tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 03.02

Caroline Ch. 03.02


Part 2, Ch. 3.02: Caroline's Story:

Sunday afternoon, the basque, and LOVE.


New readers, please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!)


We always prepared lunch together then. He was a good cook, particularly with Italian food and I am quite good generally. I did a years course in cookery at college before I started work for Sarah. I really enjoyed being in the kitchen with him although he was much tidier than me, but the kitchen is enormous so we didn't get in each others way. It was nice, sometimes he just held me and kissed me when we were working and I'd get all mussed up. It was really homely – (oh God I miss him!).

We had lunch sitting on the patio but the weather changed and we ended up finishing the wine, (another really good bottle), in the lounge.

We sat together like this often after lunch. Quiet, just enjoying each others presence. As usual, I had my head in his lap and he was stroking my hair. He said that you don't need to talk all the time, just be together. One of his favourite songs was that one by Ronan Keating, you know, 'You say it best when you say nothing at all'. He thought that was one of the lessons young men could learn about relationships.

"I got you a couple of presents," he suddenly said, breaking into my reverie. He often bought me things, never clothes, funnily enough, but jewellery mainly, usually rubies and diamonds. I'm not a great jewellery wearer but I did for him. He didn't like much, wearing none then himself, but he liked one or two very stylish and expensive pieces on me. He gave me a tiny box which I immediately opened. It was a gold locket on a chain. It had diamonds, rubies, and a couple of sapphires; and there were matching earrings, tiny exquisite sparkles of stone. The set took my breath away, they must have cost a small fortune. You see, I work with jewellery, Sarah's shop is part jewellers, so I know good stuff when I see it.

I sat up, "Oh, it's gorgeous," I said, "you shouldn't. It must have cost a fortune."

"It pales into insignificance next to you," he said perfectly serious. He could say things like that and they didn't sound silly. I hugged him and kissed him, feeling warm and loved. Did he, I suddenly thought, then dismissed it straight away – silly!

I kissed him again, "You said presents?" He knew I loved getting presents. He liked giving them to me.

"Yes," he said, "just a CD but there's one song on there for you." Mike was very into music of all kinds. He got very emotional listening to all sort of things from his favourite opera, to the classics, to musicals, almost every sort of music so I wasn't surprised that he had found something like this. He'd marked the track on the CD which was by a guy I'd never heard of. It was called 'Everything you are'. I played it. It was lovely except I didn't have freckles.

"Did you miss me," I asked kissing him.

"I always miss you," he said, smiling sadly, "Caroline?" Something serious was coming, he always called me Lena, in the Italian way, you know with an accent on the 'e' so it sounded like Layna. When he calls me Caroline, it usually means that he is serious and thoughtful.

"Yes," I said quietly mirroring his mood, "what is it?"

"Would you come on holiday with me," he asked nervously, "we could have separate rooms and everything, you know, so people won't talk. I'm going to drive to Italy for a few weeks and tour around. I'd really love you to come," he ended plaintively.

So would I, I thought, but what about Jo. I kissed him, "I'd love to come, but," I saw his face drop, "no, it's not like that," I said, "it's Jo. I really don't want to leave her now, not until I'm sure she's over that bastard Steve."

He nodded, "Yes," he said, "perhaps now wouldn't be a good time but I'm not going for six weeks so perhaps we can see how things go."

Well, that worked out perfectly with my own plans for him so I said, "I won't say anything now then, let's wait and see how she is."

I decided to tell him about how Jo and Steve had broken up and, particularly the film and how Joanna felt about it, he deserved to know all the reasons for my reluctance. "Mike," I carried on, seriously, "I had a long talk with Jo on Wednesday and she told me about her and Steve, how they had broken up and everything. Can I tell you?"

"Off course," he said, "I'd like to hear, perhaps I can help." YES!!

So I told him all about it, especially what was in the film and how it had affected Jo.

He was nodding as I was explaining how screwed up she was, "I can see how that would affect her, she must be very mixed up. I think you did the right thing to draw it out of her. I can't see what people find enjoyable about that sort of thing."

I know he has a large collection of 'adult' DVDs so I said to him, "Have you got any like that?" immediately regretting the question. What would he think? It didn't seem to bother him however.

"No," he said, "you know what I like. To put it crudely, all of mine feature pretty young women getting screwed in the arse. All of the women seem to like it, I wouldn't want to see a woman doing anything she doesn't like, but I suppose I'm not so naive that I don't realise it's acting in many cases. I don't have any films that show women being forced to do anything. I've thrown some like that away, those that had bits in them."

"I've never seen an 'adult' movie," I said, "what are they like?"

"You can see one sometime if you want too," he said with a soft smile, "but they're mostly aimed at men. There are some 'couple' orientated films, I've got a few of them we could watch together. Basically you get three types, there's the feature film, just like an ordinary movie but with lots of sex scenes and very poor acting. Then you get shorts, just boy/girl or several of each, screwing each other, and finally, the stuff for the 'raincoaters' as they say. Very explicit, lots of close-ups and shots of spunk flying, you know. No, I suppose you don't," he finished laughing.

"Which do you like?" I asked archly.

"I don't like any of them now I've got you," he said kissing me.

He's soooo sweet. I felt a lovely big gush of affection for him, "Flatterer," I said kissing him back with interest. "What ones did you like before."

"All of them, I suppose, it depends on mood. You have favourite girls doing favourite things. It's difficult to explain really. You know I like anal sex so that's mainly what I watched."

"Did you masturbate?" I asked, really prying now but he didn't seem bothered.

"Oh yes," he said, "often. But the problem is that no matter how good a wank you have, how beautiful the woman you are watching is, it's no substitute for holding a woman in your arms. There's just something missing. That why I'm so lucky to have you."

We hugged each other for a little while and I started to feel a little movement in his groin. He was ready for another go.

"I got you a present," I said.

He smiled, "Goodie, lets have it then."

"You can't have it till we get upstairs, so I'm going to get ready. Give me half an hour." He knew that I would be preparing myself for him so he was happy to wait. He would have a shower and lay on the bed waiting for me to finish in the en suite. Was he in for a surprise!

So I went upstairs and got myself ready, you know, back there, showered and did my hair. I put on a tiny bit of eyeliner but I hardly use make-up, which he likes, I think, then got into the basque and suspenders. The stockings felt gorgeous on my legs and the basque pinched in my waist and really exaggerated the shape of my bottom. I felt so sexy. I couldn't wait so I opened the door, walked into the bedroom and stood in front of the mirror doors. His face was a picture, his eyes nearly popped out of his head and I swear he let out an animal growl. I could see the immediate effect as his cock stuck up in the air in his boxers.

I twirled, "Bloody hell, Caroline," he said laughing with lust, "I don't know how much more of this I can take. You look absolutely delectable. So fuckable it hurts." he added softly. The he came over to me and took me in his arms. I could feel his hardness pressing into me and his chest against the roughness of the basque. He ran his hands over my body sensuously. "Turn around," he growled, "now!" suddenly very forceful. I turned and faced the mirrors. I could see his face, his eyes were so full of lust that I felt a slight apprehension. What had I done wearing this, had I unleashed the genie again?

"Move backwards, away from the doors," he said taking hold of my bottom and pulling me towards him, "and lean forward. Take your weight on your hands." I leant forward and held myself leaning on the mirrors, arms outstretched and bottom thrust backwards, even more so with the high heels on the slippers. Then, after stripping off my knickers, he started to move my feet apart, about 18 inches. I was totally exposed and I couldn't really move balanced as I was against the mirrors. My apprehension had left now, although his face was still full of lust, he was obviously in control. His touches were soft and tender as usual.

He moved towards me, standing immediately behind, and pushed up close. I could feel the hardness of his penis through the silk of his boxers. He leant forward as well and began to stroke my shoulders and kiss my back where he could. I was beginning to get wet between my legs in anticipation of what he was going to do. This was all new to me, he'd never done this before and everything was made far more sexy because I could see exactly what he was doing in the mirrors.

Now he knelt down so that his face was level with my bottom and he started to lick me from front to back. My position allowed him total access to both my pussy and my bottomhole and he stimulated both with his tongue, backwards and forwards. Then his tongue, rolled into a little prick, started to push it past my anus, in and out, in and out. I came, not big, but big enough for him to notice. He reached over for the KY and began to urgently rub it into his prick which stood up like a flagpole, then some onto my tight rosebud, using his finger to push it right into my rectum. He stood up and put his penis at the tight little entrance to my back passage and then he thrust halfway then, with just a small withdrawal to ease the muscle, pushed ALL THE WAY IN in one go until I had eight inches of rock hard cock up my arse! I came again. He'd never done that before. I was ready for him so, although there was a tiny shaft of pain at first it wasn't a problem but, hey, was I surprised. He held himself fully in me to a few moments then he began to move inside me. In and out of my bottom in long firm strokes. I loved his hardness in my back door and this way he could get the whole length in. It was heavenly, I just hoped he wouldn't cum yet, this was great.

"Oh hell, Caroline," he said and he continued to move back and forth, "you are unbelievable." Then, still fully embedded inside me, he stopped, completely still. I know that when he does this he is controlling himself so now I was very careful not to move although it was terribly difficult not to squeeze him with my rectal muscles. He finally started moving again for a while then pulled out. As usual I felt a sense of loss as he left me. I always felt like this if he was hard when he pulled himself from me no matter where he was. He turned me round and kissed me, "God, you're lovely," he said smiling down at me, "do you know you look good enough to eat."

"Yes please," I said, pouting, "but I need to lay down my legs are killing me."

"Oh, Lena, I'm sorry. Did I hurt you," he asked, concern showing on his face as he helped me to the bed.

"No, darling," I said, "I was a bit surprised but it felt very good, I had two that time." I added.

"I'm sorry I was so abrupt," he said cuddling me, "but this kit goes back a long way for me. I was about 13 when I saw my first 'naughty' picture. It was of a woman wearing stockings and suspenders, and great big high-heeled shoes bending forward with her bottom stuck out. It was a big turn on then, I suppose that's what turned me into an 'bottom' man. I love the female bottom, shape, curve, texture, and I specially love yours so when you came out like that everything went slightly black. All I wanted to do was bugger you as hard as I could. Thankfully, you're so beautiful and I could never hurt you again so I was a bit controlled or, I'm afraid, I may have been even more demanding." Wasn't he lovely, saying such nice things, and think of me even when he was so worked up.

I looked in his eyes and kissed his lips, his eyes, all of his face, then I whispered in his ear, "Don't forget you promised to eat me," and I started to nibble his earlobes, something I knew really turned him on.

"Lay back, hussy," he said with mock severity, "I'm going to lick your pussy 'til you scream for mercy."

"You haven't got a tongue that strong," I laughed back at him, "but you're welcome to try," and I laid back with my legs apart, "come on man LICK ME."

He started by kissing my chest above the basque, I see what he means about me being naked, I missed him kissing my tits underneath and sucking the nipples. The good thing was that he got to my pussy quicker! He gently bit my mound and pulled my pubes with his teeth, then he moved further down and started on the tops of my legs on the inside. I'm, oh so tender there, and I've loved it since he did it the first time. Then onto the skin between my vagina and my anus, gently licking and kissing from front to back. I was very wet down there from my cums and from the lube but he didn't mind, he always said he liked tasting me. By now I was beginning the journey to my fifth cum of the day. This would be longer and more intense because I knew he would play me like a musical instrument, bringing me near then stopping, then starting again over and over. He always did this with his tongue and his fingers, playing over my anus, my vagina, and my clit. I was in heaven as he concentrated on my pleasure. Again and again I almost went over the top, but he would stop, perhaps take his finger from my rear or vagina, stop licking my clit or my bottomhole, so that I drew back from the brink. In the end I was begging him to let me cum.

He raised his head and laughed, his face all wet with my juices, "Ready to scream?."

"Oh yes, yes, make me cum, pleeese. Make me cum." This a demand. So he did. He put his tongue deep in my vagina, stuck a finger past my anus and into my rectum and pinched my clit with his other hand, all at the same time. I went off like a firework, moaning, "yes, yes, yes, oh yes." over and over again. Talk about stupendous, it was fantastic.

As I came down he crawled up to lay beside me. He kissed me and, as usual after we did this, our tongues curled around each other and I tasted myself on him. "Good?" he asked smiling at me.

"Oh yes, better today than most," I said trying to catch my breath, "that was marvellous. You've never kept me back for such a long time. I thought I was never going to cum."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," and we just lay there happy in each others arms. After a while I became aware of his hardness pressed up against me. "Do you want to cum yet?" I said quietly into his ear.

"Not yet but something's come up that you might like to sit on," he laughed and rolled onto his back with his legs together and his penis sticking up in the air. I wasn't going to cum very quickly now, I'd already had four or five and I knew that I would probably cum once more today with him in my bottom when he did so now it was a opportunity for both of us to have sex without the pressure of needing to orgasm. We could just play together. He grabbed a damp towel from the side of the bed and quickly wiped his cock (he didn't like to go from my backdoor to my pussy without wiping himself or using special lube, he said it could be dangerous).

I moved down and straddled him, then I grasped his penis tightly as if it were a handle. This way I could rest with half of him inside me, my hand stopping it going all the way. It was a marvellous feeling. I used his hard pillar to stroke my pussy up and down and to massage my clit. He was obviously enjoying the feeling and he smiled sexily at me and said, "Oh, I do love being abused by a beautiful woman."

I smiled back, "I'll abuse you some more if you like."

"Abuse away," he said, laughing into my eyes.

After stroking myself with him for a while I introduced the head into my vagina and settled down on to my hand. I knew I wasn't going to be happy for long with just five inches inside me so I bumped up and down a couple of times then, on the third one, took my hand away and settled right down with it all in. This caused a sharp intake of breath in both of us followed by smiles as we each got used to the lovely feeling of being united in this way. It was so nice to just have him inside me, to feel him there, not pushing, not pulsing, just being there enjoying the feelings he must have been having. He reached up for me and I fell forward into his arms. Our lips met and tongues entwined as we lost ourselves in each other. After a while of kissing and whisperings and subtle movements I pulled away from him and said, "Backdoor time, come on let me take it up the arse again." This prompted a couple of quick spasms from him so I knew he was ready to go.

I lifted off his cock, again that feeling of loss, and squatted above him. I was still pretty we lubed up back there but he suggested some more on his penis so I obliged and wanked him for a bit getting him really hard. I'd not had him in my back door this way before and I was a little apprehensive about how it would feel so I again gripped him with my hand to prevent it going all the way in. I moved it across my pussy and positioned the head at my anus, which for some reason had tightened, I suppose in apprehension. Taking a deep breath and loosening up, I lowered my self down on him and felt it slide inside my back passage as far as my hand would allow.

The entrance of his rock hard prick drove the breath from my body as I let out a long "Aaaagggghhh." I felt my sphincter open to accept this solid pole of flesh. Mike was also breathing heavily, his breath hissing through his teeth. I remained still for a minute and then, taking a deep breath, I took my hand away and slid down his cock until it was all embedded inside me. Mike groaned and I had trouble breathing.

"Jesus, that's fucking fantastic," I said.

"Jesus, that's fantastic fucking," he said, "Oh fuck, how I love your arse. Come on arsefuck yourself on my cock, enjoy yourself. Fuck my cock with your arsehole." He was really enjoying this – his language said so. So was I for that matter! I leant back, took my weight on my arms and started to bounce up and down on his cock. It was a much different feeling, being on top like this. I controlled how much was inside me, how fast it went in an out. He was passive, laying there just enjoying the feeling. It was very intense, however and, whilst not painful, it was more uncomfortable than kneeling or standing like earlier and I began to lose some enjoyment so I pulled out of him and knelt down with my bottom in the air.

I looked back over my shoulder and said voice full of desire, "Come on then, stick that cock back up my arse." He needed no second asking and was almost immediately balls deep in my rear. This felt better and, as he grabbed my thighs showing he was nearing a climax, I felt my own slowly building. He continued to pound in an out of my back passage, the lube and my juices providing a nice sliding freeway until finally he thrust all the way in, held me tight and started to spurt cum deep inside me. As soon as this began so did my climax and, as his cum continued to wash my insides, my orgasm rushed around inside me starting deep in my body then swirling round to finish on my clit. I was squeezing him in my anus, milking as much cum as I could. I loved this, he was totally in my power. I was draining him of his life juice. He was thrusting as deep as he could inside me and I could feel his thighs banging into my bottom cheeks pushing the suspender clips into me. This was his second orgasm so he stayed inside me for what seemed like hours. I loved it.

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