tagNovels and NovellasCaroline Ch. 04.02

Caroline Ch. 04.02



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will!)

Sunday afternoon: adult movies and worry!

"Mike," I said as we sat together in the lounge, "can we talk about Jo?"

He smiled wanly down at me, "Of course, sweetheart. Go ahead."

"Do you want to be 'shared'?" I asked him laughing.

"Lena, I want what you want, but, yes the idea of the two of you is very, very exciting and I do find Jo extremely attractive. She's very beautiful and very sexy. But I don't want to jeopardise what we have. I've told you, I love you too much to take any risk that I might lose you. I know you feel jealous of Jo and me don't you?"

I didn't want to admit it to him but yes I did. When he just said she was very beautiful and very sexy I felt a pang of jealousy. He must have noticed so I had to come clean. "Yes, I do. I don't want to but I can't help it. I feel torn in two, I want you to make love to her, but now I'm not sure. Do you understand?"

"Caroline, love, of course I understand. You came up with this idea with the best of good intentions, to fix Joanna's problems because you love her. You thought I would be good for her, build her confidence back up. Perhaps that's right, I think that, over the last few days, she has felt better but I don't know whether becoming a threesome will work for us. I don't really think that you will know how you feel until you experience us all together. But you know you don't have to be jealous don't you? If I ever LOVE Jo it will never be in the same way I love you," and he looked down at me with so much love in his eyes that I believed him. "I think I'm the sort of man who can only love one woman at a time in the way I love you," he said. "I might love Jo, I hope I will, but it won't be the same as loving you. You must understand that or you'll tear yourself apart if we go ahead."

I sat up and kissed him hard, "Thank you," I said, "I feel better now. Talk about Jo for me and let me see if I feel jealous. Tell me what you like about her, what you would do with her."

"That's very difficult for me, I like you, all of you, from the top of your head to your toes you're lovely so it's almost like comparing the two of you."

"Go on, I don't mind. I know you love ME."

"OK," he said, "I'll try. Jo's very petite and perfectly packaged. Her figure is neat and very tight. I imagine her bottom is gorgeous but very different from yours. Her boobs are bigger but your nipples are delightful. She has a lovely face and mouth, all right," he said as I poked my tongue out at him and licked my lips seductively, "yes, I'd like her to suck me and I'd like to suck her and do all the things to her that I do to you, particularly take her bottom which I suspect is nice and tight. There, I've said it. How do you feel."

"Very sexy," I laughed, I didn't feel jealous at all, I just remembered that he said he loved me. "I think I want you to make love to me later. And, yes she is nice and tight"

He laughed, "I'll go for that," then more seriously, "you want to go ahead then?"

"Yes, next Sunday if Jo agrees, is that all right?"

"What a question, you're asking me if I want the pleasure of two exquisite women attending to me and me attending to them. Of course I do, I'm just worried that I might run out of steam."

"Oh you won't, I'm sure of that. I've been thinking about our first threesome and I think it would be a good idea if you were with Jo on your own for a while. No," I said quickly and laughing as he raised his eyebrows, "not like THAT but together, you know, for lunch or something. What do you think? You know I've got to work all next week with the stocktaking so why don't you take Jo to lunch, she's got Tuesday off?"

"If you're happy with that, I'll do it. Are you sure about Sunday?"

I wasn't totally but, "Yes, I'm sure. I want you to have us both next week."

He laughed, "You have great confidence in me. I have enough problems satisfying you. I'm sure Jo will be equally demanding. How am I going to manage?"

"Welllll," I said, "I've been thinking about that too. You've got loads of movies haven't you? Couldn't we watch one now to get some ideas. If it's OK I can take it home and watch it with Jo."

He laughed again and stroked my hair, "You are a sexy little minx. Of course we can. How do you want it, hard, medium, or soft?"

Excited now by what I was going to see I said, "I'll leave it up to you, but there needs to be two girls and one bloke otherwise we won't get any ideas will we," I ended laughing back at him.

He came back a few minutes later with a DVD which he put in the player. "This is quite short and reasonably tame," he said, "it's got short scenes covering normal sex, anal sex, two women, two women and one man, and two men and one woman. Are you up for it?" he ended, laughing down at me.

"Oh yes," I said a bit breathlessly. I was quite excited by the thought of watching an adult movie with him, "But why so short?"

"Because I can't sit next to you watching this for too long, I'll go bloody bonkers," he replied, laughing again, "this is far too sexy a situation. Watching a dirty movie with a willing young woman is about as arousing as you can get!"

I stood up and kissed him, I could see what he meant. He was already hard, I could see it under his dressing gown. "Shall I play with it while we watch?" I asked archly.

"Bloody hell, no," he said throwing his arms around me, "you'll get a handful of spunk. I want your bottom this afternoon, you know that don't you?

I did, I wanted him to have it as well. It seemed ages since he'd cum there. "Yes, I want you to have it too. So I'd better behave then?"

"Yes," he said, "but if you want me to play with you, just ask."

We settled down together to watch the movie. The first scene was a boy/girl situation. They were both quite lovely, she slim with a lovely figure and he tall and well built. I noticed his cock, smaller than Mikes, and I did start getting quite excited. The next scene was two girls. Again, both were very attractive, one blond and one brunette. They had all sorts of toys which they used on each other and it ended with one of them filling the other with a strapped on penis which was quite big. They seemed to enjoy themselves and I thought that Jo and I might get some mileage out of that bit! I was even more excited after this and I turned to kiss Mike. I noticed that he was quite hard too so I whispered to him, "Shall I suck you?"

"No, Lena. Much as I'd love you to, I'll cum. Shall I lick your pussy?"

The anal bit had started now. She was lovely and he was handsome and he had a penis at least 9 inches long and fatter than Mikes. "She's never going to take that is she?" I said.

"Oh," he smiled, "I think she will. Shall I lick your pussy?"

"Yes please," I said and moved forward so my pussy was at the edge of the seat and opened my legs. He got down in front of me, undid my dressing gown, and bent his head to my pussy. He started to gently lick me there, not yet opening the lips of my vagina. On the screen the girl was sucking this monster cock. Then she looked up at him and said, 'Fuck my arse. See if you can get it all in'. She turned round, knelt and stuck her bottom in the air. He rubbed lube on his erection and in her bottomhole then presented his enormous cockhead to her tiny little hole.

Mike, meanwhile, had opened the lips of my vagina and was licking the walls inside. His thumb, gently rubbing my clit, was now and again being replaced by his tongue. It was such an erotic situation, me being eaten whilst watching a pretty girl get screwed in the bottom, so exciting! The penis on screen had pushed past the tight sphincter of her anus and was steadily pushing into her rectum. She seemed to be enjoying it, he certainly was. Mike continued to lick me and play with my clit but now what was happening on screen made me want more.

"Lick my bottomhole, please, stick your fingers in my bottom, please!" I moaned down at him. He must have known what was happening on screen because he immediately began to lick my anus and stick his tongue inside. He pushed his fingers into my vagina which brought a deep moan from me then started to push one, then two, fingers into my bottom. On screen he was completely inside her, all 9 inches buried. The he started pumping her, not gently, but completely in the almost completely out. I suppose Mike could hear this because at that moment he pushed three fingers into my anus and began to stroke me there with them.

"Oh shit," I cried, "I'm going to cummmmmmmm!" and I did. I continued to watch the screen where the arsefucking was getting even more intense and causing my orgasm of last a little bit longer. Then it was over. Mike reached up and covered me with my dressing gown then sat next to me.

"Good?" he asked.

"Oh yes," I replied but I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. He hadn't cum inside her but was now fucking her bottom in different positions. Some more normal ones Mike and I had done but a couple looked VERY interesting. One had her squatting on a table or bench thing hanging on to a bar with her hands with her bottom stuck out over the edge of the bench. He stood behind her and buggered her. The he moved her onto the floor and lifted her legs up and folded them back so that he could enter her downwards from above. He had to hold himself down to do this properly but it looked exciting.

"I like the look of those," I said to Mike laughing, "perhaps we can try them sometime?" I asked archly.

He smiled back at me obviously very excited, "Lena darling, I'm your slave, I'll do anything you want. Just let me have that exquisite bottom of yours." And he kissed me with an 'I want you kiss'. I wasn't sure he was going to last out through this film. I could see he was fully erect under his dressing gown so I pulled it back and looked at it. Despite the fact that it wasn't as big as the one on the screen I knew which I would rather have. I wanted desperately to touch it, feel it's hardness. I wanted to swallow it again then have it deep in my bottom. I went to touch it but his hand stopped me.

"No, Lena. If you do that I'll cum and be useless. Tell me, what were you thinking when you came. Were you imagining that big cock up your bottom?"

I smiled back at him, "No, I was thinking that, later, I was going to be buggered by that," pointing at his manhood, "I'd rather have that than any other, no matter how big."

He kissed me again, this time a loving kiss, "I love you, minx," he whispered in my ear, "oh how I'm going to enjoy you later."

I kissed him back, "In my bottom?" I asked.

"Oh yes, deep inside your bottom."

He was getting too excited so I said, "Look, it's the two blokes and a girl." This was very interesting. She was a very attractive and very busy lady. She sucked both of them off, managing to get both erections in her mouth at the same time. Then she knelt down and sucked one while the other one took her doggy. Then they changed over. Next she sat on one and sucked the other one. Moving her around they both took her bottom then one of them lay on his back like before and she climbed on board with him in the front. She leant forward and reached back to spread the cheeks of her bottom, then the second guy drove into her anus so she had them both.

"Shit," I said, "that looks bloody interesting. Have you ever done that?"

He smiled wanly, "No," he said, "it's not really my scene. I don't think I could do that really."

I was surprised, watching I had thought that this would appeal to him because of the anal sex. "Why, I thought you would like it."

"Well," he said, "I suppose I would but I know I'd be frightened of hurting the lady and I'm not sure that I could share another woman, especially one I loved, with another man so intimately. It's difficult to explain really. In these films there isn't any emotional involvement, you know, they're just films with actors in them. If one did this for real the emotional involvement of the men would be quite difficult I think. I would have to know and to trust the other man completely, do you see? Considering all the things we do together, I know its silly. Why? Would you like to try that?," he asked suddenly, looking me directly in the eye.

I couldn't lie to him, "Yes, I do see what you mean about the men but I think I would like to try it, but I wouldn't want to do it if you didn't and I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else" I said kissing him, "I love you too much."

He laughed as he kissed me back, "All is not lost," he said laughing, "wait until the end of the film."

On screen they were both pumping away at her anus and pussy. She seemed to be really lapping it up when they both withdrew and deposited two loads of spunk on her face. "Why do they always cum on the girls face," I asked him, "it seems a waste."

"Well, these type of films are generally aimed at men and almost always the blokes cum in the girls mouth or on her face. In the 'couples' type videos they cum on boobs, bottom, or pussy, rarely on the face. But you always see the blokes cum in adult films. It's called the 'money shot'. I don't know why myself. To put it crudely, I'd sooner see the spunk running out afterwards, but, there you are. Does it put you off?"

"No, not really," I said, "you know I don't mind spunk on my face or in my mouth. I just seems a bit 'samy', you know, lacking variety. It would be nice to see them cumming inside the girls."

"There are a few films like that about but I suppose the problem is that, if they came inside the girls you wouldn't really know whether they did or not and that's not acceptable to the adult film industry."

"Mmm, I suppose so."

The last scene had started on screen by now, it was two girls and one man. This was what I wanted to see. Again, they were all attractive, one of the girls had been on earlier in the anal bit. They all got naked quickly and both girls started sucking the blokes penis and balls. Then one moved to his chest and started kissing there before moving to kiss his lips and exchange tongues. Then they all formed a triangle, one girl sucking him whilst being licked by the other while he licked her.

"I like that," I smiled at him.

Then he laid on his back, erection sticking up. One mounted him and the other sat on his face.

"I like that," he said smiling at me.

The girls kissed and played with each others boobs while bouncing up and down on him. "How is he breathing?" I asked.

"Oh, he's all right," he said, "I fancy you sitting on my face later, we can practise. How about it?"

"Oh yes please. It looks like fun."

Next the girls knelt with their bottoms in the air and he entered them both, going from one to the other. Then the girls got into a 69 and he took the top one. They turned and he screwed that one. Next one girl lay on her back being sucked by the other while he buggered her. Then they went back into a 69 and he buggered the other one. This time the girl underneath sucked his very large member as it came out of the other girls bottom. The scene went black for a minute. When the picture came on one girl was wearing a large strap on like earlier. The guy lay on his back and the other girl climbed on, now I saw what Mike meant, because the girl with the strap-on started to ease it into the other girls bottom, finally managing to get it all in. They all bonked for a while then he wanked himself over their faces and came all over them.

I was breathless at the end, so many things to think about. Could I (or Jo) suck him as it came out of us, front or back. Did we want to be 'double teamed' like that, Mike going from one to the other. Could we do the strap-on thing. Oh dear, this was complicated, but BLOODY exciting. I was nearly cumming just watching this and thinking about next week with the three of us together, god knows how he was managing. I was sure that Jo would enjoy watching this film, there would be lots to talk about.

Mike reached up and stroked my hair, "Well," he said, "that's you first adult movie. What do you think?"

"I enjoyed it," I said smiling at him, "especially when you licked my pussy. It's given me lots of ideas and lots of questions. But, right now, I'm going upstairs to get ready because I want you to fuck the arse off me," and I kissed him with a 'come on you bastard, fuck me' kiss pushing my tongue into his mouth. I immediately pulled away from him lest we both got carried away because I could see his cock almost vibrating with desire and I very much wanted it inside me.

"Give me 10 minutes," I said hoping that that would calm him (and me) down a bit. I wanted this to last. I really needed him in my arse now, it seemed ages since he came there. I decided not to wear my new teddy today. We were both very, very excited and I thought that I'd save that for another time. I was sure he would be happy to see me naked, he always was.

When I came out of the en-suite he was sitting on the end to the bed. I walked up to him and he put his arms around my waist, pulling me to him so that his head nestled between my boobs. Then he started kissing them, nipples and all, using his tongue on the underneath in the way that I loved so much. His hands cupped the cheeks of my bottom and pulled me tighter to him.

He looked up into my eyes, "You're beautiful, you know, really beautiful."

This was enough to make me have a feeling like a small orgasm despite the fact that he hadn't hardly touched me at all. I pushed forward making him fall backwards onto the bed with me on top. I was now able to kiss him and I did, poking my tongue into his mouth and meeting his for our usual dance. I was desperately hot, I needed some sort of release by now after all the excitement of the film so I whispered to him, "Can I do it now?"

"Do what?" he asked.

"Sit on your face."

"Oh, yes please," he said smiling lustfully at me, "come on, park that beautiful bottom on my mouth, sit on me."

I wasn't really sure what to do but I moved up and over his head, facing his feet. I thought this would be the best way as, if Jo and I did it, we would be facing each other. I lowered myself onto his face, not completely, I didn't want to hurt him and I didn't know how he would breathe if I sat on him completely. He was having none of this however. As my pussy and bottom got near to him I stopped, unsure of how far to go. He reached up, grabbed my thighs and pulled me down onto him. What a feeling! His mouth was pressed against my sex and I could feel his tongue pushing into me, sliding backwards and forwards as he sucked and licked my inner walls. His nose was pressed into my anus, I could feel it against my ring. Then he reached round and opened the cheeks of my bottom even further and pushed one finger into my rectum past my tight little rosebud. His other arm went right over my thighs and pulled me down onto his face forcing even more of his mouth and tongue into my sex. His finger went further into my bottom and I started to cum, pushing down even harder and rubbing myself up and down across his face. I must have smothered him in my juices as he gently lifted me off his face and took a deep breath.

"Bloody hell, you've drowned me," he said laughing.

I looked down at him and his face was covered in my juices, all over his mouth, his nose and even his eyes. I leant down and kissed him, "I'd better clean you up," I said smiling, "that was a very interesting experience. I can't wait to try it with Jo sitting on your cock, or the other way round," I added as an afterthought.

He laughed up at me, "Oh, yes. I look forward to that. I love being abused by beautiful women."

I popped into the en-suite for a damp towel and dried his face off. All the time his eyes followed me, drinking me in. I felt as if he was touching me, stroking me with his eyes.

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