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Caroline Ch. 03.03


(Hi, please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!

Just a note: I started writing down these fantasies purely for the sex but, as I did so, I realised that it wasn't enough just to deal with only that aspect of my (imagined) relationship with Caroline and everyone else in the story so, a bit like 'Topsy', it just grew. I hope you can bear with me and enjoy the character development. I will indicate the non-erotic chapters.)

Jo's Birthday Party

(No Sex)

I was very excited by the time Wednesday came round, the two days in between seemed like ages. I'd gone shopping on Tuesday to get everything for the meal and to get Jo's present. I'd bought her a new watch, some underwear, and smellies. I had to get up early to start preparing. I'd tried not to complicate matters with the food, I wanted time to be with the two of them, but I also wanted to leave them alone for a while. I knew this had to be very carefully handled as Jo was still not really convinced it was a good idea to share Mike and might not be fully involved in my plan.

Everything went well in the kitchen that afternoon, Jo buzzed around, quite excited I think at meeting him properly that evening. Looking back I suppose I was a bit callous, using him like a prize stallion to show off to the mare, thankfully it all ended OK, but more of that later. I had prepared a meal that I hoped would appeal to both of them, mainly Italian, and I tried to do as much as possible beforehand so I didn't really have enough time to worry about anything before the evening.

We got ready in the late afternoon, showering and dressing together. I made sure that Jo looked wonderful, she was a bit worried about her new dress, she thought it was too daring. It did show every muscle on her body, it's lucky she has such a good figure. It hugged her waist and followed the line of her buttocks accentuating her bottom and hips beautifully. It also showed off the slight dome of her tummy which I knew Mike would find very attractive. The new bra pushed her boobs up and out into the material of the dress. I joked that she shouldn't get aroused tonight, her nipples would stand out. That nearly ruined it as she almost refused to wear it, especially when she put on the bedroom slippers which pushed her bum out even further.

"He won't be able to take his eyes off you," I said, "you look delectable."

"You look nice as well, but you shouldn't dress down just to make him notice me. I bet he still takes more notice of you."

"We'll see," I said smugly. I was wrong of course!

We both had a sip of wine, Jo for her birthday and me to calm my nerves. Tonight was risky. I didn't intend to let the cat out of the bag tonight but I did want Mike to be taken with Jo so he would be more open to the suggestion later. I suppose all this shows how little I really knew him and how he would react to the situation. At 6:45 on the dot the door went and I opened it to see Mike in full evening dress.

I must have looked shocked, "You did say formal didn't you?" he said smiling. He knew bloody well that I thought he would come in a suit so I pouted back at him and said, "Yes, very formal Mr. . . . . . "

"Come here, you minx. Give me a kiss" he said hugging and kissing me.

He stepped back, "You look lovely, it's a very nice 'pretty frock' indeed," he said, doing it again with his eyes, "I'm glad I came."

"The birthday girl is through here," I said leading him into the lounge where I'd left Jo standing next to the fireplace. We only had the table lamp on in there and it was just by her. She stood out like a goddess, the light complemented her every nuance. He couldn't fail to be attracted to her. But!! When he walked in the room he didn't miss a step, hesitate or do anything to show he had noticed how sexy she looked. He walked straight over to her, pecked her on her exquisite cheek, and handed her a small parcel, "Happy birthday, Joanna," he said, "its nice to finally meet you properly." Then he turned to me and said, "You two look lovely tonight, I'm a very lucky man."

Hell, something was wrong. He was the perfect gentleman of course, but he hadn't complemented Jo directly and she looked devastating. He turned to look into the dining area and Jo raised her eyebrow quizzically and shrugged her shoulders then started to open her present. It was a small jewellery box and inside was the loveliest broach/pendant and earring set I had seen in a long time. It was set with sapphires and diamonds in a very complicated pattern that made a 'J'.

Jo looked at me and I took a deep breath, "Oh, Mike," she said, "these are lovely, absolutely lovely. Thank you very much. Shall I wear them?"

"By all means," he said, but I detected a slight 'thing' in his voice. I didn't know what was going on here. I was worried things were already out of my control. Jo didn't notice anything untoward, she didn't know him as well as me and she asked him, "Are these sapphires and diamonds?"

"Yes," he said, "Lena said your favourite colour was blue so I thought sapphires would be nice on your birthday."

Jo doesn't wear much jewellery, rather like me, but she does like to wear expensive pieces and this certainly was expensive. He must have spent loads. She took the earrings and put them on and pinned the broach onto her dress. I was surprised he didn't do that. They both made her look even more lovely, like some Holly-wood star.

"They look nice on you," he said, "don't you think so Lena?" Nice, bloody nice. What's the matter with you, I thought, are you blind? I was really worried by now, something seemed to be wrong but I had no idea what it was.

"Yes, they're lovely," I said, and to try and regain control, "would you like a drink before dinner."

I was so busy for the next couple of hours while we ate and talked and drank, and Mike is such a good conversationalist that I forgot my concerns about his behaviour. The dinner went famously, he complemented me regularly on the food and the presentation. He chatted to Jo constantly about anything and everything. She'd done history at college and he was very knowledgeable about certain periods so they had load of fun discussing Elizabeth I and other such interesting topics. I didn't feel left out as, when you are cooking a dinner like this, it is always difficult to take a full part in the conversation, although they both helped when needed so it wasn't too bad. All through the meal, though, I had the feeling that he was controlling himself, not letting his true feelings show.

We finally got round to coffee and brandy in the lounge, and I'm afraid that I had too much of the brandy. I'd already had a lot of wine, you know you do when you're cooking, you don't realise how much you are having so, after a short while, I was quite tipsy. We'd all had quite a bit but I was way in front of the other two. We were chatting away and the subject got around to 'put-downs'.

He told us a couple attributed to Winston Churchill, you know, Lady Astor to Churchill, 'Mr Churchill, if I were married to you I'd give you poison.' Churchill, 'Lady Astor, if I were married to you, I'd take it.": then, Bessie Braddock, 'Mr Churchill you're drunk!', Churchill, 'Mrs Braddock you're ugly and I shall be sober in the morning.'.

Then he said, laughing "How about this one. 'He said to her, I don't know why you wear a bra, you've got nothing to put in it. She said, you wear underpants don't you?'. This made Jo and I roar with laughter and really lightened the atmosphere.

Then Jo said, "I've got another one, listen 'Husband: why don't you tell me when you have an orgasm? Wife: because you're never there." This made us all laugh and it also made me say a very silly thing that caused all the trouble. I don't really know why I said it, I suppose I was pleased that the subject was getting round to sex: I wanted the two of them to hit it off so I suppose I just pushed too hard and I was a little drunk!. I blurted out, "You certainly know when I have and orgasm don't you Mike?" and I immediately regretted saying it. He was obviously embarrassed and Jo looked at me and said, "Caroline!" But, in the tradition of having dug a hole, I continued to shovel away, "Well its true," I said, "everyone knows when I have an orgasm." This had the effect of embarrassing both of them and causing me to panic.

The room went very quiet and I could have cut the atmosphere with a knife. Mike looked at me with his steely eyes having lost all blue, "What's going on Caroline? That was unlike you, you're on edge," he said, "there's something happening here that I don't understand, tell me what's going on?"

This sobered me in one quick rush, I suddenly realised that somehow I'd gone too far. Jo was displaying panic all over her face and the atmosphere in the room was getting even colder. I did what every clever woman does when she's been found out, I burst into tears, "Oh, nothing, Mike, nothing."

"Why are you crying then?" he demanded, "something is happening here tonight. I can feel it. You've been acting strangely Lena, all evening, preoccupied. Tell me what is going on." I could see that he was getting angry but I was rapidly loosing it totally what with the alcohol and the fear of what was happening.

Then he turned to Jo, "Joanna," he said, "do you know what's going on?" She didn't know what to say as she looked even more panicky. He turned back to me and said, "Lena, I don't like this. You've got to tell me."

I, of course, continued to sob almost unable to speak by now with the effects of the booze and my emotional turmoil.

Jo finally gathered her wits, "We'll have to tell him, Lena," she said and I mouthed "No, No." as he looked at her.

"Well," he demanded looking at her with steely eyes.

She took a deep breath, "She wants us to share you," she said looking him directly in the eye, "and tonight is a preliminary meeting."

"What did you say?" he said as if he couldn't believe his ears.

"She wants us to share you," she repeated, "she thinks you will be good for me. . ."

"And you went along with this?" I was looking back and forth between the two of them. I felt like death, my whole world was vanishing in front of my eyes. I could see he was really angry, holding himself tense and in check. His eyes were flashing like lightening. I was so frightened.

Jo nodded. He sat very still for a few moments, then he said, "I don't like being taken for granted," got up, left the room and went out of the front door.

I heard it close and I died inside.

Great racking sobs coursed through my body, I could hardly breathe. Three days ago we told each other about our love and now he'd gone, oh god what had I done. I think that I lost control completely at that point, hysterically crying and sobbing. I came back to the real world with Jo kneeling on the floor in front of me holding me tightly against her and gently cooing in my ear.

"Sssssssshhhhhhhh, Lena, Sssssssshhhhhhhh, everything will be all right. He'll come back, I know he will." But I wasn't sure she believed it. "He'll come back," she continued the litany, "don't worry, darling, he'll come back."

I managed to get my breath, "Oh Jo, what have I done, he's gone." Now I felt sick, the emotions coursing through me and the booze were having their effect. Then the doorbell went, "I told you," said Jo, "stay there I'll go." I was in no fit state to do anything, still sobbing gently, mainly in self-pity now, the idea that I'd lost him gnawing away in my head and in my heart.

I heard the door open and them talking, then Jo came back into the room, "He's going to make some coffee, let's go and tidy up. We both look a sight!" Was she right. When I looked in the bathroom mirror I could see I looked like a witch from a Halloween party. What little mascara I used had run and my eyes were all puffy and red. My hair was a mess, so was I. I looked at Jo, she'd obviously been crying as well, when she was hugging me I supposed, and her mascara had run as well. It felt so hopeless, all that effort to get ready ending in this.

"Oh, Jo, I'm so sorry," I said, sober now, "I've ruined everything, Mike, your birthday, everything."

"Lena," she said, "he came back. Let's take it from here. He loves you, you told me and he wouldn't have come back unless that was true. But, for gods sake be careful in there. Let him talk it out and don't be silly. And STOP crying. Its not going to do any good."

We went back into the lounge where Mike was waiting. He'd made coffee which he now poured for us, strong and black with lots of sugar.

He looked at both of us, took a deep breath, and said, "I'm sorry I left like that, it was unpardonable. I hope you'll both forgive me but I needed a moment alone to take it all in and deal with my feelings. As I said the one thing I really hate is being taken for granted and, Lena, I think you are doing that. But there were other things going on in my head and I must explain them to you, so please listen." I couldn't believe my ears, HE was apologising to us. A great big smile welled up inside me but I was aware of what Jo had said, so I didn't let it out. But it did make me feel all warm inside.

"You see," he carried on, "I was unsure about coming tonight. I know you both love each other and I thought that I might be a bit of a gooseberry on such an important occasion as Jo's birthday. You know, three's a crowd, and all that, but Lena was fairly insistent so I agreed." He looked long at both of us and sipped his coffee.

He looked at Jo, "And here I must apologise directly to you Joanna, you see, you were another reason I was reluctant to come."

I started to interrupt which brought an abrupt "Shut up Lena," from Jo and a look from him, so I sat back in my chair, sulking.

"Lena has told me all about how you looked after her and everything when she left home and I was sure you were absolutely fond of her, and, I'm sorry, Jo, possibly jealous."

He seemed very uncomfortable now and she looked at him with her big brown eyes wide open and smiled, "Yes, I do love her and I can see how someone who didn't know me could think that, but I'm not. Not in the slightest, I just want her to be happy."

"Yes," he said, "I realise that now but when I came into the room and saw you standing there, looking like an escapee from the sexiest erotic film ever made," he smiled wanly, "I feared that you might be trying to come between Lena and me by seducing me. It wouldn't be the first time someone had tried to break up a relationship that way. That sounds terribly arrogant I know, and I don't mean it like that. I'm not doing this very well am I?"

"Oh, I don't know," said Jo, giving him her best smile, "it's not every day one gets paid a complement like that."

"Well it's . . ." 'true' I was going to say when she shushed me again.

"Lena, be quiet, let Mike and I deal with this," she said smiling at me, then at him.

"That's why I was a bit cool, I'm afraid, it was very, very difficult," he said smiling at her again, "not to ogle you, you look so lovely," and he looked at her with that look. She melted, I know how she felt, because when he looked at me like that, I melted too. It was fantastic, he sort of touched you with his eyes all over at the same time. It was obviously sexual, but there seemed to be more to it than that.

"Oh, I look a mess now," she said, coyly.

This prompted a "Pffff" from me and a sharp look from her.

He laughed, "Oh Lena you're priceless," turning to me, "beautiful, and priceless." I felt all warm, perhaps it was going to be all right. Then he got up and walked over to me. He knelt down in front of the chair, looked me straight in the eye and said, "Do you forgive me?"

My heart exploded with love for him, "You haven't done anything," I said still crying looking for the sympathy vote, "its all my fault."

"I caused you pain, leaving like that. It was selfish and I'm sorry. God, I could hear you crying outside. I never want to hurt you, you know that. Am I forgiven?"

I reached out for him and hugged him so hard it hurt, "There's nothing to forgive, I love you," I said, "I love you so much. I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have treated you like this."

"Well," he said returning to his chair, "I do feel a bit like a prize stallion being presented to a mare. I use the terms loosely, you understand," he laughed, "I'm certainly not a stallion and I'd hardly call you two mares." We all laughed and this lightened the atmosphere a little but we still had the main event to discuss.

"Tonight has ended badly," he said, "and it is Jo's birthday after all. Look, I know that you two have got the next couple of days off. Why don't you let me take you both out tomorrow. We'll have some lunch and, if the weather's good, stay out for dinner. How about it, let me make it up to Jo?" he said looking at me.

I didn't want to let him go without settling something, stupid really, I ought to have realised that he had accepted the idea otherwise why would he have come back, so I began to speak.

"What about, . . . ," I started to say.

"Shut up Lena," said Jo again giving me a withering stare and turning to him, "I think that's a great idea, Mike, what time in the morning."

"About 10:30, is that too early?"

"No, fine," she said, "We'll be ready, won't we Lena."

I was sitting there sulking, twice she'd told me to shut up, so I mumbled a sulky "OK" and continued to feel sorry for myself.

"I'll be going then," he said.

"Show Mike out, Lena," Jo said to me and I got up as he did. He gave Jo a big smile and left towards the front door. Jo whispered urgently in my ear, "For Christ's sake, Lena, snap out of it. Let him leave happy, now go on, you love him don't you. You want him to come in the morning don't you. Now snap out of it!!"

I knew she was right, I was acting like a spoilt 10 year old so I pulled myself together and followed him to the front door.

He was waiting for me. He took me in his arms and said, "You look a mess."

I leaned my head on his shoulder, "I know," I said smiling softly at him, "crying never works well with mascara and it makes my eyes sore" .

"I hated seeing you like that, you know. I realised, outside, you know, when I heard you, that, oh hell. I realised that even if you were the worst person in the world I couldn't leave you. I need you too much. My life would be empty now if not for you."

Do you know how words like that can make a girl feel, all gooey inside, soft warm, wanted, loved, needed, held. Oh, words can't really describe how I felt. I never wanted to let him go.

"Don't go, stay with me tonight. Not for anything, you know, just stay with me, please."

"Lena, oh Lena, I'd love to but it wouldn't be fair on Jo. We're not ready for anything yet, we need to get used to the idea and she would be left on her own. No she needs you tonight, its been difficult for her as well Lena. You know she loves you and it showed tonight, you can't leave her alone. I'll see you in the morning, don't worry, I promise." And he kissed me and left. He was like that, he always ended quickly, didn't like long goodbyes.

I went back into the lounge and, I must admit, I was feeling better now, quite pleased with myself in fact, cocky even. Things had turned out OK. He seemed to be thinking about the idea of sharing so did Jo. She was still sitting there, I suppose she must have heard most of what he said. I looked at her smugly and said, "Well, I suppose that didn't end too badly."

She looked at me as angry as I have ever seen her, "Don't be so bloody silly, Caroline," she said, "what you did tonight was stupid, utterly stupid. You embarrassed him and you embarrassed me, and you made a fool of yourself to boot. Now sit down and listen." With that she frogmarched me over to the chair and sat me down. "From now on we go softly and slowly. You don't know what you've got there Lena, he's not like other men. There aren't many who would have come back tonight despite being treated like some commodity."

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