Caroline Ch. 03.04


"Let's swim," said Jo and danced off to the pool. Now she is an excellent swimmer and, with a dive, she was scooting down the pool. Then she turned over on her back and shouted, "Come on lazybones," and continued to race along. We both stood by the side watching her and Mike turned to me, smiled, and said, "She looks lovely in that bikini, did you choose it for her?"

"Not really, she seems to be coming out of her depression. Today was the first time for ages that she actually took the trouble to choose something for herself. She does look good in it doesn't she? Do you fancy her," I asked archly.

"You are a little minx," he laughed at me, "of course I do, who wouldn't? She can certainly swim," he added watching her race along.

"Yes, she nearly represented England at one time but she had an injury to her arm that prevented her. Go on, you race her."

He laughed, "I know when I'm beaten," he said, "but I'll give it a go just to please you. Call her back."

"Jo," I shouted, "Mike wants to race you. Come here." She swam up and laughed, she looked like a water nymph.

"What's the prize," she asked when she swam back.

I looked at Mike, "A kiss," he said, laughing, "then nobody loses."

"Come on then, I'll start here, 4 lengths, you dive in."

"OK," I said as I jumped in the pool, "I'll count – on 1. 3, 2, 1." And off they went. I will say that he stayed ahead of her for about two laps then she caught him up and passed him easily. Only in the last length did she slow down to let him catch up. They finished almost together but she won. They stood in the shallow water and she said to him, with a big smile on her face, "Where's my prize?" He grabbed her and planted a kiss on her lips, a good one I could see. By this time, of course, almost everybody around the pool was watching what was happening. I think that they knew this because this kiss went on for ages, they both finally sank into the water and continued below before jumping up apart.

"Wowee," she said laughing, "is that all?"

He let out a great guffaw, "You're worse than Lena," he said looking at me, "perhaps we'll have to think of something else, any ideas Lena?" Now everyone was looking at me so I decided to play along.

"Oh, I think that something might come up later that will serve as a prize, don't you Jo?" and I licked my lips suggestively. She blushed, he laughed out loud, and I could feel the disapproving eyes of some to the people around the pool. He got out and watched Jo climb from the pool. I must say that the bikini did her justice, she looked like Aphrodite emerging from the waves (except that she is dark). Her body looked fabulous and, as she was regaining her confidence in herself, she looked like the beautiful woman she was.

Mike drew his breath through his teeth, "By god, you're lovely Jo," he said for all to hear. She blushed again (making her even lovelier) and pecked his cheek.

We all towelled each other off and spent the rest of the morning lazing in the sun. We changed for lunch and met Franco who joined us. He is a lovely man who spent most of the time paying us both compliments much to Mike's delight. He and Mike were obviously very good friends. After lunch Mike suggested that we go to the beach for a while.

"I know a quiet little bay where we can swim in the sea. The tide is in so it'll be quite safe. How about it, want to try." Then conspiratorially, "It's so quiet that you can skinny dip if you want to," he added laughing.

This sounded good to both of us so we all piled into the little sports car and off we went. After about half an hour we turned into a very narrow track that had a gate across it. Mike got out and unlocked the gate, drove through and then locked it behind us. "Just to make sure we aren't disturbed," he said. I wondered where this would lead, did he want to have sex here on the beach. I didn't think so, he seems to prefer to make love in the bedroom or at least indoors but you never know with Mike, he comes up with some interesting ideas!

We drove down the bumpy track and onto this lovely little cove. It was full in the afternoon sun and the sea was right in, leaving only about 20 feet of beach. He left the car on the track and we unloaded the towels and blankets. We all had our swimming cossies on underneath our clothes so it didn't take long to get into the water. It was chilly at first but we soon warmed up. After a while we lay on the blankets and soaked up the sun. Jo was the first to strip of completely, to get a tan she said, I think she just wanted to show her body off to Mike. He certainly couldn't take his eyes off her as she stripped off.

"You look lovely," he said and, do you know, I felt a another pang of jealousy. Was I going to be able to handle him with her? I had the feeling that, perhaps, I had bitten off more than I could chew. But, do you know, Mike is wonderful. After saying this to her he turned to me and said, "Come on Caroline, get your kit off and then I can feast my eyes on two beautiful women at the same time." And he hugged me and kissed me hard. That made me feel ok, so I stripped off as well and we both paraded for him.

"Enough, enough, I give in," he said laughing, "this is death by pleasant torture," as we danced around in front of him. Then off to the sea to swim naked. We both called to him to join us and finally he did, "Perhaps it will cool me down," he said laughing and chasing both of us. We had a wonderful time in the sea that afternoon, no sex just acting like kids really, splashing each other, dunking, all those things we used to do as kids: then sunbathing naked. It was exhilarating and I could see that Jo had really thrown off her depression and was back to her old self. At least, so far, my plan was working. We hadn't shared Mike in bed yet but at this level he was obviously good for her.

About 4 o'clock he said, "Look, if it's ok with you two, we'll have dinner at the hotel tonight. Is that OK?"

"Oh yes,." "Yes." We both agreed, "but what shall we wear," I said with a look of horror on my face, "we can't possibly go down in the same dresses as last night."

"That's OK," he said, "we'll get dressed and drive into town. There are a couple of dress shops, quite posh actually, that I'm sure we can find something beautiful enough to grace you two." See what I mean, doesn't it make you feel good when a man says that sort of thing to you, and means it!

So off we went into town and he bought us a dress each. Both were quite daring. Mine short and very revealing, showing off my legs, which he said were well worth showing off, and accentuating my bottom. Jo's was much more refined but still sexy. A deep 'v' neck and a completely plunging back line made it look as though she had nothing on above the waist other than a slim bodice. It showed off her tits fantastically well. It was longer than mine and reached to the floor. He joked that they showed off our best points, and he was right.

Dinner that evening was again fabulous. He had two more presents for us, tiny, tiny matching earrings, diamond with rubies for me and with sapphires for Jo. I don't know where he got them. We both put them on and kissed him in front of the whole restaurant, I don't know (perhaps I do though!) what they all thought. We left the hotel after dinner and arrived home about 11. I insisted that he come in and have a coffee so that we could talk and I know that Jo wanted to thank him properly for her birthday treat. She had to work tomorrow (earlies) so I knew that Mike and I would be alone, I also didn't want him to leave tonight so was going to do my best to get him to stay. I'd quickly discussed it with Jo and she was happy for him to stay, "as long as you don't make too much noise," she had laughed.

He came in and sat down while Jo and I made coffee. We came back in to the lounge and chatted while drinking our coffee. After a while Jo got up and kissed Mike, saying, "Thanks Mike for a lovely time. This is the nicest birthday I've had. I really enjoyed myself and thank you for the lovely presents." Then she kissed him again, a kiss that promised a lot, lot more. She smiled at me and said, "I'll leave you two alone, I've got to get up and 5 so, goodnight," and with that she kissed us both and went to bed.

I said to Mike, "I haven't thanked you for the last three days either. Jo has cheered up no end, she fancies you a lot you know."

He smiled, "I've enjoyed myself as well," he said, "it's not every day that one gets to be entertained by two very beautiful women, especially when one of them is as gorgeous as you!" God, he makes me melt. There was no way I was going to let him go home tonight even if I had to handcuff him to the banister. I walked over and sat on his lap, hugged him, and gave him a kiss full of promise. I could feel him getting hard under my bottom.

"I'd better go," he said, "it's late."

"Don't go, please stay tonight. I want you so badly and I need you now. I was jealous, you know, when you kissed Jo like that," I admitted to him, "I need you to love me."

"Oh Lena," he said, holding me tightly, "I do love you, you must know that. If you don't want me to, I won't flirt with Jo. I don't want you to be jealous. You know I love you," he ended emphasizing the last word.

"I know. I'm being silly. It's something I'm going to have to get used to. I want you to flirt with Jo and, if you want to, make love to her and to me, but I want you tonight so much"

"How will Jo feel if I stay?" he asked and I knew he would now.

"I asked her earlier. She's quite pleased, just said 'don't make too much noise'," I added laughing.

"OK, I'd love to stay and just take you tonight," he said holding me even tighter, "I'll stay, I don't want to leave you either. I want to love you gently, properly, in your own bed." We kissed and I led him to my bedroom.

"Do you know you're the first man ever to come into my bedroom," I said.

"I hope I cum in your bedroom," he said laughing and hugging me and kissing me with an 'I want you badly' kiss.

I was getting hot by now. I just wanted to feel him in my mouth and then in my pussy, to feel him pumping his spunk into my womb. I wanted to do it properly tonight, not fancy, no back door, just him inside me. I think he felt the same. I could certainly feel his cock getting hard as he pressed against me. I started to take his shirt off, as usual he wore no vest and I ran my fingers through the hairs on his chest. I liked the feel of his hairs against my boobs so I encouraged him to undo my blouse. He did this quickly and began to kiss my neck and shoulders, moving down slowly to my boobs. I reached up behind me and undid my bra so that he could get at my nipples and the underside of my tits which I loved him to kiss. He started on my nipples, always very sensitive, and in no time they were both at full size like little hazel nuts. He sucked and nibbled with his mouth and tweaked gently with his fingers as I stood there enjoying the feeling of being loved. Then he started on the underside of my boobs, this is HEAVEN. He kisses and licks and sucks for ages but, by now, my legs were getting very shaky so I sat down on the bed and pulled him with me.

I was determined to suck him before he entered me. I was sure he would be very hard tonight after watching both of us parading around for him over the last few days and I wanted to feel him in my throat. I'd have to be careful however, because he's not like the naughty stories where they fire every five minutes, so I wouldn't want him to cum in my mouth (well not this time anyway). I pushed him onto his back and undid his trousers, pulled them down and off, together with his shoes and socks. His pants had difficulty keeping his erection down, it was peeking over the top of the elastic so I took hold and gently began to blow on it as I pulled his boxers down. Finally he was naked and I could concentrate on his penis. I couldn't help thinking how lovely it was. A pillar of flesh, hard and throbbing, with a dribble of precum leaking out of the tiny pee-hole. I cradled his balls in my hand and began to kiss and lick them. He likes this but it doesn't make him cum so it's good to slow him down a bit. Then I began on his erection, starting at the bottom, nibbling and pulling his pubes with my tongue just like he does to me. I continued by licking him from bottom to top coating it with as much saliva as I could. I was really enjoying myself, I love playing with him with my tongue and mouth. Finally I began sucking his cockhead very gently and I got the heavenly taste of his precum. I had to be careful, I sensed he was full of spunk tonight and would cum very easily so I only used my tongue to stimulate the head, I didn't suck.

He tensed and stilled then he said huskily, "Lena, take your skirt off, I want to lick you as well." We didn't do 69 very often, we both liked to concentrate on what we were doing but tonight it seemed appropriate so I quickly stood up and slipped off my skirt and out of my knickers then climbed back over his head. He immediately began to lick my sex which was, by now very wet, and to suck my clit. This brought on my first tiny orgasm during which he continued to suck the juices from my pussy. Mindful of Jo, I had to be very quiet and that's not like me. Once my orgasm passed I could begin again on his erection. He continued to suck me and to lick right up to my anus but he didn't concentrate there tonight, he stayed licking and sucking my pussy.

I took him in my mouth again and decided it was time to deep throat him. I know he loves this although he doesn't always cum. He says it's just the naughtiness of the action that he loves and that the stimulation of his penis isn't that great. I like doing it because he likes it and I love the feeling of him deep in my throat. But it is an art, if you're not careful you can gag, make yourself sick, and spoil the whole thing. Also it can be difficult to breathe, especially with one as big as his as it closes off your windpipe. The secret is to swallow it on the in stroke and breathe on the out stroke. Getting the rhythm can be difficult but once you've got it it's OK.

So I swallowed his erection until I could feel his pubes on my nose. I LOVE that feeling. I've got all of him inside my mouth and swallowing squeezes his penis. Then I pull back, breathe and take him all in again. As I pull back I wash him with my tongue and form my lips into an 'O' shape to give him the most pleasure. I did this for a while then I could feel him tense so I pulled away and stopped knowing that he would cum if I carried on. He stopped licking me as well and I knew that he was close. After a moment he whispered down to me. "I want to kiss you, bella donna, mi avanti." Ooohhh, that really turns me on. I moved round so we could kiss and we did, long and tender as his hands stroked my back and bottom.

"Oh, Lena, how I love you," he whispered throatily in my ear then kissed me again gently probing with his tongue. I answered him and our tongues met and danced together slowly and tenderly. I pulled away and, looking deep into his lovely now blue eyes said, "Make love to me, now, please. I want to feel you cum deep inside me, fill my womb, NOW!" I ended with an imperative, I wanted him. My orgasms had been many and tiny whilst he ate me and I sucked him but now I wanted the real thing. I knew this would be a big one as I lay on my back and opened myself to him.

He moved to cover me and, as he always did, held his weight on one arm and with the other hand guided his very hard erection across my vagina and clit, stroking up and down with the head. I was in seventh heaven but I WANTED him in me, I was desperate. I looked him straight in the eye, "I love you, Mike," I said, "love me, now."

With that he smiled his wan smile and pushed himself into me at least halfway. I had an orgasm immediately, I was so high for him. I smiled up at him, "Oh yes, that's lovely, more please." So he pushed the rest inside me, right up to the hilt. I could feel his pubes on mine and when I looked into his eyes I could see total exhilaration as he buried himself in my tight honeypot. Oh how I loved him at that moment, totally in me, totally mine. I squeezed my vaginal muscles to increase his enjoyment and his pupils disappeared in his pleasure. Then he started to move inside me, slowly in and out, almost all the way out but then totally in, deep. My legs came up behind his back to hold him in me and my hands clasped his buttocks. Neither of us lasted very long. I never wanted him to leave my body at that moment and my orgasm, gigantic, was hitting me like a wave crashing on the beach. I screamed, "Aaaaaggghhh," as I came and then I felt him pulsing in me, filling me with his cream. Five or six pulses that my body graciously accepted as his offering and I squeezed to milk him as dry as I could. He was groaning in his pleasure and finally lowered his body on to mine and kissed me deeply as he finished depositing his spunk deep inside my womb. At that moment I wished that he could give me a baby, I wanted it, something of his growing inside me. Oh, how I loved him. I started to cry, I don't know why, I just did. In happiness, I suppose. He noticed and hugged me so tightly, not hurting, but loving. His penis stayed inside me and didn't get soft so quickly this time. He was obviously very excited and I knew that tomorrow was going to be good.

We continued kissing and cuddling, fondling each other as he grew soft and fell out of my vagina.

"I'm glad you stayed," I said, "are you glad?"

"Bloody hell, yes," he said breathlessly, "Lena, I love you, you know that don't you?"

"Yes," I said, and I did, "that was the best fuck I've ever had," I added looking deep into his eyes, "was it good for you?"

"What a silly question, of course it was but we probably woke Jo."

"Yes, you did," came a sleepy voice from the doorway and we both looked at Jo standing there in her nightdress smiling at us. "Can I join you?" she said with a flick of her head.

"I've no objection," said Mike, "but I won't be much use, I'm fucked. Or rather," he added laughing down at me, "she's fucked and I'm knackered for a good while."

"I don't want to do anything just hug," she said. I think that she felt a bit left out just as Mike said she would so we both held our arms open and she joined us on the bed. I was a bit of a squeeze but we got each side of her and held her tightly just to show that we loved her. Mike smiled at me over her head and mouthed, "I love you, I wish I could get a hard on and satisfy you both."

"Don't worry, you'll get your chance," I said laughing back at him.

"What chance?" asked Jo sleepily.

"Never you mind," I said smiling, "just go to sleep." It was a tight squeeze and Mike and I had to keep still, but she soon nodded off, cuddled by both of us. Pretty soon we dropped off to sleep as well, I felt fulfilled and loved. It was a wonderful feeling.

Not much sex here but please vote and comment.

To be continued:

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by Anonymous

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by arrowglass05/15/16

This just keeps getting better!

Have really enjoyed this series...started reading yesterday and have been following thru as I can...great...sensual...sublime!

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