tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 01.09

Caroline Ch. 01.09


(Hi, please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!)

Inside the house Mike turned and asked me, "Well, Lena, did you enjoy yourself?"

"Oh yes, they're a wonderful family."

"Come on," he interrupted, "let me show you my new toy!"

As he led me upstairs, new toy, I thought, what's he on about. We went into the bathroom, separate from the bedrooms. I hadn't been in there before, I used the en-suite when I needed to. Inside was amazing, beautiful tiles with designs of lovely young women and mermaids, and an enormous round bath that you had to climb up steps to get into.

"I'm very pleased with that," he laughed, "It's as close as we can get to a real 'hot tub' in this country. It's got jet massage and everything. Shall we try it out?"

I was impressed, and I wanted to ask him about Maria so I said yes. He came over and slowly began to undress me. Not really in a sexy way just getting pleasure from taking my clothes off. When I was naked I started undressing him, kissing him at the same time and whispering things like, 'I want you', 'take me to bed' in his ear. Only playing really. He gently smacked my bottom and told me to get in the bath like a good girl. I did and he finished undressing and joined me. It was really very good. He'd turned on the water when we entered so we didn't have long to wait until it was full. You could sit around the bath on a ledge and feel the bubbles washing over you. It was quite sexy really and very relaxing so I thought I could press Mike about Maria.

"Mike," I said pensively, "did you know that little Silvio looks a lot like you."

"Yes," he said, "rather fortunate really."


He looked at me searchingly and smiled, "You're fishing aren't you? Do you know you're an inquisitive little minx." Then suddenly, "You think he's mine don't you?"

"Welllll," I said, "he does look a lot like you and Maria looks at you in a certain way and I like to know ALL about the man I'm sleeping (or rather not sleeping) with," I laughed back at him.

He was suddenly serious, "I'll tell you a story," he said, "about a loving family and a terrible problem. This must stay just between us. If this story was told openly it would destroy several people that I hold dear so, Caroline, do you want to hear the story?"

I was so happy that he was willing to trust me with something which was so obviously important to him, to share this secret with me, "Yes," I responded, "I want to know all about you because it's a story about you as well, isn't it?"

"Yes, I suppose it is. Well . . ." and he began to tell me the story that, I think, changed my feelings for him from liking to much, much more.

He began, some nine years ago, one autumn evening a while after his divorce Maria and Bernardo had visited him. Her eyes were red and sore and she was silently sobbing, Bernardo looked as if sentenced to death. When they got inside and he made them coffee he was astounded to hear Maria say she was pregnant. She had only turned sixteen four months before and, as far as Mike knew, didn't have a regular boyfriend although she had myriads of suitors, she was very beautiful. His immediate question was, who was the father, and he was absolutely gob smacked to hear Bernardo say he was. With both of them now devastated and in tears and explaining that they had come to him as their 'uncle' and the only person they could turn to, to try and solve the problem.

Never the prude and, although shocked, Mike wanted to know if their parents knew. Bernardo assured Mike that neither Silvio nor Gianna had any idea, they had found out from a pregnancy testing kit and then Maria had seen a private doctor at a clinic paid for by Bernardo. He had asked them how it happened.

Bernardo explained that, some months ago, they had both been sunbathing in the garden of their house. They were on their own, the rest of the family being either at work or college. They had started to play, as siblings do, and were throwing water over each other. Maria, dressed in a bikini, ran into the trees at the end of their garden chased by Bernardo who was wearing swimming trunks. Bernardo caught her and they wrestled playfully. Unfortunately, Bernardo began to 'notice' Maria in a sexual way and got a terrific hard-on. Maria noticed and touched him there, she had seen boys, obviously with so many brothers, but never one hard like this. As things will, one thing led to another and they kissed and began exploring each others' bodies. Maria drew away but Bernardo begged her to let him put himself between her legs, not inside her he assured Mike, but just between her legs to relieve his tension. She reluctantly agreed and, from behind, he put his cock between her legs and began to move. It wasn't long before he came covering her pussy with sperm which mixed with her juices which had started to flow during the whole escapade. He swore he had never entered her, that they hadn't really done anything wrong although he now realised he had taken advantage of her.

Mike said, "I tended to believe them. Bernardo was quite experienced sexually at that age. Girls tended to throw themselves at him. When you meet him you'll see why, he is a very attractive man, not really handsome like Guy, but with a very strong personality. So I confirmed again that she was definitely pregnant and asked her if anyone else could be the father." He continued the story.

"I haven't been with a man," she said, "honestly, uncle. I'm not a virgin because of the horse riding, but I haven't been with a man," and she started sobbing again.

"Uncle," Bernardo said, "what must we do. This will kill father and destroy our family. I will do anything!"

"Well, we discussed an abortion but this was totally against their religious beliefs and, anyway, would be difficult to arrange without the family finding out although I thought it could be done. But both were against it."

Mike had gone off into the kitchen to make more coffee and to think. There he came up with a plan which, when I heard him explain it, made my heart go out to him. He would say he was the father and say that he seduced Maria one day just after his divorce. He explained the plan to the two youngsters.

"This is what we will say," he said to them, "we will say that, whatever date this happened, you visited me. That shouldn't be a problem as you spent quite a lot of time with me then. I was very sad and depressed over the divorce, you will attest to this Bernardo, and Maria had come to cheer me up. She found me very sad and sat on my lap to cuddle and chat to me. One thing led to another and I took her virginity on the lounge floor. We were both devastated and vowed to keep it a secret between us never suspecting that she would become pregnant."

They both protested, saying that Silvio would kill him or do something terrible. Mike acknowledged that but said that it was better this should happen than he should find out the truth and that he hoped their previous friendship may stay Silvio's hand. He asked Bernardo to stand up for him with his father after the event to try and mend the friendship which would surely be broken by what was supposed to have happened. Then he schooled them over and over again as to what had supposedly happened, particularly Maria, as he knew her mother would question her long and hard. He sent Bernardo out of the room and even went over the sexual aspects describing to her exactly what he was supposed to have done with her. This embarrassed her but he felt it was necessary to make the story believable. Mike felt that her parents had to be told as quickly as possible so arranged to meet Silvio and Gianna, with Maria the next evening. Gianna would obviously sense something was wrong in the meantime so Mike suggested Maria stay with a friend overnight.

Thus ended a momentous evening.

I said to Mike, "Couldn't you have done anything else? It was surely a big risk taking all the blame."

"Caroline," he said, "I couldn't think of anything else. The baby was going to come, that was certain, and there had to be a father. A father that could allow everyone to save some face. Can you imagine what would have happened it they had found out. Even if they believed the innocent event."

"Can you actually get pregnant like that," I asked.

"Yes, most certainly. At her age then she is really fertile and she was at the middle of her cycle, the most fertile time. At his age, he was about twenty then, he's manufacturing sperm like no tomorrow," he laughed, "and, as I was told many years ago, every one's a goer. It actually happened with my second daughter so I know the truth of it. She was obviously very wet down there due to them playing about so the sperm have a route in, as it were, and they are very strong. I don't believe that he actually had real sex with her, I trusted them both to tell me the truth and I believed them."

I was thinking hard about what he had told me and about the way that Maria treated him this evening; and I was coming to some conclusions.

"What happened when you told Silvio?" I asked.

"Well," he said, "that was quite interesting, to say the least! His immediate reaction when I told him Maria was pregnant was stunned silence. Maria was sitting quietly next to her mother, who had, as I suspected, begun to realise something was going on. Maria was very drawn and low. Gianna looked at me the whole time and then said, 'Why are you telling us this?' Now was the crunch, I took a step backward and said, 'Because I'm the father'. I made a mistake then. I was looking at Gianna and this caused a strange reaction in her, because I knew that she didn't believe me. But the reaction in Silvio was something else. I'd taken my eyes of him to look at Gianna and the next thing I knew I was flat on my back with a very sore face. He'd hit me twice and knocked me down. Then he grabbed hold of me, hit me a few more times and shouted insults in Italian, then threw me out of the house. With Maria screaming and Gianna trying to stop the violence things were quite heated. We'd arranged for Bernardo to be around but he was too late to stop me being clobbered but he did manage to make sure his father didn't do anything silly to Maria. They told me he had broken almost every plate in the house and it took several hours before his temper died down. I was glad he threw me out," he added laughing, "god knows what he would have done to me had I stayed."

"He's a big man," I said, "he could have hurt you badly."

"Yes, that was why Bernardo was supposed to be standing by but he was a bit late. Thankfully all I got was a broken nose and a black eye, so not too bad really."

"Oh Mike, you did all this for them and they don't know."

"Well Maria and Bernardo do, and now you do."

"Finish the story, you must have made it up with Silvio."

"Yes, thanks mainly to Bernardo and Gianna really. Bernardo reminded his father of my state of mind just after the divorce and Gianna, who spent the next couple of days quizzing Maria, assured him that it had only been this one occasion when my control had slipped. Anyway, she never really believed I was the father. After much persuasion, and for the sake of Maria, he agreed to speak to me again. This time Bernardo was present, at my request I might add. I didn't want to get hit again!

As soon as I entered the room I went straight over to Silvio, knelt in front of him, and begged his forgiveness in Italian. I'd practised for hours to get it right. I wanted him to feel that I really cared for him and his family (as I did). He was quiet for a while, looking down at me kneeling in front of him with my head down like doing a penance. You could have cut the quiet in the room with a knife as everyone held their breath waiting for his decision. I longed to look up at him but I didn't want to break the mood. Finally, after what seemed like ages, he put his hand on my head and said, 'I forgive you for your one mistake my friend, and because of my mistakes in the past. Come back to my family' and, as I stood, he embraced me and began to cry. This started me off and everybody else except Bernardo who, throughout everything was the only one to retain his cool, as it were.

Afterwards we talked long and hard, I said that it would be wrong for me to marry Maria. Although it is more common in Italy for older men to marry younger women, I felt she was far too young for me."

He looked at me with a wry smile, "That's out of the window then, now I've found you." He laughed, "No wonder people think I'm a cradle snatcher!!"

"I said that I would pay all the expenses for Maria and look after her child financially and, as a penance to him, also look after his family. The restaurant business doesn't make much money and he did have six children to support, and so he was happy to accept my offer. As to the child, we said that it would just happen. He only had a brother in England, having arrived with him at 20 many years ago so that wasn't likely to be a problem. The older family members would know I was the father but that would be hidden from the child when he or she arrived and some story concocted. Well, Maria and Gianna went off to Canada for a long holiday during which the baby was born, a healthy bouncing boy who, in addition to displaying no genetic problems that could have arisen from the brother/sister parentage, thankfully bore a passing resemblance to me. That was really our only worry really once the initial problems had been overcome. I was relieved to find that, with the exception of Guy, the family accepted me back into it's fold."

"Why was Guy so against you?"

"I don't know really. It was strange because we had been very close. He had often stayed with us before the divorce. He was a very quiet lad then, very deep and intense; and extremely intelligent. I worked really hard to regain his trust and confidence and, thankfully, we're now very good friends, in fact he stayed here for nearly three years whilst he went to college. He's a lot like me. I'm really fond of him, probably more so than the other boys. He's the son I never had," he ended in a strange voice seemingly close to tears.

I looked hard at him, "How do you feel about Maria?"

"Oh, I love her, I suppose. She feels almost like a daughter or a niece to me. Yes, I'm very fond of her."

I thought I'd be blunt now, I needed to tell him what I suspected. "Do you fancy her?"

"Caroline," he responded, shocked, "of course not."

"What do you mean 'of course not'. You said yourself that she was beautiful and by god she is. I haven't seen many more attractive women in my short life. There must be men queuing up at her door."

"Well, you know what I mean, she's family! I've never thought of her like that."

"Does she have any boyfriends," I asked suspecting the answer.

"No," he said, "she has lots of offers and always has had, but she's never taken anyone up. Do you know I think that she is still a virgin in the sexual sense. I don't think she's ever made love."

"I don't think she has either," I said. Now I was going to bite the bullet, "and she won't until she has YOU!"

"What," he said sitting up straight in the water and splashing us both, "what do you mean?"

"Oh," I said exasperated, "you men, you can't see anything. You can't understand the way we think. She won't go with another man until she gives her virginity to you! Look, when she was sixteen you saved her and her family from ruin by sacrificing something of yourself. You even described over and over, what you had supposed to have done with her, and she an innocent virgin. Can't you see how she might feel about that."

"No, not really. Am I being dense."

"No more dense than any other man I should think," I said disparagingly. "When she held you tonight I could see her face. Desire was all over it, love as well. She feels very strongly about you. When she was introduced to me she was very frosty at first, did you notice that?"

"Yes, I did as a matter of fact. I was quite surprised, she's usually so warm and friendly."

"Yes, normally I suppose she would be, but not to the woman you're screwing when she wants you that way. Don't you see."

"Mmmmmm." He was very thoughtful.

"Look," I said, "I'd like to meet Maria, would you mind. I liked her once she lost her dislike of me. I think we could get on and I know Jo would like her. Then I could find out if I'm right and we can figure out what to do. What do you say."

He laughed, releasing the tension that had been building as he realised what I was saying, "Caroline, you are a Machiavellian (I'll have to look that up I thought!) minx. Of course I don't mind. I've only ever wanted her to be happy. God knows I've tried. She's turned down some to the most eligible bachelors that I know, wouldn't even go out with them. I thought that the experience had turned her off sex."

"I don't think so, she looked pretty much as though she wanted sex with you!"

"This is all a bit overpowering for me," he said, "I thought this problem had been solved but obviously not. Yes, by all means, Lena, try and find out if you are right. Then, I suppose, try to talk her out of it."

Yes, I thought, that's one option, but I don't think that she'll go for it. You don't pine for a man for 9 years and then just put it behind you. I thought I knew what he was going to have to do and, I sensed, it would be difficult for him because of his feelings for her.

We'd been talking for a long while now and I was feeling quite sexy as the water bubbled across my body so I moved over to him and playfully whispered in his ear, "I think that it's time you stopped thinking about Maria and thought about me."

"Oh," he said pushing my hand down to his tool, "I am thinking about you, you sexy young hussy!" He was standing proud!

"Give me 10 minutes on my own," I whispered, "I want you everywhere!!"

He watched me climb out of the bath, "Aphrodite emerging from the sea," he said smiling up at me.

"I thought she was Greek," I said wiggling my bottom at him.

"Well," he said, "seeing you she would wish to be English."

I laughed at him, "Flatterer, you're only after my body!"

"Exactly," he said laughing as I left the bathroom dripping water everywhere.

When I came out of the en-suite he was sitting on the end of the bed obviously waiting for me. He stood and held me tightly to him, "Tu sei una bella donna, mia amata, bella," he whispered in my ear and he kissed me hungrily on the lips. I missed the middle bit of that, I was going to look it up but I forgot. It actually means 'my beloved' but I didn't know that then so I missed picking up his real feelings. I hugged him and stroked his back, right down to his bottom, then I pushed him back on the bed.

"I want to suck that lovely cock," I said, "but don't you dare cum!"

He laughed, "I'll try," he said, "but you've got a wicked mouth, you know."

"Mmmmm, all the better to EAT you with," I smiled back at him, licking my lips. He lay back on the bed and I pulled down his boxer shorts and looked at his cock standing proud and thought that everything would be alright now. His sense of fun had returned. "Anyway," I said with a great big pout, "that's no way to talk to the woman who's going to screw the arse off you, is it?"

He laughed, "I humbly apologise, yes, you're quite right. You've got a beautiful mouth," and then, suddenly serious, "beautiful like the rest of you!"

How do you deal with a man who can make you feel like a goddess? When he said I was beautiful, I believed him, although I know I'm not really. It's funny. Anyway, I knelt between his legs and took his penis in my hands, measuring it like I'd told Jo and it was two hands and a, rather large, mouthful. I put my mouth over the head and started to gently suck whilst I probed with my tongue into the tiny hole that delivered his cum. I love doing this and it prompted a small discharge of precum which I savoured before swallowing. This essence of him made me feel terribly sexy and swallowing it, and his cum (a lot of which I did later), seemed to be important to my feelings for him. I took one hand off him and started to stroke him while I sucked the head, the other hand moved to his balls which I began to gently massage. He was moaning softly, "Oh yes, that's great Lena, great."

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