tagNon-EroticCaroline Ch. 02.01-02.02

Caroline Ch. 02.01-02.02


Part 2: Ch. 2.01 and 2.02: Interlude

(No sex)

(Hi, this is the beginning of the largest part of Caroline. You might notice a slight change in style from now on. There are a few chapters, just intro really and rounding out the characters, then into the story.

I want to say thanks to everyone who has voted and mailed (regarding this and 'Miranda'), I really do appreciate your comments. Please, can I ask, if you think that anything is in any way negative, let me know – I don't mind establishing a dialogue. I will try and deal with it in later submissions. Although much of 'Caroline' is written I do tend to tinker with it so I don't mind dealing with negative as well as positive feedback.

Please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!)


Mike and I had been together for a couple of months when things changed (for the better again!). We saw each other twice a week most weeks. We'd make love mostly on Sundays, spending nearly all day at his house. On weekdays he would take me out somewhere where we could have a great day together. He loved gardens and walking and we often went on walks about the countryside. Do you know that since we resolved the problems of that second Sunday and we'd been going to bed together his attitude towards me had hardly changed. If anything he was more caring and considerate, he seemed to treat me like a precious thing. It's such a marvellous memory.

When we make love then we had two routines. It sounds boring but it was so good that we never really changed how we did things although we had lots of variations on what we did. I loved anal sex then (did all our time together) as much as straight sex, so it was important for me that Mike could last in my bottom. If it was the first time he came he could only stay for a little while, my bottom was such a turn-on for him, so most times I tried to make him cum early, usually by sucking him but sometimes in my pussy. He was always worried that he wouldn't be able to manage the second time but he never failed! And he lasted for ages the second time, I usually got three or four orgasms. Oh god, it was great.

We even made love when I had my period. After the first time when I sucked him, on the second occasion I said I'd like to try. He said he didn't mind if I didn't. I've never made love then, somehow I felt dirty, although I did feel really sexy then. It was funny, I sucked him really hard and he really laid into my bottom. I had the most tremendous orgasm. I screamed out loud and he thought he'd hurt me. He hadn't, of course, but his cock in my arse made me feel so strange with the things going on in front. I didn't really like to do it that much but it was certainly different. I think he realised that I didn't really enjoy it so we hardly ever did it again.

I was exceedingly happy, but Jo seemed to be slipping further into depression. I was sure she wasn't over Steve yet, he must have really hurt her. We made love often, I was very busy in that department over this period but I loved it. She seemed to cheer up on these occasions but her lovemaking was becoming increasingly more fervent and demanding. I was certain that I had to do something to get her back to normal. She went out with a couple of guys but it didn't last. I don't think she'd been bothered and guys notice that.

I was determined to try to bring my plan into action. The fact that Jo and Mike had hardly met didn't bother me, I was certain I could engineer that. I was also certain that they would like each other and I was sure that Jo would be interested. I noticed that she was getting quite worked up when I told her about Mike and me together. I would describe exactly what we did to each other and I could see her eyes light up when I described how he caressed and touched me. You see, I know she likes sex with men so I had to get Steve out of her system and the best way to do this was to share Mike with her. I suppose I was a bit naive thinking I could manipulate them both like this but I was determined to make her happy if I could. I didn't realize however, how dangerous a game I was playing.

The chain of events that led to my opportunity to broach the subject with her came when she brought home an Anne Summers catalogue from one of her colleagues at work. She brought it home to show me the girls toys, you know, dildos, anal beads, that sort of thing. We never used toys in our lovemaking, as I said, it isn't totally sexual, so we don't think of using them. Jo thought it would be fun to look and it was. I was looking at the lingerie and I saw this fabulous stocking and garter set with a lovely basque, "Look at this, Jo." I said, "Do you like this?"

The set was a soft mauve in colour, mauve stockings and everything. The basque hugged the body and accentuated the hips. The panties were tiny and very sexy! There weren't may frills but it looked a real turn-on.

She laughed, "You wouldn't wear that would you?"

"I think I would. Will it suit me?" I said, standing up and doing a twirl.

She looked at it again and then up at me showing off and said, suddenly very quiet, "Yes, Lena, I think it would. Would you wear if for Mike?"

"Do you think he'd like it?"

She laughed, "If he didn't you should check him for signs of life."

I laughed back at her. The point was that there was another girl in the catalogue wearing a blue camisole that looked fabulous. Jo had quite dark skin (she was darker than me) like the model and I thought this blue lingerie would look marvellous on her. I had a plan!

"Jo," I said, "we're going shopping tomorrow aren't we. Why don't we go in the Anne Summers shop in town. You know you've been saying we should go in there for a laugh, we can go in and buy a toy or something and I can try this on."

"OK," she said, "that's a good idea."

We continued to look through the catalogue and discuss what we saw, particularly the blue movie DVD's at the end. I asked Jo if she'd ever seen one. She told me that she had at work a while ago but that she and Steve had watched them together. I was surprised, she'd never told me this.

"What were they like?" I asked.

"Oh, some were OK, quite sexy really. You know, couples, threes, fours, having sex. The same as we do and you do with Mike I suppose. Nothing really kinky just beautiful men and women enjoying themselves. That's how he first introduced me to anal sex. But just before he we split up he'd showed me some that were a bit more, I don't know, 'hard' I suppose."

"Hard?" I asked quizzically.

"The women didn't seem to be enjoying things like in the earlier ones, it's difficult to describe really. They had to be held down and the men forced them to swallow cum and have anal and things. I didn't like them very much at all but Steve got really hot watching them, says something about him I suppose. Perhaps it's just as well the bastard left!" she ended but I thought she was hiding something.

"Mike's got a load of them," I said quickly trying to get her mind off Steve.

"You haven't watched any then?"

"No. He said that he used to watch them a lot, specially for the anal sex. But since we've been together he hasn't used them at all."

"Used them?"

"Yes," I said, "He told me that he masturbated watching them regularly." I laughed, "He said that none of the girls compared to me, and anyway he hasn't got the strength to masturbate now, I wear him out!"

Her mood seemed to brighten, she laughed and said, "I'm not surprised. Since you've been with him you've turned into a little sexpot. Perhaps he's a bad influence on you," she said jokingly.

"Oh no," I said suddenly serious," I think he's the best influence since you."

She smiled back at me, "Thank you, I think you're right." she said, "I've never seen you happier."

"But you're so sad, and that makes me feel bad."

"Oh, don't spoil it for yourself," she said, "I'll get over it."

But I didn't think she would!


Ch. 2.02: Shopping

(No sex)

Next day we went into town as planned and headed for the Anne Summers shop. We were both really nervous. It's funny really, here were two grown, experienced women worried about going into a sex shop. Still, it was exciting.

We looked in the window first but they kept that fairly tame. When we got inside it was amazing, there was stuff everywhere. We didn't now where to start looking. We must have looked lost because one of the staff, a attractive woman of about 35, came over to us.

"Can I help you girls," she said eyeing us up and down and giving us a big knowing smile.

I'd better tell you now that Jo was dressed in her usual dowdy manner and I was dressed as usual, tight jeans and a blouse tied up showing my button. It suddenly dawned on me what she was thinking. I looked at Jo and she'd realised too.

She smiled a cold smile at the woman and said, "Thanks. We looking for the girls toys then the lingerie."

The woman pointed us to the back of the shop and said with another smile, "You'll find everything you need down there. Call me if you need any help."

As we walked to the back I whispered to Jo, "She thinks we're gay."

Jo laughed, "Well, we are a bit aren't we? We are here to look for some toys aren't we?"

"I suppose we are," I replied, answering both her questions at once.

I'd never imagined there could be so many shapes and sizes of dildo, they even had ones shaped like vegetables! What was that about? We looked around for a while and my fancy was taken by one particular dildo shaped like a penis. Truthfully, it was shaped like Mike's but a little bit smaller so it was bound to appeal to me! It had balls dangling below that you could fill with stuff to squirt out.

"Jo," I said, "what about this?" and I showed it to her.

"It's very realistic," she said holding it like she would a cock, "and it cums as well. Hold on. Is this like what I think it is," she ended looking at me suspiciously.

"Yes," I said with a big smile, "just a bit smaller."

"Smaller?" she said.

"Yes, he's about an two inches longer and rounder."

"Christ, you weren't kidding when you said he was well endowed," she laughed.

Things were going exactly as I planned. I actually managed to get her thinking about Mike's cock and wondering about it's size.

"Shall be buy it?"

"Yes, why not, in for a penny, in for a pound."

Then we went off to find the underwear. That was all on the first floor and, as we went upstairs, I noticed the woman assistant following us. She was definitely interested! We quickly found the mauve set I liked and as I picked them up the woman came over. I asked if I could try them on.

She smiled again, "of course," she said, "need any help?"

"No thanks, "I said, "my friend will come in with me."

Then to Jo's complete surprise I picked up the blue set her size and said, "Can she try these on?"

The woman's eyes took us both in, she laughed and said with a twinkle in her eye, "Sure you can sweetheart, but no hanky-panky."

"What are you doing. I don't want to try these on." Jo said as we walked to the changing room.

"Well I want you to so you will," I said to her sternly and loudly enough for the woman to hear.

Jo gave me a withering look as I smiled benignly back at her and went into the changing room. She followed, "What are you doing, Caroline. We came here for a set for you."

"I know," I said, "but I want to see you try this on. You'll look really great in it and it'll make you feel good. Come on, don't be a sourpuss," and I gave her a full pout.

She laughed, "Oh Lena, you really are terrible. That woman thinks we're going to get at it in here."

I was glad her mood had suddenly lightened. I knew she'd try them on now. I wanted her to see herself in them. I must admit that I wanted to see her as well. You see, I love her so very much. Joanna had been like a big sister for me for the last four years. She literally saved me from 'a fate worse than death'. Let me explain.

Despite the age difference, Joanna and I have been friends for more than ten years. We grew up in the same street, our houses three doors apart. She was an only child and her mum and dad were lovely. They almost treated me like one of their own. My dad had left before I was born and my mum 'put it around a bit' and I had lots of 'uncles'. That wasn't a problem when I was little but, as I started to develop, around 13, quite a few of them were more interested in me than my mum! So I spent more and more time with Joanna and less and less time at home.

Jo went to college when she was 19 and, with her parents help, got the flat we live in now. They moved away to the coast. My mum had just got married to a yob of a bloke who had two sons of 14 and 15, so just as I reached 16 I was left at home with three yobs. You can imagine what nearly happened. All three of them tried it on at some time or another and, when I overheard one evening what the two boys were planning to do to me, I decided to run away to Joanna. By that time my mum was so besotted with her husband that she would never have believed anything I said against him or his kids.

Jo was great. She knew the bloke my mum had married so she knew what might have happened. They persuaded my mother to try to get me back, I think they saw it as a good chance to have a easy lay to hand, and god knows what would have happened to me had I gone back. She got her dad to write some letters that frightened them off and they ended by saying good riddance. Then she let me move in with her and, although she was going through college, looked after me until I finished school. We'd lived together ever since.

So you see, I owe Joanna an awful lot. If it wasn't for her I would probably have been raped and abused by the three males at home and then ended up on the streets. That's why I so much want her to be happy. I hated that bastard Steve. I never liked him, too smooth and smarmy. He even tried it on with me once when Jo was late home. I didn't tell her at the time, she was besotted with him. That's why she was so devastated when he dumped her. Now you understand how I could think about sharing Mike with her. If there was a chance that he made her happy, then it was a chance I wanted to take.

"I'll try mine on first," I said and started to undress.

I was just taking my knickers off when the curtains opened and the woman assistant poked her head through. "Very nice," she said taking in my almost nakedness, "are you sure you two beauties don't want any help?"

Jo gave her another withering look, "No thanks," she said coldly, "we can manage."

"If you're going to wear those, you'll need these to go with them," she said holding out two pairs of fancy high heeled shoes, "they make your bottom look bigger, though you don't really need them darling." smiling directly at me.

I gave her a big smile and said, "I'm sure my man will appreciate your thoughtfulness, thank you very much."

She looked a bit crestfallen as she left as Jo chuckled in the background.

"You can be a cow you know," she laughed.

I pulled the stockings on. They were pure silk. Talk about sexy, they made me feel really, really warm. I put the rest on and finally slipped into the shoes ('bedroom slippers' it had on the label). As you know I'm already quite tall so these heels, about three inches, took me almost up to six feet. And did they make my arse stick out. I felt very, very sexy indeed.

"Well," I said looking a myself in the mirror and doing a very unsteady twirl.

"You look adorable," she said, "good enough to eat."

I laughed, "Remember what the lady said, no hanky-panky," waving my finger at her. She really laughed now, I had managed to banish her sadness for a little while. "Do you think that Mike will like it?" I said as I sat down and began to take it all off.

"Well, as I said before if he doesn't you'd better check for signs of life," she laughed, "the trouble with an outfit like that is you'll never get him off you."

"Should I buy it? Bloody hell, have you seen the price!"

"It's only money, go on, spoil yourself, and Mike," she said still laughing.

I got dressed, "Try yours on," I said handing it to her.

"Don't be silly, why should I wear anything like this. I don't even have a boyfriend and you wouldn't want me to wear it for you WOULD YOU?"

"Mmm," I said laughing, "I think that you would be good enough to eat in that costume. Come on, try it on. It can't hurt." I was sure that she wanted to by the way she was looking at it. Although she hadn't cared too much about how she looked lately she had always been smart and always dressed up for Steve.

"Come on, get your kit off," I joked.

"Oh, all right," she said and began to undress.

I haven't seen her naked for some time, mostly we make love in the dark. I don't know why, we're not ashamed or anything. Our lovemaking is all whisperings and soft caresses so I suppose darkness suits us. Mike and I always make love in the light, he says it's so he can 'feast his eyes on me'. He's always saying things like that. Watching her take her clothes off now reminded me how sexy she was. I said that she is darker than me, she has cropped dark hair that frames her face and her pubes are darker and bristlier than mine. She's got a much better figure than me. Although she's a bit shorter, she's more in proportion. Her boobs are bigger and her bottom is smaller, though both have a great shape. She's got very small nipples but an enormous aureole and her boobs are very firm and tight.

She caught me looking at her, "Caroline you're steaming," she laughed, "remember, no hanky panky!!"

"I haven't seen you naked for a long time," I said, "do you know I fancy you?"

She laughed as she pulled on the stockings, "I haven't noticed since Tuesday," she said. That was the last time we made love. I watched her get dressed in the outfit and slip on the bedroom slippers. Boy did she look a million dollars – more attractive than me, I bet.

"You look gorgeous, do a twirl."

"I can't in these bloody slippers," she laughed, "do I really."

"Now who's fishing for compliments, yes you look great. How does it feel?"

"It makes you feel really sexy doesn't it. Any man would like it."

YES, "Mike would like you in that."

"I should hope so," she said, looking at me, "he's a red blooded male isn't he?"

"Yes he's certainly that. He likes dark-haired girls, specially when they have short hair like you." I was pushing it a bit. This wasn't the right place to bring it all out but I had put the notion in her head.

"I'm going to buy it for you then I can take it off you tonight when we use this," I said with a big smile on my face, a twinkle in my eye and the dildo in my hand.

"Lena, you're incorrigible. Be quiet someone might hear."

She got dressed and we headed for the checkout. My credit card took a big knock but I knew it would be worth it in the end for many reasons.

To be continued:

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