tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 01.08

Caroline Ch. 01.08


(Hi, please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!)

As usual he was right on time, 10:30 on the dot. I felt an enormous sense of relief when I saw him, I almost shouted for joy. I rushed into his arms and he hugged me tight just like he did before and kissed me. Then he suddenly controlled himself and was more gentle. Oh dear, I thought, he hasn't got over it yet. I'm not the sort of person to allow things to happen so I knew that I was going to have to do something today but I was very aware that I must be careful.

We drove to his house and I chatted away as usual with him nodding and making small talk as required. When we got to his house I got out of the car and swayed my bottom up the path to his front door. I could feel his eyes on me and it felt good. I really wanted him there today. I was completely healed and I longed for the feeling of his penis in my bottom again, though not so roughly as last time. We went in and he made coffee and we sat in the lounge chatting.

"You look lovely today," he said, "I missed seeing you last week."

Wasn't he nice. I had taken a bit more care with my makeup than usual. I don't wear much normally (which he seems to like) but today I had used more, trying to turn him on I suppose. I was also wearing Jo's scarlet outfit, long skirt that fell off the hips with a scarlet bolero blouse that disguised the fact that my boobs are to small. I had her boots on as well. I'd taken all this care because I was worried that he would be too controlled again.

"I missed seeing you as well. Did you have a nice trip."

"It was ok but, well, I would have liked you there."

"So you could bonk me in hotel rooms," I laughed at him. He looked pensive and hurt. He didn't seem to think it funny at all. I realised that he was very much on edge today and I didn't know why. I became increasing worried about what he was going to say.

"No, not really, it would have been nice to have you there for company, someone to be with. These things can be quite depressing sometimes. All these young people, couples, you know. I didn't notice it really until I met you," he said looking at me so tenderly, "I couldn't stand to lose you, you know." Then that look, as if I was going to disappear. Then suddenly, I realised. He thought that I was going to dump him!

"Oh Mike," I said going over and sitting on his lap, "you're not going to lose me. What makes you think that?"

"I don't know. Lots of things, Sunday when I hurt you so much, seeing all those young couples, feeling old there. I don't know I suppose I just can't believe that this is really happening to me. You see I really do l . . . like you Caroline, you know that don't you?"

What had he been going to say, he'd hesitated and changed his mind. A sudden suspicion entered my mind but I didn't want to think about it. I needed to make him feel safe with me. I had no intention of letting him go just yet, if at all.

"Mike, I enjoy being with you, we have fun together and you treat me like a woman, a person, and you care. That's all anyone can ask for really. You're not going to lose me, if you like I'll wear an address tag," I ended jokingly.

He laughed, "Lena you're priceless," and he cuddled me again.

Although I could feel him getting hard under my bottom for some reason the mood didn't seem to be right now so I thought it better to wait until after lunch, not be too forward so we continued to chat and listen to music. I told him about Joanna and her continued depression. I still hadn't been able to find out what had happened at their break-up and he said that it would be better if she was left until she felt able to talk about it. We continued to chat away about lots of things but I felt that he was restrained, not so totally open as before.

We prepared lunch together and ended with a bottle of his very good wine in the garden. It was a lovely afternoon that made me feel great. I couldn't wait to get to bed with him and try to capture the joy and tenderness that we had on our first Sunday together. I sat on his lap and nibbled at his ear, I know he likes that so I thought it would be a good way of getting him started. All through lunch he had been looking at me in that same way, desire tempered by despair. I caught him several times during lunch looking at me when he didn't think I noticed. I knew he wanted me just as badly as before but he was controlling himself, as if he was frightened to let go. He seemed to enjoy my kissing and nibbling and began to smile and stroke my body. He was getting hard again so I whispered in his ear, "Give me 15 minutes to get ready," and planted a big kiss on his lips.

When I came out of the en-suite he was laying on the bed in his boxer shorts, I was naked because he said he liked me like that. I wasn't shy any more about my body, I felt confident because he said I was beautiful all the time. He got up and put his arms around me holding me tightly to him. Then he sat on the edge of the bed and looked up at me.

"Oh Caroline, you're so beautiful, so desirable," and he put his arms round my bottom and pulled me to him. This buried his face in my boobs and he began to kiss between them. I pushed him back on the bed and lay next to him, kissing his face, mouth, eyes.

"Oh, I want you so much," I said reaching down to his hardness. He returned my kisses, stroking my hair, kissing my neck and shoulder. He moved down to my boobs and began to kiss and suck my nipples which responded immediately by becoming hard like hazel nuts. He continued to lick and suck them, moving on to the underneath of my tits, starting to wind up my orgasm. The strange thing was that, although he was doing all the things he had done before he seemed to be doing them on autopilot, under intense control and afraid to really enjoy himself. I was enjoying what he was doing but part of me wondered whether he was allowing himself to.

While his mouth was busy with my tits his hand wandered down to my pussy, gently stroking my mons and tickling my pubes. His fingers began to probe into my vagina causing more wetness as I became increasingly ready for him. I desperately wanted him inside me, to gently enter me and banish the devils of that terrible Sunday and to bring me to an orgasm as good as the first. He was slower, however, wanting to spend time on my body, as if he was exploring it for the first time. I also wanted him to attend to my bottom. He hadn't touched it last week, I supposed that he thought I was still sore there, but now I was fully healed and I wanted him there as well. In fact, I wanted him everywhere, in my mouth, my pussy and my bottom. I wanted to capture that first occasion again.

As his hand wandered over my pussy I started to feel my orgasm building so I whispered, "make love to me, please," in his ear, "I want you inside me, gently, slowly, please."

Me moved over me and placed his now very erect penis at the entrance to my sex. The look on his face was one of almost pain as conflicting feelings fought for control of his passions. I'm sure he wanted me but he seemed afraid of taking me. I smiled at him, "It's ok, please put it in me. I want you so much."

He started to move his cock up and down over my pussy, wetting the head and stimulating my clit at the same time. The feeling was gorgeous and my orgasm arrived before he entered me. I'm sure he could see what was happening and he slowly inserted his cock in me as my orgasm subsided. This is a wonderful feeling, as you start to come down from one orgasm, another begins caused by the lovely pillar of flesh entering you. He was very slow and gentle, going halfway in the pulling out, then a bit more, just like the first time. It's marvellous, I got the feeling of being entered extended for ages and the stimulation on my clit was out of this world. He was finally totally inside me, wonderful. Our pubes were entwined and I reached up to him so that I could kiss him and put my tongue in his mouth. He returned my kiss with interest and began to slowly work me, short movements at first, then longer as he almost withdrew totally then pushed back into me. I wrapped my legs around him and grabbed his buttocks to pull him into me, it was heaven. My second orgasm arrived and I moaned in pleasure as he filled me with his hardness, then he came, deep inside me. A look of absolute despair crossed his face as he continued to pump his sperm into me. I was loving it, he was anointing me with his juice, his homage to my body delivered deep inside me. It prolonged my orgasm for ages as I felt his cock pulsing inside my vagina. I squeezed the muscles to milk even more cum from him and he groaned in pleasure and pain.

He rolled sideways and held me tightly to him, "I'm sorry," he said, "that caught up with me."

I laughed, "It was lovely." Then more seriously, "Mike?" He looked at me, "What's the matter. That was marvellous but something's wrong, isn't it?"

He gave me with a despairing look, "Oh Caroline," he said, "I just can't get that Sunday out of my mind. I'm so afraid of hurting you again, losing control." He smiled sadly, "You do that to me, make me feel so strongly about you. I'm frightened it'll happen again – I won't be able to control myself." He looked lost, helpless, "I was sure you wouldn't want to see me again afterwards and, if it happened again, I'm sure you'll leave me!"

He was like a little boy. I've found, in my life, that men (and boys!) can seem so childlike in situations like this. We woman are stronger, I think, more able to deal with these complicated emotions.

"You're so silly!", I said forcefully, "Sunday was as much my fault as yours. We must put it behind us. I'll tell you honestly that I absolutely enjoyed what we did that day but I never want to do it again. I will look back on it with pleasure and remember how much you cared for me afterwards. So, don't be silly. I've told you, there is no way I will end our relationship, I enjoy being with you too much for that. If I can put it behind me, you must be able to as well."

He moved away and looked me straight in the eye, "You're a very strong woman, Caroline, and I am very lucky to have found you." Then he kissed me, tender and loving, and like before. He seemed over it. Pulling away from the kiss he said, "Stay tonight, please."

I hadn't stayed with him overnight, no particular reason. He hadn't asked and, if he had, I probably wouldn't have because of Jo. At this time I didn't want her to feel as if she was being sidelined but tonight she was at work and I would only see her for and hour or so before she left.

"I'd love to," I said smiling and kissing him again, "will that give you time to reload?"

He laughed and cuddled me to him, "I certainly hope so."

We cuddled for a while than showered and went downstairs. "Oh damn," he said, "I haven't got anything for dinner."

"Doesn't matter, we'll knock something up."

"I was planning to 'knock you up'," he said laughing and patting my bottom, "or at least try!"

I was so happy, this was the man that I had first slept (or rather stayed awake) with, happy, playful and sexy. "Knock on my door anytime," I said as I planted a kiss on his lips.

"I know," he said, "shall we go out. I'd love to show you off to some very good friends of mine. You'll like them, I'm sure, and I know they'll like you. Do you mind being 'shown off'?"

"No, not by you. I enjoy it. And I'd love to go out but I don't really have anything to wear other than what I came with."

"You'll look absolutely delectable, good enough to eat," he said making me feel great again, "I'll just make a phone call and see if it's OK."

He was on the phone for a few minutes speaking half in Italian and half in English. I could hear him explaining about me. He called me his new 'friend'. When he finished he turned to me and explained.

"We'll have dinner con il mio amico Silvio and his family. He's a very old friend, we've known each other for nearly 40 years. He's got a small, very select, Italian restaurant but he doesn't open Sunday nights, that's when the family have their meal together. It's a traditional thing he's always done. I have a sort of open invitation. I told him I would bring a friend, a female friend and he's dying to meet you. He will be surprised that you are so young," I poked my tongue out at him. "but pleasantly so I suspect."

"I'm going to enjoy meeting your friends," I said, "and being 'shown off'," I added, giving him a big sexy pout.

"Oh, Lena, you're wonderful," he said as he held me tightly in his arms and kissed me again. "But I must warn you, Silvio has six children, 5 boys and a girl. The eldest, Bernardo is nearly 30 and lives in Italy but the four other boys all live at home. Guy, who is almost 24 is very quiet and reserved but the other three, Pietro, Michele, and David, are all in their teens and are very sure of themselves. When they see you they will be like bees round a honeypot," he looked at me and smiled, "(and what a honeypot) so don't expect much peace. They won't go too far but expect to get that beautiful bottom pinched!"

I kissed him again, "So you'll have some competition," I said archly, smiling up at him.

A look of shock passed across his face, he had realised, I think, that he was 'exposing' me to some young men and he was suddenly worried.

"Don't be silly," I said, emphasizing the last word, "I am absolutely sure that none of them will measure up to you!" Then I hugged and kissed him hard, "You're too much of a man for any boy to be competition!"

With that we went into the lounge, listened to some music and enjoyed being together.

We left for Silvio's about six o'clock, he said that we would have some drinks etc., before dinner and he could catch up on the family news. He explained that he had known all the children all their lives so he was treated almost as an uncle by them all. In fact, Guy had lived with Mike for three years after the divorce whilst he went to college.

The restaurant was in a secluded part of the town in a lovely old building that had been tastefully renovated to turn it into a very classy place. I could see how it would be exclusive, the prices were enormous. Several tables had been pushed together to make one big one for all the family and, as we entered, I was introduced to everyone. Silvio was a very handsome Italian man, probably about ten or fifteen years older than Mike. His wife Gianna, seemed quite a lot younger than him, probably only in her mid/late forties. I assumed that she was quite young when they married. When I was introduced as Mike's friend she greeted me with a raised eyebrow that obviously asked the question! I smiled and nodded, she was a woman after my own heart because she smiled back in a strange way but then hugged me. Guy was a dashingly handsome young man not unlike Mike to look at. I was sure he had women throwing themselves at him. Mike told me later that he was very shy and didn't really have much experience with women. I could tell that as he said hello to me and blushed! The other three boys were, as Mike had suggested, very forward, crowding around me, touching and talking all at the same time. This was going to be an interesting evening! It was good really, I felt immediately welcome and almost part of the family. I'd forgotten that Mike had said Silvio had a daughter living at home until I heard Mike say, "dov'é Maria?"

"She's in the kitchen waiting for you," Gianna said smiling. Funny, I thought, as Mike took my hand and said laughing, "Come, meet Maria, Silvio and Gianna's crowning glory."

This was some introduction and she lived up to it. When we got into the kitchen, just Mike and I, we were met by one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. She stood slightly taller that me, probably 5'10" so she was way above normal height. Long, almost black, hair framed a face that expressed all that was beautiful about Italian women although there was a certain sadness to her that was difficult to pin down. Because of my interest in films, I'd seen many with Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida and Maria would give both of them a run for their money. Her figure was voluptuous, it really was. She had a full figure although she was dressed rather plainly, the kitchen I suppose.

She walked up to him and threw her arms around his neck, hugging him tightly to her as he said to her, "Ciao Maria, tu sei bella, bella!"

"Grazie, zio," she said in his ear. The look on her face as she held him told uncounted stories, desire, sadness, need, passion. I was so interested in what was going on I almost missed the introduction.

"Maria, questa donna é Caroliné, la mia amica nuova." And he put his arm around me to clearly indicate what sort of friend. This brought something of a change in her manner, she seemed slightly frosty as she said hello and I wondered again what was going on here.

Then Mike said, "Where's Silvio?" to which the reply, "here uncle, here." As a small boy, about 9 years old, ran from behind the cupboards where he must have been hiding, "here uncle!"

I looked at this little boy, then at Mike who, by this time had picked him up and was tickling and cuddling him, and there was definitely a resemblance! Oh dear, I wondered even more, there must be a story here!! Maria was looking at the two of them with love in her eyes, and not just for Silvio. It was obvious to anyone with eyes that she was madly in love with Mike, or was it? The rest of the family crowded into the kitchen as this little scene was taking place but nobody seemed to notice.

After this, almost family, reunion we all went back into the restaurant where we had some aperitifs. I was introduced to an interesting Italian drink, 'punt é mes' which, I understand, is Neapolitan for 'a drink and a half'. Sort of like dark sweet Martini but very, very bitter and served with a slice of orange. It certainly works on the appetite, by the time dinner was served I was starving and also quite bowled over by the three boys who hadn't left me alone since we all got together. I worried that Mike might be upset at this but he seemed to enjoy their attempts to chat me up and I was certainly loving all the attention, it made me quite horny and I couldn't wait to get back home. Strangely enough, with all this attention from these fairly handsome young men, I didn't feel any attraction towards them. Any thought of sex was focused on Mike, and I think that he knew that as he watched them hovering around me. Things changed a bit when one of them, I think it was the youngest, put his hand on my bottom. I was quite surprised and shocked really, but then Mike walked across and rather sternly said something to him which caused him to blush, come over to me and apologise profusely. This seemed to calm them down a bit, I suppose they now knew for certain that I was Mike's and not available. By now, however, it was time for dinner, cooked, I understand, by Silvio's demi chef as a sort of test or trial.

The meal was absolutely marvellous. I could see why the restaurant was so expensive and popular, if this was the demi chef I wondered how good the main one was? Throughout the meal there was a constant chatter as the family sort of caught up with everyone's events over the week. I've noticed since my later visits to Italy with Mike, that Italian families tend to do this, no matter what, to have one major meal with all the family together. We've always tried to do this as well. It's so nice and on this occasion I was really made to feel welcome, even Maria, who had begun rather frostily, started to treat me rather like a sister. I caught her looking at Mike on a couple of occasions and she blushed as she noticed. I think she knew that I suspected something.

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