tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 02.04

Caroline Ch. 02.04


Caroline's Story: Sharing and playing!

(Hi, please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!)

Note: My first (and only) attempt at girl-girl sex primarily for plot development and very specific!


The next morning I didn't wake her. She had a good sleep and didn't dream or cry so I phoned her work and got her a 'sickie'. Then I made her breakfast. I needed today to broach the subject of sharing Mike.

She seemed much better when she woke, brighter and a bit happier. She got dressed and then we sat in the garden in the morning sun. She teased me because she said I had promised to take the undies off her and use the dildo. I said I'd do that later. We laughed about it and I went and got the dildo.

"Is he really bigger than this," she asked, "or are you just kidding."

"No, really," I said, "he's very big, although he does say he's only just above average."

"Well, all I can say is Steve was half the size of this, perhaps that was his problem," she laughed. That was great, she spoke about him and laughed. Perhaps things were getting better already. "Doesn't it hurt, you know, back there?"

"No, not when you get used to it. It feels just right," I said, then I added, "have you gone off men, Jo?"

"No, not really. I think I'm a little frightened now after everything that happened. Scared to take a risk, you know."

"Yes," I said. I decided this was the time. "Jo," I said seriously to get her attention, "I've decided something."

She fixed me with her lovely brown eyes, "What has that amazing mind of yours come up with now?" she laughed.

"I've decided to share Mike with you."

She looked at me in astonishment, eyes wide and unbelieving. "Did you say what I thought you said?"

"I've decided to share Mike with you," I repeated. "You need to have a man who you can trust and who will treat you properly. Mike will do that, I know he will."

"Lena, you can't just 'share' a man. What if I don't like him or he doesn't like me? And what about his feelings for you AND your feelings for him."

"I've thought it all through," I went on doggedly. "It's impossible that you won't like him, and you're too lovely for him not to like you and he thinks that you are beautiful, he told me. I know that he likes me a lot, he tells me all the time, and that he wants me. I like to think that it might be more than that but I'm happy as things are. I think I feel the same about him."

"Oh, Lena, this is silly. There you are, you don't really know how you feel about him do you?"

"No, I suppose I don't really. But that doesn't matter," I went on, determined not to be side-tracked. She hadn't actually said that she didn't want to share him, she'd only put up obstacles. "Look, Jo, you've had a terrible time, you feel bad about yourself, bad about men and everything. You need a nice, kind person to love, you know, be fond of and everything," I finished rather lamely.

"I know what all that business with the combination set was then. You had this in mind then, didn't you?"

"Oh, yes, I thought about this a while ago. Jo, I love you, you know that, I owe you everything. Where would I be now if you hadn't taken me in, a druggie, on the streets, or worse? I want to do this and I am sure that Mike will, when I've persuaded him," I added laughing. "You know how beautiful you are, there isn't a man alive who would refuse you."

She was very serious, "Lena, you know you would be taking an enormous risk. You've told me a lot about him, and I'm not sure he'd go for this. He sounds a bit 'old fashioned' where women are concerned. You could lose him."

I'd thought about this. I would be devastated if I never saw him again but I KNEW that this was right for all three of us. I was close to the conclusion that I felt the same way about Mike as I did about Jo. And I knew that that meant I loved him as well, or something close anyway. And I suppose I wanted the two people who I loved to love each other as well. Silly I know but I was determined. I had to take this risk for Jo's sake.

Suddenly serious, I said, "I know. It's a risk but Jo, I so much want you and him to get together. I know he'd be good for you and," laughing now, "in that gear we bought, you'd certainly be good for him."

She looked thoughtful and I could almost see the thoughts going through her head. I knew she was interested. I tell her everything that we do together and, as I said, sometimes she gets quite excited so on that front I thought she would agree. She would be more worried about the effect on me, and on Mike's feelings for me.

"Jo, come on, say yes. I know you're worried but I want to take the risk. Please," and I fixed her with my eyes and gave my best 'baby girl' pout.

The tensions eased from her and she burst out laughing, "Oh Lena, I love you. OK, I'll see, but we have to be very, very careful."

"I know," I said. "First you've got to meet him properly, you know you've only just said hello, had a quick coffee with him, or told him off. We need to give him a long exposure to your charms," I said smiling at her. "So my idea is that on your birthday next Wednesday I'll cook dinner for you and this Sunday I'll ask Mike to come as well. That's perfectly innocent and he won't refuse. We've both got some leave coming so we'll take the rest of the week off and if all goes well, we can go out together on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. That should get you introduced properly."

"You've had this all worked out haven't you?" she said.

"Yes," I said feeling rather clever, "shall we go out shopping and get something to wear on your birthday. I don't think you can meet him in suspenders." We both laughed, got ready and left for town.

We had dinner that evening and I was sure that Jo was better. She enjoyed herself shopping and was smiling and laughing as we bought our outfits for the next Wednesday. I persuaded her to buy the most marvellous dress. It was almost the same colour as my combi set, a soft mauve. I don't know what the material was but it clung to her body, showing every contour. One shoulder was cut away quite low at the breast and it was very long, almost to the ground. She had to buy a new bra because you could see the outline of her normal one through the dress. The new one was VERY sexy, it was like those on the combi sets just sitting under the boobs and lifting them up and forward. She couldn't wear ordinary knickers either so she had to buy a thong as well. She looked so sexy in this gear that I had difficulty keeping my hands off her. I knew what was going to happen this evening and, I think, so did she.

We decided that she would wear my mauve bedroom slippers with the dress and I would wear hers with mine. This was much quieter. I wanted Jo to be the centre of attention, for Mike to notice her.

I sat there looking at her and my desire for her grew steadily, "Jo," I said, "Let's go to bed."

"Its only eight," she said, "I don't want to go to sleep yet."

"Neither do I," I said fixing her with my big blue eyes, "I want to see you in that stuff we brought yesterday. I promised to take it off you, didn't I," I laughed.

"Yes, come on," she said suddenly eager, "you shower first, OK."

I showered and went into my bedroom naked to wait for Jo. I didn't know how she would be now we had discussed everything but I wanted her to enjoy herself as much as possible for the next few hours.

She came into my bedroom dressed in the combi. She looked fantastic. The top caressed her boobs, making them look even bigger while the shape of the top made her waist look smaller accentuating her beautifully curvy shape. God did I fancy her! I got up, walked up to her, hugged her and planted a soft kiss on her lips, "Mealtime," I said laughing, "you are good enough to eat." She melted into my arms and we lay down on the bed.

I loved the outfit. I could feel the silk of the stockings rubbing when we touched, soft and sensuous. And the harsher brushing of the top and suspenders on my boobs and legs felt wonderful. We spent ages touching, licking and kissing. We brought each other to several orgasms using our tongues and fingers. It was heavenly. Jo was gentle and tender; there didn't seem to be any devils in her head.

We lay together afterwards and Jo turned to me, "You haven't kept all of your promise," she said.

"Oh, I didn't undress you," I said leering at her, "but I did eat you!"

She laughed, "No I didn't mean that. You forgot the dildo."

So I had. I got up and fetched it from the wardrobe. I turned to face her and, suggestively licking and sucking it, I said, "Oh, you mean this?"

She laughed again, "Yes, you promised to use that on me. You've got a bigger one to hand so I think it's only fair you use this one on me."

"You asked for it," I said laughing with her, "I'll use it on you like Mike uses his on me!"

"Yes please, bring it here, let's have a good look at it. Are you sure Mike is bigger than this. He must be enormous."

"Oh yes he is quite a bit bigger. Why, are you interested now we're going to share him?" I said handing the dildo to her.

"Oh you're terrible," she laughed, "I suppose I am really. This is very lifelike, look, I think there is some liquid in the balls." She squeezed them gently and a little dribble of white creamy liquid leaked out. "Look, cum as well. I suppose you just give them a squeeze at the appropriate time and out it squirts. Just like real life I suppose," she joked.

I took the mock penis from her and started to stroke it over her body, particularly her tits, then I offered it to her mouth. "I think you ought to give it a little suck," I said laughing, "as the bishop said to the actress."

She formed her mouth into a little 'O' shape and I gently pushed it in. Out popped her tongue and she began to work on the fake penis, licking and sucking it. She seemed to be getting quite excited just doing this, I certainly know I was. I just wished it was my penis she was sucking but then I didn't have one! I took it from her mouth and had a little suck myself at the same time I started to play with her pussy with my other hand. She was still quite wet from our earlier playing so I didn't have much trouble inserting two fingers into her eager wetness.

I continued to frig her while I again traced the fake cock across her tits and down her body. She was laying there, eyes closed, clearly enjoying my working on her. The only problem was I needed another hand to play with myself, I was so hot. I was kneeling beside her on the bed so I took her hand and put it on my pussy. She got the message and soon started to frig me as well.

"Do you want it yet," I asked seductively showing her the dildo, "are you ready for this?"

She looked up at me and playing the game said, "Oh yes, please put it in."

"Tell me what you want, what do you want me to do?"

"I want it inside me, please put it in now, all the way in, please." She certainly knew how to play this game. It was something we often did with our bodies but never before had we used something like this dildo.

I placed the penis at the entrance to her vagina and gently inserted it. I remembered the way Mike did it to me, particularly the first time he puts it in. I pushed halfway into her and slowly withdrew it then pushed in again, each time going in a little further until all six and a half inches were in side her. I let her savour the feeling of her full vagina and the balls dangling below rubbing against her bottom cheeks before I began to move the dildo in earnest. All the way out and all the way in, faster and faster, as I saw her orgasm approaching. Luckily I had a hand free now so I could play with myself, Jo was in no fit state, so I was trying to time our orgasms together. She was moaning, "Oh, oh, oh, oh," and I knew that when she reached "Yes" she would be cumming.

I continued to work her with the fake cock and use two fingers on myself for my pleasure. It wasn't long before the "Oh, oh, oh," became "Yes, yes, yes," and I knew her orgasm had arrived. Keeping the penis going in her and my fingers in myself I leant down and kissed her as she came. She reached up and grabbed hold of me, leaving me in a very awkward position, I could hardly move now, as my own orgasm arrived, caused mainly by my hand being thrust into my pussy when Jo grabbed me! This caused me to let go of the dildo inside her and fall to the bed beside her. We kissed hard as we lost ourselves in our orgasms.

We lay there for a bit afterwards and I took the dildo from her pussy. My mind was working overtime as I looked at it and I was getting VERY hot thinking about what I was going to do next.

"Jo," I said, with the cock in my hand, "I haven't finished yet."

She looked at me in surprise, "I thought you came too."

"I did. I meant that I haven't finished with you yet." She looked at me quizzically, "I said that I would use this on you like Mike uses his on me didn't I?"

She nodded, eyebrows raised, "Well you know what he always does last when we make love," I said, smiling seductively at her. Her eyes widened in shock, "He takes my bottom, doesn't he?"

"But, but, but," she stuttered.

"That means that now I'm going to make love to your bottom with this!."

"I can't," she cried, "It's far too big, it'll never go in. I've never had anything that big in there. You know, I told you." I remembered, she's said that Steve, the only man ever to have taken her there, was quite small, smaller than this dildo.

"It's not too big, and it will go in," I said smiling down at her, "you know I would never hurt you, you've got to try. You might like it."

She was calmer now as she looked from me to the dildo I was holding. She seemed to be sizing it up, deciding whether to take the risk. "OK," she said, "but gently."

"Of course," I said, "now turn over."

She turned over almost reluctantly and was now laying face down with her bottom turned towards me. I looked down at her body. She was truly beautiful, much more so than me I was sure. She had lovely sloping shoulders and her back narrowed into her quite trim waist. Then her buttocks swept outwards and with a perfect curve inwards met her thighs. Her bottom was perfect, tight, round, and firm, and looked absolutely delectable framed by the suspenders and her silk stockings (I'd taken the knickers off ages ago).

I began to run my hand down her body along her spine feeling her soft skin covered by a delicate down. Over the bodice and then to the suspenders. Over that and then onto her bottom. I followed my hand with my mouth, kissing and licking as I went. It was divine, here was I seeing something similar to what Mike saw when he looked at me. I couldn't wonder that he liked my bottom so much even if it was only half as beautiful as Jo's. When I had started Jo was quite tense but my stroking and kissing had released some of her tension and fear at what I was going to do. I wanted to lick her bottomhole so I opened her legs and moved down between them like Mike does to me. Jo's bottom is different from mine in that you can see her anus without pulling the cheeks apart, I said her bottom was tight!

I started to lick her bottom crack from top to bottom, pushing my tongue into her anus each time I reached it. She was obviously enjoying this and she loosened somewhat. Then she reached down to finger her pussy. Remembering how Mike had licked me there for the first time, I moved my mouth away from her arse, "No," I said, "no, just play with your boobs. Focus on your bottom." She moved her hand underneath the bra and started to pinch her nipples and stroke her tits. I went back to her anus. It was quite wet by now, with her juice from previous cums and from my licking, so I pushed a finger up to the knuckle gently past her anus and into her rectum. Boy she was tight. She let out a gasp and gripped me like a vice. I knew then that she was going to take some loosening up.

I kept very still to let her get used to the feeling of a finger. I remembered she'd said that the last time she had sex with Steve she had been bruised 'front and back'. I figured he must have hurt her quite badly that last time so she must be frightened of how it would feel.

"Does it hurt," I asked her tenderly.

"No, just tingles a bit," she said, "you surprised me."

"Jo, I'm sorry, I'll tell you what I'm going to do next time. Try to relax, you're very tense. I won't hurt you, promise!"

"Mmm," she muttered, "carry on then."

I felt the grip of her anus relax a little and I tentatively began to move my finger backwards and forwards to loosen her up for the bigger thing to follow. I remember what Mike did and I leant forward and licked her bottomhole as my finger went in and out. She loosened up quite a bit and she started to move slightly onto my finger as I pushed it back in. It was time to move on. I got up and knelt between her legs.

"Stick your bottom up in the air," I said, "kneel and I'll get you in the right position." She again looked back with some apprehension but she did kneel and I slightly parted her legs to give better access to her tight little rear tunnel. When she was in this position I understood what Mike meant by his 'flashes of desire'. When I looked down and saw her I wanted to 'rape' her bottom with the dildo, use her till she was raw, do terrible things to her. Suddenly frightened of myself I remembered what Mike had said. I didn't suppress these desires, I let them wash over me and they disappeared, replaced by my tender, loving feelings for Joanna.

Again I began to use my tongue and finger to make love to her bottom, gently at first then faster and longer. She was really open now and I was ready to take the last hurdle.

"Put your head on the pillow," I said, "and push you bum out." I picked up the dildo and said to her with a big smile on my face so she'd know I was playing, "I'm going to fuck your arse with this cock. I'm going to stick it right inside you and fill your bowels with spunk."

She looked shocked but then realised I was playing. She smiled languidly, "Please don't put it there, it's too big. It won't go in, it'll hurt. Please."

"You know you want it don't you. Deep inside, filling you up with cock and spunk," I said with a big smile. I reached down and took her hand, "play with yourself while I get the lube," I said as I placed her finger on her own bottomhole, "go on stick it in a little bit." And she did! Gently fingering her anus she pushed her bottom back onto her finger. Her face was a picture of lust and desire.

I stood up and got the KY, squeezing some onto the dildo, I began to coat it with the jelly. I moved back to Jo who seemed totally happy masturbating her bottomhole, and knelt beside her. I took her hand away from her bottom and put some KY on her now loosened anus. Then I massaged the jelly around her puckered ring before putting another drop inside her and working it round with my finger. She seemed to be OK with all of this but when I placed the head of the dildo at her anus, she tensed up and squeezed tight shut. I could see that all the muscles in her lower back and bottom were tense. To try and calm her down I started to stroke her back and bottom while I gently "Ssshhhed" her. "It's all right Jo. I won't hurt you, it won't hurt. I promise. Just relax and enjoy. You know I love you don't you?"

She relaxed and, looking up at me from her awkward position, said, "Oh Caroline, I want this but, you know why, I'm frightened."

I bent down and kissed her and I whispered in her ear, "I love you Jo." The kissed her again, "We'll stop if you want to."

She was quiet for a while. "No! I want to," she said, "for you," and she added looking at me with her big brown eyes, and smiling a radiant smile "and for him."

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