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Caroline Ch. 04.05



If you are new to this series please read the intro to Ch 01 so you'll know what to expect. It isn't strictly necessary to read the earlier chapters but some of this won't make sense if you don't so I hope you will! Sorry but more plot development here laying out the future for Jo.)

(No sex)

Mike had told me before he left not to say anything to Sarah about our marriage until after lunch. It was difficult but I managed it. He came in the shop about 12:30, had a quick word with Sarah then off we went. He took me to one of the usual places. A small restaurant which had nice secluded area which he always booked for us.

After we finished eating he turned to me and said, "There's something I didn't do last night. I didn't have time to get it yesterday so here it is today," and he gave me a small box. Inside was the most gorgeous engagement ring with a lovely diamond, exquisitely cut but not too big, which I always think looks over the top.

"Oh, it's lovely," I said, "lovely."

"Look, I suppose you should choose it really. If you don't like it we can take it back and you can choose. It's just that I wanted to get it for you, as a surprise, you know. I like surprising you," he added smiling softly at me.

"Oh no, it's OK. It's a lovely ring and I'm going to wear it this afternoon so everyone will know. Is that OK?"

"Of course it is. I want everyone to know, though I'm sure that I'll get labelled a cradle snatcher and what they'll call you I don't know."

"I don't care what they call us, I'm so happy. Will you tell Sarah about work and everything." I must admit that I was really looking forward to everyone knowing but a little apprehensive. I knew that many people would criticise both him and me because of the age difference. I didn't care really but it sort of takes the edge off the happiness of it all. I vowed to ignore the negative comments which probably would come from those jealous of our happiness. I was also concerned about work. I enjoyed working for Sarah. She gave me quite a lot of responsibility and I was picking up a lot about jewellery and fine art goods. I wasn't sure how Mike felt about me working so before he could answer I asked,

"Mike, I'm not sure about work and everything. Do you mind me working, you know, after we get back. I think I'd like to if Sarah will have me back but I don't want to if you're not happy."

"Lena, darling, you're young, fit, and healthy. It would be terribly wrong of me to have any objection to you working if you want to and of course Sarah will have you back. She values you very highly."

I shouldn't have worried really. I should have know that was how he would feel. "Shall we go and talk to Sarah now and get it all sorted out?"

"Before we leave I'd like to talk about Jo." I was suddenly concerned, was he getting cold feet about the threesome, surely not. He must have seen my face drop as he immediately said, "No Lena, I'm not worried about Sunday. Well I am really," he laughed, "I don't know how I'm going to keep up with you two, but I am looking forward to trying! Seriously though, what about afterwards, you know, when we come back from Italy. If everything goes well and you are pregnant I worry that Jo will feel isolated, a bit left out,"

"I see what you mean," I said, "but she'll be there to take care of you when I'm fat and ugly."

He leant forward and caressed my cheek, "You will never be fat and ugly, pregnant and beautiful yes, and I'm sure you'll be able to 'take care of me' right up to the last minute," he laughed, "I know she'll have you to look after before and after the baby comes but I'm still worried she will feel out of it. I think we need to find her a man of her own."

I was a bit shocked, this was Mike suggesting matchmaking. "She's not overly fond of men at the moment is she? Apart from you that is. I think that she's lost a lot of her confidence in that area since breaking with Steve. He said some really horrid things to her, you know, being no good in bed, couldn't satisfy a man, things like that, so her confidence needs to be boosted. That's really what sharing you is all about isn't it? If she can please you like that it will help her confidence."

"Mmm, I suppose so. You don't think she's ready yet?"

"Well, I don't know," I said, then it suddenly dawned on me. "Come on Mike," I laughed, "I think I know you well enough now to realise that you wouldn't have raised this unless you had a man in mind. Am I right?"

"Well, yes you are. I have in mind a nice young man, the same age as Jo. Very handsome, very considerate and almost completely lacking in confidence where women are concerned. Extremely intelligent and well mannered and named . ."

"Guy," I said.

"Yes, Guy," he agreed laughing. "Guy is just right for her. He's not pushy, he won't threaten her confidence. To be honest I don't think he's been with more than a couple of girls and they were one night jobs at parties. He's always been shy with women. When he lived with me I used to take him to meetings and things when he wasn't at college and he would get many a proposition but he always avoided them. So, if they did 'click' Jo would definitely be in the driving seat, as it were."

"Mmm, I must admit, I didn't think he was interested in women. He never takes much notice of me, not like the other three boys," I laughed, "I can't keep them off me."

"I'm afraid that's probably my fault," he said quietly. "Once we put the problems of Maria's baby behind us and Silvio had accepted me back into the family, Guy and I became very close indeed. He was almost like the son I never had," he said with a deep sigh tinged with sadness, "at least up till now," he added cheering up and smiling at me, "so he spent a lot of time with me as he grew. He was always the quiet one, thoughtful and deep. I suppose I taught him that he should respect women, you know, be polite, gentlemanly and possibly that's held him back a little. He's a bit intimidated by today's modern young women. He's actually very emotional you know," he smiled at me, "he fancies you like anything, but then most men do," he said.

"No, he doesn't," I said, surprised "he's never shown any interest."

"You haven't been watching his eyes. They follow you about the room. I know him well enough to know what he's thinking. But of course he would never show it openly. He knows you are mine and he has too much respect for me, and for you, to embarrass us all, but I bet he masturbates with you in mind," he ended laughing.

I laughed back, "The poor man, perhaps I should do something about it."

He laughed softly, "Perhaps you can one day. But back to the point, what do you think? I'm not suggesting we force them or anything but if they seem to hit it off I could make some arrangements to, sort of, help things along."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you won't know yet but this morning I told Silvio about our engagement and the journey to Italy. He wants to give us an engagement/going away party on Sunday week. They will have the opportunity to meet then. We can nudge them together by tweaking the seating arrangements. They won't notice that. You will have to keep the boys away from her because we'll make sure that she looks her most gorgeous. You'll only have two to contend with as Pietro has got himself a girlfriend who'll probably be there. If things go well and they are attracted to each other we'll arrange a lunch foursome the week before we go to cement things a bit. They'll both think they won't see each other until after we return from Italy but I can take care of that."

"How?" I asked.

"This is the crafty part," he continued smiling, "you'd be proud of this Lena. Guy has finished his fourth year at college doing his doctorate. He's on a sort of sabbatical until he starts to work for Bernardo later in the year in Italy. The idea is that he will work there for a while then return to England to set up a branch of the company here, Bernardo wants to expand back into the UK. All the family will be in Italy for the wedding but Guy isn't due to go to Italy to work for a few months yet but. . . "

"I think I know where you're going here," I said laughing, "you will get Bernardo to call him out to Italy earlier on some pretext or other while we are there."

"You've got it," he said laughing back at me, "I should have known that little Miss Machiavelli would see through my cunning plan. If things really go well we can get Guy up to the villa with us and they can cement, as it were, their relationship. Do you think it will it work and is it a good idea."

"I think that it's a good idea. He is such a nice man, your influence I suspect, and his lack of experience will mean Jo won't feel so threatened by the relationship. If they hit it off, yes, I think it will work. But you'll lose Jo won't you, and so might I," I ended lamely.

"That is a possibility but I don't think so," he said smiling softly at me, "look, Jo loves you. You've said it yourself, she's your surrogate mum, sister and your lover. I don't think you'll lose her that easily. I don't know about her and me, we haven't really got going yet, but I have a sense that she sees it in the same way you do, you know, a binding together. I also suspect that she may well want to share her man as well, so you could find yourself doing 'something' about Guy."

I must admit that the idea was quite enticing, Guy was the handsomest man I'd met in a long time, well, excluding Mike, who wasn't that handsome anyway. Oh, you know what I mean. I looked at him, "Would you mind, you know, if I went with him. If he and Jo do hit it off. Wouldn't you be jealous?"

"I suppose I would be," he said pensively, "but I have no right to be have I. I am going to 'go with' Jo aren't I, you 'go with' Jo and I don't feel jealous about that. I don't think I'd like it if you just went with just anybody, in fact I'd hate it, but with Guy, if he and Jo were together, no I don't think I'd mind," he suddenly laughed, "might even make an interesting foursome. I've never done that before."

I was thinking exactly the same thing so I smiled and kissed him, "You are a lecher," I whispered smiling.

"And you are a very sexy woman," he laughed back, "I know exactly what you were thinking then. Does it appeal to you?"

"Oh yes, I think it does and, if he fancies me like you say, it would be very interesting."

"Back to the point, shall we try it then. Not too pushy, just point them at each other and see what fate brings. Yes?"

"Yes, let's do it. Its quite exciting this matchmaking!" I laughed.

"Well you should know!" he said laughing back, "but we must be careful, understand," he said sternly, "if she gets wind of anything it could shatter all our plans even if they are attracted to each other. If it all turns out well and they do get it together we can tell her then if we need to, OK?"

"OK," I said pouting at him, "I'll be careful but I can't wait to see whether they like each other."

"Well, we will know on Sunday week at the party. You'll just have to be patient 'til then. Come on, its time I got you back to the shop. We'll sort things out with Sarah then I just need a few words with you about tomorrow lunchtime, OK?"

"Wait a minute," I said, "what did you mean just now when you said most men fancy me. You know I'm not very pretty."

He laughed, "But you are and you are a very, very sexy lady. You don't have to have a body and face like Claudia Schiffer to be attractive to men. You're attractive because you are confident in your sexuality. You know how to please a man and you know that you can, you are sure of yourself and that shows in how you walk, how you carry yourself, speak to people. Your whole 'attitude', in the old meaning of the word, exudes this sexual confidence. Men notice that, they know that you would please them. Oh it's difficult to explain really, but now you are the sexiest lady I've ever known. Jo has the same potential. You must have noticed it before she got down in the dumps."

Well, I had actually. When we went out together men flocked round her no matter how she dressed she always seemed to have admirers. "I suppose so," I said pensively, "she always seemed to have lots of attention. Do men really fancy me like that?"

"Yes they do," he laughed, "but don't you go taking advantage of it!"

"I never would," I said giving him a kiss, "I've got the only man I need. Come on, let's go back to the shop."

On the way back I wondered what was going to happen tomorrow lunchtime but he wasn't going to explain until later so we went back to the shop. Sarah was as pleased as punch when she saw my ring and she playfully had a go at Mike about not being available any more. Then she cheekily asked me if she could borrow him for a couple of nights to 'run him in'. He said looking after one beautiful woman was enough for him and she'd have to make do with her own man now. As it happened she was going to close the shop after stocktaking to take a long holiday herself whilst it was completely renovated so my absence solved a problem for her. She was also happy to have me back afterwards, before the baby (I hope) was born. I wasn't sure what would happen after that. I was pretty sure I'd want to stay at home for a while with the baby so we didn't make any definite plans.

As he left the shop he said, "Lena, I need to see you tomorrow lunchtime for some business. Nothing to worry about. Sarah, we'll need a couple of hours, is that OK?"

"Sure," she said, "no need to rush back. Stocktaking's almost finished now. By the way Lena, when will you leave before your visit to Italy?"

"Well I'm not sure. Mike, what do you think?"

"Well," he said, "I was hoping that you could finish next Friday. That will give us a week to get your stuff moved from Jo's and get the house to your liking. There's going to be a lot of arranging to do so that would give us plenty of time. How does that suit you Sarah?"

"That's fine by me. We'll clear the shop next week and I arrange for the fitters to start planning and working the week after. We can have a farewell lunch on Friday Lena and I can give you some tips on how to deal with a husband," she said laughing as she left us alone.

"About tomorrow," Mike said, "it's quite important. We have to see a solicitor. I'll explain everything tomorrow morning before the appointment, OK?"

"Mmm," I said giving him a kiss, "I'll see you tomorrow then. What time?"

"Oh, about 11 o'clock," he replied hugging me and kissing me back, "and enjoy the DVD," he ended laughing.

"Oh, we will," I laughed back as he left the shop.

The day flew by with all the people in the shop eager to look at my beautiful ring and hear about our engagement. There were a few odd looks and one person did mention our age difference but nothing could shatter my feeling of euphoria. When I got home in the evening Jo had prepared dinner and opened a bottle of wine which we both enjoyed before settling down for the evening.

I showed her my ring when I got home but now she had a closer look as I took it off and handed it to her.

"Oh, it's lovely Lena. Did you choose it?"

"No, Mike bought it for me. He said I could change it if I wanted but I like it. I like that he bought it for me. He said we would choose wedding rings in Italy. Isn't that lovely?"

"It's a beautiful ring, I'm sure you'll wear it with pride" and she gave me a kiss.

I though I detected a hint of sadness as she said this so I said to her, "Is there anything wrong Jo, you sound a little sad?"

"No, nothing's wrong. I suppose I'm a little bit jealous. You've got your man, you know, you love him, you're going to get married and have his baby. I suppose I'd like to do that as well. I'm glad for you and sad for me at the same time. Oh Lena, I'm afraid that I might lose you, you know, to Mike to the new baby. I feel so insecure now when I should feel solid and happy."

I could see that she was relapsing into her sadness over Steve so I said rather firmly, "Look, I've had this nonsense from Mike, you are not going to lose me, I love you. It's far more likely that I'll lose you when you find a nice young man to have all to yourself. I'm sure that time will come you know, when you get over Steve and what he did to you. Now don't be silly, we've got Sunday to look forward to now. I know you are going to enjoy yourself, aren't you?"

Her mood seemed to change and she became a bit more light-hearted, just as I wanted, "Oh Lena, I am looking forward to Sunday with him but, well you know what Steve said to me about being no good in bed and all that, I'm worried that I won't be good enough for him, especially with you there."

Now we were getting to the point of her worry, she was frightened that Mike would compare us and find her wanting. "Jo, don't be silly. You are a sexy, attractive, experienced woman, far more experienced than me. You know how to please a man. Be honest, Steve wasn't disappointed until he started to be nasty to you was he. He only said he was dissatisfied when you wouldn't go along with the sadism bit and to hurt you, that's when he started to undermine your confidence. Well, Mike won't do that. Mike will be gentle, loving and respectful. You'll have so many orgasms you'll lose count. The only problem will be not letting him cum too soon when he gets close to you in bed. Let me tell you he can't wait to make love to you and I can't wait to see him doing it. Oh Jo, you really are going to enjoy Sunday."

She laughed, shaking off her depression, "Lena, you have such a fountain of happiness about you. Yes I was worried that he would compare us and how we performed in bed but I feel better now. Come on let's watch the DVD and you can tell me how you got on last Sunday. I'm dying to know. Tell me about that first."

So I told her all about last Sunday, how he made love to me using the Shakespeare sonnet, my feet and everything.

"It must have been lovely, being made love to like that. What sonnet did he use?"

"'Shall I compare thee to a summers day'. It was marvellous Jo, I don't think that a girl has been seduced properly until that happens to her. It makes you go all gooey and silly. The words feel like soft caresses, stroking all over. I almost came just listening to him but with him kissing and stroking me as well, oh dear, it was unbelievable. Perhaps he'll do that to you Sunday week," I ended looking at her.

"What do you mean," she asked looking puzzled.

"Well, Sunday week I'll have my period won't I. That means you'll have to look after Mike on your own won't you?"

Her eyes widened in disbelief, "Ohhhh, I'm not sure. You'll be there won't you? Don't you usually suck him when you've got your period?"

I laughed at her "Yes, I do but with you there he can have the full menu can't he. I can just watch and help where needed!"

"You can't can you, just watch?" she said shocked.

I laughed at her again, "No, of course not but he won't be able to have me properly will he so he'll have to have you instead. I'm not keen on him inside my bottom when I have my period so, yes, I'll suck him but he'll make love to you. Now stop worrying about it and let's watch the DVD. You'll enjoy it." With that I put the TV on and we sat back to watch.

We chatted away to each other as we watched the DVD, Jo astonished at the size of the guy who did the anal and 'ooohhing' and 'ahhing' at the double penetration. She was obviously getting quite hot watching these lovely people having sex, I know I was so, as soon as it finished, I got up, sat next to her and gave her a great big sexy kiss which she returned with interest. This lead to us going directly to the my bedroom and making love for an hour or so. We had a couple of lovely orgasms each and lay there in each others arms afterward talking about the DVD.

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