray, the liquid soap and his hands gently moving over me. He started to soap my boobs all over and this, of course, started to heat me up and I turned to him and gave him a kiss which he returned with interest. His hands moved down my body. His left hand at the back reached the base of my spine and gently began to soapily massage my bottom while his right hand was caressing my stomach.

"You've got a beautiful tummy," he said amorously, "just the right curve. Don't you ever diet, I wouldn't want to lose it."

I kissed him again. I was definitely heating up now and was having difficulty standing, my legs got wobbly.

"Put your arm around my neck," he said, "It'll help." I did and it did.

Then both his hands moved lower. At the back he found the crease of my bottom and at the front he found my mons and my pussy. He started to soap both and to massage but his middle fingers seemed to find a way to stimulate both my bottomhole and my clit as they went past and I don't think it was an accident! My legs were very bad now and I had to lean on him but he didn't seem to mind. He continued to do this for a while. I felt soft, warm, loved, and hot. There was an orgasm on it's way! He began to slightly push his finger at the back into my bottomhole and, at the front, into my vagina. Slowly more finger was gently forced in back and front. It was heavenly. He must have been in both to his second joint when he started to move them in and out, stroking both my bottomhole and cunny at the same time. Both in, both out; then alternate in/out, in/out.

"Oh, that's bloody marvellous. Keep on doing that. Ooooooohhhhhhh."

"Kiss me Lena, give me your mouth and your tongue."

I turned again and kissed him pushing my tongue into his mouth. Then he pushed his back. Oh dear, here I was all three of my entrances invaded by him with tongue and fingers. My orgasm arrived, focused on my back door, I suppose because that was the tightest but also in my sex and my clit. "Oh, yes, bloody hell. Fuck oh yes, bloody hell." I moaned as he continued to frig me front and back. My legs had gone completely now and I was being supported by my arm round his neck and his hands, with the middle fingers inside me, holding me by the arse and cunny. It was a lot for me but it was too much for him and he had to sit down. He removed his fingers and I collapsed on to his lap.

"Did you plan that?" I asked breathlessly.

"Yes," he said, "Good?"

"Oh god, yes. Better because I didn't know it was coming but you CAN do it again sometime," I said smiling languidly up at him.

We got dressed and went downstairs. Mike went into the kitchen to get lunch. I didn't want to sit on my own so I joined him there. His kitchen was enormous, really modern.

"Can I help?" I asked, "I did a year at catering college before working for Sarah so I know what I'm doing."

"Of course," he said smiling and pointing to some of the things. "It's not too much."

Well it was, he had got loads of things, just like last week. Far too much for the two of us but loads of choice. We sat eating lunch, talking, and drinking his excellent wine, and enjoying each others' company. Afterwards we sat in the lounge finishing the wine and talking. I was laying on the sofa with my head in his lap looking up at him. I suddenly had this urge to find out more about him, more personal things, you know, what made him tick.

"I hope you don't mind my prying," I said, "but I wondered how long you'd been divorced."

He didn't seem bothered by this question. He smiled down at me and said, "About ten years I suppose. It seems a long time ago." he added wistfully. "It was all very amicable. We sort of drifted apart. She found another guy who she liked better than me, simple as that. The children had left home so there weren't any problems there, she is financially secure, so am I, so things were quite peaceful as divorces go. She married her man and we see each other now and again."

"You didn't find another woman?" I asked prying even more.

He seemed wistful, remembering the past and happy to talk about it to me. "No," he said, "I've been out with a few women but nothing really came of it. I suppose at my age you get set in your ways." He smiled down at me, "It took someone as beautiful and vibrant as you to shock me back to the real world. I'm glad you came along!."

Isn't he marvellous, he can say things like that, you know, that make a woman feel so bloody important. I pried some more, "What did you do about, you know, sex. You've been on you own for a long time."

He laughed at me, "You're an inquisitive little minx today," and he bent his head and kissed me. "The five fingered widow came to stay," he said laughing.

I didn't understand, "What 'widow'. I thought you said ......"

He laughed again and held his hand over my face, "I masturbated," he said. "Its and old masculine phrase."

"Oh," I said suddenly embarrassed for some reason but I'm nothing if not determined. "What about after you met me?"

"Hussy," he laughed, "You're fishing for complements again aren't you?"

"No," I smiled at him, "but if you've got any I'll have them!"

He kissed my nose. "Yes. After I met you I did." He didn't seem embarrassed. This is what I like about us, we can talk about these things ok without getting muddled and in a state. "I would imagine us doing all sorts of things together."

"What sort of things?"

"We've been doing them," he said smiling.

I was feeling rather wild after talking to him about this, you know, really sexy and hot. I could feel his cock begin to twitch a bit and I turned my head so that I could put my mouth over it through his trousers. I blew hot air through the cloth and he pushed his groin upwards into me. I sat up and looked him in the eye, "Time for bed," I said and licked my lips. "Give me 15 minutes and you can do anything you want!" And, you know, I wanted him to. I had a wild passion inside me, I wanted him any which way, hard, violent, why I don't know. He seemed to pick up my mood. His eyes became flinty, almost with flashes of fire. "I'll be ready, will you?" he said hoarsely.

"Oh yes," I said, "fuck me silly!!" and off I went to prepare myself. I cleaned myself with an enema, showered and prettied a bit then went into the bedroom naked. He was laying on the bed with his cock sticking up proud. Oh how I wanted that cock. I climbed onto the bed and planted my mouth around the head and sucked. At the same time I squeezed his balls, not very gently. He jerked but I didn't feel 'gentle', I felt hard, nasty. I had this tremendous desire to bite him hard, to taste his blood. I didn't know what was happening to me. It seemed to be a different person taking over my body. I bit his penis hard enough for him to jerk away.

"Hell, Caroline, you'll bite it off."

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