tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 01.07

Caroline Ch. 01.07


Part 1 Ch. 1.7 - Caroline's Story: Jo's anger and the next time

(No sex – well hardly)


(Hi, please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!)


Jo opened the door and she knew immediately that something was wrong.

"Lena, what's wrong. You look terrible. WHAT has he done to you?"

"Oh, Jo, it has been a terrible afternoon. This morning was so good. We made love and it was wonderful then, Oh dear," and I started to cry. She helped me into the lounge and sat me down, which hurt my bottom and it showed.

"Are you OK?" she asked, concerned, "What has he done to you?"

"It's really what we did to each other, but my bottom is very sore, so are my nipples and my pussy." Her eyes flashed fire and something else I didn't recognise.

"The bastard," she said, "I knew this would happen, you can't trust these bloody men!"

"Oh no, Jo, it's not like that," I cried, "that's not fair!"

"Go in there and sit down while I make you a coffee then you can tell me all about it. Do you want a drop of brandy?"

"Thanks Jo, that would be nice; and a soft cushion," I ended in a feeble attempt to lighten her heavy mood.

I gingerly sat down on the settee while Jo made coffee. When she came in with it I had managed to get comfortable and I didn't feel too bad. The only thing was my rectum was hurting like hell and I was frightened that something serious was wrong.

Jo gave me a coffee and a glass of brandy which I downed in one go followed by some gulps of coffee. This made me feel even better. "Now tell me what happened," Jo said, "every detail," she added with feeling.

So I told her everything we did to each other before lunch and how wonderful it was to take his cum in my pussy. Then I told her about the afternoon. She got angrier and angrier but she also seemed to get excited as I described the things we did to each other. She refused to believe that I had really hurt him, saying that this was just a ploy so he could hurt me. I got angry with her, she wasn't being fair. I knew I had hurt him badly physically and that he was hurting emotionally as well.

"Jo," I said, "he's a kind man. You should have seen the look on his face as he washed me afterwards. He looked beaten, despairing at what he had done. He's not like that, really Jo, this won't happen again, he promised and I believe him."

"Don't be silly Lena, he's a man. Of course it will happen again."

"Jo, you don't know him like I do. You're not being fair, he's not like Steve, he won't leave me in the lurch. I believe him and please stop saying nasty things about him, please Jo." I was near to tears now and bringing Steve up was not fair really. I still didn't know all about their affair ending, only that it was bad, but she was being unfair to Mike and I had to make her see that not all men treated women badly.

She saw how upset I was, "I'm sorry Lena, but I'm so angry seeing you like this. Let me look at you to see what I can do. Where does it hurt most?"

So I told her about my bottom and how much it hurt inside. "I think that he did it when I was laying flat with my legs closed. I could feel him banging into the walls of my bottomhole."

"Did you see any blood afterwards, on him, you know, his penis or anywhere else?"

"No, only lube, KY, and cum," I managed a weak laugh, "lots of cum. He seemed to go on for ever inside me. I could feel it running out of me."

Jo smiled, "It's hard to keep you down for long, Lena. Come on into the bathroom and I'll have a look."

In the bathroom I undressed and Jo looked me over. She oooo'd and aaahh'd over my nipples which were red and swollen and put some cream on them that she said would help.

"You said your pussy hurts, where?" she asked.

"All over really, my clit feels sore where he kept tweaking and flicking it, but my whole pussy aches. He really pounded me there for what seemed like ages and he slapped me quite hard."

"Your pussy will get over it quickly, it was made for the job and your clit will soon mend, there's not much I can do about that. Turn round and let me look at your bottom."

"It's very sore at the entrance," I said, "it feels stretched." She touched my anus gently and I jumped, "Ow, that hurts."

"You're very red there, he has stretched you quite a bit. You really must be careful having his cock there, Lena. He's not small is he?"

"Well, I've seen a few and he's considerably bigger than all the others. He seemed to be in me there for ages. It felt so good, it hurt like hell but it felt wonderful."

"I know," she said so quietly that I only just heard her, "I'll put some analgesic cream on there in a moment. Lena, this is going to hurt, but I must find out if he tore you inside. If he did you'll have to see a doctor."

"He said he'd arrange all that if necessary," I said, "I'd like him to be able to do that."

"It's the least he can do," she said vehemently, "now bend over. I'll try to be as gentle as I can. I'll use some enema lube first to dull you down a little bit."

I felt her gently rub some lotion on my anus and then her finger probed my arsehole. There was no pleasure here though secretly, deep down, I wanted to feel pleasure from Jo doing this. I would have to explore anal sex with Joanna in the future. You see what a sex crazed minx I can be. With a bum that had been pounded into submission and hurt like hell I could still think of having sex there with Jo. Oh well, se la vie!

The further insertion of Jo's finger broke my reverie in spades, "Fucking hell, that hurts," I shouted and jerked my bottom away from Jo.

"Keep still," she said, "I've got to do this. We must know if he's torn your rectum." She went back to probing my rectum with her finger and, despite the pain, I began to feel a stirring of something inside but I quickly pushed it to the background, this wasn't the time.

After a little while Jo stopped fingering and probing my bottomhole. "I don't think that he tore you," she said, "there's no trace of blood there. He probably bruised the walls of your rectum so you'll be sore for a few days. I've got some suppository's that that bastard Steve gave me after our first anal experience. They are anaesthetic and they'll help with the soreness and pain. I'll put one in now, brace yourself, they're not small."

She placed something at my anus and pushed. It felt like a small orange, "Oh christ, it's enormous," I cried, "I can't take that."

"You took his cock there," she said without sympathy, "I'm sure that this is smaller!" and she pushed it into me.

It hurt for a bit but after a minute of two I felt better. I put on my dressing gown and we went back into the lounge. "Now," said Jo, "tell me everything he did to you."

"I've already told you," I said, "I don't really want to remember it." I was surprised that she wanted to hear it all again but, after she asked again, I went through it all. I noticed that she was getting quite hot during my recounting of his hitting me and I began to worry about her and her relationship with Steve. After going through everything again Jo made me some hot chocolate and we both went to bed. Despite everything I slept quite well although I was worried about whether Mike would come on Tuesday.

I didn't go to work on Monday. I phoned Sarah and said I wasn't well, which was true, I could hardly walk my bottom hurt so much. I stayed in bed most of the day and by the evening began to feel better. My pussy and nipples were better now, the cream that Jo had given me worked well, and my bottomhole began to feel better using the suppositories. I wondered what sex there would feel like after this experience. I didn't want to lose the feeling of anal sex. The first time had been so good and, even this violent experience had been enjoyable in a strange way. I think I was going to come to enjoy anal sex as much as the normal place and I still wanted to feel him completely inside me there but gentle and loving like the first time. Strangely after what had happened, I couldn't wait to go with him again. I actually masturbated that evening while Jo was at work thinking of him in my bottom.

Tuesday came and he must have been early because I was still getting dressed (skirt again today, I couldn't really bear tight jeans yet) when I heard the doorbell. Jo answered and I could hear her berating him. I caught phrases like 'should know better', 'your age', 'poor girl' and so on. I quickly rushed out into the hall to find Mike looking very sheepish trying to explain himself to Jo who was in full flow.

"Jo," I said, "stop it. I told you, you are being unfair."

"Well he should be told what he did to you was wrong."

"Joanna," he said trying to say something, "I . . ."

"Be quiet Mike," I said, "this is between Jo and me. She's got to understand that you're not like other men. Take off your shirt."

"It's all right, Lena, you don't need to do this," he said.

"Take it off, now. I want her to see what I did to you." I wanted to see myself as well. Was it as bad as I remembered?

He took off his shirt and we looked at him. I felt terrible and Jo's mouth hung open. His chest was covered in several deep scratches one of which had torn his nipple. Some had drawn blood making them look very angry in places. His left shoulder was one big bruise and we could see the teeth marks in four places where I had bit him. Two of these bites had broken the skin and I remembered, with a tiny burst of pleasure, the taste of blood when I did it.

"Turn round."

"Lena, it's ok. It doesn't matter."

"Mike, you fool, of course it matters. Turn round."

His back was even more covered in scratches than his chest. We could see about twelve or thirteen separate lines some of these had also drawn blood. I don't know how he wore a shirt they must have been very painful. I was devastated. I went up to him and kissed his torn nipple gently. I wanted to hug him but I thought that, in his condition, it wouldn't be a good idea.

"I'm so sorry," I said tearfully, "so sorry." I think Jo was speechless, she couldn't believe that I had hurt him so much. Her eyes were wide and staring and, worryingly, she seemed excited by what she saw. I recognised signs of arousal and wondered what was happening to her.

"There's nothing to be sorry about," he said, "it's forgotten. We go forward from here. Jo," he looked at her, "this will NEVER happen again, NEVER. You must know that I am far too fond of Lena to hurt her. Sunday was an aberration. We have both put it behind us."

Jo gathered herself together and closed her mouth. "I can see that I wasn't being entirely fair," she said, "but I get so angry when Lena is hurt in any way. Now let's see if we can put anything on these scratches and bites. Have you put anything on them?"

"No, just kept them clean," he said.

"Ok come into the bathroom."

"It's OK Jo," he said seemingly embarrassed, "it really doesn't matter."

"Oh don't be silly," she said, her attitude softening as she smiled at him, "Lena can put the cream on for you. I'll wait outside," and she handed me a tube of cream. "This will help with the soreness and sterilise the open wounds. Take it with you and use it after you shower for the next few days." With that she left us alone in the bathroom.

I looked at him with tears in my eyes, "I'm so sorry," I said, "I didn't know how much I hurt you," and I kissed him gently.

"It doesn't matter, Lena, it's you who has been hurt. I wouldn't hurt you like that again for the world. Am I forgiven?"

How can I deal with a man like this, my feelings towards him were now becoming very complicated. I had scratched and bit him terribly, he must have been in considerable pain, not to mention discomfort, yet he still thought that he should apologise to me. I wanted to hug him close and tight but, in his state, that would have been cruel so I gently took hold of his arms, looked him straight in the eye and said, "You don't have to apologise any more, it's past, over, it will never happen again. Of course you're forgiven, there's nothing now to forgive." I kissed his torn nipple gently and licked it with my tongue, "I'll try to make it all better," I said smiling up at him. I could tell he wanted to hold me but he thought better of it so just kissed me again and made me go all gooey inside.

"Come on," I said, "let's get this cream on you and maybe you'll feel a bit better." With that I began to gently smooth the cream over his body. It was difficult on his chest, he's quite hairy there, but I managed. Then his shoulder which looked terrible and obviously hurt a lot. I still couldn't believe that I had done such a thing, I could clearly see my teeth marks in his skin and the punctures where I had drawn blood. I had to be so careful putting the cream on here, he was very tender. Then to his back which looked bad but didn't seem to hurt as much.

When I finished he put his shirt back on and we went out into the hall. I called 'bye' to Jo and off we went. We had a lovely day, a nice meal, some good wine (as always) and we chatted for ages about everything. But I felt that something was different. He treated me like a porcelain doll that would break. It was nice but a bit overpowering. I supposed this was a reaction to Sunday afternoon so didn't think too much of it.

After lunch, sitting and being with each other, he said that he was embarrassed this morning when Jo was berating him. "She obviously loves you very much," he said.

"Yes we love each other. I owe her an awful lot. Let me explain." So I told him all about my running away when I was sixteen. My mother had married a man with two teenage sons and I was the main target of all three. It was impossible for me to remain so I ran away to Jo. I explained that, although there was three years difference in our age, we had been friends for nearly ten years. She was an only child and I spent lots of time in her house, her parents treating me almost like a sister. When they moved away and Jo went to college I was left on my own. When I overheard what the two boys had planned (they planned to capture me when my mum was out and rape me in every way) I ran away.

Jo took me in and, when my stepfather tried to get me back, her father (who had been a solicitors clerk) wrote some letters and managed to get them to back off. I moved in with Jo in the flat her parents had bought for her when she went to college. From that day Jo has been a mother/sister/lover and has looked after me.

"So you see," I said, "why she reacted as she did. Also she had this relationship with an older man, Steve his name was, and he let her down rather badly. I don't know the whole story but they finished and she's still very cut up about it."

"She's a very beautiful woman," he said smiling, "although she goes out of her way to hide it."

"Yes, she does wear the most hideous clothes and she doesn't seem to care how she looks. That's got worse since Steve. I suppose being a nurse doesn't inspire you to dress your best being stuck in a uniform all day." With that the conversation drifted onto other things as we finished the wine and enjoyed the late afternoon sun in the pub gardens. He took me home and we kissed in his car.

"See you Sunday," I said and he nodded smiling strangely. I wondered what was wrong. I feared that the legacy of last Sunday afternoon would not go away quickly.

I won't go into much detail about Sunday. Although the sex was good, it wasn't the same as before. He treated me as if I would break if he touched me, so tender and gentle that it hurt. He kissed and licked me as usual but not my bottom at all. Although it still hurt I longed for his tongue there to ease the soreness but he didn't go there at all. He moved over my body with this tongue, from my boobs to my pussy, concentrating on my clit which, thankfully, had recovered from its previous battering. He was very gentle with my nipples, licking and sucking but oh so tenderly that something was missing, he seemed to have lost the passion of our first time together. He was too controlled, much more so than the first time, the sense of fun was missing. It wasn't his orgasm he was controlling like the first time, it was himself. It was as if he was afraid to let go, to enjoy it. I came twice but they weren't like the first time nor last Sunday morning and he came very quickly. He didn't seem to want to prolong our having sex like before.

I didn't say anything to him, I supposed that he was feeling the effects of our last time. He still had the scratches on his chest and back and bruising on his shoulder which still looked very ugly. Luckily for me, except for a slight soreness in my bottom, I had recovered ok. Still, he seemed restrained, as if he was holding himself in check, not giving everything, almost frightened to touch me. I hoped it would get better. We spent the afternoon cuddling each other which he seemed more happy with. I think he was trying to adjust to the changes in our relationship brought about by last Sunday. I realised that afternoon that it was going to be difficult to return to the joy of sex that we attained before that horrible, but oh so exciting, afternoon.

I wasn't seeing him on my day off the next week, he was away on business, so we had a longer Sunday afternoon than usual and went out for a drive and a drink at a pub. He was looking at me strangely all afternoon. Not threatening or anything like that, but as if he was trying to remember me, to picture me in his mind. He was very intense but terribly controlled. I began to get quite worried by his manner, was he fixing to end it? I certainly hoped not, despite Sunday I was becoming increasing fond of him, and not only for the sex. He as such a nice man who treated me like a person in my own right and, despite last week, I felt he respected me. I didn't want to lose that, or the sex.

I discussed what had happened with Joanne that evening and she said not to worry. He was probably coming to terms with what happened and that would take some time. I wasn't totally convinced and I didn't sleep well that week waiting for Sunday to come round. In fact, by the end of the week I'd convinced myself that he wouldn't come and I was in a foul mood by Sunday morning, on edge waiting for his arrival.

To be continued:

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