tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 03.01

Caroline Ch. 03.01


Part 2, Ch. 3.01: Caroline's Story: Sunday Morning

(Hi, please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!)


Sunday morning came round and I was excited by the thought of seeing Mike again. We'd missed last Sunday, he was away at the christening of one of his grandchildren in Norfolk, and we'd also missed last Tuesday because I'd changed to stay with Jo, so I hadn't seen him for nearly a fortnight. I wondered if he missed me. Jo was on earlies so I busied myself showering, getting ready and making up my little bag, which now contained my new lingerie set. I couldn't wait to wear it in front of Mike but I knew that I had better wait until the afternoon. I had the feeling that he would be quite excited by it.

Half past ten arrived and, bang on the dot, Mike knocked on the front door. I opened the door and we looked at each other, "Hi gorgeous," he said with a big smile, "how's the prettiest girl in town?"

Oh, I know it sounds corny but it gives me little goose pimples and makes me feel all warm when he says things like that. He is always complementing me so it doesn't sound false or cheap.

"Thank you kind sir," I said mirroring his mood, "I don't know about her but I'm OK."

He laughed and hugged me tight, "Oh Lena, I've missed you," and he planted a big kiss on my lips which I returned with interest.

"I've missed you too," I said, "I'm glad you're back," and I kissed him again. "I'll just get my things and we'll go."

As usual, I could feel his eyes on my rear as I turned away. I loved the feeling of being desired that I saw in his eyes. I suppose that's what I mean about 'worshipping me with his eyes'. It makes me feel 'real'. Oh, I know some women would say that he just treats me like a sex object but he doesn't. He treats me like a person he has sex with, and lets be fair, I certainly use him when we make love. You see, he doesn't 'make love to me', we make love together, to each other. Most of the time he's more concerned about me than himself; I always have more orgasms than him, tons more.

On the way back to his house I chatted away to him as usual. He's not very talkative in the car, concentrates on driving I think, but I like to talk to him. He nods and smiles at what I say, none of which is very important. He says that it soothes him, he likes the sound of my voice. I suppose that he is on his own quite a bit so he enjoys the sound of company. I was also aware of a little problem that was developing. I was wearing a new thong and, what with him there beside me, the motion of the car, and the thong rubbing my pussy, I was as hot as a jalapeno pepper. Now he didn't like to go straight into the house and start making love immediately. He said that it made him feel as if I felt that he wass using me as a whore. I had trouble getting my head around that but I know what it's all about now. He felt that treating our lovemaking like that demeaned me, would you believe, it's me that wants to get going. In this he always had his way, its nice really I suppose, that he thought like that – he always did. So we normally had coffee and talked about what had happened since we last met. I didn't think I could cope with that this time so I developed a 'cunning plan'.

I walked up the path in front of him, rolling my hips for his eyes and went into the lounge while he made coffee. When he came back into the lounge I had some buttons on my blouse undone and one hand was playing with my boobs. The other hand was between my legs stroking my pussy through my jeans, my legs bent and my feet on the arms of the chair. It was funny, he nearly dropped the coffee, "Bloody hell, Caroline, you're preposterous."

"Well," I said looking round the room, "I haven't had you in here yet and I'm feeling soooo horny", and I gave him wide blue eyes and a big smile followed by my very best pout. This was always a sign for us to start 'playing'. We did that a lot. He started doing it with me and I enjoyed it so much that it was usually me who began it.

He looked at me with a big smile on his face, "Well, I'm going to have my coffee, you can do what you want," and he sat down on the sofa with his coffee on the table beside. Despite his best efforts he couldn't keep his eyes off me as I became more and more aroused. Soon my jeans had a little wet patch where my juices were flowing. I could see his juices were flowing as well, figuratively speaking, as he was getting a large bulge in his trousers.

"I see you're having a hard time there," I said, jokingly, "it looks like you need some freedom."

"I'm perfectly OK," he said with mock formality and his nose in the air.

"Well", I said, "it won't do. You have to sit on things before they get out of hand otherwise there's a terrible mess."

He looked sharply at me now that he realised what I had in mind and gave me a slow smile, "You're very welcome", he said putting down his coffee.

I got up and stood in front of him with my crotch level with his eyes which devoured me. Hell, he made me so hot when he looked at me like that. Then I pushed his legs apart and knelt between them, reached up, and began to undo his belt. All the while I looked straight into his eyes. "I must examine the evidence," I said, "to see whether it needs to be covered," as I pulled his trousers and pants down to his ankles. His lovely manhood sprang upright. I always think he's very good for a man of his age but I hadn't any other experience so that's a bit silly really. He is good enough for me though. I took hold of it and bent forward to take the head into my mouth but his hand came forward to stop me.

"No, Lena," he said, "one touch and I'll cum, its been two weeks you know."

"Didn't you masturbate?" I asked bluntly.

"I don't do that any more, not since I met you. It would be wasteful," he said smiling, "you get off".

How nice, he wanted to save it all for me and how many other men would think like that, telling me to carry on with my orgasm. But I was quite happy for him to cum this morning, I was certain my new gear would provide all the stimulus he needed later. Anyway, as I said, he always managed a second go.

"Mmmmmm," I said, "I'll suck that in a minute." Then smiling, "I haven't tasted your spunk for ages." I had to be careful, I could feel him pulse in my hand and he had gone completely still and quiet so I knew he was fighting off an orgasm. That was nice, he could get off just talking to me. I let go of his penis and gave him a few moments to get a grip then I stood up in front of him, turned around and began taking off my jeans. I gave him a really good show, bending and sticking my bum out at him, lifting my leg and showing him my thong, which by now was tight across my pussy and between my bottom cheeks. When I turned round again he was a picture. I don't know about these feminists who say men are always in control, he certainly wasn't then. The pure lust in his eyes was matched by his continuing struggle not to cum. This gave him a confused look as if he didn't know what to do next.

Well, I was in control here and I was going to sit on his lovely erect member and slowly take it inside my vagina. It was so sexy, him sitting there on the edge of the sofa with his trousers round his ankles and his penis sticking up in the air. I still had a couple of buttons on my blouse done up but it was hanging loose and I was naked from the waist down. I looked at him, poked my tongue out and said, "You look ridiculous, close your legs". I was trying to get his mind off cumming, he just had to last for this, I was desperate and I had to get his legs closed so I could straddle him.

I think he realised what I was doing and he laughed and said, "I feel ruddy ridiculous and, yes, I'll close my legs". So he did, lifting his balls slightly and sliding a bit more off the sofa so that I could stand immediately above his hardness. I moved to cover him, pushed his shirt up, and took hold of him quite tightly. I didn't want to stimulate him too much, it was my show now, I'd 'swallow' his penis now and I was going to swallow his spunk in a minute. I lowered myself down so that I could move his still tightly held prick along my pussy. It was gorgeous, the feel of the head probing my clit and my vagina. From the look on his face he thought it was good as well.

"Jesus," he breathed, "I hope the neighbours can't see."

"Bugger the neighbours," I said lost in the pleasure of him rubbing along my pussy.

"I'd rather bugger you," he said laughing.

I laughed back, "Later, you lecher," I said, "we're in the front door now." With that I sank down on him and let out a long moaning "Aaaaggghhhh" as I took the whole length inside me. I heard a plaintive "Ooohhh, shit" from Mike as he struggled not no cum and remained perfectly still. It wasn't going to be long for me either, I was really hot, so I waited a few moments then began to bounce up and down while he kept his thighs absolutely still. I must say its not the most comfortable of positions with my feet on the floor but the feeling of control and domination you get really adds to the orgasm, which, in my case was rolling in quickly. It reached it's peak with a "Bloody hell," escaping my lips and me leaning forward on Mike's chest. Do you know, I don't think he moved the whole time.

"Thank you," I whispered, "I've just cum, did you?"

He lifted my head, looked into my eyes and said with a smile, "Well that's a surprise, I thought you'd gone to sleep. I'd never have guessed you had an orgasm."

I laughed back at him, "Did you?" I asked again.

"No," he said mock seriously, "in a truly superhuman feat of control I managed not to, but its becoming increasingly difficult," and smiled. And I realised, of course, he was still inside me, it felt so good.

"Can I stay for a little while?" I said pouting, "It feels soooo good".

"OK, but don't move." he said with emphasis as he looked up at me. Then he reached up and undid my blouse, "Take it off," he said, hoarsely. Then his hands wandered to my boobs but my bra was in the way, "Take it off," he said again. So I took my bra off and he began to caress my boobs and gently tweak my nipples. I could feel another orgasm approaching but I couldn't move because I wanted him to cum in my mouth and if I moved I was sure he would cum straight away. I must have looked a trifle downbeat despite having his solid cock deep inside me.

"What's the matter, hon?" he said, smiling, "is the matter in hand too deep for you."

I laughed, "No, but I want you to cum in my mouth and if I move you'll cum straight away, and I want to cum again," I ended plaintively.

He looked at me with his grey/blue eyes as he said, "Cum on then, lean forward and kiss me," and I did. His hands found my buttocks and the crease in between. He didn't touch me there, that would have been too much for him, but he held and kneaded them beautifully. Then his mouth went to my nipples, sucked and gently nibbled them. "You can move now," he whispered regaining his control, so I did. Up and down, up and down, on his rod slowly at first then faster. Bliss. This one took a little longer but with him sucking my nips and kneading my bottom it was much, much better than the first.

I climbed off his still rock hard penis, opened his legs and climbed in between, then I sat back on my heels and looked at his stiff rod and the balls dangling beneath. These are mine, I thought, oblivious to the obvious fact. I can do what I like with them. I moved both hands to him, one above the other, and the head still showed. I told Jo he was big and I was right! Then I started sucking and licking his balls. I could taste his precum and myself on him where my juice had trickled down, mixed with the delicious taste of him. I started to swallow his cock, relaxing my throat muscles and taking all of him into my mouth. After a little while doing this he said, "Oh bloody hell, Lena. I can't take much more of this, suck it before I explode, please". You see, I was in total control, but I was being unfair, so I knelt up, looked him in the eye and said, "Cum in my mouth then, fill my mouth with your spunk. I want to taste it, swallow it, take it deep inside my body." Then I took the head in my mouth, swirled my tongue around it and sucked hard.

Exactly what I expected to happen happened. He was gone, firing away on all cylinders.

"Oh fucking hell, bollocks, shit", he shouted as he thrust himself into my mouth and started to spurt spunk. Again and again I felt him pulse and spurt with such force that the gobbets hit the back of my mouth hard. I had trouble dealing with this much. He'd not cum as much as this in my mouth before and I was forced to let some escape out of the side rather than swallow it. Still he kept on cumming, now he was holding my head on his penis, moaning, "Oh Lena, Lena". I don't think he'd had an orgasm quite as good as this for a long time.

He finally stopped spurting in my mouth and I pulled away from him. Then I knelt up level with his eyes and opened my spunk filled mouth to let him see what he had given me. I moved my tongue around the thick gooey mass and slowly swallowed this delicious nectar. He leant forward and grabbed me, planting a kiss on my lips and pushing his tongue deep into my mouth. Our tongues met in my mouth still holding some of his offering and they entwined as he tasted his own spunk.

He pulled away, "God, what have I done to deserve you", he said as he often did, "that was unbelievable, Lena, unbelievable."

"Two weeks away does wonder for your spunk production," I said jokingly, "I nearly bloody drowned."

He laughed, "And I nearly exploded, much longer and god knows what would have happened."

"Did you really like it?" I said, "I was a bit cruel cumming twice like that."

"It was lovely to see you enjoying yourself. You know I like to see you cum. I love the way your pupils sort of disappear as your orgasm hits, you're so adorable then, vulnerable, you know, tender. Oh it's difficult to explain, but you look so lovely then." It was unusual for him to be unable to find words and I sensed that there was something strange going on here but I was too happy to dig any deeper.

"I'd better get dressed," I said laughing standing there naked in front of him, "we wouldn't want to upset the neighbours."

"Bugger the neighbours," he said laughing back.

"Don't worry about the neighbours," I said, "You're going to bugger me!"

I looked down at him and began to laugh, "You know you look ridiculous, don't you." He had his trousers and pants around one ankle where I'd taken them off so I could kneel between his legs and his shirt was pushed up over his chest. His spent penis, now flaccid, was laying kind of sadly on his groin.

He looked down at himself, "I suppose I do," he said still laughing. Then looking up at me, "But you look good enough to eat."

"I hope you will," I said demurely as I began to get dressed. He didn't move just lay there watching me, "Aren't you going to tidy yourself up," I said.

"I'm just enjoying the view," he smiled, "I like seeing you wriggle into those jeans of yours."

Fully dressed now, I leant down and kissed him, "Come on," I said, "Let's get lunch, I'm hungry."

"After all you've had to eat," he smiled, "Ok let me get tidy. You go ahead and start, everything's there."

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